Actor Terry Crews on BLM: “I Don’t Want to Move From One Oppressor to The Next”

Terry Crews got real with Don Lemon on CNN. He believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is too extreme, and he doesn’t want to move from one oppressor to the next.

Crews has caught a lot of heat for his comments. However, he breaks it down in a simple way: Black lives matter shouldn’t turn into black lives are better. Exactly. This is about equality, which brings us to the other term that the BLM protesters really hate: all lives matter.

Within “all lives” are black lives. They all matter. The black ones, the white ones, the yellow ones. They all matter. And Crews wants to make it clear as to what side he stands on.

What’s interesting is that it’s clear that Lemon sits on the other side of the debate. He objects to Crews’ description of the BLM movement being extreme. Yet, the two men can have a civil discourse about it all.

Lemon asks a question that makes the BLM movement seem so honest: “What’s so extreme about ending police brutality?”

If that were the only thing that BLM was about, they wouldn’t be extreme. Police brutality should be ended. And if that’s what they want to fight for, great. However, they have to go about it in a legal and non-violent way.

Crews breaks it down for Lemon identifying that the leaders of BLM are now talking about, “if we don’t get our demand, we are going to burn it down.” Crews is passionate as he talks about this, making sure that it’s clear as to what side he stands on. Further, he talks about how black people are calling each other out, and if they work with whites and other races, they are “sell-outs or called Uncle Toms.” That’s when Crews warns that it’s easier to understand that you’re being controlled.

Here’s the most honest part about all that Crews talked about with the CNN host: “And I viewed it as a very, very dangerous self-righteousness that was developing, that, you know, that really viewed themselves as better. It was almost a supremacist move … where they view that — their black lives mattered a lot more than mine.”

He is absolutely right, too. BLM has become more than police brutality. They want to talk about inequality. They want to talk about getting the white man to bow down to the black people. So, they don’t want equality. They want the tables to turn entirely so that they are the ones on the pedestal. That’s not right, either. Two wrongs never make a right, and Crews is willing to be the one to stand out and point out the problems with the movement.

Lemon argues that the Black Lives Matter movement was about police brutality. Therefore, gun violence in black communities and other issues don’t fall under BLM. To target those issues requires another movement with another name.

Crews argues back, though, that BLM may have started out with the intention of focusing on police brutality but they have lost their way. They are moving forward with a full political movement, and that movement is extreme.

Crews ends the interview with Lemon without them seeing eye to eye. Crews continues to follow up with some tweets about how he feels. His main comment is that he wants to know what the BLM agenda is beyond police brutality because, clearly, it’s about more than that. Crews says, “And that’s all I’m doing — questioning, warning, and watching. And if that bothers you now, that bothers me.”

To put it simply, why isn’t everyone asking questions and watching what the movement is being done? It’s not okay to follow anyone blindly. That’s how cults start. That’s how trouble starts. Crews has always been a man that keeps it real. He may be black, but he isn’t jumping on board with the BLM movement. It’s extreme, and he believes it’s worth watching to see just what their agenda is.

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  1. Boy lemon there’s a place made just for you,Cummings on the right gate and you on the left gate of HELL waiting for the rest of RAT party to show up.It want be long before the ICE CREAM BOTOXS QUEEN OF SOUTH CAL shoe maker of NY and the rest of the swamp come on down to help you spread the BS around. I wish all of you luck but don’t get to fighting over the shovel and don’t get over heated.

  2. Absolutely Unlike CNN’s #DontheMoron we believe that Jesus is Lord NOT just another person And in our eyes and the Lord Jesus’ All men are created equal = ALL Lives MUST MATTER

  3. Can you please show me 1 black that is 100% black?

  4. Lemon is a duck. He’s where he is by luck not brains.

  5. He is a wonderful and respected a Human Being.

  6. Talking to Don Lemon, and talking to CNN is like speaking to a brick wall. You might as well save your breath. They only have one message and that is to stay the course. They will never be reasonable, just pathetically disagreeable.

  7. I’m so tired of the false narrative of police brutality towards black criminals. White criminals are killed by the police at twice the rate of black criminals every year and the media NEVER brings that up! Oh, and blacks commit more crimes!

  8. First place Lemon the Lemon needs his ass kicked so he can not walk then let him call 911. If Black Lives Mattered they would go these cities where black are killing blacks DO something about stopping it. Improve their image go to places where black business were burnt down . Help clean up and rebuild. Using the money from donation instead of putting in their own pockets. Do something about the real killer Planed Parenthood. Planned Parenthood are killing black babies by great numbers. Under the pretense of women health. What a crock . Do you know how many families, Gay couples straight couples are looking for babies. I just figured it out when I watch a video of the worst mayor in the USA. of all time. The mayor and his wife, and others, were painting BLM in yellow on the street. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t yellow signify that someone is a COWARD!!!

  9. My question to Lemon’s remark about the BLM only dealing with police brutality would be does police brutality have anything to do with destroying statues and changing the national anthem etc. . Hell no ! Lemon was just changing the subject to avoid dealing with the reality of which Mr. Crew was addressing.

  10. Bless Mr. Crews, he speaks rational common sense.

  11. It’s about time someone questioned the real meaning of BLM. Hats off to Mr. Crews for trying to get ALL people to see the whole picture.

  12. It’s about time someone questioned the real meaning of BLM. Hats off to Mr. Crews for trying together people to see the whole picture.

  13. You are lost,, try telling BLM that ALL lives matter and see what they tell you!!
    Terry is speaking truth and sell out Don is a lemon is not even letting Terry speak,,, because he is telling the truth and Don and his media buddies don’t want to hear it. You have no idea about what you are saying ,,, you are the brain washed one here!!!!!

  14. Amen! I’ve always enjoyed watching Terry on tv. Nice to see he is what seems to be.

  15. Seriously??? What a way to dialogue about all that is happening in our world? Bowel movements and Marxist??? Have u been brainwashed to think a Democrat or independent is a Marxist??? God help, pls put your gun down, take a deep breath. Seems our current tragedy is COVID totally out of control killing our healthcare workers and friends and family, and totally unnecessary deaths because a president that called it a leftist hoax wouldn’t admit he was wrong and totally screwed our states and country by his inability to lead, shutting our medical experts down so no data shown to help our country, Russia and bounties on our soldiers, an inactive congress who are terrified their president will shame the heck out of them if they speak out, and and and and. Tolerance, we don’t want a civil war tragically which sounds like you’ve already decided that’s what is needed! God help America that we can survive this pandemic and each live freely no matter what the color of our skin.

  16. Don Lemon is wrong. BLM was about police brutality and most of the country-Black AND Whites were firmly behind that movement. For the first time in our history we were united in a Cause to end it. Then it morphed into let’s get rid of the statues and all items associated to the South and Civil War. That was the time to set down and form a plan to move the statues, etc. to a place where they could be placed and people who saw them as history–not racism could go and see them. Instead we had them defaced and torn down and broken. We had Demands to defund all police stations, etc. THIS IS WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO DESTROY THE MOVEMENT. WE NEED TO BE RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER–BE SENSITIVE TO HOW WE FEEL ABOUT THINGS AND COMPROMISE! There are statues in Linn Park in Birmingham that are very offensive to the White Community and in other locations in the Country but no one says anything about those. We are now in a place in time where, if we are willing to work together instead of fighting and demanding, we can end this injustice and have one nation all working for the same thing.

  17. Why does Lemon invite Crews on only to interrupt him when he attempts to make a significant point regarding his position towards BLM? Don Lemon is a rude manipulative and puffed-up CNN puppet representing exactly what CNN stands for: Crude Critical Negativity.

  18. Thank you Terry Crews!!! I totally agree with you on this subject!!

  19. the BLM worries about police beating criminals, but they kill their own in their rioting/protests.

  20. Mr. Crews is completely right don lemon is a leftist idiot who has no idea what he is talking about , Much respect for Mr. Crews and zero for don lemon he needs to go away.

  21. Thank you Terry Crews for standing up & speaking what is on your mind & the minds of millions of other people! All lives matter. It makes no difference what your skin color is. Your life matters. Trump 2020!

  22. The way I look at it, HUMAN LIVES MATTER. We are not the black race, brown race, yellow race, red race, or the white race. We are the Human Race, all colors, creeds, beliefs, and religions. When are we going to learn to live together? Is it going to take a invasion of an alien race from another planet to make us see ourselves as what we are? WE ARE THE HUMAN RACE PEOPLE, deal with it.

  23. Crews has always been a genuine human being. He is fair and compassionate about helping everyone, not just a special few. I respect his views with honesty and clarity.
    It’s too bad BLM has lost its direction and in turn its reputation. They need to listen to Crews because he IS a true leader for all mankind, not just for Blacks.

  24. The inversion of truth appearing to be what is in our best interest is the greatest evil.
    Perhaps this is the reason why Dante reserved the lowest circle of hell for the frauds.

  25. Terry, thank you for your views, your willingness to share them and stand up for those who understand the difference between protesting peacefully and looting, violence, and being led by outsiders. I sincerely hope the general public gets to see your comments and thinks about them. God bless us all.

  26. Thanks Mr. Crews, for standing tall for what is right. Regardless of race, color or creed ALM , All Lives Matter. Don Lemon’s comments are irrational and insensate; not worth listening to. He is a discredit to the Black community. and to the newsmedia.

  27. Thanks to TERRY CREWS you set up straight with DON corrupt LEMMON all he sees are wrong with anyone for TRUMP , he’s not doing right journalism but hate to anyone that CNN stands for.
    Your explanation on BLM what they stands for that’s what all Americans is need to know. If it’s to better any color of our skin is good for every Americans wether it is blue , red , yellow , white and black lifes all matters.

  28. Black supremacy is as bad as white supremacy. ALL lives matter.

    Are you listening pro-abortionists? Both black and white babies conceived and developing inside their mothers’ wombs deserve to be nurtured and cherished — not brutally and painfully aborted and discarded like garbage — or their body parts sold for profit to research labs by Planned Parenthood and other abortion profiteers.

    The Living God knows the name of every murdered child, whether born or unborn, and divine justice awaits all those who have harmed His little ones.


  29. CNN Please fire Don Lemon or put him behind the scenes,he’s lost touch with reality ! Bahing Mr Crews was a very bad idea ! I would take 1 Mr Crews over a 1 million Don’s ! WOW take him off !! What an idiot and iy’s a good thing that he has thick skin,he’s gonna need it ! Thank You ! Don picked on the wrong guy !!! Good verses Evil !

  30. Don,are youisolated and not seeing whats going on with this BLM organization ?? How can you be so blind ? You are so out of touch with reality !! Terry is absolutely right and the movement is more about murders,hate mongers thieves and all the bad things that we can think of ! Its no longer a peaceful protest about police brutality,its everything but that ! I have no idea what you are thinking ?? Maybe taake a leave of abscence and reassess your career ?? WOW unbelievable ! Please wake up !! Terry,you are so right and you’re only getting backlash from people who just dont get it ! BLM is no longer ligitimate,they’ve gone way too far and ruined their cause ! It’s shameful !! Thanx Terry and GOODBYE DON LEMON !! I’ll never watch you again !! I can see how onesided you are ! and thats the whole problem ! Think about it !! GO TERRY !!!!!

  31. lemon is nasty little flamer

  32. Thank you Terry Crews for standing up against Lemmon and their leftist crew. You know all these protesters are not doing it for free, soros is funding the antifa are integrating these marches to instigate rioting and destruction. Also anyone who thinks donating to the blm , the money is actually going into the dem’s political campaign. Wake up up everyone and see the real agenda blm is after.



  34. I Stand with TERRY CREWS!!!!

  35. Thank you for keeping it real mr crews. All lives matter!

  36. CNN==castro metwork news was known when just came out. now is just the same, only bigger leftist lover

  37. BLM is a races statement it self if your not black you don’t matter

  38. You are so correct Mr Crew and attempt to keep it all in perspective. You are a voice for many. Mr Lemon on the other hand always expresses bias for his own leftist agenda. It’s unfortunate that while the BLM movement is so important to Mr Lemon, regular Black people do not get any of his attention. His politics are much more important to him than his humanity for his own race of people. Shame on him.

  39. Don Lemon is a REPROBATE, void of ANY truth as per the Bible (God’s Word). Anyone who calls Jesus “less than Perfect” (which Jesus WAS and IS perfect as per God’s Word) has NO idea what REALITY is. Jesus HAD to be perfect or we would have NO hope, in THIS life or the One to come. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  40. If CNN would drive the idiot Don Lemon out and take the smart and honest Terry Crews in its place, the CNN channel would be no worse than the FOX channel and millions of viewers would return to it.

  41. The very fact that they are “Afraid ” to do so , is the summation of the problem ! Who , and What are they afraid of ? I think we know , why is every one so afraid of them ? Remember this , Since ” Bully ‘s” started Millenia ago , they all have one thing in common .. NO Bully in the History of the World , has ever started to bully some one they think CAN or Will , fight back !! That takes all the fun out of being a Bully !! And , they could get hurt , as well as being shamed . The answer ..find an easier target !! The above is a truism that is cast in Stone .

  42. Terry Crews has always had his head on stright and one of the funniest people ever Hats off to Terry for standing up and being counted

  43. Count CNN and all the Turds of the Leftards media constitute the problem. That propaganda machine covers up for the communist BLM bowel movement. It has to go. It all has to go. We on the independent and right are making sure that happens. BLM bowel movement will destroy your life when you put forth anything that this bowel movement finds unacceptable. And that is unacceptable.

    So let’s have war, not dialogue.

  44. Ask Don Lemon if the black lives of the blacks getting shot and killed by other blacks, especially the little children. BLM people are terrorists.

  45. Ask Don Lemon if the black lives of the blacks getting shot and killed by other blacks, especially the little children. Do their lives matter?

  46. CNN does not get it!! I’m glad you see the light Mr. Crew. Do stand for what you think is right!

  47. Mr Crew,Thanks for keeping the issue in perspective and keeping it real.A LOT of individuals want to express the very sentiments but are afraid to do so,

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