Rashida Tlaib Gets Schooled by Detroit Police Chief, Says She’s ‘Totally Inaccurate’

Rashida Tlaib has been an outspoken member of the Democratic Party. As one of the freshmen women in “The Squad” with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she has the same tendency to talk without thinking.

The Michigan Congresswoman has been pointing the finger at the Detroit Police, claiming that they’re abusing peaceful protesters.

While some people will dismiss Tlaib and the rest of the ridiculousness spewed by The Squad, James Craig, the Detroit Police Chief, has had enough.

Craig is fighting her claim, calling it “totally inaccurate.”

Why would Tlaib say such a thing? It is part of her agenda to split the country. Rather than trying to hose things down and relieve the tensions, she wants to heighten them. And in today’s climate, what better way than to say that the police are abusing those who are protesting peacefully?

Craig went on an interview with Fox News @ Night to explain the video that has gone viral of police squad cars running over protesters.

This is when Craig has to break it down. The police squad cars were being surrounded. And, the “peaceful” protest was hardly peaceful – and it went on all night long.

Tlaib is choosing to be blind to the fact that the protesters are not all peaceful. They’re not sitting around campfires and singing, “Kumbaya.” Instead, they’re getting more violent. They’re destroying property, attacking innocent drivers, and even holding people at gunpoint. That’s not peaceful, and as such, they have to be dealt with appropriately.

The Dems are showing their stupidity when they keep using hashtags of #PoliceBrutality and follow it up with a video of how agitators are jumping onto the hood of a police car. Crowds surrounded the car. Then, when the police car moves to clear everyone out, people freak out.

Even as the car is in motion, people are still throwing themselves in front of the path and on the car – and people are still blaming the police.

Don’t get in front of a moving car. Don’t harass the police to the point that they have to defend themselves by driving the cop car out of the mass of people.

That’s not peaceful. If Rashida Tlaib is going to continue to lie about the protesters being peaceful, then Craig will continue to defend the people. Craig even said that there were about 300 protesters with the “vast majority” being peaceful. He said the problem is that there were “agitators” embedded and “that’s when things went bad.”

Those who have seen the video are siding with the police. There has to be a point where the police cannot just sit there and get bullied by those who are ignorant to the cause they’re even fighting for.

Tlaib makes it seem like she’s doing the country a favor. One part of her tweet reads, “Our city fought hard to have an elected commission to oversee abuse and misconduct by police.” Mind you, this is the same police she’s working hard to defund.

Meanwhile, she also addresses the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners with, “I hope you understand the gravity of this, especially if not fully investigated, documented and addressed.” Well, the Board can investigate. They’ll see that the crowd was most certainly not peaceful. If the police hadn’t started to move forward and get out, it was clear that the protesters were going to become increasingly more violent. They chased the SUV down the road. What were they going to do? Break the windows? Shoot the cops? Clearly, they weren’t planning on doing anything peaceful. Those were not people who had a look of, “Hey, we just want to talk.”

The tweeted comments are priceless, and Tlaib may want to read them before she tries to start anything again. Comments range from, “Don’t illegally block the street to “Do they have no right to protect themselves?”

Tlaib is supposed to be the voice of the people – and most people expect the police to defend themselves.

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  1. what about regular citizens mister policeman don’t they have the same right to protest themself by moving forward as cops? we fet arrested for that you go free!

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  3. Rules for membership in BLM. 1. Be able to beat up old folks in a gang that supports you. 2. Be able to exit a burning store in two seconds with all your stolen shit. 3. Cover all tattoo’s , which means nothing on your body shows for most of you. 4. Be able to throw a firebomb at least ten foot so you don’t set your ownself on fire. 5. Know at least ten foul words to taunt police with. Last but not least you have to attended UCLA.

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  14. How about kicking Ohmar out of congress too along with the rest of the ” squad “? She is here illegally
    The squad seems to forget that they swore an oath to defend the Constitution but all they are doing is shreading it.
    Kick them all out and put them all in prision for TREASON

  15. Yes!! And she needs to take “the squad” w/ her…. these pitiful so called women are NOTHING BUT IGNORANT trouble making LOUSY TERRIBLE examples of true American lawmakers

  16. Tlaib is an idiot. Put her brain on a thin wire and it would be like a BB rolling down a 8 lane highway. She got elected by idiots and the same democratic idiots will keep putting her there because they are not capable of self thought.

  17. No she is not DUMB!!Dumb are the people who elect her! How a person which is anti American, anti democracy, anti capitalist can be elected?????Probably is the ultraliberal brain wash and herd effect!

  18. I’m not an illiterate. I was working on my PhD when I decided that my life was in another direction.

    If you could read some of my past posts you would swear I didn’t graduate from HS. Hey, fat fingers and a quick tap on the “post” button? Yeah it will happen. So lay off the grammar police act. Listen to the intent of the post.

  19. Oh give me a Break!!!!!

  20. Absolutely deport this communist, Tliab! She can’t tell the difference between right and wrong she has no business in any part of our government. She obviously can’t tell the difference between a riot and a protest that’s just how ignorant she really is.

  21. Oh may we not ignore this wench? How about tarring and feathering those who propagate baby-butchery and sodomy and running them out of town and the nation?

  22. The “proper” response might have been to explain that the cameras used to capture the violence of the perpetrators who attacked police are in the process of being reviewed, persons identified and turned over to the Grand Jury for indictment. He should explain that there are tens if not hundreds of resources being used to make those identifications.
    If and when the indictment comes the charges will be felony charges in this state.

    He might end by saying something like “if anyone cares to come forward before we are able to determine their identity, and if they are willing to cooperate with police in identifying these criminals; the Sheriff department will do its best to grant immunity or limited immunity.

  23. Didn’t you get the memo …. These are all TEACHERS here! Take heart!!!

  24. I bet Rashita’s attitude would change if someone was holding a gun to her head.

  25. Rashida Tlaib is an palestinian troublemaker She is against the police because, she commit the crimes

  26. Mother should also be charged for hiding her and put in jail

  27. No government assistance to these morons. They were elected so now let those who elected them suffer.

  28. There is nothing wrong with the word ‘Master” It means the one in charge and it also means the larger of others and other items.

  29. Once they break the law that they pledged to abide by and protect the people with the justice that they broke, they should be removed from office immediately.

  30. Very true. Look at the one who went into his house and brought out 2 guns because BLT broke thru the gate. They supported BLM so they would not get harrassed but they did

  31. Put Tlaib in a police car in the uniform in the middle of the protestors and let us see what she would do. I bet she would put the pedal to the metal and run them all over to get safe

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  34. Agree! Calling our POTUS vulgar names is treason! I am ashamed that we have someone like Tlaib in our Congress. She even looks hateful.

  35. She was elected by lying about where she lived. Where she lived with her husband (poor guy) and her 2 kids was not in the district that was able to front a candidate. So she lied about her address and the city in which she lived.
    If she had been a Republican or a Christian, she would have been recalled and possibly sent to prison.

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  39. The Government makes the LAWS and the POLICE JUST ENFORCE THEM. Sure there are Bad Cops: But there are a lot more BAD PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT NEED TO BE ARRESTED. Governments FAULT for MOST of this. THEY SHOULD HAVE STOPPED IT THE DAY IT STARTED. Not only other people have been killed( Including Children) because of a BAD COP? NO because they do not want to see all the Facts before they start yelling DO AWAY WITH THE POLICE. Trump has a very good Advertisement: Call 911 if Biden and his CREW takes over, If your calling for help, push 1, 2 for murder and 3 for Robbery ,any thing else leave a Message and we will get back to you . The Wait time is now 5Days Thank You. Bye!

  40. That would be the BEST IDEA of the YEAR!

  41. Wish someone would hear you, you’re correct. I’m all in for Trump but I’m grateful he’s not going in blindly & shooting himself in the foot on this. We need him re-electioned. Can’t give radicals any free ammunition.

  42. Capture the rioters and lock them up in Pelosi’s and Schumer ‘s yards while the congress recess

  43. Send in the Army or Marines – the president has that power!!

  44. Congresswoman Talib: Maybe, before you open your big unknowledgeable mouth, you should take a closer look at what the “PROTESTER’S” ARE DOING and what the police are doing to protect themselves and the people who are not involved with the protesters. The problem with people like you and even some protesters are saying and doing things that they do not have the full story about.

  45. Black on black crime is great. When I see it, I won’t call 911. With black on blue crime, my hand guns and AR15’s are my 911 help for the men and women in blue as well as the innocent people against racist, violent, useless black lives don’t matter crack heads. Please continue to depopulate blacks by killing your own kind in your bull shit (non) violent (peaceful ) protests.

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  51. And just think….they get paid the rest of their lives by you and me.

  52. Yes! How can we get her and the other Traitors out!!!
    Have to have a Real in person election!!


  54. During the race riots in the 60’s in Michigan we were told to run them over if they blocked the road. Maybe they should go back to that. There are too many innocent.

  55. We must assume you never made a grammar error.

  56. These rioters/terrorists are the same children who were sent to their rooms for punishment. They are spoiled!
    When one considers how America became “Great” it was accomplished fighting for what they believed in, and building a Country that would allow for their success!
    These children have traded in their teddy bears and blankies for “Service Animals”, and “Safe Spaces”, and “Anger”, oh my yes! Anger wins the day, as does hate, lies, violence and the intolerance of people they CLAIM to revere.
    What a bunch of hot house lilies we’ve raised. These “children” have never been held accountable for their transgressions, nor suffered any real consequence for “Acting Out”. Unfortunately, their parents did not prepare them for what has become their future…..when you shoot someone, they stay dead! When you shoot someone, you are sent to the gas chamber, not your bedroom……”But that’s UNFAIR”, they whine and moan!
    Furthermore they expect someone else to pay for their rioting…….these little creeps thinks the world OWES them, for the inequities leveled at their great grandparents.
    Facts are now subjective Feelings!
    Everything “White” is racist. The history of past Communist/Socialist regimes, and their murder of millions, is now being touted as the remedy for their oppressed victimization.

    in short supply, as is the history of this Amazing Nation! They are nothing more than opportunists, with their hands out!
    They are “What is wrong with America”.

  57. Thank you for your post. You’re not alone in this! Americans–the ‘patriots’ are seeing just what you’re seeing!!! We grow in numbers and in conviction. We’ve all had more than enough. We’ll stand with our law enforcers and Pres Trump!!! TRUMP for another 4 years!!!!

  58. Personally, I’m delighted that they ‘do’ speak before ‘thinking’!! Now we are all aware of ‘what’ they’re thinking!!! Now we’ve been alerted to the danger they present to our country and our government!! Better they tell us ‘up front’ what traitors they are, than have them skulking in the shadows and taking us unaware–as they’ve planned to do for the past 50 years!!! Now we know!! Obama had the same sentiments and ideas. He came across as a ‘political snake-oil salesman’ and too many fell for it!! Now look at the damage he did over 8 years as our president!!! Pres Trump ‘tells it like it is’—straight from the ‘shoulder’, not pulling any ‘punches’!! OK–a lot of people don’t ‘like’ that! They like ‘pretty talk’!! Seems they never learn—honesty we can ‘deal’ with, ‘lies’ we can’t and they destroy!!! So–“suck it up, buttercup” and deal with the ‘truth’! IF the ‘truth’ isn’t ‘pretty’—well, work to make it ‘better’! Not just ‘cover it up’ with ‘pretty lies’!!! That has never worked in the history of man-kind and never will!! The ‘truth shall set us free’!! It doesn’t mean Pres Trump is never ‘mistaken’. Some times he gets ‘mis-information’ but, at the time he tells it–he believes it’s the truth!! Many times he’s said things everyone thought was a ‘lie’, only to find out–months down the road, that it was TRUE and he could ‘prove’ it!! Remember what he said about Hillary Clinton!!! HE wasn’t ‘lying’ but SHE WAS!!! He’s human and admits when he’s ‘wrong’. Best of all, he’s willing to ‘learn’ from his mistakes–more than can be said of many of them in Washington! I can respect that! He admits–he’s not a ‘politician’, he’s a ‘businessman’!! He’s learned to be very ‘good’ at that. Now, he’s learning to be very ‘good’ at politics, as well. Root out the ‘lying scum’ in our government and put Pres Trump in office for another 4years and we just might end up with a country we can be proud of again!! Yes–the ‘world’ IS ‘watching’!!!

  59. First thing—We need to stop ‘pandering’ to these people!! The more we ‘give’ the more they ‘take’!!! They’re taking our safety, our freedoms of speech and–now, the symbols of our religion and history!! How much ‘more’ are we willing to ‘hand over’ to them??? Frankly, I think we’ve already given far more than we should have already!! These are the same people demanding ‘free’ housing, free food, free education, free medical treatment,!!!! OK—they ‘got’ all that!!! Are they satisfied??? NO??? Now they’re demanding you ‘hand over’ everything ‘else’ you own, including your life!!! When will we get the ‘backbone’ to say–and MEAN–ENOUGH!! Our ‘thin blue line’ is all that stands between us and the ‘takers’!!! Let them do their job and support them every way possible. These rioters don’t want ‘justice’—they want destruction and everything we spent hundreds of years building. Everything we’ve dreamt of passing on to our children. Now–they are even ‘brain-washing’ our children into thinking America is ‘rotten’ and Socialism is the ‘way to go’!!! Where are the ‘brakes’ on this ‘runaway train’, anyway??!!!!

  60. You have a very valid point here! All these people in Washington, screaming for ‘defunding’ our police forces—if you notice, have squads of ‘guards’ surrounding them any time they leave their homes!! Nancy, the Squad members, Schumer, etc. etc.—all surrounded by ‘protective agents’!! So, YES—give us a ‘fine example’ and dismiss your guards! ‘Show’ us how ‘peaceful’ these rioters and terrorists are!! YOU GO FIRST!! I ‘double yellow dog dare you’!!!! lol

  61. This is what you get when stupid people vote in idiots like this bitch that isn’t a born in the USofA citizen All elected offices should only be for American Born Citizens not these assholes like talib to be elected and then want to screw this Country up like the hell holes they can from, WAKE UP AMERICA THESE USELESS PEOPLE DO NOT COME IN PEACE THEY COME TO DESTROY PEACE AND OUR WAY OF LIFE AND OUR DEMORATS HAVE BEEN PAID OFF TO TURN A BLIND EYE AND LET THEM HAVE THEIR WAY . WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Are we feeling a little ’empathy’ here? If ‘all’ the Muslim women are like this–I’m beginning to understand why their men treat them as they do! On the other hand, I have seen that they produce some very intelligent women (by accident, I’m sure) that they only hurt themselves by keeping them ignorant and confined. Sweden kept records on Muslims over the past decade or more. Seems only one out of 5 infants are ‘live’ births. Those who grow to ‘adulthood’ have an average IQ of about ’47’ to ’49’! The Muslims consider them ‘cannon fodder’ to be used in combat! They have such respect for ‘humans’–even their ‘own’ kind, don’t they? So–we expect ‘better’ treatment from them? Who are the ‘fools’???

  63. The cops did exactly what they had yo do yo stay safe! I’m glad the chief backs them, not like other cities where the cops are thrown under the bus!

  64. I understand AOC’s ‘support group’ has thinned quite a lot these days! Seems they feel a bit ‘disappointed’–AKA: betrayed and lied to by her!! Unless they do some ‘in depth’ fraud at the polls–I’m looking forward to the Squad being put out on their ‘butts’ from the Congress. I don’t think even Nancy will ‘miss’ them!

  65. Tell me the price of her ticket and time her plane leaves. I want to contribute some funds! How about a ‘Go Fund Me’ page on Facebook—bet you get enough to send her ‘first class’!!! LOL

  66. The main problem with your suggestion is that to bring in the National Guard legally, they have to be requested by either the governor or mayor of the state/municipality. Since usually they are both demokrauts, that will not happen. If Trump sends in the National Guard without the request, then he opens himself up to another fully documented charge of military takeover and another impeachment. God help us. The citizens might request the National Guard via petition but I don’t know if that would be legally valid. Or they could remove the mayor or governor and have the back-up person call in the guard, again legally questionable. The dems want the chaos to continue as they think it will reflect badly on Trump. Remember it is the demokrauts that ARE NOT calling in the National Guard to restore peace for their constituents in November.

  67. Cheif Craig was the Cheif in Cincinnati before he moved home to Detroit. We had less crime,less racial tension, and an all around better City because of cheif Craig and his firm fair and intelligent policing… Detroit is fortunate to have him, I wish he was still running our Force.

  68. Democrats used targeted resettle of immigrants to load up areas where they needed more votes. They have been doing it for years while Republicans and the silent majority are asleep. That is how Talib got elected, by running in a majority Muslim community. No educated person would have voted for her had their been an alternate choice.

  69. I want to know why these so called protesters aren’t protesting in San Francisco and around Nancy Pelosi’s compound, it’s been proven her family was definitely against improving life for the slaves.

  70. Pfhuucckk Talib and the obama she rode in on.

  71. that big mouth would take a month to sew up lol

  72. Let’s see her put on a uniform and ride with the cops some night, yeah , that won’t happen because she knows she full of crap and that the cops have a most dangerous job, and there’s not way she’ll look at it from the other side because she’s an anarchistic, call her out and invite her to walk the walk of a cop,

  73. Cheats!!
    Dead people voted.

  74. The left is extremely proficient at voter fraud.

  75. Oh! I thawt it was 69.
    Any way, the cops were in the right.

  76. I know you are going in the correct direction and I have preached this all along if we start shutting these terroristic attacks on our cities by enlisting the national guard it will not take but two or three and these riots are over and then let the military move in and extinguished ANTIFA and our country can get back to peace and rid congress of Pelosi and her death squad against America before they do find success in their communist actions they have been trying to force on the free legal citizens of the USA

  77. Oh! I thawt it was 69.
    Any way, the cops were in the right.
    It wasn’t systemic racism that got Mr. Floyd “Kirby” killed. It was a hate filled vendetta by a dumb jerk who was a cop abusing his authority. And the dumb jerks who were protesting violently most likely aren’t even American citizens, and talahi be probably knows this as she is a Democrat and they are funding all this in one way or another.

  78. Democrats hate America , people have to wake up and vote against every Democrats so we can save America.

  79. Congratulations Police Chief, for speaking out. Thank you for your service. These officers were under assault. Assault is putting you in fear for your life. Battery occurs when they smack you, make contact with your person or things attached to you, like your police car or weapon. I would be so devastated if the police did nothing in face of such an attack by these “protesting”, rioting scum. These agitators “protesting” the police chief, and everything American, marched down my own residential street, and then down residential side streets. This was no parade. This was a threatening mob, 300 of them. Llittle kids on the street were frightened and ran in their houses and to their parents. Horror on their face. These 300 mobsters are outsiders. They marched on a local precinct, and they do not only not live in the zip code of the precinct, most appeared to be outsiders, not Detroiters. Who do these would be dictators think they are to come into my city, my neighborhood and tell me mhy police department and/or m y police chief have to go. Excuse me, but the little rotten anti-American mobsters do not live here, do not pay city taxes, do not have a voice. My neighbors, the taxpaying Detroiters want and need police protection, and they pay taxes for that protection, and we would be disappointed if they did anything different than what they had to do during that thug march. Our Police force get little recognition for risking their lives, doing the dirty work, and I do not expect them to do their job with water pistols. We need tough new laws that will empower them to shoot these thugs when threatened. So much for bullying. The thugs certainly feel free to threaten the police without repercussion. Yet the police were so threatned by the mob they were apparentlly afraid to ticket the thugs for blocking traffic and terrorizing the neighborhoods with their revolutionary methods of protect. It is bad enough the commissioners defunded the Sheriff’s drug enforcement unit, now they want to defund the police. Outrageous!!! Defund Tlaib. Defund the City Council. These two certianly do not represent the voice of the people, only their own radical agenda.

  80. Again you can’t teach stupid, but in her case she gets an A+ for being ignorant and stupid with no facts to support her claims. The chief of Detroit should be angry a bout her depicking his police professionals as all racist!!!!!

  81. I don’t pay attention to illiterates – – attempting to forward your control over your dim witted political democrat party slaves.

    Were you born an arrogant supremist, or have you worked at it your entire slime laden life?

  82. President should call in Marines,National Guard and all police arrest them ,no bond, and get all that killed,robbed burned and broke statues!! He is supposed to be the boss,leader,.if need be build more jails,pay the police more,hire more,DO SOMETHING! I want to VOTE in November for TRUMP, but it’s looks like maybe there will be NO COUNTRY

  83. these rotten left wing governors and mayors should be the ones who drive through the peaceful protests. They are to cowardly to do that, they are to busy hiding out.

  84. People need to stand up and put a stop to what is happening to their towns. President TrumpTo ALL Americans, this is the FACTS, and What the Democrats are trying to do, and Their Agenda, Take note to what happened in Venezuela, and their outcome. All this protesters, riots, looters, killings, virus, etc., if investigated, you will all find out they are all part of an agenda, and the DEMOCRATS ARE VERY MUCH INVOLVED WITHIN CAUSING THEM, AND LAUNDERING MONEY INTO ALL AND EVERYTHING.

    VIDEO: Venezuelan Activists Warning to America: Statue Removals Are a ‘Slippery Slope’
    June 24, 202082

    The domestic terrorists have undoubtedly crossed a line of rebellion that has not been seen since the early days of the country’s formation. Their anger and hatred against their country is unfounded and has no depth to it at all. They claim to care about a man that was killed by one angry police officer and then they march around killing people of color and destroying the livelihood of other Americans. They have done the same deeds and evil intent of the very people they are crying about. And now they are going after monuments tearing them down because they simply do not like the history of the United States.
    This should be alarming to the American people. As one non-American TikToker named Elizabeth Rogliani is pointing out that the United States better get concerned about a minority of people trying to change American history. Rogliani is a Venezuelan political activist that sees a striking resemblance between what has happened in her country and what is taking place in America.
    Rogliani calls the monument removal a “slippery slope” that is going to lead to what she calls a “cultural revolution.” This is one thing that the Democrats would love to see happen because then they can pattern the future of America after socialist ways. And this is the point that Rogliani is trying to make.

    Venezuelans recognize signs of a communist takeover better than almost anyone
    (p.s. that accent is 🔥)
    — Roz 🇺🇸 (@PolitiKurd) June 22, 2020

    The activist has stated that “I don’t think they’re seeing past what’s going to happen next because they’re thinking these are just symbols of oppression. But, I had a lot of friends [who] told me, ‘Oh, it’s just the Confederate statues.’ And, I said, ‘No, it’s not going to be just the Confederate statues. Just wait and see.’ This is a slippery slope.”
    She is in a unique position to warn people of the dangers that are coming. What starts as a removal of history eventually turns into a communist takeover. The activists have moved one from one man’s life to attacking every symbol of American ideals. Anything that defines what the United States is all about is up for grabs right now for the domestic terrorists.
    She went on to echo that “Founding Fathers are going to be attacked. Religious symbols are going to be attacked. And next, probably, museums. I mean, anything can be attacked if you just let it happen. If you just let the first ones come down, then [there are] no limits to what’s next.” has told countless state and local leaders to get a grip on the violence now before it is too late. The Democrats made a joke about it and now they are dealing with crime zones that they are having a hard time taking back.
    She disagrees with Andrew Cuomo as he praises the criminals for their destruction. She has stated that the actions of the rioters are “an attempt to change the identity of the country. That’s my opinion. And, that’s what they did to us. Of course, it was different. At that point, they already had taken the government. But, at this point, they’re trying to change the national identity and they’re trying to destroy the system. And, if they get to the government, they’ll do it. They certainly will do it.”

    Rogiliani has also speculated that outside influences can incite chaos within the country. After all, there have been attempts by the Democrats to involve outside influences during election years. They try and cheat their way into power. Rogliani has also pointed out the Black Lives Matter Group has ties and supporters in the Venezuelan regime.
    She has stated that “In fact, another of those videos that I made on TikTok — I was talking about how the Venezuelan regime was involved in the protests that are going now. And, we saw the emblems of the [Black Lives Matter (BLM)] founders being an ally to the Venezuelan regime. I saw pictures of them in 2015 where…one of the co-founders of the BLM movement went to Venezuela….and said that she was happy to be in a place with intelligent political discourse,” concluded Rogliani. There is no place in America for people that hate the country. It is time for people to stand up and protect the heritage that defines the United States.

  85. Basically these cops are being attacked by terrorists and all cops in that position should nail the gas to the floor, Lessons need to be learned sometimes the hard way.

  86. Taliab is on a video all dressed up in her muslim garb speaking to a large group of muslims. She is giving advice on how to beguile the American public into thinking that muslims are just peaceful people as they work behind the scenes to take over America and make it 100% muslim. Why do you think these people want all Americans to surrender their guns, defund the police or abolish the police and weaken the U.S. Military. You can’t be too dumb to understand that.

  87. ONLY the left/ far Left, and those who sympathize with each other’s causes. (Ex: Gays/wannabes/other diversions/ minority sympathizers/other losers who have been swallowed up by the left liberal fake news – they should look at ALL sides of this discussion. This blind mindset is one reason USA is divided. Jump on the backs of BLM/ that’s the cause that Dumbs believe participating in these riots – yes riots, that it will help all their causes. BS!
    If they weren’t non conformists and social misfits to start, they would be involved in dialogue to resolve our Country’s disagreements.
    Their destructive actions have no purpose. Their verbal and other disrespectful acts against law enforcement is unforgivable!
    I hope all those responsible and identified for any of the destruction during riots – are caught, charged and given the maximum penalties for their costly crimes.

  88. As far as I am concerned, any one who puts themselves in the position to be called peaceful protester is looking for a fight, whether it is the police or an innocent citizen just walking down the street. I say lock their butts up and throw the key away. They in no way have a reason to believe that they have a right to tell anyone else how to live.

  89. This woman is a complete idiot and she shows it every time she opens her mouth, I do not under stand how people like her gets voted into Congress, but she is s Democrate so that tells it all

  90. Perhaps we should gather up all these supposed “demonstrators turned RABID Rioters” and lock them in a huge stadium. Then we can watch all these “lowlife protesters” protest each other into oblivion!

    Really. At this point, none of them needs a reason to commit violence to anyone. They are all a bunch of time bombs waiting to go off! Let it happen amongst themselves. Less for everyone else to clean up after.

    OR — bring in the National Guard to clear the streets and bring back peace to that area. Once those demonstrators are off the streets and have time to cool off and think about what they were doing, the Mob Mentality goes away. I like this idea the Best. BRING IN THE NATIONAL GUARD!

  91. Her IQ was probably lower than her shoe size.

  92. She comes from a district of like minded individuals, that’s how she got voted in. Same as AOC.

  93. My question is “How in the world did she get elected”. She needs to be voted out!

  94. The main point was addressed – petty of you to ridicule her because she has spelling errors.

  95. Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is of Palestinian descent, one of 14 children born to Palestinian parents who migrated to the United States. She is a lawyer. She is radically anti-Israel, and despises President Trump’s pro-Israel policies. She has been banned from entry into Israel because of her public anti-Israel statements. She believes Israel has no right to exist as a nation.

    On her Congressional swearing-in day to the House of Representatives, she called for Trump’s impeachment, using foul language when berating Trump to her young son.

    She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, as is AOC.

    She has called for the defunding of ALL police departments.

    Trump 2020!
    God bless America! God bless Israel! God bless our brave police officers!

  96. Tlaib is one ugly bich. And dumb? O Yeah! Born to be ignored, that one is……


  98. Have any of you had the displeasure of having a child, your child, throw a tantrum when you were out shopping and the more you said, no, stop it, the volume got louder. When my children did that, I said stop it now, or else. The first time they figured I would do nothing as it was public and someone would intercede if I tried to spank them. WRONG. I know, this was in the 60’s and things have changed, but the offending child knew better to do it again and the word got out to the siblings. These “peaceful protesters” are just like that child and will push the envelope unless/until, they are stopped, which means lethal force maybe needed. One dose of Police protecting them selves or better yet some poor citizen walking by gets killed, I’ll be willing to bet the THUGS/terrorists’ don’t want that and the Mayors and Governors better back the Police or anarchy’s has won.

  99. It’s gratifying to see someone like the Chief standing up to politicization’s like this that are trying to destroy our country and the Democrat’s in Washington.Having worked in law-enforcement and working in the riots in the 60 it’s easy to be critical of the Police and there action’s:however,the saying is until you walk in someone’s shoe’s don’t judge. This video doe’s not show the entire activity that went on and further more these officer’s being concerned for their safety took these action’s for their safety they may have family’s.If these loud mouth Democrat’s in office got off their asses and rod with some police for a month or so and see what they encounter and they may appreciate their job. I would like to see the good people of this country start standing up for it before the Socialist Democrat’s like Taliab and company try and change our country.

  100. Frankly, I think the police are not violent enough. Vandals and looters should be shot on sight. No lawsuits, no recourse, no ghetto lottery.

  101. You insult morons

  102. The death of the black man didn’t matter to BLM. Because the rule was: Start on when a policeman shoots a black, and the black will be an innocent and be anyone…………. but this black criminal (82% of nations crime) was a child abuser who just was releasted from a Federal Pen., and ran from the police after being found drunk, fired a dangerous weapon as he ran out into public housing, was shot to protect police and public, and then his white slut girlfriend was caught burning down the Wendy’s because the slut and other 6 the police are looking forburned down the business, and she was not found for several days because her mother was hiding her. Now there is prison time, fines, and she MUST BE responsible for the cost of the Wendy’s business ? Blacks and the Marxist organization, funded by Soros, and Tom Styer, were separate in their function that night, the blackers wanted new things at home and BLM was destroying Capitalism, as they were doing all over America. Get your guns out Great American’s? Defend America like you did in Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea………… and all wars.

  103. The death of the black man didn’t matter to BLM. Because the rule was: Start on when a policeman shoots a black, and the black will be an innocent and be anyone…………. but this black criminal (82% of nations crime) was a child abuser who just was releasted from a Federal Pen., and ran from the police after being found drunk, fired a dangerous weapon as he ran out into public housing, was shot to protect police and public, and then his white slut girlfriend was caught burning down the Wendy’s because the slut and other 6 the police are looking forburned down the business, and she was not found for several days because her mother was hiding her. Now there is prison time, fines, and she MUST BE responsible for the cost of the Wendy’s business ? Blacks and the Marxist organization, funded by Soros, and Tom Styer, were separate in their function that night, the blackers wanted new things at home and BLM was destroying Capitalism, as they were doing all over America. Get your guns out Great American’s? Defend America like you did in Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea………… and all wars.

  104. Rashida Talib and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are both morons. The reason is, is that the protesters are not peaceful, but destructive. They loot, burn, kill, maim, and riot. That is not peaceful.

  105. The Democrats are working tiressly to make America fall to the One World Order scheme. They are using BLM, Antifa, Communist indoctrination in our schools, etc… to achieve their goals.

    More importantly, they are desperatly trying to hide that they held 99% of slaves,
    they were the KKK, (Which, by the way, was created to abolish the black population).
    They try to hide the fact that they are throwing money at the black community only to achieve their votes….Which has created an avenue for the black fathers to leave their families because the government will take care of them. Which led to 70% single mothers, and fatherless, directionless children.

    They blame guns for the murderous, Godless society they have created.
    They know guns must be conscifated so good Black, White, Asian, Native Americans…etc can’t fight back against their tyranny.

    They demonize police and law and order to cover for evil, thieving, Democrat societal failure.
    Does anyone other than me see the REAL ENEMY of Black society and America as a whole yet?????????

  106. Thank you for those words and for caring. Keep it up. These destroyers of life and property and their allies are
    thin skinned so they pick any slight criticism apart. Keep talking, we need to hear voices like yours – and truth
    is in short supply with these so-called protestors.

  107. Just look up her arrest record. That says it all.

  108. I ll sure as hell 10-4 that. Get all those bastard out of Dodge

  109. Yes very good to tell that traitor witch , and watch out folks the democrats are out to wreck America !

  110. The Squad are all anti-American RACISTS and think beforevthey speak.

  111. Are you kidding? This a conversation about police, protesters, and their actions, why does anyone care about the spelling or grammar? As long as I can understand the point, I could give a shit less about grading the remark!

  112. The democraps and msm are the real enemy’s of the American people and especially President Donald Trump. They hate him cause he can’t be bought AND because he knows ALL ABOUT them and it scares the hell out of em!!! And well they should be!!! DEFUND the POLICE!?!?!? DUMBEST CRAP I’VE EVER SEEN OR HEARD in the 57 years I’ve been here. And Burn,Loot and Murder ARE TERRORISTS and they are currently destroying America. Shoulda stopped this bullshit as soon as it started.


  114. That’s a crock of shit. Sometimes it takes many wrongs yo make a right.
    Stop trying to cover for the self willed ignorance of a few.
    I say if they can’t protest in peace let’s throw them off the Earth including that ugly fat tlaib who’s IQ was tested in college was 89.

  115. Most people are writing a message with quick words like 2 rather than two, U for you, and so on. We all went to school and only some, like me, know everything and I am overriding you ?

  116. Louisville real estate leaders may drop the term ‘master’ from house descriptions,“Master” bedrooms, “master” bathrooms and “master” suites are common terms used by real estate listing services to describe what’s often the biggest spaces reserved for the homeowner.But the words have come under fire from critics who say “master” is an outdated, racially charged term that’s also perceived as insensitive to gender.

    The topic appears to be gaining traction. It’s come up in Louisville and in other markets, and at least one large city, Houston, has dropped the term.YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS!

  117. A moron whose salary we are paying!

  118. This bitch cares nothing except for her nasty ass religion. Sorry to bust your bubble there was no Muhammad there are no 7 virgins waiting for your asshole men. And there is. O reward waiting for you except a very very long time in hell for trying to destroy GODs special country

  119. The protesters are indeed not peaceful. They terrorize peaceful citizens, attack them, attack the police, destroy property. They need to be arrested as a terrorist group. They held innocent people at gunpoint and are looters and rioters. They are horrible and terrible people. Calling them people is a stretch. They are wild animals and savages.

  120. Wonder why the liberal yahoo editor decided to take the video offline. That shows how corrupt and biased Yahoo is Rashida
    does not deserve to be a representative of Detroit! Come on yahoo you can do better then again beign biased!!!

  121. Rashida Tlaib , is always in trouble with her BIG 👄 MOUTH because she has a BRAIN as big as a PEA. She’s as WORTHLESS and dump as YESTERDAYS panties.

  122. I have an idea , she doesn’t like the Police, then take the Police protection away from her! She should be on the list of domestic terrorist!!!

  123. She is free to leave and go to a Muslim country. She is free. I will pack her bags and pay for her ticket. She is a TRAITOR period

  124. She hates everything America stands for. I would not have slowly driven through that mob of haters, I found have floored it and taken out as many as I could.

  125. I agree! The FAR LEFT WING “Squad” members somehow bought their way into “OUR Congress”, with the apparent sole intent to destroy OUR COUNTRY and turn it into a Socialist state. And they seen to ‘side’ With the so-called protesters, who view “protesting” as an excuse to burn, loot, and attack. And I’ve noticed that most so-called protester, are wearing ‘Virus masks’, or could that be to HIDE THEIR IDENTITY ?


  127. Get a life Elitist Scum
    This person can say what ever when ever how ever.

  128. She is praying for, and fomenting , a Jihad here, in America.
    Wake up!


  130. Who listens to Talib? Nobody I know. She is a complete MORON

  131. These are professionl protesters organized since the 1st day that begun:

    why the governmen t is not shut them down? It’s organized insurrection!

  132. It’s about time someone stood up for the police and fire department. These civil servants have a very difficult job in todays radical changes. Normal citizens want peace and quiet but rest assured these normal citizens are prepared to defend their families and property.

  133. This bitch is just another big mouth Dumbocrat wench that has no clue what the hell she is talking about. She shouldn’t be in this country, let alone be in congress. She hates this country, her and the other 3 whores in the so called “squad” are hell bent on destroying this country from the inside. They need to be eliminated NOW !!!

  134. I think it’s time to do what the taliban do to their women and sew her mouth shut .

  135. Well he she or it(Do we really know their gender anyway?) Got so excited that THey didn’t take tje time to read much less have grammer.pucnciaton, and speloing corrrected but I think you get the Gist.

  136. AOC–another Obnoxious _unt..!

  137. Tlaib MUST GO ! I support the Police.

  138. Why isn’t Tlaib RECALLED in an election to REPLACE her? . . . She is WORTHLESS – and a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR as per the U.S. Constitution. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


  140. Good for the Detroit Police Chief! SO glad they are not doing “the liberal thing” there.

  141. Any person (s) in a vehicle who are being surrounded and enclosed upon would do exactly the same thing, drive the hell out of the middle of the crowd. Why would anyone just sit there and let a mob destroy their vehicle and themselves? I myself would put the pedal to the medal and hit as many of them as possible. They started the battle, you win the war. That’s what will help break up the mobbing. It’s what anyone would do if they felt like they were going to be hurt or killed. It’s called self defence. Anyone who thinks it’s not should get in their vehicle and drive down to where the mobs of protesters are and try to drive through them. Or sit and wait for them to surround you in an angry rage. You going to bow down to them?

  142. Your thoughts are on the right track but you need spelling and grammar checking before sending.

  143. I saw video of this crap, they had every right to even fear for their live as the car was being attacked, they have seen other police dragged from their cars and beaten, if black would watch what is going on they would not only realize these instigators is getting them killed. There was a man running from the cops first mistake then of all cops it was a terrible person in a police out fit, him and his buddies should be in prison for the rest of there lives, but has anyone found out why he was running I heard he had a criminal, if he broke probation it would have been more jail time but he would be alive, I do feel all police should go threw racial training.,But the cops get tired of being killed by the same people rioting two wrongs will never make a right

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