Liberal Neighborhood Refuses to Ask Police for Help, Live to Regret It

Since the wrongful and tragic death of George Floyd while in police custody, many across the nation have become critical and even hateful of law enforcement, claiming the systematic racism runs rampant throughout every police department. And such, many have called for police departments to be “defunded” and disbanded; some even refuse to call the police when crimes are committed. But as one neighborhood in Minneapolis is learning the hard way, having no police isn’t exactly making a better world.

Enter one neighborhood near Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis.

Here, community members have made a vow not to call the police. Not on their neighbors, not on people passing through, not at all. The neighborhood is predominantly white, but, like most of those destroying and defacing our historical monuments, these are progressives who claim that any type of law enforcement is inherently evil and out to get anyone who is not white in skin color.

So when something goes amiss in the neighborhood, instead of calling the cops, they have tried to deal with it on their own. However, in recent weeks, they have begun to increasingly rely upon the American Indian Movement. The organization was founded in the area in 1968 to address issues of poverty, oppression, and police brutality of the indigenous people. As such, the group has been “policing their own communities for years,” according to Fox News.

But even that is beginning to not be enough, as residents are finding out.

As the area has sworn off all police interactions, the local park has been deemed the perfect location for a new homeless encampment, which now includes about 300 or so people. Initially, after learning about the camp, local police tried to make the people leave. But, of course, the neighborhood residents intervened, demanding that the police leave and let these people alone.

Since then, the Parks and Recreation board has passed an edict that such people cannot be kicked out of the area. In addition, the board has helped to set up at least a dozen portable restrooms, trash bins, installed running water and electricity, brought in a shower trailer, and even distributed supplies and food. You know, why not make them all feel at home?

However, just like any homeless encampment tends to bring, crime in the police-resistant neighborhood has skyrocketed.

Traffic has naturally doubled. Drug dealers now prowl the once-quiet streets in broad daylight. And prostitutes have made no qualms about catcalling to anyone who walks by, no matter the hour.

As Fox News reports, it makes for a not so neighborly neighborhood. “Keeping the promise not call the police has proven more difficult than imagined, as some residents have avoided the park altogether after being catcalled and are fearing for their children’s safety. Others said they had trouble sleeping at night, fearing campers would force their way into their homes.”

But that’s not even the worse of it.

One resident found a man with a hospital bracelet passed out in his building elevator. He called a local activist, but when met with no response, he called 911, fearing for the man’s life. But along with the ambulance, police showed up. They offered to take the man back to the hospital, but when he refused, they had no choice but to let him go.

Another man was robbed at gunpoint recently by two teenagers.

Mitchell Erickson said he was walking near his home, which is about a block from the park, and was suddenly corned and threatened by the teens. They demanded his car keys, and, in a fluster, Erickson accidentally gave them his house key. Frustrated they couldn’t get the car going, the teens then high-tailed it elsewhere where they found the means to get another vehicle.

At a loss for what to do, Erickson called the cops. However, he now says he regrets doing so. “Been thinking about it more. I regret calling the police. It was my instinct, but I wish it hadn’t been. I put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.” Erickson also refuses to cooperate with prosecutors for the case.

Is this really what our nation is coming to? That people are so blinded by politics that they can’t see the danger in letting gun-totting teens run free? Instead, they have been brainwashed to believe that because these kids were black, they would have been killed by any cop who responded.

How absolutely ludicrous!

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  1. What has happened to common sense? What has happened to a thinking and sane people? What has happened to cause and affect? What has happened to consequences? It is unfortunate that until people have skin in the game or until it comes to their doorstep people are blinded. Too much group think and not enough using the judgement part of ones brain. People who do not use their good judgement and listen to others are like lost sheep. Now they will have to deal with their decision unless they wake up from their trance. And if they do not this will not have a good ending. Sad.

  2. I totally agree with you. Just this morning i was saying to the black man threatening to converse on the white people in suburbs and valleys in california that they are coming to destroy our towns. Well. You better come thick and well prepared because these white folk and the blacks here are united and we are not going to put up with their liberalism. So come on we are waiting for you. And we will not be calling 911. And we do not care if any of you die. You’ve threatened us with violence so that’s what we will defend ours with.

  3. Actually their actions could cause a change of symbol from Donkey to lizard.
    For the most part, lizards just eat and breed. Walk up on one and they run and hide. And they sneak out only to run and hide.
    Another symbol, a Jack Rabbit



  6. Mine came in the late 1890’s, legally, learned the language and became Naturalized Americans. I am second generation American and was taught the last two words in American. are I Can

  7. “I put those boys in danger by calling the police …” Proof, AGAIN, that you cannot fix stupid. When Madame Defarge’s pals come for the useful but no longer needed idiots, this jackwagon should raise his pasty white left hand and volunteer to go first.

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  9. No, it is a dumocrap problem that is fast becoming everyone’s problem. Counselors won’t help those brainless ones.. They don’t even know what the word means. I would venture to say about everyone stands with law enforcement except the ignorant, dumocraps and the domestic terrorists. I think that last sentence was redundant.

  10. I disagree. Stupidity is not a mental disorder. Especially when the stupidity is chosen. But I certainly understand what you are saying, that’s for sure!

  11. If there is no police or no law there, how can he be charged for facilitating anything? It’s a wide open free-for-all and in my opinion they should be left alone to self destruct or the National Guard or Military sent in to absolutely stop this craziness. Leaving them alone might be the better choice. Seal their perimeter in and let’em have at it.

  12. Excuse me, but in defense of donkeys (real ones) I have to say that they (dumocraps) are closer to something that crawls on the ground than a good smart donkey. And you are absolutely right with your post. I truly wish the dumocraps would get rid of the donkey emblem or that everyone else would just call them worms or something. The blowover to donkeys is really not fair to donkeys. I just don’t understand why something is not being done about these criminals and domestic terrorists. I am just hoping President Trump has something up his sleeve just especially for the donkey wannabes.

  13. Donkeys are jackasses. They are called that b/c they are deemed stubborn but they usually know what is going on better than other animals or people. Also, the intact males are called jacks and can be hard to handle…………probably why they were dubbed jackasses. But they are very smart. Not at all like a dumocrap. If you want to insult someone, don’t call them a jackass as you would be probably complimenting them if you did. LOL!

  14. I know, I hate it that the dumocraps have a donkey as their symbol. The dumocraps don’t deserve to have a donkey. A worm would work nicely for them I think.

  15. I agree with you, that’s why I keep my AR15 and 9mm loaded and ready, If you idiot democrats don’t believe me than come on try me out.

  16. This entire scenario is only going to serve to separate people even more. Any gains that have been made in tolerance will be set back for sure. There needs to be some changes, but changes only. Eliminating police has already shown the results. Even the communist state of Washington had to admit that the CHOP failed but unfortunately it took people dying for them to figure it out. I agree with the person who said removing police from places such as schools etc will give them more officers to do their real job. Gun sales have increased exponentially…only one of the signs hardworking people are not happy and will protect their own. . The road this country is on is terrifying and the Democrats will continue to add to the anarchy.

  17. A donkey is by far NOT a smart animal. In fact, a donkey is as stupid & dumb as a chicken. But for donkeys, very stubborn, obnoxious, and un-cooperative, etc, etc, just like democrats. Chickens are not quite so bad.

  18. With fence builders already under contract extended keeping out immigration thru Mexico , a very good cause ! Why don’t we wall off these treasonous democrat states and make them independent of America! That’s what they want let’s fulfill their wishes after all they are 80% of the welfare recipients and 100% of them are now accessories to murder, arson , treason and 1000’s of other crimes! I’m for it let these communist idiots shoe the world just how communist works they will like it after all democrats remind the world just how hitler started by their own actions!

  19. No,No Defunding Police.
    Police lives Matter.
    White lives Matter.
    All lives Matter.
    Yes, Defunding Democrat.
    It Is a Democrat Problem.

  20. You needed to post the Name and major intersection of this village of idiots, every homeless dirtbag an theif could make their way there and rod these demadummies blind.
    Should be no problem to kick in the door to a house, rape and kill the occupants and then clean out all the valuables…in broad daylight.
    I’m sure this is such a sjw hood that their doors are unlocked and ajar in order not to make the criminals feel guilty over having to commit a crime to get in rob and kill them.

    Hopefully this will happen in more and more of these libertard neighborhoods and we will be rid of them sooner than later.

  21. F.O.D to all BLM and antifa groups…………………………………….Racist f$$king PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Many years ago, I was working swing shift as a nurse’s aide and one of my duties was to train the new aides to get them up to speed as to procedures. Then the trainee would work two weeks on nights (aka graveyard, we just didn’t call it that!). I was talking to the night aide during shift change and she told it had been “a full moon night” when upheaval reigns! This one particular night, she told me later, that she said to the newcomer “there must be a sign at the edge of town that said ‘check your brains here’!” The young lady looked at the nurse quizzically and said “That’s funny! I’ve never seen it when I traveled!” The night trainer said she knew right then this person would not make it! She was gone within two weeks!

    I have carried my life through public service when, due to health problems and an accident damaging my leg, I went into the telephone answering services for companies, and believe me, those kind of people are everywhere!!!!!

  23. I agree they get what they deserve, how stupid can anyone be to think you can live without the law around, there will be complete mayhem, as they are seeing right now and it will only get worse. Wake up people and see you really do live in the best country in the world, yes there does need to be some change but not by defunding the police or rioting and burning your cities.

  24. if biden wins and fucks up the country pelosi will blame trump

  25. And the guy who got robbed could have been shot to death but he didn’t want to call the cops now that really makes a lot of sense. What a stupid Beavis

  26. Somebody might throw a Snickers bar into the swimming pool

  27. Vote them out, it is their mentality that put those donkeys into office. The majority of the electorate is as much a donkey as those they put in office. The officeholders come from the ranks of the donkeys that elect.

  28. I think we should start sterilizing them

  29. I think it’s time for a class action lawsuit because we are all stressing out about this it’s affecting me I know it’s got to be affecting you it’s been awhile class action lawsuit together

  30. That’s right! When we face him each and every one of us the first thing he’s going to do is ask us for words each and every one of us will have to answer it and we can’t lie because he already knows what have you done? this next thing that will happen those who are justified to receive the sentence. He will have five more words ain’t no water in hell

  31. Well they’re looking for him anyways!

  32. Have you ever been robbed at gunpoint?

  33. Sadly, so do I

  34. Mickey mouse with just seen leaving Nancy’s apartment with a great big grin.

  35. Are you kidding me?
    They will always blame Republicans and anyone but themselves
    He ck, they blame Trump for COVID19, Mr.Floyd’s (Kirby) death, and everything under the sun that they were responsible for. When are the Duff’s in all the blue states going to get woke up and smell the coffee instead of just woke?

  36. Two teens robbed a man? How come the report does not indicate the perps were obamavoters who know the police can’t come?

  37. Yeah and it’s going to run over there dogma

  38. They ain’t not seen mutton yet!

  39. Here’s the thing, something in the neighborhood of 96% of the United States population has no linkage at all just slavery because our ancestors most of them came from Europe after like around the 1920’s 1930’s I do believe slavery was gone by then

  40. Yep! Stupid is stupid does.
    The grass is always greener on the other side.
    Nancy is doing a great job of leading the blind right into the meat grinder.


  42. Eeee awww, eeee awww

  43. So the new strategy is if someone calls you send a social worker in ? Here in Ohio a couple years ago there was an incident where someone called 911 for a squad and when asked if the sheriff was needed the person said no. When the squad arrived and the 2 EMT’s went to the door the caller shot and killed both of them. A neighbor called for help but it was to late. Drug addicts like to try this thinking they’ll get a quick fix of something. There might of been a chance if the sheriff was with them but then again it probably would of been one of the officers instead. Thing is we can’t pretend to predict how a situation is going to turn out it’s like going into someone’s business and telling them how they should run it. Change some police practices yes but it’s negligent to say defund and get rid of them. Criminals make their choices we are not their babysitters and to coddle them is a sign of weakness and criminals pray on weakness. I don’t want to be prey !

  44. I am a retired school teacher. have always taught the second graders to reason from cause to effect and to make inferences. Basic thinking skills. Why can’t adults do the same. It is basic. Police are gone, crime proliferates and the quality of life deteriorates. Do not vote for another local, state or national Democratic candidate. This is one of many examples of mayhem that will follow.

  45. I wonder what these white liberal idiots are going to do when the homeless stop using the port-a-potties and just drop their pants and crap anywhere they feel like it. The flower power fools of the 1960 thought it was more natural to do that and look at California’s largest cities now. Garbage will also be laying all over as well. And when those stupid idiots get fed up and decide to move they will find the house they’re making payments on has it’s value cut in half because the neighborhood was turned into an open sewer. The renters can escape more easily but if the new landlord wants references, that could be a problem. They don’t call it Minniescrotum for nothing.

  46. why don’t the liberal stars in hollywood who believe in them let them set up camp in their neighborhood they can afford them. Nah not going to happen is it ????

  47. What was truly pathetic was this man believing these teens would have been shot due to their skin color!! What information is this person missing?? ‘People’ breaking the law and then refusing to obey the police ordering them to ‘stop’—instead, running and often firing at police officers, are being shot!! The job of the police is to arrest those committing a crime! That does not include not defending themselves when attacked! Yes–there are officers who abuse their position when enforcing the laws. That is not the majority of them! Teaching your children that the police are the ‘bad guys’ and they don’t have to obey our laws is causing the majority of our problems! Kids now think they don’t have to obey parents, teachers, police or any adult!! You’ve ‘sown the seed’—now reap the ‘whirlwind’!! Sadly, it’s these very children who will pay the ultimate price when authority is enforced!! I’m not just blaming parents—our kids are being raised by an irresponsible society!! When our little ones are being raised by TV, movies, video games, other kids and society as a whole–rather than by responsible parents, our whole country is in very deep trouble. My daughter used to drive a school bus. She recently had a six-year old girl defy her order to sit in her seat on the way to school. This child said, “I don’t have to do what you say!! My mother told me so!” My daughter got another job. She loves kids and said she was not going to be held responsible when the inevitable happens and some child is seriously hurt because parents told them they don’t have to obey the rules!! Time to get these kids ‘in hand’ and teach them to obey, if nothing else! If not, the tragedies will continue to occur. Hold yourself to blame!

  48. Did Mitchell miss the two “teens” were armed with a gun? And he was worried that they would die in police custody.
    Around here they never would’ve made it into custody.

  49. Perhaps when the 2 teens do shoot and kill someone this misguided idiot should be charged for facilitating, or did he not think about the consequences of his refusal to press charges

  50. Fools!!! I want my home, my family, children and grandchildren protected…..
    It is out and out child abuse to put your children in harms way…. idiots have the right to be idiots….but as they say, don’t come crying……………


  52. If Dems get control, good by America. Then those folks who wanted That will change there mind but there ain’t no going back from evil. It’s powerful with hate. Love is a death sentence in some cases.
    I’m 74 and don’t have yo live in this coming hell nearly as long as some.
    Better store food and get ready to fight for your self and family.
    To much evil out there.

  53. Amen to that. Blacks claim whites are racists but they are the ones demonstrating, looting, destroying and claiming only black lives matter, they are the ones being racists 24/7. Everyone is just sitting on their hands doing nothing and licking their boots. The government has to get involved and put a stop to this mayhem. Let them defund the police, the majority of crimes take place in their neighborhoods.

  54. Praise the Lord and pass the excrement! Turds of the Leftards just have to be working in the bowels of their basements to find these really crackpot schemes– -and then to put them into action. The AIM has their own form of law enforcement that white folks would find unworkable. Thus, they have NOTHING to fall back upon when the crap hits the fan. And it ALWAYS does. Having a robust law enforcement on hand is as natural to yours truly as breathing in and breathing out. And we back ours up. It is a partnership. Fact is, some of them—constables, in our case here in our part of Texas—are friends of ours.

    These dumbkophs in Minnesota need to keep this really dipsquat thing going. Until they are all sick and/or dead, beaten, raped, and their property/business/jobs are gone. If the survivors hold to their principles, they will never admit they were wrong and dumb.

    Let’s all watch the goings-on for pure good entertainment!

  55. REALLY? Am I misunderstanding what your are saying or did you just call black people animals???? If you did, YOU are part of the problem!

  56. They’ll get plenty of karma its coming .

  57. Rule number one, You can’t fix stupid!

  58. It really is too bad the DEMONRATS have the Donkey as their emblem
    A donkey is a VERY SMART animal.
    And an Elephant has an enormous memory.
    Let’s pray the DEMONRATS will lose, even with braking all voting laws as they do.

  59. CLOWNS BLM You can have em ..too white and liberal for me. To give a shi/ about..

  60. great! now these is an effective way and humane way to get rid of liberals and BLM mobs. ‘don’t call police’. they will kill each other and happily vanished from the world. this is not a bad idea. they deserve what they deserved.

  61. Don’t go crying now, you all got what you wanted, and therefore will have to live with what comes with the choices you made!

  62. In the 60’s there was a saying, “Don’t like cops, call a hippie.” Since Hippies are no more, who will they call? Antifa? BLM? Good luck with that!

    Wake up America! The Second Amendment was made for this time! Avail yourselves Of its provisions before it is too late!

  63. 👍👍👍👍👍

  64. Also, you cannot fix stupid.

  65. Let them eat their own after all it is what they want. It will all change once they start to be killed off. But if I were the police and they called me then I’d just remind them that they don’t really want the evil police so deal with it.

  66. Nothing but the truth my friend thank you

  67. Self eradication by their own stupidity. Serves them right. Maybe they will see the light someday.

  68. This is totally true our leaders need to get some courage and stand up for the American people this means all leaders YOU WORK FOR US DON’T FORGET THAT

  69. Corrupt Democrats and RINOs in Congress are delighted to work with anti-America, Marxist billionaire anarchists like George Soros and his Satanic New World Order co-conspirators to egg on local and state governments to defund and disband all police and other law enforcement groups and ignore all the bothersome established rules of law, thereby ushering in a nation-wide leftist-approved era of mob rule.

    That’s because those lawMAKERS want angry mobs of lawBREAKERS to create so much chaos in the country that their partners in crime—the Fake News Media—will be able to hide from a distracted public any and all mention of the findings of the Durham investigations into government corruption. They are clinging to the hope that these tactics will save their corrupt and treasonous hides from prosecution.

    Plus, they hope to ultimately blame President Trump for the mess they’ve created, thereby launching another Trump investigation with their false allegations and winning the presidential election with their utterly corrupt and demented candidate Joe Biden. Communist China will be cheering them on and providing any requested assistance.

    However, the Living God has a different plan: Trump 2020!


  70. this is pathetic. reap what you sow

  71. They GOT what they DESERVED . . . and like ALL Left Wing Liberal RETARDS, they deserve PLENTY – WRONG. And, may they get MORE of this, besides. The Bible calls this SEED TIME and HARVEST. And they WILL receive more. Wait until the tax revenue DRIES UP since EVERYONE who contributes will LEAVE like RATS from a SINKING ship. One Laughing Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  72. LIBERALISM is a MENTAL DISORDER! (same thing)

  73. Pull all Cops out of Black neighborhoods and let them kill each other. These animals deserve NOTHING.

  74. DONT WANT TO TAKE responsibility!!! Easier to blame the police!!!

  75. YEP! what goes around comes around! Stupid is, as stupid does!!!

  76. People in Minnesota are dumb fucks! THEY are getting what they ask for! Stupid shithead’s!

  77. There are those that are power hungry, taking advantage of the non thinking. These power hungry politicians want to turn our beloved America into a third world country. I thank God every day that there is a higher justice and no one gets away with anything.

    I find it interesting to see the blatant stupidity of these leaders.

  78. They are getting what they want, let them rob, and kill each other. Step on my property and threaten my family. They will not leave standing. and yes were close to a civil war. the far left liberals have lost their mind….

  79. Setting themselves up for a nasty fall.

  80. I don’t think that victim would regret his own death. Just “don’t prosecute my murderers”!

  81. It IS a democrat problem. Either face the truth or keep repeating the consequences.

  82. Are people really this stupid or is it just here. It is apparent that in neighborhoods where the majority of the residents are the effect of our bad and liberalized education system. I do not get these responses when neighborhoods are mainly elderly and with Christian educated people. They tend to be Republican and do not support the democratic viewpoint. They know the truth about their police departments. Another point is the police departments are supposed to be filled with police officers that reflect the neighborhoods make up. In reality, what is found is that sense the aptitude tests had to be decreased to that of a 4th-grade ability. Now the police departments would have to fire a large percentage of blacks and Hispanics and hire more whites to meet the quota. GOD told us this would happen when we kicked Him out of our schools and our lives. And that day of reckoning is here. Time to pay the fiddler.

  83. Maybe they want Karma.

  84. I believe all the leaders who approve of this racist crap that’s going on in our cities, should be locked up and throw away the key! I don’t consider these evil people as liberals or democrats. I believe they are descendence from satan himself!

  85. Reelect all your losers. They will continue to ruin your communities, raise your taxes in order to fund free stuff. Disband your police so you can call a social worker when someone shoots a family member, such as your son or daughter. Just continue to listen to your community organizers but when serious danger happens don’t expect them.

  86. They burned down their businesses and homes. They showed their neighbors what it looks like to live with no law and order. Now they can reap what they have sewn . What fun they will have when winter sets in. Perhaps the mayor and the governor can offer them winter shelter in their homes ? A fool by any other name is still a fool.

  87. Defunding Police Department only means re-allocating fund to area with expertise in different disciplines. this would allow the men and women in Law Enforcement to do what they are trained to do. Police Work. In todays society, Law Enforcement has been over crowded with too many duties creating a very stressful environment which are contributing factors to much of the behaviors of police. They are Police, Counselors, Parents, Teachers and sometime better be a lawyer for self protection if nothing more, then adding Mental health, Youth counselor and big brother and big sister to the mix is no easy task. Defunding can be a plus, it will give them a much needed break and allow them to be more into their true vocation. Keeping in mind the upset by citizens are also related the the aggressive and criminal behaviors uncovered by so many in the profession . They don’t get a free pass on that. If citizens feel they matter, and treated with respect and police held to account for their behaviors, Most Citizens will stand with Law enforcement. This is not a Democrat or Republican problem, it’s a people problem. For every crime committed, There’s always a victim.

  88. But YOU won’t know because they will kill you first.

  89. The proud American people that are left could stand up and put a stop to all this. I have lost faith in government including the conservative side. The left want to do away with America as we know it and the right lack the backbone to to do anything but talk about how bad everything is. The patriotic proud Americans lack representation from all forms of government. Government needs to be reminded that they serve the people. The people do not serve them. The time for revolution is long overdue.

  90. I never knew a liberal in my entire life who was not totally brain-dead. Dumber than dirt. When you realize this is true you can better understand why they do so many things that are so obviously detrimental to their own self. Then they blame others, like the police, for all their problems instead of facing their ow inadequacies and making changes to their own lives that help them live better lives.

    What is going on in this country right now is sick and it will eventually lead to lives lost. I, for one, am sick of all of them.

  91. You get what you want. Next they will rape your wife and kids

  92. Hopefully there will be a mass murderer among their park guests and we will have less carbon footprints for the faux global warming problem.

  93. Proving once again that being a democrat is a mental disorder

  94. They have only themselves to blame for the mess they find themselves in! Hope they don’t expect any federal money! They can take it out of the ‘security’ budget of their council members!!

  95. Some people are absolutely brain dead (everyone on the left) and as a result get what they deserve. They don’t want God, they don’t want police, they don’t want law and order. Good luck with that decision!

  96. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  97. Stupid libtards r getting their just rewards

  98. Smart people would nver defund the law. Racism is alot of people not just the few whites. I mysekf gave ran unto racism with my nlack female neighbors. But I don’t csre. I wouldn’t go rioting or orotesting over ut. There are as many blacks racist as other nationalities.

  99. they get what they wanted. good luck. vote your donkeys out of office.

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