Widow of Man in the Trump Family Tell-All Speaks Out…’This Hurts’

As you’ve likely heard, President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary L. Trump, has a book coming out very soon. Supposedly, it is filled with shocking stories of the President’s youth and younger years that are meant to, once they come to light, be the ruination of his political career.

However, upon a closer examination of both the book, titled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” and the family’s actual past, it seems that the book was all for naught. In actuality, it is little more than the ranting of a girl who feels wronged by her family and looking for revenge.

Within the 200-page piece, is an accusation that – wait for it – President Trump may have paid off a friend to take his SAT for him, among other things.

Insert gasp!

According to the 55-year-old Mary Trump, the young Donald Trump was looking to transfer from Fordham University to the more elite and prestigious Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania in the future. But, to do so, he needed an excellent SAT score. So, given that the family was beyond wealthy, Trump simply paid someone else to take the much-needed exam for him.

I know, shocking, right?

However, let’s go over a few things here. In the end, you can decide for yourself if you think the accusation is true or not.

The first thing we have to cover is how Mary Trump claims took the test for the young Donald Trump.

Mary names the late Joe Shapiro as the President’s proxy. Now, Shapiro certainly had the brain for such an endeavor. He was allegedly known for doing really well on tests of just about any kind as his widow recalls, he was “the smartest man” she’d ever known. His brains enabled him to be a very successful lawyer, working for Walt Disney Co. and even becoming the vice president of that enterprise.

Shapiro died in 1999 after a long battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

And that brings me to my main point.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that, of all the people Mary decides to name, who could have pulled off such a feat, she tags a dead man – someone who couldn’t even begin to defend himself or Mr. Trump.

Luckily, there is one who has taken up the task for him: his widow, Pam Shriver.

Shriver, a former star tennis player, and current ESPN tennis analyst claims this is something Joe would never do. She told ABC News, “He always did the right thing, and that’s why this hurts.”

Secondly, Shriver notes that according to what her late husband told her, Shapiro and Trump didn’t meet until after the time when the SAT would have been taken. According to a short Twitter video put out by Shriver on Wednesday, Shapiro and Trump met while the two were attending classes at the University of Pennsylvania.  She said the two had several things in common, such as a love of golf and so connected easily, staying in touch throughout the years.

Now, tell me, why would Trump need to take the SAT again after already being admitted to the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania? That’s what I thought; he wouldn’t.

Shriver told ABC News, “When you put somebody’s name in print in a book, you want to make sure the facts around it are correct, especially if they are not living because it’s not like Joe is here, and he would have known how to deal with this.”

But as we all know, the left’s ludicrous logic isn’t really a stickler for facts and, well, logic.

Instead, they are going to try just about anything they think will work, in order to oust their “enemy #1” from the White House, including using a long and nearly disowned relative to tell the family’s “secrets” that turns out, aren’t so secret or damning.

This book, and its ridiculous attempt to smear Trump’s name, has only proved how desperate they are to achieve this goal. And also, how miserably they will continue to fail.

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  1. Corruption and greed is not success

  2. Never believed her book for a minute. My family and I love our president Trump

  3. I know Mary Trump,not well,met her on the Trump Princes, was dam moody for a rich princes who did nothing to advance her life. Always lived off the name.Was either husband or her boyfriend was with her. Did not matter to he,she hit on crew. I would not let her take the wheel,she swore at me ,said you know who I am,I said yes mam,and who your not. You are not one of my boss’s.

  4. Well this idot has lived when a lot of different people were President and I think Mr. Trump is one hell of a great president

  5. Yes they are lot of people don’t think so, he is getting a lot of new backing , you sound like my daughter that is a republican but I told her to go Independent for the way she thinks.

  6. That was the problem she said she should have gotten more than President Trump cause her father had died, well that wasn’t Me Trump’s fault. Wonder how much she got paid from the Democrats got lying and writing this book. She isn’t old enough to have been around when Mr. Trump wD young. Come on let’s get real Trump 2020 all the way

  7. Well said !!!!!

  8. How misguided. You are an idiot

  9. Wow you are really full of hate and lies. You also need help. Such a hateful untrue rant

  10. A well written article and a very helpful one as well.

    Keep up the good work.

    Same goes for our President’s great work on behalf of the USA.

    To our President, KEEP ROCKIN!

  11. Mary grew up a totally spoiled little Bitch and has been left out of Trumps fortune and this is her way of payback. She is what she is!

  12. Troll: Soros and Ayers are wasting their money and time sending you onto Trump-supporting conservative web sites to spew your liberal lies about President Trump. I’m sure Contrary Mary appreciates your support of both her and her trashy book, but both you and disgruntled, unhappy Mary are nothing more than Soros-paid losers. Your anti-Trump rants are laughably unconvincing—just like Mary’s book. You stick with Soros, Mary, and Biden. We Trump supporters, being better informed and more knowledgeable and discerning, will continue to support and will re-elect the best president America has ever had — Donald J. Trump.


  13. Appreciate the”free Advice”! Maybe Contrary Mary could use a dollar tip!
    Pull back the book & stick to her shrink job!

  14. Unbelievable while God is looking at all of us things still happen to be the same with some people.
    Get it right thousands of people are deceased and thousand more are very sick stop and think of a little prayer we all need.
    Take care of each other people really no lie❤

  15. They’re paying them alot if Soros is involved.

  16. That is true. Very delusional and ended harming herself hopefully much more than our president.

  17. Agree wholeheartedly!!! Im not getting her book, just like I didn’t get Boltons book.

  18. Let’s open Mary’s psychotherapist/psychiatrists’ files to expose her internal family squabbles, past medical history, and self-hate and image issues.

    Wikileaks is following.

  19. Sorry Mary, but the SAT is a test that high school students take for first admission a US university. Going from Fordham to Penn has nothing to do with SAT.

  20. Mary Trump’s story ties to other bio’s on the sitting FOREVER IMPEACHED president (aka Pinocchio) and his family. The book just fills in some of the gaps based on the view of a family member and a trained psychologist. Her prognosis matches that of hundreds of others in her profession with a similar view, with one exception. She has had first-hand knowledge.
    The sitting FOREVER IMPEACHED president (aka Pinocchio) is a FASCIST Demagogue who excels at trumpery and bloviating at the drop of a hat.

    The sitting FOREVER IMPEACHED president (aka Pinocchio) is a COCKWOBBLE, COWARD, Narcissistic, RACIST, Misogynist, serial adulterer, sexual predator, accused Rapist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Xenophobic, Isolationist, Islamophobic, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR (20,000+), anti>science, pervert, a warmonger, plutocrat, a kleptocrat, hypocrite and basically a sociopath > totally lacking in compassion and empathy…and now a traitor.

    He is unqualified, emotionally, mentally and morally unfit to serve in any government position.

    He is a CLEAR and PRESENT danger to America.

    He needs to RESIGN or be REMOVED!

    VOTE BLUE and end the LIES and the INSANITY!

  21. Bitter, jealous, vindictive woman trying to score money from family who obviously discredited & disavow her. MAGA2020

  22. I’m an Australian and we love Mr Trump. He is a true leader and is the essence of goodness. Bless him and his family and every good comes from his strong leadership, now and in the future. A great man.

    As far as his niece … I have great personal contempt for psychologists. Fruit loops… failed psychiatrists!! I wonder how well she could stand up to libel and slander and reputation destruction? Probably not well. She might have to claim compensation from her backers – quite sure the lefties can assist.

    Mr Trump is the greatest president I have witnessed in my lifetime and his family are beautiful too.

  23. Then they can wisely use it during the next toilet paper shortage

  24. It will have to be given away by joy on The View.

  25. Angry, bitter brat that finally thought she found a way to dip into some money. What lengths people will go too just to make a name for themselves. Too bad the name she’s making for herself isn’t a very pleasant one. I not only would not waste my hard earned money on buying the book……I wouldn’t even read it if it was given too me. Fireplace kindling is what it should be used for!!!

  26. I unfortunately fell in love with a woman like her, she had dreams that she thought were true. I think that’s a mental disorder?? Maybe she should seek professional HELP!!!!!


  28. Beautifully said! I wouldn’t spend a nickel to read this book. And as you said Trump has been attacked for years and still standing! God bless him and watch over him as he once again comes under attack by anyone who reads this trash!

    Trump 2020 – RED across the board (except for a Romney)!

  29. Am I the only one to question the timing of this book? Reminds me of the timing of that letter regarding Justice Kavanaugh… very suspicious. Did Contrary Mary hit the Donald up for cash and get told NO? Why the rancor? Is this little piggy disgruntled? She seems very angry. Has she been subject to a mental examination to determine her sanity? Maybe that’s what is needed! Just my humble opinion. I suggest follow the money trail… who is REALLY behind this? Inquiring minds want to know.

  30. Apparently, Mary says she is a “LICENSED” clinical psychologist. Several news stations said last night that they checked, and, she is NOT registered in any state & never has been, in particular, NY where she lives. Also, her book came out yesterday & last night it was being sold on EBay for 99 cents. Maybe book stores are refusing to carry it & so it was dumped on EBay. Her father, Fred Trump, Jr., was an alcoholic who apparently spent most of his time drinking & fishing – his other family members got educations & worked, but he didn’t & died at 42. All of this, Mary says, is President Trump’s fault. Donald”s children all went to college & were professional people before he ran for office – Tiffany is now a lawyer, graduating from Georgetown this year. They are from 3 different marriages & all get along & love/ respect their father & each other. Mary obviously doesn’t even know her cousins. Maybe she is the one who chose to not be a part of the family. Whatever her problem, she is a pathetic she’ll of a person, obviously a liar regarding in her family life & personal life. MAGA & KAG. TRUMP 2020. Remember, if Biden wins his VP will be sworn in as President within a month & Pelosi is trying to wrangle to be “HER” VP. They will spend their time in office trying to turn this country into a Venezuela & there WILL be a civil war. Millions of quiet citizens are ready.

  31. Very true, let’s keep the one we have. President Trump the best thing to happen in many years. I would never vote for a Democrat, they are destroying America.

  32. I just wonder what she wanted from Trump she did not get, so she is out to get the President, that is the way family does things some time, and I am sure this is one of them, she ought to be ashamed, and if I was Trump she would never get anything

  33. I agree 100%!!!!

  34. So, Mary where were you in 2016? And tell us about your relationship with your parents and sibling? Were YOU loved and accepted unconditionally? Only 200 pages to cover mostly hearsay and your interpretations going back to your childhood! How could you remember conversations so well? As a clinical psychologist isn’t it questionable to write a book like this about a family member? Why not write about YOUR life and what happened? But wait, didn’t you help your Uncle ghost write one of his books? Mary, you need therapy!


  36. The 2 best presidents in my lifetime, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump!!!!!!

  37. She has finally gotten the attention she so desperately needed… She is pathetic.

  38. Blood is thicker than water.
    Syrup is thicker than blood.
    So technically,
    Pancakes are more important than family.

  39. Now, my family and I will always vote only for conservatives.

  40. The COMMUNIST , SOCIALIST DEMOCRATES will do anything to bring down “OUR” GREAT PRESIDENT !! Even his own kin ! SAD they have tried for 3 1/2 years at everything to do so and have not done so !!!!~

  41. A 200 page book seems to be a hurried, short on topics “tome” not for serious reading.
    Thankfully it was ruled against by the court for supposed questionable passages, possibly libelous..

  42. Is Mary needing some attention? How pathetic. Trump 2020..

  43. You don’t sue people like that, you hang out their dirty wash for them so every one can see them for what they are.

  44. How would they prove she’s lying about shapiro taking test for trump? So that won’t happen. Furthermore, the MEDIA “made” donald trump over these many many years (with interviews, books, & guest appearances.). .

  45. My thinking, on all the bad that’s happening in the country, how much are the Democrats paying these people to say and do the things they’re doing.

  46. The left will buy it up like candy! They are just dying to screw the President

  47. Isn’t the age gap a bit to great for the niece to have first hand knowledge? Everything she puts in her book has to be hear say !

  48. When Mary has to face God it’ll be all over for her. Let her boast her lies while she can. She’ll have to pay for it in the end.
    God bless President Trump for all he has done and is still doing for our country and getting so little gratitude in return.

  49. TRUMP FOR 2021….

  50. She is working with the dumb ass left wow Mary you didn’t think people would see it,you wait until election time to come out with this lies and working with the times,I hope everyone looking at this boycots your LYING Book Get help you need it.I will still vote for my President!!!!

  51. My thoughts exactly, much jealousy in Mary*swords.🤬

  52. I wholeheartedly agree she should be sued for libel against Mr. Shapiro, also The President (although he has bigger issues to contend with than this sniveling brat niece. Do NOT by the book — comics make much better fantasy reading.

  53. I guess Mary thought she should have some inheritance, that she didn’t get, so lets write a book accusing a man that cannot defend himself. This is real cool. I guess you think your childness rants are going to get you somewhere. Not in my opinion will you succeed in tarnishing President Trump’s name. All families have a certain one that feels that they were not given what they thought was their fair share. Doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t get your fair share. So why wait until after your father dies to publish this nonsense.


  55. It would be a shame if ANYONE buys this book. The forst passage I read online said so much about the author. She is VINDICTIVE, HATEFUL, JEALOUS to say the least about her!

    Many familes must deal with the same issues. Jealousy is usually unfounded, and the jealous person has other issues.
    PLEASE, CITIZENS be smart and pass up this book! The title alone should be all we need ………dangerous? For MARY, the word DELUSIONAL would describe her perfectly.

  56. Happy that there was a voice for the man who is deceased! The widow ,awesome.

  57. Amen and thank you for your comments.
    Donald Trump can do nothing right according to the leftist leaning media! They are all eaten up with the dumb ass!

  58. Mary Trump, look at her eyes, a bad apple in Trump family. She is a democrat, voted for Clinton.
    Her book is just a revenge for the less money she inherited from her grand father.

  59. From Mary’s picture, she looks like a disgruntled woman with her own mental or other problems….very very jealous over other family members’ successes! Pam Schriver should sue her for her lies!

  60. Mary, Mary, quite contrary, your tell-all book will neither destroy Donald Trump’s chances for re-election nor ease the hatred within your troubled soul. Your book is a petty smear rant that will not hurt Donald Trump because he’s been attacked by lying leftists for his entire presidency and he’s still standing, but it has hurt Joe Shapiro’s. widow—Pam Shriver. He was a bright and honorable man who died in 1999 and therefore cannot defend himself against your poorly researched allegations and who was not a cheat and did not take an SAT test for Donald Trump back in their college days. Shame on you.

    I hope you are sued for slander or libel by Joseph Shapiro’s widow.

    Trump 2020!
    Save America from Democrat Marxists — Vote Conservative!
    God bless and protect America!

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