VIDEO: His Son was Murdered by an Illegal says BLM Ignored his Cries – ‘I’m Black, Where’s our Help?’

African Americans all over the country are finding out that the group they thought was going to enact real change in America is nothing more than a sham. The Black Lives Matter group has connected themselves from their inception with terrorist people. They are leading the group from the top down to make money and kill people along the way. Their connection to the Democratic Party spans the years as they do their bidding to create trouble and divisive issues right before the presidential election.

Voters are seeing the hypocrisy of the domestic terror group. The parent of one young African American teen that was murdered in 2008 has received the harsh reality from the BLM that his son’s life does not matter to them. There has been no support from the group because the son was not a victim of police brutality. And he ended up being forced to mourn for his son in the shadows by African American leaders.

Jamiel Shaw is the father of the teen and he stated that “It seems like Black Lives Matter only focuses on black people who were murdered by the police. You know, my son was murdered in 2008, and I reached out to anybody that would listen, especially black people because I thought for sure I would have a lot of support in the black community.” What he found out is that the BLM is more interested in political power for the Democrats than with their stated mission to help African Americans be better than what the liberals tell them they are.

Shaw also stated that “But, because of the illegal aliens and the way they get all the support in California, no one would jump on board because they didn’t want to have to, you know, justify the illegal-alien part. So, they just let me go by myself.” What he found out is that his son would have had to have been shot by a cop instead of an illegal in order for anyone to even act like they care about his loss. His son was shot by a gang member Pedro Espinoza because the other teen thought the athlete was with a rival gang. Espinoza was sentenced to death for his role in the Jamiel Shaw Jr’s. Murder.

The father has been reaching out to various leaders hoping to get someone to drum up attention to the murder and the injustice. But none of the BLM people even care. They are acting like Democrats as they choose who they want to focus on. They only want to deal with cases that propel their terrorist agenda and allow them the opportunity to loot and destroy personal property.

Shaw went on to state that “All black people should matter.” Shaw should say that all lives matter and not just those of a particular color. There is certainly a double-standard that Shaw has noticed. The BLM group is a fake group that gives the appearance that they care about. But They only care about money and what they can steal and loot. Shaw stated that the murders should not be “some kind of death lottery, like, ‘yeah, I won. I was murdered by the police, so we get something out of it.’ Everybody else just gets screwed and has to sit on the sidelines and pretend like, you know, they’re getting over it.” But that is exactly what the BLM is doing with people. They only want stories that make their group look legitimate.

Shaw rightly pointed out that the BLM’s philosophy is “If you’re killed by the police, it’s okay. We can tear down and burn down buildings, but if you’re murdered by an illegal alien, you have to be quiet.” They have pushed everyone that would support them away by focusing on the police issues and not the total issue of injustice altogether. But when a group is inventing division they have to be selective to hide their true intent. They are nothing more than a group of anti-American terrorists seeking to overthrow the United States of America.

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  1. You are 100% correct in your assessment of Democrats. A prime example is us-black people continuing to vote straight Democrat for racist unjust Democrat politicians, judges, and State Attorney in St. Clair County, Illinois for the past 40 years. These current white judges and State Attorney have perpetuated a policy of public lynching of blacks- forcing many of them to plead guilty when public defenders help them by talking blacks into pleading guilty even though both the judges and state’s attorney knows they’re innocent! I will never ever vote for a Democrat again and do support any of their agenda (illegal aliens, etc not)!!!!!-

  2. You are right!

  3. BLM/Democrats–COMMUNISTS wise up America–Wave our flag in their face but you better be armed!!!!

  4. Let an Illegal immigrant be responsible for killing one of my siblings or relatives and hell will reign down on any illegal I come across. If the law and this country do not want to do what they should be doing for the citizens of America, then it is up to us to let the illegals know we won’t stand for their crap and they will pay the price for their criminal activity.

  5. The black people had better look closely at what is going on. BL don’t M to politicians, only their VOTES MATTER. You are being played for suckers. Wise up the Democraps will destroy you.

  6. So sorry for the brutal loss of your son Mr Shaw!! See what happens when you stupid Demonrats let these illegal thugs in freely and you want to abolish ICE, dismantle Police forces, and want free open borders??? I guess you clowns will blame Pres Trump for this one too!! Don’t even think about doing that, this is all your fault, not his!!!!!!!!

  7. A huge part of the problem is the (reV.) Jessie Jackson, and the (reV.) Al Sharpton. They want the black community to remain in poverty, and uneducated. Get rid of those two clowns, and you are off to a NEW Start!!!

  8. No one is for the police killing of black people. All who saw the video was blown away by what was occurring. 3 policemen one at each area of his body feet, mid body and neck as well as already handcuffed. Heartbreaking that the knee was occluding his carotids as well as airway. No one suggest or agrees it was right. Those policemen will have to suffer consequences for that and its not just now but for the duration of their lives.
    BLM must represent all African Americans. Where was BLM when those 3 kids were shot with 2 dying and 1 hanging on for dear life. A baby 3 years old where were they? Why was medical help not obtained for these children before they lost their chance to live. Hypocrits governor and mayor haven’t called to speak to the deceased father. The only reason chop or chaz was dismantled was because things got to the governor’s house. She didn’t want her property destroyed. She got scared. The one that said they were just having a peaceful type gathering. Guess what? No one wants their home or businesses destroyed.
    Soros is a man that has organizations that instigates problems all over the world. I know he pays antifa among others to have these riots. He preys on people that could use a few bucks, pays them to do the dirty work he wants, to have some sort of world order. He is very much in cahoots with the Democratic party. These people want us to destroy each other and they are for the moment succeeding. They use people like you. When crap hits the fan, they won’t give 2 cents for you. They live in luxury with police guards surrounding their property so if the likes of you go to their house, they will be protected while you get knocked off. I want our streets protected, I want our children protected. I want to be able to call 911 if I need help medically or otherwise.
    I want to work, provide for my family , buy a home and travel. No government handout is going to help accomplish any of that. You need to look beyond your 4 walls. Black lives do matter, but so do the rest of us including you. We need to think of solutions for our country’s problems. Reasonable and well thought out ideas.

  9. BLM is a Marxist organization. If your son had pledged his allegiance to Communism then they might care.

  10. This is nonsense. I feel bad for this father, but he is barking up the wrong tree. BLM does not say that any life is less important than any other life. But BLM’s mission is to stop cops from murdering innocent blacks. Not to stop all killings. Not to stop cops from shooting criminals who are endangering others. Not to safeguard the streets. Not to stop gang violence, nor, frankly, to stop young black men from kiling other young black men. Cops are paid to do that, and we all know they are failing.

    Do white mothers care less about their criminal youth than black mothers care about theirs? Maybe. And I am not passing judgement.

  11. The Democrats in this country have played the blacks in the country like a fiddle for decades. The cold hard facts are that the Democrats are the worst enemy the Blacks could possibly have. Blacks need to hitch their wagon to the R epublican Party and work within it to help their own. The Dems will such the blood out of them and leave them beside the road just likeroad kill.

  12. Wonderfully accurate assessment of the situation. Blacks all over this country are being duped into believing in something that is their very worst enemy.Educate, educate, educate.

  13. We need to stop the fighting and stop the killing. It is wrong we do not need this. Respect everyone. It does not matter who we are. Respect everyone. Black and white people…….

  14. The truth is that there is no Black and White, no Left and Right, no North and South or East and West. There are no Liberals and Conservatives. These are all labels to distract us from the fact that reality is defined by Heaven/Right and Hell/Wrong. Recent philosophers have led us astray into thinking morality is just a matter of opinion imposed on us by those who want to have power over us. As it turns out, these philosophers were actually seeking that same power and using their perspectives to sway us into supporting them. Those who believe there is only a ‘will to power’ that will result in achieving power fail to realize that there is an Order that actually determines how Power is relegated.

  15. It’s all a huge lie!! The ‘black’ community is being used as a weapon to bring down this country. The ‘media’ is encouraging this and helping to destroy America. Look–all the media hype boils up when a black person is murdered–and, yes, only by police. I’m not saying that’s ‘right’–it’s not!! Where is the outrage when a ‘white’ person is murdered or an Asian or Native American!!! It’s ALWAYS wrong–no matter what race a person is from! These stories of ‘police brutality’ are ‘cherry-picked’ and, then, gone over and over– night after night on TV!! Even when the police officers involved were sentenced for what they did–it was never enough, was it?!!! Not a ‘whisper’ of injustice when the victim is ‘white’, or Asian or Native American, though!! BLM has lost all credibility and respect for their ‘so-called’ demand for ‘justice’!! Destroying livelyhoods of people (of ‘every’ race) is not how we obtain ‘justice’!! All this is doing is destroying the very ‘fabric’ of our society and tearing us apart as a people!! Yes, we have ‘issues’ to work out–we’re not denying that. We were in the process of doing just that. However, those who want this country destroyed didn’t like that. They latched onto this young man’s death as a tool of destruction. Worse—people ‘bought into it’!! Let’s forget that our country was beginning to grow and become stronger–thanks to the efforts of our new President!! Let’s ignore his efforts to bring prosperity to the black communities. That he was calling out the Democrat governors and mayors about their neglect of those communities and the suffering of the ‘poor’!! Let’s just sit here, feeling ‘sorry’ for ourselves and blaming Pres Trump for something that has been going on in this country for decades—thanks to the Democrats!! Yeah–it’s so much ‘easier’ than rolling up our sleeves, getting an education and get to work building a strong, beautiful country! So–how’s it ‘working’ for us so far???

  16. Watched Hannidy’s interview with this father and a friend. It broke my heart. Its bad enough to lose a child to this kind of violence……but he said NO BODY came to tell him about it. No police, no Mayor, no govrenor….NO BODY. Some of his son’s friends came by and told him. When he got to the hospital……….NO BODY was there……NO BODY told him anything. He didn’t even get to see his son’s body for over 2 weeks!!! That mayor & the police chief both need to be locked up!!! The BLM is nothing but a terrorist gang. They were no where to be found!!!

  17. It has been said many times already but I will say it again to the leftist Democrats ALL LIVES MATTER! Your racist, bigoted, biased rules and your privately funded media are lying to gain all power for your own greed. Your Master Soros has nothing but contempt for America unless he gets to own it.

  18. Troll: Black Lives Matter is a George Soros Election Year, divide-and-conquer, chaos-creating, rioting, looting, group of paid liberal Marxist puppets — as are you. It’s pouring money into Democrat coffers, hoping to defeat Trump in 2020, but Trump will be re-elected because he is the best president America has ever had. Unlike anti-America Marxist Democrats and RINOs, Trump loves America, he negotiates trade deals that help American workers, he’s fighting corruption and is cleaning out the corrupt, entrenched in-government swamp rats that make up the evil Deep State, he upholds the rule of law and the Constitution, he’s defied the Soros/Democrat-supported Open Borders nonsense to put up a high, strong southern border wall to stop drug cartels, unvetted migrants, and terrorists from entering our country, and he had the economy booming before the leftist-contrived Election Year coronavirus PLAN-Dem-ic lockdown.

    You are wasting your time trying to convince us patriots that Democrats care about black lives or any lives. Democrats are corrupt, self-serving, pay-to-play, bribe-taking traitors and scoundrels and the Democrat Party is a disgrace.

    Trump 2020!

  19. I am truly sorry for your loss. We need to band together for true justice no matter the color of our skin , culture or religion. We are Americans. My prayers are with you and your family,

  20. i dont like to sat this the man that lost his son ,where was he when his son was involved with the crap going on,, why was he there who killed his son why was this allowed to happen! you have one party to blame the democrats , the ones that supported all the murders and destruction ! and the racial devide in this country!

  21. Very well said, thank you for your concise and honest assessment of what is happening in this great, free country. Their are prejudices in this country and I must admit, that I fight myself every day to not be. President Obama pushed me in the prejudice direction by not providing education and employment opportunities to our black brothers and sisters. Obama only used his power in office to further the divide between Americans of different race and color.

  22. Everyone one has to make hate about racism Bla cks need to get off their pity party and get a life illegals need to go home We.wont be happy until we have no police and everyone can do what they want good luck!!

  23. Indeed he lived off money if wealthy Frederick Engels..

  24. You are absolutely right. Ametican Stalin will replace american Lenin. Than American idiot Khrushchev will replace Stalin when is secretly dead, to be continue..
    Those useful idiots do not know that every revolution comes with terror and counter terror

  25. George Soros is behind this Election Year resurgence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa unrest.

    Those Marxist organizations are used by anti-America leftist George Soros to divide and conquer. Their demands regarding racial issues, defunding and disbanding of police, removal of statues and monuments, making reparation payments to blacks for pre-Civil War slavery, rioting and looting with no penalties for the criminal thugs, and the blocking off and destruction of entire neighborhoods in leftist cities by Marxist mobs with the approval of Democrat mayors and governors are carefully crafted Election Year ploys that will vanish on November 4th. Democrats care NOTHING for black people. They only USE them. And remember — All the money contributed to Black Lives Matter goes into the DNC coffers.

    The COVID lockdown that hurts the economy is another leftist Election Year ploy.

    Liberals are desperate to stop Trump from being re-elected. They must install a corrupt Democrat—Joe Biden—into the presidency, thereby ending the Durham investigations that will expose their corruption, sedition, and their schemes to turn America into a New World Order Socialist, oppressive, elitist-run dictatorship.

    Pray for President Trump to be re-elected.
    Pray for America.
    Vote for President Trump.
    Vote Conservative.
    God bless America and all patriots.

  26. I am truly sorry for the tragedy that has over taken this family. But if people would listen to this destruct father that had to loose his son just to get some people to listen to him. The problem has been along that the BLM and other groups are out for them selves just like Mr. Shaw has stated. You look at every spokespersons for the groups and who is leading the riots, & protest and it is the same people at every location. Yes there was a bad cop that did wrong, stop him & punish him not the entire country whether it be black or white. I saw a black man on the news standing in front of his business that he started over 25 years ago crying his eyes out wondering why his business was burning that had a black owner. He had a sign in the door or window one or the other saying that it was a black owned business. This is wrong any way you look at it. My heart really goes out to Mr. Shaw and his family. Oh yes I am white, born and raised in the south, love my heritage, & had a great grandfather that fought at the battle of Shiloh. That means nothing to the today happens. I taught school for 29 & 1/2 years in a predominate black school. I had respect for my students and they had respect for me. Have a great Forth of July and celebrate what the holiday is all about. God bless America & let President Trump continue to make America back to it’s greatness as he was doing before China and the Democrats started all this BS trying to tare down America.

  27. Why are people against the protest of the killings of dark skinned people by the people of law enforcement? That is what Black Lives Matters is all about! That they’re connected with other groups of terror is a Trump conspiracy theory to take any reporting of Trump’s wrong decisions and actions are causing of our sufferings during the pandemic and economy collapse!! Be aware of anything Trump is saying and doing to be re-elected as President!! Trump will and has blended the rules and laws of decency and truth!!

  28. My heart cries for you and so many more who have lost their children to this evil conspiracy enfolding our nation. We must stop it and perhaps it will help to ease the pain of the parents who have already suffered the loss of their children and loved ones. I am keeping all of you in my prayers and hope it will ease the pain. This is NOT a racist country. If it were the rest of the world would not be attempting to live here. There are poor whites and poor blacks and the Pres is doing everything he can to justify this long past due injustice. by providing solutions to make lives better and he is succeeding I cried all thru Sean Hannity last evening as I watched another grieving, confused father sobbing for an answer as to why his young beloved son was murdered and NOONE–not the mayor, not the governor nor the police addressed this horrendous violence. Antifa has to go. They only want to cause havoc and hatred for political gain. The Dems ala Pelosi, instead of solutions, she dresses like an idiot in garb she knows nothing about to cause more hatred and unrest. Listen to men of intelligence and brilliance, unbiased, Leo Terrell and Larry Elder and so many more. Pay attention and heed their advice and we will all win.

  29. You need to stop feeling sorry for these Black families but start to help them see that the Democrat Party has done nothimg, ever, for the Blacks but use and abuse them for the Party’s profit. Blacks have been used as tools because the immoral and uncaring dems promised them things to do their dirt, but when it’s all over, the promises are forgotten and the Blacks get nothing.
    If you want to help them, talk to them, show them how the dems use them to get what they want and that NO BLACK LIFE MATTERS to the Democrats — just $$ and Power matters. Help our Blacks to really see that the only person who “said” he would help bring Blacks more good jobs, actually did that and reduced unemployment in the Black communities radically — President Trump!

    You can feel sorry for them, but like Jesus did, he reached out to help those in need. We all have to do that for our Black brothers and sisters so they are wiser and can see who really cares about them — and it is NOT the Democrat Party nor any organization funded by George Soros! Start talking and educating Blacks about the REAL enemy who runs around in “sheep’s clothing” but is really a wolf ready to pounce!

  30. This is a total Democratic push to take control of America by terror attempts and thru the Democrats party. We need to name it a terrace party.
    Kenneth Kehl


  32. Do you really think that the Democrats and Pelosi care. How is it that she is still pulling everyone’s strings and no one wants to see thru her hypocrisy. That woman is a slimy, ugly don’t give a damn about anyone but her viciousness and 4 witches. Birds of a feather flock together. Wake up America!!


  34. life matters if you worship JESUS and value the bible. otherwise the says we are useless romans:3 bible stay with JESUS

  35. Carl Marx was a professional bum. He never worked a day in his life. He had a friend that supported him and his family of five kids. He didn’t bring anything good to the public.

  36. This article is full of absolute truths…all of it. If the Blacks thought that Black Lives Matter was for them, they were 100% wrong. BLM is 100% DEMOCRAT RUN with the prodding of George Soros who financially supports this group and ANTIFA.

    AGAIN for the hundredth time — Blacks need to wise up about the Democrat party. That party will (and has) promised them anything and everything AND none of it came true. How much longer are Blacks going to let themselves be “tools” for unrest and chaos brought on by the democrats?

    Hey, FYI: President Trump “promised” jobs for the Black population and he brought those jobs to them. What has the Democrats done — EVER — for Blacks? Nothing, NADA, zero.

    Wake up Black Americans! Aren’t you tired of being a rug for the dems to wipe their dirty feet on? I certainly would be!! So do something smarter than the democrats! Start supporting the man who really cares about your lives — President Trump!! Forget the “Users & Abusers” club, aka The Democrat Party! DO SOMETHING good for yourselves and kick that loser party to the curb, along with George Soros and his One World Order! Both of those snakes are just out for themselves!

  37. So very SAD that anyone of any race would have to suffer alone. Not only BLM, but also the media, political parties/especially the Democrats, religious organizations, and even communities will someday face their own judgement/sentencing for this EVIL. May God bless you, your son, and America. Love from your Christian friend.


  39. All blood is red ! All lives matter. Wake up citizens. There are people trying to destroy our country. If you don’t see what is really going on. You may be one of the people that are helping them to succeed. God help us.

  40. Exactly, All lives matter. BLM runned by Democrats

  41. If Black lives matter, why are they not picketing Planned Parenthood?
    They murder millions every year! Hypocrites!

  42. Time to put BLM and ANTIFA “behind bars” in a FEDERAL PRISON, and it’s time that people of COLOR realize these groups are NOT on their side . . . in other words, WAKE UP! Neither is the Democrat Party – just look at their HISTORY and their RHETORIC (basically, lack of ACTION). One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  43. and we don’t need illegals either

  44. I feel sorry for this family. Every American deserves justice. They Marxists only want power and control. They are smart enough to know if the Democrats get power they will never let go.
    All Lives Matter.

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