Portland Democrat Defies all Reasoning and Tells Feds to Leave the City

One by one, Democrats are showing their true colors as they have to deal with the backlash against them from the months of violence that they have let ruin their areas of control. Ted Wheeler, the Portland, Oregon Mayor, has gone off the deep end and started bashing agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Federal agents are now being targeted by irrational Democrats that honestly believe that they are the reasons why violence continues to spread through liberal run cities. They think that law enforcement officers cause crime to happen.

Wheeler spouted off at the mouth and told agents to not go outside anymore or better yet to just leave the city. He is essentially throwing them out of town. Portland is struggling to stop the violence and crime that is erupting in the streets because the cowardly mayor is afraid to stand up to the mobs. He simply will not let the police do their job which is to keep the peace and enforce the laws. Every violent protestor is supposed to be arrested and charged accordingly by law. But Wheeler is content to just let them slide under the radar.

Incompetent Wheeler had the guts enough to tell the Acting Secretary that his problem with crime is not the criminals. It is the presence of federal agents in the city. He wants them out of the way so he can talk his way into the hearts of the violent people. He simply hates the tactics that real officers of the law have to use. He simply stated that “We do not need or want their help.”

The Department of Homeland Security has had to send its agents out into the field to protect government buildings and courthouses because the dense Democrats will not do their job to serve the people. Since May 25 protestors around the nation have destroyed dozens of monuments and have caused millions of dollars in damages to private and public property. Wheeler and his inexperienced group of followers praise people for their violence to the point that they are reluctant to stop anytime soon.

The death and destruction of these people are unjustifiable. To create a burden to innocent people simply because a person disagrees with a course of action taken by the police is just as bad as the actions of the officers that killed George Floyd. The coronavirus and lockdowns have already taken a huge toll on people. Businesses and others do not need more hardship pushed their way.

Chaos is the trademark of the Black Lives Matter mob that spans the country. They are the ones most responsible for the actions of their followers. And all along the way, there has not been one liberal Democrat that has condemned the actions of the perverted. The only time any of them have spoken up is when they were forced to or they were on the receiving end of the violence and looting that marks the BLM.

The protests are so violent that one of the mob members struck a federal officer in the head with a hammer. And Wheeler somehow thinks that it is the fault of the officer that he was stuck in the head by a person that tried to kill him. That belief that it is the cop’s fault why a criminal is in prison is the age-old cry of the people convicted and sent to prison for their crimes. It is never their fault they believe. They think that the other person that they killed made them do it somehow.

The person that tried to kill the federal agent has been arrested and will stand trial for his actions. Wheeler would like all the federal agents to leave Portland and never come back. He has also attacked the Department of Homeland Security for not cleaning off the graffiti from their buildings. The fact is that the agents might have the time if the Portland police were allowed to do their job without interference from the ignorant Democrats.

Wheeler and the other dense Democrats continue to look for ways to defund the police hoping to make the nightly violent parties a permanent part of Portland’s life. He has no clue what it means to serve the people. He is more interested in harming them than protecting the very ones that voted him into office.

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  1. OMG, it’s every day, everywhere and the younger generation (I’m OLD SCHOOL-1959) wonders why their resume was put in the ‘circular bin’ ?

  2. Once again ,the democratic party is showing people how much they are against law and order and are not representing the citizens of this country. They are encouraging thugs and criminals, radicals. So Sad. West coast wake up…

  3. California, Oregon, Washington the whole west
    Coast has lost the evil minds!!
    Democrats are killing our nation wake up people. 🤭🙄

  4. California, Oregon, Washington the whole west
    Coast has lost the evil minds!!
    Democrats are killing our nation wake up people. 🤭🙄

  5. everyone who voted for these shitheads got what they deserve.

  6. If the first bunch of looters and arsonists would have been shot, the problem would be a great deal smaller !

  7. Many of them HAD jobs before The Chinavirus shut them down. But now it’s more fun to riot and get unemployment, plus a check from Soros or one of his fronts.

  8. I think it is time to level Portland and start a new The place is infested with demoRats and we need to exterminate them City by city we need to go in and take it back and these asshole blm and antifa and the demoRats We will have a great calm country once again These morons think they have it all up until the walls start caving in around them I am totally serious and I do believe it will come to pass The good people of this country will not stand for more of your bullshit

  9. Exactly! And it was my birth city in 1953. Can’t believe it’s become the mauldering, festering Commie/Demonrat haven that it has. I am all for Trump directing that the Feds go in and execute all rioters/looters as well as the Mayor and all city council members and replace them all with hardline conservatives!

  10. AMEN! I totally agree with you!

  11. Almost left out the most important part President TRUMP (2020) has dashed the hope of federal funding to replace any damages or destruction inflicted on pupil or private property.
    The demon rats have big coffers of money to give out so freely, let them foot the bills.
    In war there are acceptable losses in this case, I see none and we can fall back on PLAUSABLE DENIABILITY .

  12. It can’t be too well planned out because their asking for outside supplies and other necessities to be brought to them.
    You can’t camp out without shelter, food, water, camp lights, a grill charcoal, etc. etc.
    They don’t get the deal about logistics and supply..

  13. THIS was ALL WELL PLANNED by the dimwits for 2020 = election year….I assume the UN-leashing of the Chinese virus was also done INTENTIONALLY as they think that they will “win” the election in November by portraying the President as REALLY ‘bad”…..DON’T nobody FALL for their TRICKS or this Country will FALL into the ABYSS…..!!!!!

  14. There have been many jobs out there…..Help Wanted signs all over. ….everyone who wants to work is working, the rest are hoping for handouts….

  15. Agreed! If you se not for America, then you are against America….no two ways about it!

  16. May all the good people that want a good life without all this liberal traitors that want to be run by Socialist Democrats, please move away. Have a good life, even if you are a democrat, you don’t have to live like a animal and under a person that really doesn’t care about only one thing and that is one thing is power and having you under their thumbs. May God bless you and keep you all safe, you all need to get together and vote out the liberal governor and mayors out and get someone that will take an interest in your state and not the the protesters that are out to tear you state down. Vote them out. Who are you going to call for help when they decide they want what you have? No one, they have taken them away and brainwashed you into thinking they are doing what is best for the state and you. You’ve worked hard for your home, are you ready to hand it over to another family because they saw it and want it? God bless you

  17. Well, Oregon’s “apple” of their eye is now going to rot. Like Seattle, Portland’s been on a steep dive for a couple of decades now. Build a wall and let the city slowly crumble. Use electric prods to keep the liberal residents within the city limits.

    TRUMP2020! KAG2020!

  18. No federal funds for these dumbass mayors and their cities. Let the good companies leave and take their jobs and taxes with them. They will only be left with chicken stands and watermelon stores. BLM should all be put in jail or PUT DOWN. Come to my city and you will be dealt with.

  19. What ever happens do not give federal funds to cities that promote and endorse their cities to be torn down by terrorist. Let the cities and state figure out how they will rebuild and hopefully the businesses destroyed by the lack of liberal leaders to protect them and the citizens move and take their taxes with them. Think before you vote or live in destroyed cities run by liberal traitors.

  20. Save the Republic. Vote Out the Marxist radical officials and far left liberal governors.
    Stand up for God, Family, and Country!! Time for courage people.

  21. I say leave Portland to the fate the mayor and BLM/Antifa desire. First of all, how did Portland get stuck with such an incompetent cowardly stupid boob of a mayor? The same way Minneapolis, Seattle, New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Philly, Baltimore, and San Francisco did. Idiot voters voted them in. For those that had a head on their shoulders and didn’t vote for these worthless bags of raw sewage, MOVE!!!!!

  22. How do you create jobs when most states by their stupid gov and mayors won’t to lock down their cities you create a job they shut it down you first got to vote people in that will uphold the law and constitution first I agree do like they done in the 60s lock and load shoot to kill as long as Soros is paying them why work everything is free to them without work

  23. Agree. Good info but errors are glaring to me. I’d like to repost but won’t because of the errors, unfortunately. I have liberal friends who will tear that part of the article to pieces. ☹️

  24. After we get through the November elections and Donald Trump is re-elected, I hope and pray that the corrupt, Marxist, anti-America, seditious Democrat Party will be defunded and disbanded into non-existence. And may the hammer of justice slam down on all those Democrat and RINO lying, cheating, Trump-hating, abortion-supporting, anti-God, anti-America, pro-Communist China, Soros-bribed, Marxist-infected traitors.

    Save America — Vote Conservative!

  25. Then again if trump had created as many jobs as he says, these spoiled brats would have jobs to go too, rather than do drugs and create trouble. Only way to disperse a crowd of misfits and bullies like that is with a machine gun, and i for one of many, say go for it.!!!!! Clean the trash !!!!!!!

  26. OK , for all you stupid BULLIES OUT THERE, YOU GO INTO THAT MOB AND TRY TO STOP THEM. I see no one with whips and chains forcing them to riot, destroy, steal, murder whom ever they please. It is the pacifing idiots like you that blames every one else and enabels them to do more destruction. You go get your stupid head bashed in and yell democrats, see how fast trump comes to your aid.!!!!!!!!!

  27. The Demacrats are TRAITORS of Our Great Country Washington needs to vote them out. I really feel that no matter who you are or what your status is in life, if you contribute to the destruction of America you are our ENIMIES and need to be punished as such!!! HARSHLY !! THIS IS ONLY WAY TO STOP THEMADNESS OF THE TREASONOUS TRAITORS IN OUR COUNTRY!!!

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