Liberal Neighborhood Refuses to Ask Police for Help, Live to Regret It

Since the wrongful and tragic death of George Floyd while in police custody, many across the nation have become critical and even hateful of law enforcement, claiming the systematic racism runs rampant throughout every police department. And such, many have called for police departments to be “defunded” and disbanded; some even refuse to call the police when crimes are committed. But as one neighborhood in Minneapolis is learning the hard way, having no police isn’t exactly making a better world.

Enter one neighborhood near Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis.

Here, community members have made a vow not to call the police. Not on their neighbors, not on people passing through, not at all. The neighborhood is predominantly white, but, like most of those destroying and defacing our historical monuments, these are progressives who claim that any type of law enforcement is inherently evil and out to get anyone who is not white in skin color.

So when something goes amiss in the neighborhood, instead of calling the cops, they have tried to deal with it on their own. However, in recent weeks, they have begun to increasingly rely upon the American Indian Movement. The organization was founded in the area in 1968 to address issues of poverty, oppression, and police brutality of the indigenous people. As such, the group has been “policing their own communities for years,” according to Fox News.

But even that is beginning to not be enough, as residents are finding out.

As the area has sworn off all police interactions, the local park has been deemed the perfect location for a new homeless encampment, which now includes about 300 or so people. Initially, after learning about the camp, local police tried to make the people leave. But, of course, the neighborhood residents intervened, demanding that the police leave and let these people alone.

Since then, the Parks and Recreation board has passed an edict that such people cannot be kicked out of the area. In addition, the board has helped to set up at least a dozen portable restrooms, trash bins, installed running water and electricity, brought in a shower trailer, and even distributed supplies and food. You know, why not make them all feel at home?

However, just like any homeless encampment tends to bring, crime in the police-resistant neighborhood has skyrocketed.

Traffic has naturally doubled. Drug dealers now prowl the once-quiet streets in broad daylight. And prostitutes have made no qualms about catcalling to anyone who walks by, no matter the hour.

As Fox News reports, it makes for a not so neighborly neighborhood. “Keeping the promise not call the police has proven more difficult than imagined, as some residents have avoided the park altogether after being catcalled and are fearing for their children’s safety. Others said they had trouble sleeping at night, fearing campers would force their way into their homes.”

But that’s not even the worse of it.

One resident found a man with a hospital bracelet passed out in his building elevator. He called a local activist, but when met with no response, he called 911, fearing for the man’s life. But along with the ambulance, police showed up. They offered to take the man back to the hospital, but when he refused, they had no choice but to let him go.

Another man was robbed at gunpoint recently by two teenagers.

Mitchell Erickson said he was walking near his home, which is about a block from the park, and was suddenly corned and threatened by the teens. They demanded his car keys, and, in a fluster, Erickson accidentally gave them his house key. Frustrated they couldn’t get the car going, the teens then high-tailed it elsewhere where they found the means to get another vehicle.

At a loss for what to do, Erickson called the cops. However, he now says he regrets doing so. “Been thinking about it more. I regret calling the police. It was my instinct, but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.” Erickson also refuses to cooperate with prosecutors for the case.

Is this really what our nation is coming to? That people are so blinded by politics that they can’t see the danger in letting gun-totting teens run free? Instead, they have been brainwashed to believe that because these kids were black, they would have been killed by any cop who responded.

How absolutely ludicrous!