Seattle Murders Make Democrats Finally See the Light

What has been called the “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” or CHOP is nothing more than an organized gang’ way of setting up shop. A place for them to rule with force and murder without fear of police intervention. Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, once praised the group and allowed them to take over a large section of the downtown area. She praised them for their violence and hatred of the police. But now that the true intent of the murderous group has come out, Jenny Durkan is finally moving to end the protest.

Residents of Seattle are relieved to finally know that their mayor has come to her senses. The two shootings that happened in the CHOP zone ended with one of the people dying. Many of the residents living in the area are still extremely angry about Durkan’s inability to act sooner and put a stop to the violence.

Jenny Durkan is responsible for the death of the person that happened in the CHOP zone. Had she acted when President Trump encouraged her to act, that person would still be alive today. The fact is that Durkan betrayed the people of Seattle to praise a group of murderous thugs that wanted to destroy law and order within the United States. Matthew Ploszaj is a resident that lives near the area of the shooting and he stated that “It was doomed to happen from Day One. No one wanted to say it, but I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. It should have ended when the Car Tender got broken and the mob went down and broke his fence. It did not have to come to this.”

Even with Durkan’s announcement of ending the standoff, many are wondering just how long she is going to drag her feet. It is time to send in the National Guard with extreme force to remove the unwanted scum from the area. Durkan is hoping that the people will leave on their own. But they like it where they are at. The Black Lives Matter group and others now have their own flag which means they are not willing to give up territory they have seized in their mini-wars on the United States.

Drunken Durkan finally has sobered up and stated that “The cumulative impacts of the gatherings and protests and the nighttime atmosphere and violence have led to increasingly difficult circumstances for our businesses and residents. The impacts have increased, and the safety has decreased.” Seattle’s CHOP zone proves that the defund the police idea will result in udder failure and death. The CHOP zone has turned into a gang hangout that is being run by crime bosses thinking they are safe from the police.

Sober Durkan also stated that “There should be no place in Seattle that the Seattle Fire Department and the Seattle Police Department can’t go.” It only took a few weeks and a couple of deaths for her to realize how stupid she was for praising the murderous group of thugs and thinking that they would remain peaceful.

The BLM group wanted to appear peaceful when they stated that “We would like to acknowledge that no organizations, protests, or revolutions are perfect. We must all be willing to collectively learn and react quickly to mistakes made within our movement. We do not want to see what was started with the intention of lifting the BLM message destroyed before us all.” It’s too late to save the image of the BLM message. They have killed countless people and there is no end in sight regarding their violent rampage.

Police Chief Carmen Best stated that “This is not about politics, and I’m not a politician. This is a debate about life or death. So we need a plan… I cannot stand by, not another second and watch another black man, or anyone really, die in our streets while people aggressively thwart the efforts of police and other first responders from rescuing them.” There is going to be trouble for anyone that thinks they can hold onto the CHOP zone. Wither Durkan gets them out or President Trump is coming in with the military to remove the criminals.