VIDEO: Venezuelan Activists Warning to America: Statue Removals Are a ‘Slippery Slope’

The domestic terrorists have undoubtedly crossed a line of rebellion that has not been seen since the early days of the country’s formation. Their anger and hatred against their country is unfounded and has no depth to it at all. They claim to care about a man that was killed by one angry police officer and then they march around killing people of color and destroying the livelihood of other Americans. They have done the same deeds and evil intent of the very people they are crying about. And now they are going after monuments tearing them down because they simply do not like the history of the United States.

This should be alarming to the American people. As one non-American TikToker named Elizabeth Rogliani is pointing out that the United States better get concerned about a minority of people trying to change American history. Rogliani is a Venezuelan political activist that sees a striking resemblance between what has happened in her country and what is taking place in America.

Rogliani calls the monument removal a “slippery slope” that is going to lead to what she calls a “cultural revolution.” This is one thing that the Democrats would love to see happen because then they can pattern the future of America after socialist ways. And this is the point that Rogliani is trying to make.

The activist has stated that “I don’t think they’re seeing past what’s going to happen next because they’re thinking these are just symbols of oppression. But, I had a lot of friends [who] told me, ‘Oh, it’s just the Confederate statues.’ And, I said, ‘No, it’s not going to be just the Confederate statues. Just wait and see.’ This is a slippery slope.”

She is in a unique position to warn people of the dangers that are coming. What starts as a removal of history eventually turns into a communist takeover. The activists have moved one from one man’s life to attacking every symbol of American ideals. Anything that defines what the United States is all about is up for grabs right now for the domestic terrorists.

She went on to echo that “Founding Fathers are going to be attacked. Religious symbols are going to be attacked. And next, probably, museums. I mean, anything can be attacked if you just let it happen. If you just let the first ones come down, then [there are] no limits to what’s next.”

People need to stand up and put a stop to what is happening to their towns. President Trump has told countless state and local leaders to get a grip on the violence now before it is too late. The Democrats made a joke about it and now they are dealing with crime zones that they are having a hard time taking back.

She disagrees with Andrew Cuomo as he praises the criminals for their destruction. She has stated that the actions of the rioters are “an attempt to change the identity of the country. That’s my opinion. And, that’s what they did to us. Of course, it was different. At that point, they already had taken the government. But, at this point, they’re trying to change the national identity and they’re trying to destroy the system. And, if they get to the government, they’ll do it. They certainly will do it.”

Rogiliani has also speculated that outside influences can incite chaos within the country. After all, there have been attempts by the Democrats to involve outside influences during election years. They try and cheat their way into power. Rogliani has also pointed out the Black Lives Matter Group has ties and supporters in the Venezuelan regime.

She has stated that “In fact, another of those videos that I made on TikTok — I was talking about how the Venezuelan regime was involved in the protests that are going now. And, we saw the emblems of the [Black Lives Matter (BLM)] founders being an ally to the Venezuelan regime. I saw pictures of them in 2015 where…one of the co-founders of the BLM movement went to Venezuela….and said that she was happy to be in a place with intelligent political discourse,” concluded Rogliani. There is no place in America for people that hate the country. It is time for people to stand up and protect the heritage that defines the United States.

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  2. I’m pretty sure the one’s that died didn’t want too. George Jr. is nothing like his Dad.

  3. God is never to blame for our troubles, He gave us freedom of choice.
    And the decisions we make, big or small,
    Are ours to bear with God to help us through it all.
    Every minute decision that we make, and every action that we take,
    It makes a difference to us all.
    Let’s help each other not to fall.

    The time is now. You’d better open up your eyes.
    No room for indecision. Come on and realize
    It’s time for you to decide whether right or wrong will abide.
    It’s time for you to choose.
    What’s it gonna be – win or lose?

    Will you choose the right way and take the path of TRUTH,
    Or will you choose the wrong way?
    You know it’s up to you.

    Remember – if you don’t choose at all
    You’re apathetic and just as bad as choosing wrong.

    It’s time for you to decide whether right or wrong will abide.
    It’s time for you to choose
    What’s it gonna be – win or lose?

    (Youtube : jackie white za)

  4. thank you for this wonderful, informative post. Americans must wake up before we no longer have a country, freedom of speech, the right to arm ourselves, or any other rights that have protected Americans forever. Now you just want let America die, buy destroying our past, you destroy our future.

  5. Thank you! 🇺🇸💞🇺🇸💞🇺🇸💞

  6. The elite Dems (Nancy, etc.) and the mainstream media have created an image of president Trump that he is hateful and devisive, but it’s just the opposite. Trump has done more for Blacks and Jews in the past 3 years, more than any other president. Nancy, Maxine, Omar, Tlaib, etc. have done nothing for their districts those in CA look like 3rd world countries, and are right outside the mansions of these elite Dems who became rich off of taxpayer money. Trump has both Blacks and Jews and women at high levels on his staff. Please read and research. We need to vote for him, and also vote out every Dem who has lived off the teat of our country for years (Pelosi, Biden, Schiff, Schumer, along with the new radicals like Omar, AOC, Tlaib, etc) they are turning our beautiful country into a war zone, supporting bogus groups like BLM. BLM does not help black people at all. Shaun King has been accused before of setting up bogus groups, and got away with it. BLM cash gets funneled thru 2 shell companies, and 80% ends up in his pocket. Biden made his entire family wealthy off shady deals with other countries, using his VP position, with his schemes. He’s done nothing fir us in 40 years and has flip-flopped so many times just to win votes
    Where is Hunter? Research him. President Trump does not want our money, he doesn’t need it. He stands tough for us. He works for nothing and contributes his presidential salary every month to a great cause (for us). Pls do not listen to the mainstream media. Vote every Dem out and help get our country back on track. This is our last chance to rid our country of all this turmoil. Thank you.

  7. Well said! If you do not vote, this country will be turned over to the radical left. The Democratic party is not the same party it was when Kennedy was president. Please vote to protect and keep America!

  8. Well said! “Wake up America”! If you do not vote, this country will be turned over to the radical left. The Democratic party is not the same party it was when Kennedy was president. Please vote to protect and keep America!

  9. Excellent question!!! A little ‘detail’, it seems, that the MSM has neglected to mention!! Terrorists have infiltrated ‘all’ aspects of our society and I wouldn’t put it past them to infiltrate our law enforcement services as well. After all, once the people distrust our police officers–true chaos will ensue, as we’ve seen!! WHY WAS THIS ‘OFFICER” hired in Minnesota but a ‘citizen’ of FLORIDA??????

  10. Well said! Stop being “woke” and “Wake up America”!

  11. By ‘not voting at all’ you’re leaving the door wide open for anarchists to simply take over. By not exercising your voting ‘rights’ you are guilty of enabling these terrorists to simply walk in and destroy everything we stand for!! Our 4th of July celebration of ‘freedom and democracy’ was limited this year–more than simply because of a ‘virus’!! Our freedoms are being taken from us with ‘both hands’ by terrorists and we actually have citizens ‘helping’ them do it!! Will we be celebrating our Independence next year–or ever again?? That is up to ‘us’!!! Biden is not our ‘only’ choice and Nancy needs to ‘retire’!! We need to ‘weed out’ the idiots in our government. Vote for Pres Trump! He has proven his love for this country and, in spite of the ‘bashing’ of the ‘left’—has still managed to do more for this country than any president before him!! He is ‘strong’ and dedicated. We don’t have a ‘better’ candidate so support the ‘best’ we DO have!!

  12. Yeah agreed – and big question why did this cop have a home in Florida but practicing policing in Minnesota ?! ???

  13. Thank you !!!!!!🇺🇸

  14. No VOTE for Trump if anything – He wants to stop this takeover – SO VOTE TRUMP AND REPUBLICAN ACROSS The BOARD !!

  15. God is more powerful than them. God is just allowing them to do it now, but God is not sleeping. There is a time for everything and only God knows. Let’s continue praying for America!

  16. God works in mysterious ways. He allows things to happen for a reason. May be God is allowing America to experience pain so he can wake up and start to think and act for what is right!

  17. we as good god fearing, americans have to get UNITED and as organised as thes racist , ,,terorist, they should all be lined up againest a wall and each everyone of shot !!!For the crimes they have committed, such as murder , assult,arson, mayham, destruction of goverment property and TREASON!!!!!! fellow americans we cant just talk about it anymore Action speaks louder then words. Be PATRIOTIC ,Aa that great american from our history said GIVE ME LIBERTY OR DEATH!!!Now is the time enough is enough ! Aa that great singer sang America love it or leave it !!!!!!Down with the hate filled , racist, communists!!!!We have to teach REAL american history in our schools. Put God back in the good old USA. ALL LIVES MATTER. Start our groups now We as Americans shouldn;t be taking this treasonis desrepctable talk and actions! Especilly from people that are living in the country they are running down. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Please Everyone Pray Pray for this Country. That God will rid Satans People off the Streets. Everyone Rebuke Satan in Jesus Christ Name off this Country.

  19. The actions of that cop are so out of character. Or better said the length of time he did if for especially since he knew he was being recorded. I’m starting to think that someone might have paid him a lot on money to start all this chaos. Democrats always keep saying, “you can’t let an opportunity go to waste”.

  20. Democrats are not out of their mind, it is exactly what it’s in their minds. They want to have power by any means necessary. Communism is the way to absolute power for few at the top. For the rest, your choices are to comply or die. No gray area.
    She is absolutely right about destruction of history. It’s the only way to create a new one that fits with the agenda you’re trying to create. You can’t indoctrinate people when signs of real history still exist even that they’ve been doing a good job of not teaching real American history in school. How else do you suppose one can state that Columbus didn’t discover anything but instead was a slave owner and committed genocide. When she was asked where she gets that information because it’s not in the history book she went on saying that “it’s nearer in the history books”. That’s the education millennials got in US. Nobody ever told her that slaves were brought from Africa hundreds of years after Columbus was already dead.
    As a legal immigrant from the former eastern block that grew up into adulthood under a dictatorship regime, I’ve been scared for a while now since media has taken one political party side, the first step towards communism.
    Trump sure has his flaws, yet no president has had an opposition like he did so we’ll never know how it would have been in a normal presidency. They are fighting at every step because he’s uncovering their dirty deeds. But one thing for sure, you must vote Republican everywhere, not just for President. Because we ALL need to step up and not expect others to do it for us. Binden is just a pawn of others with much more power. He will just be doing their bidding. We can’t let that happen or America of the free will be no more.

  21. God won’t help you if you don’t act now,

    instead of waiting for someone to change the situation!

  22. Trump has to wake up, not sitting on his butt tweeting, like you said:

    he’s Commander in chef, why doesn’t he exercise his power?

  23. The Democrat/Liberal Party is like a Cancer spreading in somebody’s body. This is the Time Patriotic Americans need to Stand up with our The President of the U.S.A. Donald J. Trump and put a stop to all of this unlawfulness and bring in our National Guard if necessary to bring our Country back to the peaceful way of life as we all know.

  24. Uhhh, the man killed is named George Floyd.
    But agree that we must stand up and stand strong for America.
    ALL Americans.
    As far as the world’s view goes. They are watching to see what Americans will do to preserve our nation.
    “Now is the time for all good men(people) to come to the aid of their Nation.”

  25. Who called this cop a murderer?- mob justice?

    till now, by our constitutional guarrantees, he’s innocent.,

    not for people inciting violence to rule this country!

  26. Agree! A war is at hand. I’m a military vet. I swore to uphold the Constitution. To protect and defend this country against all enemies. Both foreign and domestic. My path to America has not changed simply because I am not serving on active duty. My promise remains until I die. I will defend this nation against these domestic terrorists at all costs!

  27. Sorry…supposed to be “Trained” Marxists!!

  28. You MUST VOTE!!! Now more than EVER it is essential to our future as a Republic. You don’t have to like Trump. My vote for Republicans is not for Trump necessarily. It is FOR America! My vote is against the Socialist Democrats hell bent on destroying this Great nation and all the Good it stands for! They seek to destroy the nuclear family. It is in the mission statement of BLM! They are admitting to being strained Marxist political group. They are NOT civil rights activists!!!
    We’re are imperfect because mankind is imperfect. But we learn from our mistakes. We are better than we were. We will continue to improve. But it will not happen by the hands of Socialists!!! PLEASE!! VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

  29. If ,violence is the only way to Stop Violence,Mob,s taking over City and streets and burning down business,then let
    Us load up and stop these B.L.B. and antifa groups,now ! Arm your selves with “real lead bullet,s and not rubber bullets.
    Once ! a fire arm of any kind discharges a Bullet,you can not bring it back.
    “IS This what these Pig,s/Swine,s of any color or race wants,a Civil War! fought all over again,but this time,is about to
    happen like a Arsonist trying to burn down the whole forest ! and try to escape the fire,s he Started ?

  30. Very well said. Everyone needs to listen to this person!!!

  31. Unleash The Donald Trump 2020

  32. Troll: Democrats will lose this time, I am happy to say. Sitting on YOUR butt and trolling and not coming to your senses and cutting your ties to America-hating George Soros will be YOUR demise. It’s never too late for you to repent and stop working for Satan.

    Trump 2020!

  33. It is the comments from the woman from Venezuela that terrifies me the most. She has gone through this once and know what she is saying. She says “of course they had the government first”! Well the marxist , socialist now have the democrats who side with them at each path they take and I think they have the majority of the media and the majority of colleges which are 99% liberal. How we let this happen is beyond me. Now we see American citizens being arrested for protecting themselves by a lunatic da who does not prosecute those who are attacking our country. Now they want to give us a president who has robbed our country since he took office, made his family wealthy at our expense and is not quite certain who or where he is. But he is just the Puppet and his vp will help pull the strings. If he wins and they are trying all kinds of manipulation to get him in we are in dire straits and our Country will never again be what we know it can be. GREAT! our last president and his cabinet ran us into the ground and our current President is one of the few who made his own wealth, brought us back. Do not leave him behind. A vote for the left or no vote will bring us all to our knees and noone wants to go there. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  34. Read the autopsy report on George before you condemn anyone

  35. I read that book and tenth grade .really didn’t get it..but will b reading it again glad u dropped that name

  36. I read that book and tenth grade .really didn’t get it..but will b reading it again glad u dropped that name

  37. excellent, educated summary. whoever you are keep spreading your summary. dj

  38. Is she a US citizen? If so, let’s elect her to the House of Representatives! She is smarter than 80% of the jackasses there now.

  39. But, you are HIS Battle Axes, and Weapons of War.

  40. You can’t sit on the fence, and not take a side. Being Neutral makes no statement, and only aids the other side. Biden has no functioning brain in his head, at all, and was only put there as a placeholder for the yet unknown Skank that they want to select, as his Vice President. This is their plan. I hear a lot of people bitch about Trump, but this 72 year old man has more vitality, and vigor, than most people less than half his age. Plus, he is a Self-made Billionaire, who cannot be bought, or bribed, and the piece of shit Bankers, Federal Reservists, and Democraps hate that. So, they can’t get him on board to destroy the Country, like the rest of the Political garbage was willing to do. Trump has gone right after the Pharmaceutical Companies, and signed an order regarding the, “Right to Try” which has given Terminally ill patients the right to try other Medical Therapies, that until now, were banned by the FDA. If you wanted them, you had to go to Europe, or even, Mexico, to Clinics, just to try and save your life. Do you think the Board Members of Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and the rest of the Drug Manufacturers like Trump taking millions of dollars, per medication, out of their pockets? No, they hate Trump for this reason. Trump signed an Executive order, allowing Hemp, and CBD oil to be freely used to eliminate Sciatic pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, control Epilepsy, aid those with Parkinson’s disease, among so much more. Trump also permitted the use of Adult Stem Cell Therapies, which can become any cell in the body, allowing regeneration of organs like livers, and hearts. Until recently, Medical Doctors who gave their patients Stem Cell Therapies, faced arrest, and Prison by the FDA, and loss of their Medical licenses, in the United States. Trump, literally, gave the American people their Health Freedom, back. Don’t blow it, by not backing the one man who is actually helping you, and all Americans.

  41. They are allways sharp clean locked and loaded I am ready

  42. Sharpen your bayonets.

  43. Send Soros back to Hungary. They would just “love” to see him, again. I can assure you, it won’t be a party.

  44. You ate so right and I am ready America is do for a cleansing

  45. “Now, I want you to remember, that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his County. He won it, by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his Country.” General George S. Patton, Jr., United States Army.

  46. The Government should call in their Student loans, right now. Can’t pay? Then they’re relocated to a Federal Prison.

  47. They are not going to burn down the Country, because the average American, fed up with this shit, will do the job that the Police won’t do, but they’ll put these Arsonists in the ground.

  48. Your Neighbors are buying the weapons, and ammo. I was in the Barber Shop, and this is all they spoke about, and all of them are Veterans, Sport Hunters, and hard core Americans.

  49. Wait until the anti-Communist purge begins.

  50. Amen !! Thank You !!

  51. Mainly these stupid brats acting like this are nothing but little ignorants. Get hold of a 12 size sneaker and beat their but real RED. Perhaps they’ll learn. Though I really doubt it. Parents should become real parents once and for all.

  52. These protesters need to be STOPPED NOW !! Don’t tear down or relocate our monuments etc ! Trump is right “put them in prison “ As much as I hate what happened to George Ferguson I’m beginning to think that it needs to be done to all of these Aholes out there protesting !! They are blowing this WAY out of proportion!! No ones talking (or allowed to talk about the cops that get killed in action by whomever ??) that’s a Nono!! What will happen when we have no cops ?? It’s an upcoming Apocalypse!!! Stop the protesters by ANY means necessary and punish the guilty and start a new !! Fix the problems and get past this mess! One bad cop who should have been fired long ago has caused this fricken mess all by his STUPID self !! He is without a doubt a MURDERER !! And would do it again if given the opportunity!! Nail him to the cross ! NO MERCY!!! On and on and on !! There’s too much to say !! We are a laughing stock all over the world!!! Take our country back!!!

  53. Please, Please, Pelosi should be locked up in an asylum, and throw away the key. She certainly deserves to be punished for all the harm she’s doing and hasdone.
    What do DemoRats want?? They are all acting like blurred copies of Hitler!!!
    Democracy in the US has turned into poisonous, stinking, communist and yet nazis. What the Hell do they want?? Power? HAHAHA All they will do is ruing the most wonderful country on earth!!! Send them to Venezuela ASAP then they will learn what the destruction of the read democracy means!!!!!

  54. You are on the money brother

  55. And there were Russiam Germany and Argentina before Venezuela……….We can only be “on guard” to make sure that we do NOT become #5………

  56. Exactly! The Dems are out of their minds ! Pelosi talks and acts like a 90 year old !! She can BARELY ! Hold a conversation without stuttering and stammering all over the place and Biden ( our next president! OMG !!) he already has dimentia !) What in the world are people thinking ??? No one wants the office so all we get is the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL!!! Out country is going to HELL and the predators are chomping at the bits waiting for us to destroy ourselves!! My god people wake up and save our country!!! We may be run by 2 people who are both READY FOR THE GLUE FACTORY !!! God help us !!! It will be a NIGHTMARE !! I’m an independent and will NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN and may not vote at all !! What a CHOICE ????

  57. Trump will not win this time, I am sorry to say. Sitting on your butt tweeting and not taking care of this will be his demise. It’s too late.

  58. Amen God bless us with Donald j Trump we need to pray that we keep him for the next four years and put the democratics in prison they are antiamerican

  59. Trump for 4 More Years.

  60. This country is heading towards Civil war thanks to the Communist Democrats. Look at the cities that are controlled by the do nothing Democrat Mayor’s and
    Governors. Like Oregon and San Francisco along with other s. They are doing away with police and letting terrorists run parts of their cities. They aide these people. Sooner or later the citizens are going to get sick and tired and revolt against these tyrants.

  61. Amen to that. If you want to see where slavery began look at the old Irish history and you will see what they went through back then. They were put in cages stacked three and four high. So do not abolish history as we need to keep it alive so we look back and remember where we all came from black and white alike.

  62. This article is very informative and by someone that has lived through it and watched her country turned into the shambles. I am very aware of what is going on and have been for a long time but how do you get the word out and make people understand the seriousness of this. The longer it goes on the harder to stop it.
    We are the land of the free because of the brave but not free to destroy everything they don’t like or think they don’t like. Arrest and send these rioters to a foreign country to live their prison sentence and see how they like America after they serve their time.

  63. Unless you are willing to die for your freedom you will lose it.

  64. I couldn’t agree with you more. We are seeing portraits of our founding father’s removed from the capital building (by Nancy Palosee). Images of Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, The “Cream of Wheat” chef and others have been removed. “Gone with the wind” is being pulled from the televisions and theatres from across the country. Band aid has to create a bandage of different skin colors to accommodate African Americans. Names of sports teams, stadiums, streets and other businesses are being changed, and even the group Lady antebellum has to change their name to “Lady L”

    As an artist I hate seeing such pieces of work like these statues vandalized and destroyed and feel sorry for the effort and time that these art masters have given to create such works of art, only to be destroyed and eventually forgotten.

    I have traveled to Berlin, and that country has not taken away the articles of the holocaust, because, good or bad, it’s history and should not be forgotten.

    One of the things that upsets me is the ignorance of not knowing our past history.

    Take for instance, the Confederate flag.

    It was not created as a symbol of slavery, but as a symbol of succession of state (hence keeping the same red, white and blue colors of the American flag.

    Oh, by the way, most confederate generals and soldiers were not slave owners.

    I am very afraid of where we go from here.

  65. How interesting. I tried to play the video and I am told it is no longer available. This platform is infringing on my 1st amendment rights!

  66. I’m afraid that no one will until it is almost to late. I have lived here for all of my 75 years and can not believe what I am seeing. I have a problem with all the news outlets as they are not reporting what is actually happening. These protest/riots are not about any one mans death. That is just an excuse they use. It is actually ab\out changing/taking over this country. George Soros is behind all these riots/protests. He wants America destroyed, why I have no idea. I do know that Interpol has an international warrant out for his arrest. He is a wanted multi-billionaire. They say he has a son that is worse than he is. Its time our learder’s woke up and started treating this like it really is, a war on America.

  67. We have to work together for our future and pray to God we can do it. We have to trust and believe in Him.He is watching over us, with all our faults. He’s been with me through many very rough times.

  68. Don’t say it can’t happen!!! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN especially BAD things.Many young people have never been told no, given. almost everything they wanted. I’ve seen parents been hit by their child and laugh. A parent hits a child? That’s abuse. A child needs to be corrected at times, there’s a right way and a wrong way. If corrected in the right way, a mild slap, or something teaches. I learned a little paddling tells me I don’t do that again. I was not abused. If I did it again, maybe a paddling again? No thank you. Timeout apparently hasn’t worked. We also need to see more respect for everyone. It needs to be shown what made our country what it is. A country through good and bad. Working hard and some fighting to make things better for everyone. History tells about slavery, a President was assasinated,, the white people fought to free them, for all our independence, even the old west and hamsters up to today. Read our History. We survive because of our differences and our freedom and desires. To live together we have to work together.

  69. nothing’s is going to happen that god wont let happen sit back and enjoy the spectacle and pray your worthy to be taken in the rapture nuff said

  70. I agree with her warnings. The destruction of America has been the goal of George Soros and the New World Order cabal for decades. He even stated that the destruction of America would be the culmination of his dreams. The cabal—which includes both Democrats and Republicans and other world politicos, royals, and governments—is a carefully organized, well-financed, socialist, anti-sovereignty-of-nations, anti-God, anti-Christianity, pro-Sharia law plot to set up a one-world, population-controlled government run by elitists like the Soroses, the Rothschilds, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, and other billionaires and trillionaires.

    They are pushing harder than ever this Election Year to take down our country, using the pandemic lockdown to wreck the formerly booming economy, paid protesters to destroy our nation’s culture and history, the race card to divide and conquer, and anti-police riots to shut down law enforcement and usher in mob rule. They are pushing harder now because they want Trump removed from the White House before Durham’s investigation into government corruption is completed and a bunch of them are arrested for treason and other crimes. That would end their One-World-Government plans, so they are desperate to get a corrupt Democrat back in the White House before the hammer of justice crashes down on their wicked heads.

    Trump 2020!

  71. The Democrats know that they WANT their past ERASED, so as not to exposed their RACISM and BIGOTRY – Check out their history! Also . . . This is STANDARD fare for the Socialists/ Communist TREASONISTIC TRAITOR regime (BLM and ANTIFA). Stop them and IMPRISON them, then make them pay FULL RESTITUTION for ALL damages done. One Enlightened and WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  72. I think most Americans have become aware of the agenda the dems and radicals are up to. We will fight back with all our God given stregnth. The power of God fell upon America in 2016. All we had to do was pray before an omnipotent God. He is still in control. In God we trust.

  73. It’s all true. And about who you as people VOTE FOR TOO.

  74. It has gone to far for far to long every redblooded American need to see the future that is coming fast. We are at war you just dont know it or see it yet .but it’s been going on behind closed doors for years . The Dems are the enemy just look what they have done or tryed to do to this president

  75. these stupid PUNKS should be removed from colleges, by their parents, and put out to make their own living. then they would not have time to protest and cause trouble. for any of them that do not like the USA, then leave. maybe go to china.

  76. This beloved country America is disappearing right before my very eyes
    I have dewelled in this country (Amercia) for many many years and it is frightening at what i am seeing & no one is
    Lifting a finger to stop this madness!! Who will stand up for
    Our beloved country America

  77. It will take violence to stop violnce

  78. Amazing that Pink College and University Professors could turn young Americans into Socialist robots so fast. What is the allure to these young people; FREE STUFF? Not paying back college loans? Avoiding responsibility of being an adult by letting politicians make every decision for them? Groups like BLM are racist radicals who have now threatened to have all of their demands met OR they’ll burn the country down. We are already in a revolt by the crazies and soon REAL AMERICANS will have had enough and hopefully give the silly punks a real good deserved spanking.

  79. I don’t see how our leaders don’t understand this. we used to be the home of the free and brave. Now i think we are the home of the protesters and cowards. I don’t want to see anyone hurt because there are good people here, black and white. our media has been our biggest problem. they fan the fires. I went in the Bass Pro store this week and there is hardly any ammo left. Who is buying this and why. I am afraid for our country.

  80. Thanks for that message… I sure hope we can do something about this before it’s too late.

  81. The Democrats (aka: anti-American Left) know that and that is why they want them gone. When they are gone, they hope America will be gone because they believe the world would be a better place without America.

    “If you want to destroy a country, destroy its memory”. – Milan Kundera, Czech novelist & politician.

    “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots”.
    “How does one sever people’s roots? Destroy its memory. Deny a people the knowledge of who they are and where they come from”. – Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    “Who controls the past, controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past”. -Big Brother, in “1984” by George Orwell.

    I could include many more, but I will stop here.

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