Sickening! Texas Emergency Chief: Mask It or Casket, Wear Masks at Home Too!

Wearing a mask, as many studies suggest, can be, in fact, quite effective at slowing the spread of such diseases like the novel coronavirus that has terrorized our nation since the beginning of the year. And as such, many states and local jurisdictions have issued mask-wearing policies that require them for anyone leaving their home. However, if this man’s word is to be believed, we should also be wearing in our homes.

Yep. According to the head of the Texas Division of Emergency Management Nim Kidd, wearing masks inside our home and with our families is just as important as doing so outside and when in public.

In a recent interview with WOAI-TV’s Ryan Wolf in San Antonio, Kidd said, “We still need people to wear the mask out in public, we still need people to keep social distance and isolation. Ryan, the one thing I want to try to get across today is we need to do that when we’re in our homes also.”

Kidd continued, saying, “As you know, I’m a life-long San Antonian, grew up there, worked there for many years and I know how many multi-generational families that we have. While we believe the community is doing a great job of following the rules when they are outside the home, we really need to be thinking about doing the same thing when we’re inside the home.”

However, I don’t think his message is going to go over really well, particularly in a state that is currently having problems masks anywhere, let alone inside the walls of citizens’ own homes.

As you may have heard, Texas, like several other states, is currently experiencing quite a dramatic increase in confirmed cases. And as such, Republican Governor Greg Abbott has had to implement what many are referring to as a “soft” lockdown.

Essentially, this means that their phases of re-opening the state have been put on hold. Anything open can, for the most part, stay open with some limitations to hours and capacity. Similarly, businesses and industries that are still closed will remain so.

In addition, Abbott has also issued a statewide public mask order. He said of the mandate, “The public needs to understand this was a very tough decision for me to make. I made clear that I made this tough decision for one reason: It was our last best effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. If we do not slow the spread of COVID-19 the next step would have to a lockdown.”

And Texans have made it just as clear; a forced lockdown will not be taken well.

However, due to the nature of the mandate, enforcement of it is near impossible. Police, in an already turbulent situation, do not have the authority to arrest, detain, or jail anyone based on their refusal to wear a mask, according to CBS News.

Denton County Sheriff Tracy Murphee explained this in a recent post on Facebook, saying, “We can’t spend our time running from place to place for calls about mask we can really do nothing about. I won’t and I don’t believe I can take any enforcement action on this order.”

And in reality, she is right. Masks are one of the last things police officers should have to worry about enforcing, whether inside or outside the home.

But that isn’t stopping Kidd from implying that in-home masking should be done.

While he really can’t say this would be required, he apparently has no problem trying to guilt-trip Texans into doing so for the sake of their family’s safety.

He asked the public, “Have you done the things to protect yourself and your family when you’re at home and when you have extended family coming to stay with you, are you doing everything you can to protect them and yourself from the virus?”

Kidd has even come up with a rather dire phrase to go with his message.

“Remember when we had to put out the ‘click it or ticket’ in order to get people to wear seatbelts? Now we should look at ‘mask it or casket?’”

But, while his cleverness has been noted, his timing in this message has far from hitting its mark. If people won’t wear masks when going to the grocery, how in the world can he expect them to wear them while sitting on the couch with their family?

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  1. Foxtrot Oscar is what I believe you meant to say.

  2. Where is that article? I just looked for it and cannot find it. I would love to throw that around.

  3. This is the stupidest crap to come from someone with diarrhea of the mouth. If he’s so worried, why not suggest ultraviolet light or air purifiers that will rid the air of virus. They could be used in homes and business’s. Why don’t people get some common sense and realize this mask thing is about conditioning us to accept martial law and to shut us up. It’s hard talking or carrying on a conversation while masked (muffled)

  4. PS The Media needs to be shut down as well! They are making everyone believe they are going to die if they get this virus. Seriously it’s a strain of a really bad flu. If you were out during flu season without a mask then go live your life! Get out of the house! My 91 father is going to his little cardiac rehab center to exercise. Are we really going to let these blabber mouths run our lives? Cuz that’s what we are doing. And btw my niece and her husband got Covid but their alive and didn’t end up in the hospital! So go live your life people but wash your damn hands at least when you get home. Ok I’m done now.

  5. Soros, Pelosi, Schumer are all in a Kabal of their own agenda. They definitely want Socialism in this country and WE THE PEOPLE need to stand and fight back! The young people have been fed lies and are all about their feelings getting hurt! Man up everyone it’s going to get worse with these young people being fed propaganda that is totally untrue! Just like WWII from Hitler. Also when stupid people start to talk and think it gets dangerous. It’s time to shut THESE PEOPLE DOWN!

  6. Can this idiot walk and chew gum at the same time???

  7. I agree with all your comments. I am in my 70to. what we need to do is make sure that us old people as they say get out and vote for trump.

  8. Dear TX Emergency Chief:

    Foxtrot Unicorn!!

  9. Mask it or casket? What the hell

  10. Mask it or casket? What the hell.

  11. I couldn’t agree more. Strictly BS, political crap from the left. Just shows how bad they want the power back. I have never seen people act this way in my life and I am (70) years old and sick to death of these power mongers. They are mentally sick. If I hear (we’re in this together) one more time I think I will puke.

  12. There is a saying…You have the right to make a jackass of yourself and I will protect your right to do so!

  13. I can see where this man is coming from….but I can also see (from these comments) that Americans who are not use to being told what they can and can’t do would abide by it. There are families and friends that have quit visiting each other in their homes because they are afraid of infecting each other. But while this theory of protecting friends and family by wearing a mask in the home would allow visitation and help protect all family members….it’s not going to happen without an all-out war. Masks have become a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” troublemaker….and Americans aren’t going to listen to any kind of sensible reasoning when it involves wearing masks….unless they are thieves!! I’m sure those “legal” masks have really helped many of those protesters and rioters stay out of jail!! If those who refuse to wear masks should get the virus….don’t come complaining to the rest of us who wear masks!!! Sympathy is in short supply now days!!

  14. I mentioned to a liberal acquaintance this latest leftist Gestapo-like edict requiring people to wear masks even while inside their own homes, and he said, “So what?”

    Dyed in the wool liberals are unreachable inside that pro-Marxist, pro-Soros, pro-corrupt and seditious Democrat Party, pro-anarchy, pro-Fake News Media bubble of deception in which they live. They hate Trump and see nothing wrong with the anarchy that’s tearing apart America.

    Pray, patriots.
    Vote Conservative.
    Vote for Trump.
    And never talk try to sense to a liberal. It’s a waste of time.

  15. Correction; it past socialism long ago! It now in nothing but pure Communism! Past time to stand up, fight, and defend this country against anarchy!

  16. Has anyone checked that morons mental state? Seems to be a lunatic. Remove him from his position. He’s dangerous to others mental health. Nobody needs to worry about masking at home.
    Masking has no scientific data that it even works. Just an excuse to cost people money.

  17. Think! Cloth and paper are porus. Germs are microscopic. Then can get out and in porus material. Someone explain how a microscopic germ is stopped by paper or cloth.

  18. This chief POS has his brains up his F_____ing ass. Should be taken out and shot at dawn. Along with our turncoat Gov who has mandated face masks. Just cant stomach any more from these MF’ers.

  19. Early in my medical training, I was informed that a mask is totally ineffective in blocking passage of a virus.

  20. These are the same dopes that break their own orders.

  21. These liberal idiots never have any good ideas other than irritating people.

  22. Everyone is saying how stupid this idea of masks in your home. It is NOT stupid at all! It is just one more very intelligent, but also very evil attempt by a very small but very evil group of individuals (reporting directly to Lucifer-Satan) to see just far American citizens can be pushed to give up every human right the fathers of our country fought for over 200 years ago beginning 1776. Conspiracy is no longer theory, it is in your face fact. Wake up Americs

  23. As proven by FOX news the numbers being reported are greatly exaggerated. Example Orlando reported over 98% positive when it really is 9.4%. The Orlando veteran med center. reported 76% and it is actually 6%. A lot of labs are not reporting negative tests while others are reporting 100% positive. Yea Right!! Coronavirus was first identified in Humans in 1965. It was then known as the common cold. Since 2003 more serious Coronaviruses have been identified. Severe acute respiratory syndrome. SARAS, MERS and SARAS-2 ( covid ). For the last 55 years we had different strains of Coronavirus that infected humans. Example Influenza has same structure as coronavirus and is very difficult to separate from coronavirus. These numbers are coming from tests that are less than 50% accurate and can’t tell you which strain you have.As admitted by CDC they have been adding in numbers for past coronavirus infections to new ones which also exaggerated the numbers. The death that involves COVID infection is less than a 1/2% while at the same time the Flue is running over 1.7%. They are destroying lives and and the economy over a mass hysteria caused by media and politicians through lies and deceptions. Time to end it.

  24. What country do we live in? There is no escaping the ignorance!! He can kiss my a..! What does he plan to do. Go to our home’s to check if we are in compliance? Do our pets have mask on? That would also be a fine. Why can people go out and riot without a face mask and it’s okay? Something stinks here to hi heaven!!!

  25. Hey, there is another side to this moron’s statements. “Forcing Americans” to do something against their own beliefs and watching their reactions is the 1st. Step of implementing Socialism! It’s a test to see if ALL Americans will follow this demand by their governing leaders. If we ALL do what they say, what do you think that tells them? THAT AMERICA CAN EASILY BE TURNED INTO A SOCIALISTIC COUNTRY!

    Not only is doing this ridiculous demand of wearing masks in public, but now in our homes is just a “test” by those leaders who are listening to the wrong people, but it is the first step in removing “Freedom of Choice”…know this is to be true and is happening.
    Americans need to show these dumb and dumber leaders that we cannot be controlled like a herd of sheep…and WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED!!


  26. Supports the notion that CDC and State Health Departments have absolutely no clue on how to handle this pandemic. There is no reliable data, no reliable modeling, no ideas on how this virus is transmitted, or how to stop its transmission. It has been Seven months now and the CDC, WH Health dept, State Health dept. have accomplished is NOTHING! The masks that the majority of the people wear are not effective against viruses, just read the box! Soon they will be releasing studies on how unhealthy wearing the masks constantly is adversely affecting your personal health as we rebreathe higher CO2 levels and our own crud being (or trying to) expelled from our lungs.
    The horses are out of the barn already, stop shutting the doors and adding protective barriers to secure the barn. It is too late to fix this pandemic. Find a way to allow people to live, get back to work and school. Live with that REALITY!

  27. There are times when a mask MAY be protective….although many situations are burdensome…but in-home is reaching the TOP of burdensome and virtually useless! True, some member of an unmasked-at home may develop the C19 (I don’t honor it with the full title) without knowing it and infect other family members…but what is the official count, has there been official studies or just “it might happen” panic?!
    If this lasts any longer there will be starvation’s, suicides, mental and physical health consequences, plus damage to America in ways no citizen can even envision in their wildest dreams!
    And, as some of the comments above mine have pointed out: No rhyme or reason, other than “power grabs” for many decisions regarding ANY aspect of this emergency.

  28. He is likely a drug addict to be making statements as stupid as this.

    But then that black democrat did say on tv that whites are inferior to blacks.

    Shows you just how racist, bigoted, and evil democrats are.

  29. Trump should announce that before Texas even asks for a bail out they will have to fire this idiot for cuase and arrest him for conspiracy to destroy the american economy and treason.

    Then have the irs audit his entire extended family and their neighbors. Then free his assets.

  30. I think we need to ram a few masks so far down the texas emergency chiefs throat that he never tells us stupid garbage again.

  31. Does HE wear a mask at home?!

  32. Yup here is proof that all the drugs their parent took in the 60’s and 70’s did impact the children.

    This emergency chief is a fricking moron.

    When a public official says something this stupid it should automatically make it legal to arrest them.

    This moron is proof the democrats are using the fake covid virus with fake cases and fake deaths to scare america and ruin the economy.

    We need to vlad the impaler all of them.

  33. He is a real stupid POS.

  34. All political to wreck the economy,control the people and defeat Trump. So obvious it is not funny. Our governor in Pa. just locked us dw
    own again closing bars but not liquor or marijuana stores. It is a slap at small business and another attempt at control. Amazing how people will protest over police, but not destruction of the economy and their freedoms.

  35. That is absolutely ridiculous, I don’t even think there should be a mandate to wear a mask, it
    should be our choice, there are enough people wearing them, wherever I go, everyone has
    a mask on. This guy is an idiot.

  36. Get real! Next thing they will tell everyone to wear them when they are sleeping

  37. What a STUPID Jerk SOB he is !!! Wearing a mask inside your own home ????
    Such Stupid Bullshit !! NEVER going to happen because it is a Totally STUPID
    Idiotic Thing to even suggest !! What a Friggin’ IDIOT he is !!!

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