Cancel Culture Gets the ‘Golden Girls’ Pulled, Prompts Outcry from Both Sides

It’s official: the left has created a monster with its ever-growing cancel culture. The proof lies in the fact that more and more progressive organizations are canceling their own creations out of fear that if they don’t, others will.

Case and point: Hulu just pulled a 1980’s episode of “The Golden Girls” in the fear that someone would see its characters wearing a mud facial as blackface.

That’s right. The liberal-minded streaming service took an innocent episode of “The Gold Girls” third season out of its line up out of fear.

The episode features a scene in which an interracial engagement has ensued between the young son of one of the show’s prominent white characters and an older black woman. Now, on just about any other show, this has the potential to be rather serious, if not awkward and tense. But this show isn’t particularly known for its seriousness, quite the opposite actually.

During this particular episode, the character of Dorothy, played by Bea Arthur, finds out her 20-something son is about to marry a much older woman, who is also black. Naturally, as engagements and weddings go, the intended two’s families come together to get acquainted. It just so happens that when they do, the woman’s family – her mother and two aunts – meet Dorothy while she and a friend are undergoing a mud facial treatment.

Enter the comic relief of Betty White. Her character, upon meeting the visiting family, announces, “This is mud on our faces. We’re not really black.”

The line, as well as the surrounding conversation, is all meant to be a joke. It isn’t blackface, and if anything is a joke about blackface.

But when the wokeness of the cancel culture has become too much for even the left, it leaves people a little crazy. They read too much into things and give things like harmless sitcom episodes underlying meanings they were never meant to have.

As one social media user said of Hulu’s recent decision, “The politically correct mob is truly the most racist. They will look for racism anywhere and they will find it because it’s all they see.”

And I have to agree.

True, this scene could have been diabolically racial and demeaning. However, thanks to the quick wit of the writers, it was instead tastefully funny. In fact, the episode even portrayed beliefs that the “politically correct” left claims to agree with, making progressively held points about both race and relationships.

And some of them noticed as conservatives were not the only ones to criticize the recent decision. Some even claimed that such a move somehow belittles the current Black Lives Matter movement, making it look “petty” and stupid.

One person said, “Just so you know, [email protected] ppl never asked for that lol. They’re doing that so ppl can criticize the BLM movement.”

Another commented, “They’re DEFINITELY bringing this to the extreme so the general public will get fired up and start complaining when companies do something like this, this way companies don’t have to care about racial issues anymore to be on the public’s side.”

But this one takes the cake.

“Absolutely no one asked for this. Not a single soul. Not one individual on the planet. They’re just trying to undermine the BLM movement and make it look petty.”

And while it does do that for sure, BLM didn’t really need any help in that area. They were doing a pretty good job of that all on their own.

When Black Lives Matter has put so much pressure on local law enforcement that they can’t save a black man from getting shot and killed, there’s obviously a problem. When innocent children are just as equally shot and killed, all in the name of BLM and social justice, pettiness is most certainly seen.

No sane person looks at the looting, rioting, and property destruction going on and says, ‘Yep, that will help our nation heal.’ Neither do we see wisdom and equality in taking the only people who have been trained to protect and serve off the job.

The left may think all of this is drawing attention to racial and inequality issues. But in reality, little sense is being made at all. And America is noticing.

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  1. MLK statue I don’t mind……he actually stood for something good for ALL people. Now the ‘great’ Obama statue should be torn down……he had a hand in all this racial division.

  2. I use to watch the black comedy…The Jeffersons…..all the time. I didn’t care for him constantly referring to whites as ‘honkies’ or ‘crackers’ but I would never have demanded it be cancelled. Obviously that’s allowed cause its not referring to blacks!!

  3. All I can say is GO TRUMP GO in 2020!!…..the one and only way to vote.

  4. If these idiots are going to give in to the “cradle of idiocy” no good protesters, then they need to get rid of the episode where Blanch tries to get into the “Daughters Of The Old South.”

  5. Who are you to say that the Indians were treated worse than blacks? Yes the Indians were treated horribly, the white man stole their land and killed a lot of them. But I don’t remember anywhere in history that Indians were sold into slavery from their homeland and taken to another country to work sun up to sundown picking cotton and dehumanized. Treated like pieces of property. Beaten with horse whips if they did not please their master or tried to runaway. Had all kinds of laws passed against to keep them from voting, teaching them to read and having even basic human rights even though the constitution stated all men are created equal. Had their cities destroyed by racist white mobs if they were either successful(Tulsa, Oklahoma) or lied on about a rape(Rosewood, Fl). So yes Indians were treated horribly but blacks were treated just as bad or in some cases worse. Maybe you need to take your own advice to study history and learn why some blacks hate whites.

  6. You sound like a racist idiot. Why would tear down the statue of MLK? He fought for civil rights for all people. A confederate statue represents an institution that demeaned people just because they were black. Some people don’t like having a reminder of this type around. By the way I am black and no I don’t approve of what BLM has being doing. Tearing down statues and destroying things make black people look bad. A lot of people already have a low opinion of black people and this does not help.

    I don’t have a problem with the Golden Girls episode or the confederate statues. The Golden Girls episode was clearly not racist and Hulu did over-react. The confederate statues are history and a statue can’t make anybody a racist. But I believe they probably would be better off in a museum dedicated to Civil War history. As far as removing the black shows from Hulu just because they foolishly removed one episode of the Golden Girls, I think that thinking is just ridiculous. White people are not underrepresented on Hulu. You have plenty you can watch. How is removing the black shows going to help the cause of race relations? That would make matters even worse. BLM would be all over HULU.

  7. No more Hulu for Me! No more Netflix for me! I lived 70 years without either and I never missed it before. Back to reading, before the crazed DEMs burn all my books (I’m not kidding!) Stand up for America and our values. Do not appease the BLM. It is a sham org. Shaun King grabs all the money after it’s funneled through 2 of his companies. BLM is doing nothing for Blacks.

  8. It is always the bad banana that spoils the bunch because no one has the backbone to stand up to tyranny. I suppose All in the Family and The Jefferson’s will soon be but a faint memory. We have lost the ability to laugh at each other and we have allowed evil to flourish. As a teacher of bible prophecy we are now at the end as we know it. As a patriot I can only say if we as a free people do not stand up for our freedoms then we are doomed to lose them.

  9. It is always the bad banana that spoils the bunch because no one has the backbone to stand up to tyranny. I suppose All in the Family and The Jefferson’s will soon be but a faint memory. We have lost the ability to laugh at each other and we have allowed evil to flourish. As a teacher of bible prophecy we are now at the end as we know it. As a patriot I can only say if we as a free people do not stand up for our freedoms then we are doomed to lose them. Not all black lives matter to the BLM group because where was their outrage in Chicago as well as most every major city when blacks murder blacks every day and where is their compassion for the black children murdered in their crossfire. The Black Lives Matter movement was once know as The Black Panthers and they hate white people and Christians because most of their club are radical Islam. You don’t hear that in the fake news, do you? Satan is at work and he has many willing to help him. Does black lives matter only when a white person kills a back person?

  10. Before the Chileans overthrew the Marxist regime of Allende, they issued a 2 word warning to the communists destroying Chile. “Jakarta viene.”

    Lets see if Leftists can figure out the reference.

  11. It may take an “uncivil” war because we’re dealing with Marxists, Anarchists, Communists and the likes. They don’t understand “civil”.

  12. No ! Our domestic enemy is MORE… dangerous than our foreign enemies because you don’t notice them coming !!!

  13. With this Golden Girls cancelation nonsense, all liberals are indeed provably mentally deranged. So now reruns of liberal TV shows of yesteryear are in the crosshairs of the Soros-financed liberal cultural gestapo. Liberals versus liberals.

    Those TV shows were SITUATION COMEDIES, activists. Golden Girls highlighted the lives of witty, attractive, older women. Yes, they were white women, but so what? The scripts were funny, and they kept us laughing for years. The only golden girl still living is Betty White. Please don’t go after her for being White! The culture police are pathetic.

    And there were popular SitComs in those days that featured black characters that were likable, attractive family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, down-to-earth, often endearing, and very FUNNY. The black actors and actresses who starred in those SitComs had successful careers, and what’s not to like about that? Answer: Nothing. They were talented, their shows were entertaining, and they were popular with both black and white viewers.

    Stop trying to create racial issues where there are none.

    Down with America-hating, race-baiting George Soros and his divide-and-conquer paid protester puppets.

    Trump 2020!

  14. Agree!!! We get punished fir the stupidity of our so called politicians!!

  15. I agree with you, but it is going to take more than just prayers! It needs our commitment to NOT let these Rioters “use” the Blacks as a tool to destroy our Nation. And that is the bottom line here — destruction of our Foundations, God, and anything that tells them they cannot destroy what they want when they want.

    If Americans do not stand up against these destroyers, they will fragment our Nation and take away our Freedoms — which is, by the way, THEIR GOAL! So always Pray for direction, but do NOT cower in the presence of BLM, but stand straight and tall and tell them “NO”!

    Also remember: Mobs have a mind of its own. Take an individual away from the Mob and they are weak, which most Leftists are naturally. So by breaking up the Mobs, it opens individuals to confrontation and most people of any mob lose their anger and fire when they have been removed from the controlling mob brain.

    That’s Mob Mentality…no conscience, no accountability, just violence in its raw form. We can stop this but we need to confront BLM, not let them continue to destroy our Monuments, etc. This “Cancel Culture” needs to become a “Conscience Culture” and back off! It will not do that unless we tell them to ☞STOP☜❗

  16. Oh REAL Americans WILL survive. It’s the quasi Americans, like the Left, that will be thrown on the trash pile because they “Use & Abuse” Americans instead of helping our Nation grow.

    Black Lives Matter has a new name: “Black Losers Mayhem”! They did this to themselves and now their reputation is SOILED BIG TIME! But even worse than that is by their actions of destruction and chaos, they have defiled and ignored “FLOYD’S HORRIFIC DEATH. No one is thinking of Floyd any more, but only of the destruction done by many ignorant and chaotic individuals.

    Any American who willingly gives in to these Rioters of Destruction needs to rethink their actions! Who are you helping? Not our Nation, definitely NOT THE BLACKS, NOT yourself! YOU are giving in to the Chaos and Mayhem that BLM created at the direction of George Soros, the “Father of Chaos & Destroyer of Countries”.

    ↔Be smarter than those ignorant BLM people and Soros. Stand up to them for our loved ones and for our Nation!↔

  17. I think every idiot in this country has finally come out and show who they really are, it is to bad we have to have so many, this is supposed to be a free country to say what you want as long as you are not treating some one, but now I see it is not, it is beginning to belong to all the idiots.

  18. Riots, looting, destroying private property, police cars, assaulting the police will not help the cause of the BLM.

  19. I want the TV program blackish taken off the air. they are always making racial comments against whites. I want the BET network cancelled and OWN channel cancelled because there are not enough whites represented. I want the neighboorhood cancelled because cedric the entertainer always makes racist remarks The NFL and the NBA are racists because there are not enough whites on the teams. now they want to play a black anthem BEFORE the NATIONAL ANTHEM TO all you basketball and football fans DEFUND these teams by not watching or going to the games making these racists players millionaires on your hard earned buckk WAKE UP AMERICA

  20. OMG! The Golden Girls are offensive! If this counter culture bullshit continues, every single race, religion, or political group will be up in arms over every single thing in America. If that is what American Democrats want, fine. We can all be Communists or Socialists and live like they do in Cuba, or many other 3rd world shit hole country!

  21. It’s been official for quite some time now that the Left is insane!

  22. I own a black Toyota Tacoma and I payed it off. I am sure that it is racist for me to say, I OWN IT

  23. There is no Black National Anthem. When did people start saying there was. It has to have been within the last few days I guess. Why has no one ever heard of a Black National Anthem. Another point. The Black individuals in America are Black Americans not African Americans. Stop calling them a name that has nothing to do with 99.99% of all Black Americans. A third point. Conservatives need to stop saying people are woke or the woke people. Woke is not a verb and it is not a noun so stop using it as if it was. It sounds stupid and ignorant. Stop encouraging the idiots that are trying to screw up the American language the way they are screwing up the nation.

  24. All this Black Power/Supremacy nonsense has to stop!! They are(organizations) trying to make today’s black people believe that they were slaves (or family members. Slavery happened over 200 years ago so how does a black person living today have anything to do with it? Africa had WHITE slaves, the Irish were put into slavery and so were the Jewish-German citizens (just because Hitler hated Jews!) were made slaves or killed en mass. Remember the Holocaust?? It was real. My grandfather lost friends and family there. He left with his family before they came after him..he was a prominent Classical Violin artist in the Germany Main Orchestra. He gave up his career to make his family safe. Do you see any Germans, Irish or any white people blaming the Government for what happened to them? Riots? Looting? No you don’t. Stop using the Past to get what you want and learn to EARN your living, STUDY history before you act.

  25. The only place the wokes need to be are in mental institutions. They cannot deal with reality at all for good or bad. There is a time you grow up.

    You can’t wipe out the past and it still won’t go away if you try to remove statues, shows, food, etc. This is beyond normal and rational. For companies to cave in to the mentally unstable is ridiculous and normal society is getting fed up.

    It’s one thing to discuss and resolve issues but up until the Floyd incident none of these issues were even a problem or they would have been addressed long before that.
    This country MUST be taken back by the the rational and responsible not irrational mentally unstable and easily offended.

  26. They need to cancel BET and OWN for being racist channels. On OWN they have shows like BLACK LOVE and BLACK FATHERS. Try doing that with the word WHITE instead of BLACK and see how far it gets. Why are there Black Colleges? And that’s ok? But OH MY GOD, if they had WHITE COLLEGES it would be racist. Now the NFL is going to play the BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM before they play the NATIONAL ANTHEM? The biggest mistake this country ever made was back in 1865 when they didn’t ship all Blacks back to Africa. I hope they kill each other off. GOOD RIDDENS.

  27. The greatest nations, now no longer in existence, took approx. 250 years to crash and burn due to the very things that we’re now experiencing. We’re now at 244 years and are following their same path. Our only salvation is through G-d and Jesus. Without them we’re doomed and for those truly awake, we’re already seeing that very clearly. No one should be surprised by this, liberals tend to revel in evil. They authored the KKK, Jim Crow laws and kill as many babies of color as they can get their hands on. Why wouldn’t they do things to minimize the true issues of those of color? Making them appear foolish keeps them under control and keeps them on the plantation. Some people of color are finally starting to wake up but those belonging to satan are having a grand time. At least the good old racist liberal’s are consistent and predictable. All we can do is continue to pray that many more continue to wake up to the depths of how they’ve been manipulated all of these years.

  28. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. I hope the Silent Majority come out on November 3rd and reelect President Trump, get an unstoppable majority in the House and Senate. God bless and protect America; She needs it now more than ever. It appears our domestic enemy is just as dangerous as our foreign enemies.

  29. WHEN IS THIS SHIT GOING TO END? I have seen nothing but stupid reasons for taking this down, cancel that show and on and on and on! I am just so done with it all. STOP BENDING OVER AND BEGGING FOR AN ASS FUCK PEOPLE

  30. A lot of the things happening acrossed country is NOT ABOUT Race. All about Marxist Nd US Communist Party.
    I learned long time ago , it takes one to know one, race or Marxist Ext ext

  31. you don’t see them tearing down mlk statue though do you just the confederate statues and that’s discrimating to white people you better believe if white people tore down mlk’s statue we would never hear the end of that.its time we USA take back all of our stuff including our statues and tv shows and if Hulu don’t start taking black shows off I will get rid of Hulu since the blacks and dems is running it

  32. I watch them every night. How about pulling some of their shoes. They run each other down. More than white peoples do. All this shows how racist they are. They are making people not trust them or believe them anymore. Why do they hate us. Are the grand parents and mothers teaching them this. The Indians were treated worse than blacks. The Jews. The Irish girls were slaves. They need to study history.

  33. Right on! Golden Girls was such a GREAT show for comedy, clean comedy – no vulgar words, scenes or actions. Just clean fun and wearing a cosmetic mud pack is NOT racist. The Wokes need to wake up to actual reality and open their eyes to truth instead of dogma and propaganda. Whenever I need a laugh, I turn on a rerun of the Golden Girls, loved them one and all.

  34. If you want to look for racism in anything then almost every one owns a racist item in their home -BLUE JEANS. They are made of cotton – cotton that was picked by black slaves on cotton plantations. Where do you think – “get your cotton picking fingers off . . . “comes from – black slaves picking cotton. Dollar bills are make from a cotton blend. If you want to cancel anything that rings of racism then outlaw BLUE JEANS & DOLLAR BILLS. Bring back metal coins to pay your debts.

  35. THESE ACTIONS show nothing more then a society that is mentality unbalanced . Very closed minded and has tunnel vision. Just like the noose found on the door of BABA’S (CAR RACE DRIVER ) garage. Stop and think how that was handled , NO prior communication prior to going public with the people that should be involved. NOOSE ? really folks …i recall growing up and we USED THE LOOP knot for our garage door to be able to grab and pull down the heavy doors ( back in the 50’s and 60’s ) also we also used the LOOP KNOT attacked to our boats to throw over the dock pole . These people that are offended by every damn thing in life are not balanced individuals , and these companies are just adding to their unhealthy mentality

  36. The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard…has Common Sense left our country???

  37. President Trump is going to win by a LANDSLIDE in November simply because of all the political correctness such as this.
    It petty and stupid of HULU to ban GOLDEN GIRLS….who is the REAL RACIST HERE? HULU!

  38. you got that right I think Hulu needs to start taking black shows off of tv to or else get sued big time.if the blacks dems antifa and blm can get shows cancelled then it’s time to get rid of black tv shows to cause Hulu is discriminating against the white people and I think that sucks it’s always the white people who pays for their screw ups

  39. Everything is being destroyed. By the way, I have visited the Dr Martin Luther King memorial and statue in Washington DC. The statue is all white. What should be done? By whom? When?

  40. This an absolute shame. I have loved The Golden Girls forever. They are refreshing in this time when everything is politically correct. We are the ones that support these shows, why didn’t you ask us. Shame on you.

  41. Unbelievable ! Absolutely unbelievable. Boycott Hulu (and any other of these idiot organizations).

  42. They were not in Black Face they were wearing a mud pack.I know this episode have seen it a hundred times. This has gone to far .

  43. It has gotten absolutely ridiculous everything the protesters are demanding be removed,, changed or cancelled. How were they not stopped from destroying buildings, that had nothing to do with Floyd’s death. Our politicians have done nothing to help the American people with their constant attack of Trump. I fear for my country that it is not going to survive and we will end up like Orwells ‘s 1984.

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