VIDEO: Venezuelan Activists Warning to America: Statue Removals Are a ‘Slippery Slope’

The domestic terrorists have undoubtedly crossed a line of rebellion that has not been seen since the early days of the country’s formation. Their anger and hatred against their country is unfounded and has no depth to it at all. They claim to care about a man that was killed by one angry police officer and then they march around killing people of color and destroying the livelihood of other Americans. They have done the same deeds and evil intent of the very people they are crying about. And now they are going after monuments tearing them down because they simply do not like the history of the United States.

This should be alarming to the American people. As one non-American TikToker named Elizabeth Rogliani is pointing out that the United States better get concerned about a minority of people trying to change American history. Rogliani is a Venezuelan political activist that sees a striking resemblance between what has happened in her country and what is taking place in America.

Rogliani calls the monument removal a “slippery slope” that is going to lead to what she calls a “cultural revolution.” This is one thing that the Democrats would love to see happen because then they can pattern the future of America after socialist ways. And this is the point that Rogliani is trying to make.

The activist has stated that “I don’t think they’re seeing past what’s going to happen next because they’re thinking these are just symbols of oppression. But, I had a lot of friends [who] told me, ‘Oh, it’s just the Confederate statues.’ And, I said, ‘No, it’s not going to be just the Confederate statues. Just wait and see.’ This is a slippery slope.”

She is in a unique position to warn people of the dangers that are coming. What starts as a removal of history eventually turns into a communist takeover. The activists have moved one from one man’s life to attacking every symbol of American ideals. Anything that defines what the United States is all about is up for grabs right now for the domestic terrorists.

She went on to echo that “Founding Fathers are going to be attacked. Religious symbols are going to be attacked. And next, probably, museums. I mean, anything can be attacked if you just let it happen. If you just let the first ones come down, then [there are] no limits to what’s next.”

People need to stand up and put a stop to what is happening to their towns. President Trump has told countless state and local leaders to get a grip on the violence now before it is too late. The Democrats made a joke about it and now they are dealing with crime zones that they are having a hard time taking back.

She disagrees with Andrew Cuomo as he praises the criminals for their destruction. She has stated that the actions of the rioters are “an attempt to change the identity of the country. That’s my opinion. And, that’s what they did to us. Of course, it was different. At that point, they already had taken the government. But, at this point, they’re trying to change the national identity and they’re trying to destroy the system. And, if they get to the government, they’ll do it. They certainly will do it.”

Rogiliani has also speculated that outside influences can incite chaos within the country. After all, there have been attempts by the Democrats to involve outside influences during election years. They try and cheat their way into power. Rogliani has also pointed out the Black Lives Matter Group has ties and supporters in the Venezuelan regime.

She has stated that “In fact, another of those videos that I made on TikTok — I was talking about how the Venezuelan regime was involved in the protests that are going now. And, we saw the emblems of the [Black Lives Matter (BLM)] founders being an ally to the Venezuelan regime. I saw pictures of them in 2015 where…one of the co-founders of the BLM movement went to Venezuela….and said that she was happy to be in a place with intelligent political discourse,” concluded Rogliani. There is no place in America for people that hate the country. It is time for people to stand up and protect the heritage that defines the United States.