Rashida Tlaib Gets Schooled by Detroit Police Chief, Says She’s ‘Totally Inaccurate’

Rashida Tlaib has been an outspoken member of the Democratic Party. As one of the freshmen women in “The Squad” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she has the same tendency to talk without thinking.

The Michigan Congresswoman has been pointing the finger at the Detroit Police, claiming that they’re abusing peaceful protesters.

While some people will dismiss Tlaib and the rest of the ridiculousness spewed by The Squad, James Craig, the Detroit Police Chief, has had enough.

Craig is fighting her claim, calling it “totally inaccurate.”

Why would Tlaib say such a thing? It is part of her agenda to split the country. Rather than trying to hose things down and relieve the tensions, she wants to heighten them. And in today’s climate, what better way than to say that the police are abusing those who are protesting peacefully?

Craig went on an interview with Fox News @ Night to explain the video that has gone viral of police squad cars running over protesters.

This is when Craig has to break it down. The police squad cars were being surrounded. And, the “peaceful” protest was hardly peaceful – and it went on all night long.

Tlaib is choosing to be blind to the fact that the protesters are not all peaceful. They’re not sitting around campfires and singing, “Kumbaya.” Instead, they’re getting more violent. They’re destroying property, attacking innocent drivers, and even holding people at gunpoint. That’s not peaceful, and as such, they have to be dealt with appropriately.

The Dems are showing their stupidity when they keep using hashtags of #PoliceBrutality and follow it up with a video of how agitators are jumping onto the hood of a police car. Crowds surrounded the car. Then, when the police car moves to clear everyone out, people freak out.

Even as the car is in motion, people are still throwing themselves in front of the path and on the car – and people are still blaming the police.

Don’t get in front of a moving car. Don’t harass the police to the point that they have to defend themselves by driving the cop car out of the mass of people.

That’s not peaceful. If Rashida Tlaib is going to continue to lie about the protesters being peaceful, then Craig will continue to defend the people. Craig even said that there were about 300 protesters with the “vast majority” being peaceful. He said the problem is that there were “agitators” embedded and “that’s when things went bad.”

Those who have seen the video are siding with the police. There has to be a point where the police cannot just sit there and get bullied by those who are ignorant to the cause they’re even fighting for.

Tlaib makes it seem like she’s doing the country a favor. One part of her tweet reads, “Our city fought hard to have an elected commission to oversee abuse and misconduct by police.” Mind you, this is the same police she’s working hard to defund.

Meanwhile, she also addresses the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners with, “I hope you understand the gravity of this, especially if not fully investigated, documented and addressed.” Well, the Board can investigate. They’ll see that the crowd was most certainly not peaceful. If the police hadn’t started to move forward and get out, it was clear that the protesters were going to become increasingly more violent. They chased the SUV down the road. What were they going to do? Break the windows? Shoot the cops? Clearly, they weren’t planning on doing anything peaceful. Those were not people who had a look of, “Hey, we just want to talk.”

The tweeted comments are priceless, and Tlaib may want to read them before she tries to start anything again. Comments range from, “Don’t illegally block the street to “Do they have no right to protect themselves?”

Tlaib is supposed to be the voice of the people – and most people expect the police to defend themselves.