Convicted Rapist Serving 1000 Years Plus Life Gets New Trial…His New Sentence may be a Scalping

A couple of centuries ago, Native-Americans, or Indians, as they were called prior to the day’s of political correctness, owned this country we now call home. And they weren’t always overly anxious to share.

To hitch a wagon to a team of horses and “go west young man,” was a dangerous undertaking in which many early white settlers did not survive. They left a trail of scalps behind them in their efforts to cultivate the wild, wild West.

Eventually, many tribes were driven from the lands of their ancestors as they were forced to relocate to large swathes of unsuitable terrain, generally located in unfamiliar territories. Ancient burial grounds were destroyed and their ways of life which had fervently supported their very existence were changed forever.

Fast forward. They want their land back, which according to our nation’s current laws, was illegally seized and rightfully still belongs to them. Of course, scalps are no longer being taken, but legal representation has been sent in. All the way to the Supreme Court. And they won the battle.

In a 5-4 decision, the court concluded that almost half of Oklahoma, to include almost all of Tulsa, belongs to the Muscogee Nation. So there. Take that white man.

To add to the astounding Supreme Courts vote, the tribe can no longer be prosecuted by Oklahoma state law officials. What happens in the tribe, stays in the tribe, and they will handle their own matters, accordingly.

Certain portions of their new appropriation are still up in the air, such as whether Oklahoma has any authority to tax tribe members residing on their own land. If this ends up in their favor, the state risks losing a ton of revenue.

Court Justice John Roberts, who voted against the measure, had this to say, “The decision today creates significant uncertainty for the State’s continuing authority over any area that touches Indian affairs, ranging from zoning and taxation to family and environmental law. None of this is warranted.”

The tribe counteracted with their own message. “The Supreme Court today kept the United States’ sacred promise to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of a protected reservation. Today’s decision will allow the Nation to honor our ancestors by maintaining our established sovereignty and territorial boundaries. We will continue to work with federal and state law enforcement agencies to ensure that public safety will be maintained throughout the territorial boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.”

The case of Jimcy McGirt is what prompted the action. McGirt, a convicted rapist serving 1000 years on top of a life sentence, argued his conviction because the crime took place on Muscogee territory. And he won. This dredge of the earth is getting a new trial.

Chief Justice Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, ruled in favor of the measure and released the following statement.

“The Nations and the State are committed to ensuring that Jimcy McGirt, and all other offenders face justice for the crimes for which they are accused. We have a shared commitment to maintaining public safety and long-term economic prosperity for the Nations and Oklahoma.”

“The Nations and the State are committed to implementing a framework of shared jurisdiction that will preserve sovereign interests and rights to self-government while affirming jurisdictional understandings, procedures, laws, and regulations that support public safety, our economy, and private property rights.”

“We will continue our work, confident that we can accomplish more together than any of us could alone.”

In all fairness, McGirt, and other equally as heinous offenders, are not going to be let off of the hook. McGirt will remain in custody till death does he part. But, the final decision now rests with the Muscogee tribe of counselors to do the right and proper thing.

If for some strange reason McGirt should be released from prison, it will only be because in his case, the tribe wishes to resort to their ancient habit of scalping. And truth be known. We’re kinda hoping this is how it plays out.

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  1. its an eye sore pave over it

  2. I think that you should get the same deal !🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Ask the Navajo, their police and rangers do one hell of a job.

  4. What is “Cruel And Unusual Punishment”?

    My definition:

    Cruel And Unusual Punishment is that which SIGNIFICANTLY EXCEEDS the CRIME COMMITTED.

  5. I agree whole-heartedly (?) with the writer above. For goodness sake, let’s quit giving them any federal funding. I don’t know if they do but I’m sure they do. Even found out recently the Catholic church is getting 1 billion from us. Why??????????????????????????????????

  6. Back to the punishment for crime of raping (children as young as 4 years old if I read correctly) make sure that knife used for scalping slips a bit further south, as well…)

  7. The Bible stated, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, not barbaric creativity. God’s judgments were exact, no more, no less, until the perpetrator got the message of behavior modification. You reap what you sow.

  8. Sovereign rights are very important to any one who is native american by blood. Do some research people. This is an important opportunity concerning all aspects of our life. Ira Hiram James. Choctaw by blood.

  9. For many years, Native American nations have been complaining that the Federal Government hasn’t done enough to combat crime, drugs, alcohol abuse including rape on tribal lands. Now it is their responsibility to police their own. Perhaps they will do it better. Time will tell.

  10. I agree. And, with this, another left wing lunatic idea, we should return the 33% of stolen land to Germany. ie: East Prussia, West Prussia, Bohemia, The Sudetanland, Alcase-Loraine, etc., etc.

  11. Yes they did ! And if they can’t find enough ant hills in Oklahoma, we’ll gladly rent some of Alabama’s to them. WHOOOO-HOOOOO !
    I’ll bet Mississippi and Georgia would too. Louisiana would just sink ’em in a bayou and let the crawdads have lunch.

  12. Whoa ! Oklahoma is on thing, but who the hell would want Manhattan ?
    Our American natives ain’t crazy !
    Maybe if it could secede from New York and their Quarter Wit Mayor.
    Now there’s a thought !

  13. As for the rapist they should let him be raped by a buffalo and change his name to STANDS A LOT.

  14. Here is another shitty treaty the federal government wants to give the Indians a fu—up town like Tulsa. What in the name of Sitting Bull could the tribe do with Tulsa. Watch out tribe BOHICA.

  15. Yes treaties should be honored.

  16. The Spanish conquistadors arrived to explore the North American and South American continents centuries before the colonists, and they reported witnessing indigenous tribes practicing scalping and other atrocities.

    Historians have found evidence of battlefield scalping having been practiced by Scythians and other ancient peoples on the European continent. Placing defeated enemies’ heads on tall pikes for all to see as they rotted away or were picked apart by hungry vultures was another favorite tactic of victorious fear-mongering war lords.

    Man’s inhumanity to man and the various bloodthirsty methods we humans have invented and practiced for millennia in order to punish our enemies and subjugate those we conquer are the cruel acts of barbarians—including scalping.

  17. So was the British (violent), Amercian Indians are people, too.

  18. Agree same thing with slavery. been around since the beginning of time and every people group experienced it at one time or another. and I agree too that the treaties should have been honored.

  19. I agree with you, more people
    should read this.

  20. Taxation with out representation is tyranny. Elected officials, IE mayors, governors are the elected representation. Nothing illegal about it. Every time you vote you are authorizing them to tax life limb & property. Been going on for 243 years. How ever , should socialism become the flavor of the century…the taxation you moan about today will be nothing compared to socialized taxation …. everything you own will be taken from you to pay the “communal” tax. That’s socialism in a nut shell. communism on the other hand …they take it by force and your life should you object.

  21. Why not give Manhattan back also? DeBlasio would probably be glad to cooperate

  22. There are MANY Native American rapists. Rape is at epidemic proportions on reservations and seldom prosecuted.

  23. In the entrance hall of their casino. Just kidding. I doubt they still have that penalty. It was mentioned to get readers.

  24. I understand your concern. However, please keep reading the Constitution. In Article VI, Section 2 it states, “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all TREATIES made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” This Article is near the end of the Constitution. Article VII deal with ratification of the Constitution.

    THEREFORE, Article VI is the controlling Article, often referred to as the Supremacy Clause. As it states, ALL treaties made in pursuance (in agreement or compliance with) become the supreme Law of the Land.

    The treaties with Native American nations set up nations within the US with their own sovereignty over CERTAIN matters. That we’ve ignored or broken those treaties is not a defense in saying they’re not valid.

  25. Probably because you lost.

  26. So. by your calculation, who owns land outside of southeast Africa, the original origins of humans? Who are the true Europeans, the true Chinese, the true Polynesian? Human history is replete with conquests where one group of people displacing another group, sometimes accompanied by genocide. How do we right that and how far back do we go, from Adam and Eve leaving the Garden of Eden?

    The issue is this, should we have kept TREATIES we made with Native American nations or not?

  27. Yes, there was never such a valid concept as the Noble Indian. They were violent, JUST like us Europeans and our wars after the breakup of the Roman Empire leading to the Hundred Years War, the War of the Roses, WW I, WW II, and darn near WW III.

    This ruling DOESN’T excuse crime by anyone. It’s a matter of who has jurisdiction to try criminals.

  28. As I understand it, the European settlers BOUGHT Manhattan outright. Therefore there was no treaty involved.

  29. If you live in a foreign nation, that nation can tax you. It’s the same thing with Native American nations.

    However, in this case, the issues is, can the tribe tax fellow TRIBE MEMBERS. That could mean a loss of revenue to the State as then those tribe members wouldn’t have to pay State taxes. The arrangement would be the same as current IRS regulation. If a person pays income tax to a foreign nation, it’s becomes tax deductible.

    Also, this ruling doesn’t say that property such as land own by non-Indians reverts to the tribe. As the land was originally bought from the Indians, ownership passes down as usual. BUT, the tribes may wind up getting the property tax. That would hurt cities, counties, and the State.

    So this ruling dealt PRIMARILY with the jurisdiction for tying crimes of individuals, in this case Native Americans. But it COULD have other ramifications.

    So what a web we’ve weaved. Had we kept our TREATIES to the Native American tribes, none of this would’ve happened. As Psalm 15:4 says, we’re to keep our promises to our own hurt.

  30. So, where would they display McGirt’s scalp?

  31. Hardly irresponsible. Any rapist needs to suffer for his crimes for the pain and taking of young woman’s emotional and physical security. Women who are raped are NEVER the same but have suffered deeply by the rapist’s need to sexually and emotionally remove her power.

    Sorry, but if that is how Native Americans handle these misfits then so be it. There’s a lot of politicians that could use a good scalping too!

    Don’t be a dreamer. Learn real facts of rapists before saying any kind of retribution is irresponsible. In this case, it is “right on”! Perhaps scalping is why there aren’t Native American rapists?

    Our Society is often times to easy on criminals like rapists. Maybe if they were branded on their foreheads “RAPIST” for everyone to see, that would be a good incentive to NOT rape anyone ever again?!

  32. Then where do you plan to live?

  33. BTW, to the Dutch, all Indians looked alike and were homogenous subhumans. The Dutch didn’t know that there were different Indian tribes who inhabited different territories and had different customs, languages, laws. To the Dutch, an Indian in Maine belonged to the same group of Indians in VA, MD, NJ, NC, SC, FL, etc.

  34. Anyone Notice: The Democrats are Causing Hate and Discontent across all citizens and non citizens of the Country?

  35. FWIIW , in Canada , anyone with even a trace of redskin ancestry qualifies as a so called “first nation” .. The weak kneed Canuck government panders to their brazen demands ..It is long overdue time for everyone to get real
    Any question of re writing colonial history is a sick minded concept …All citizens are EQUAL…Black , white , red ,Yellow – or whatever ..
    Any hare brained notion to the contrary will and should lead to eventual civil war to normalize the nation .
    Argentina has no such problem …..No problem with …unruly “native elements” San Martin implemented a final solution
    many years ago

  36. It is morally wrong to tax the Indians on their own land… The government has wronged the American Indians in so so many ways n yet they remain peaceful… We should all learn from such a great nation!!!

  37. A perfect example of what happens when good people do nothing.

    I guess that,s why they are called ” the silent majority”.

  38. The Dutch paid an Indian or two who didn’t own the land to begin with. Some Dutch colonists saw an Indian or two from another tribe making pots who were in another location, and the Dutch offered to give them shells for the land that the Dutch wanted. The Indians didn’t know what the Dutch were talking about and said, “OK.” The Dutch gave them about 10 shells, and said, “It’s a deal!” What the Dutch did is analogous to them going up to someone coming out of a KMart, today, in Los Angeles CA and telling that person they’d give him 10 bottle caps for the Statue of Liberty in NY. The person accepts the bottle caps, and the Dutch say, “Deal!” The person with the 10 bottle caps doesn’t even own the Statue of Liberty. BTW, there’s no way the Dutch can claim they own the Statue of Liberty since the U.S. military and NYPD (if they’re still around since most have resigned, retired, or quit) would prevent them from staking that claim.

  39. Article IV, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution states “…no new State shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State…without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.” The next paragraph starts with “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States…”. The court, by effectively creating a new State or body of government not bound at all by our laws within Oklahoma, is in violation of the Constitution. While the Indian Civil Rights Act does grant the tribal members some immunities to the Federal and State laws, it does not grant immunities to all, nor does it set their territory separate from the United States.

  40. Our Subprime Court has far out reached there authority.
    And this is a perfect example of what happens when you have liberal
    progressive judges on the Court.
    I am in total disbelief of what our highest court in the land has brought
    down on our country.

    All country s when first formed , have experienced formation or growing pains.
    It has been that way sense recorded history. Only a total idiot would think you can change the past while in the future. And this decision is a perfect example of why we should not have lifetime appointments for any judge. May God help us all.

  41. I’ve been in favor for years that the native Americans would get their land back it was their land to start with and it’s only right to give what was theirs back to them and it should not stop there. They owned everything from the east coast to the west coast and everything in between is rightfully theirs. The government needs to give them a fair market value for the land that the American government stole from them. They are the only true American people in this country.

  42. “To hitch a wagon to a team of horses and ‘go west young man,’ was a dangerous undertaking in which many early white settlers did not survive. They left a trail of scalps behind them in their efforts to cultivate the wild, wild West.”

    According to Bob Barker (he was host to the Price Is Right and Truth or Consequences) who said he’s part Cherokee, the ones who first practiced scalping in the Americas were the Whites who scalped Indians as proof that they were killed. Apparently, the Whites put a bounty on dead Indians, and a killed Indian would earn the bounty hunter money. As proof the Indian was killed, the bounty hunter would give as evidence the scalps from dead Indians he killed. The Indians, when this started happening said that turn around is fair play, and the Indians started scalping Whites as a result. The Whites retaliated by portraying themselves as victims and started a fake story that it was the savage red man that started scalping. Long story short: Scalping, now considered a War Crime, was something the Whites did to Non-Whites. Later, Whites started the fake story that the Indians started scalping first, in order for the Whites to portray themselves as victims and to gain support from the international community, which saw scalping as barbaric.

  43. You some kind of nut or just don’t like Indians.

  44. NYC is a SLUM.

  45. I give up on humanity. Nothing makes sense anymore. The inmates are in charge of the asylum — Counter culture madness, Black Lives Matter race-baiting Marxists, Antifa terrorists, Democrat mayors and governors allowing their cities and states to be burned and looted—then praising the looters while ignoring the plight of citizens, police defunding and disbanding, and now scalping has returned as a proposed fitting punishment in the newly defined Indian — excuse my insensitivity — Indigenous People’s Territory of Oklahoma—where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.

    Evil George Soros is taking a wrecking ball to America and to all of Western civilization, and no one with authority is willing to intervene to stop him.

  46. We paid the Indians for NYC. Nobody took it from them. A deal’s a deal.


  48. Your closing remark is irresponsible.

  49. I say if he commits the crime off the reservation then he falls to the U.S. courts. On the reservation then its up to the indian courts.

  50. I applaud the court for finally correcting mistakes made in the past regarding tribal lands and tribal rights. As for the rapist, the Native Americans had very creative methods for punishing wrong-doers.

  51. I’m glad the Indians are getting their land back and one way or another the rapist will be punished by whit mans law or Indian law. Personally he sh be scalped. Also does this mean the Indians may get Manhattan back? Wow New York would really go crazier than they already are. Go for it Indians

    LEGALLY !!!

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