I Smell a Scam…Black Lives Matters Financials Don’t Add Up

Black Lives Matters is arguably one of the largest organizations right now. They’re getting donations left and right. They’re responsible for a huge movement. At the very least, they should make sure that their financials add up…and they don’t.

Right now, the money trail is showing that only 6% of their funds are going to local chapters. So, where’s the other 94% going?

Well, they’re not sure if they’re able to answer that to the fullest.

From July 2017 to June 2019, millions of dollars have been spent on staff compensation, travel, and consultants according to the audited financial statements from their fiscal sponsor, Thousand Currents.

This is where one of their issues is sparked – they don’t handle any of their financials. Instead, they have a fiscal sponsor, Thousand Currents, that does it for them.

Kailee Scales, the Global Network Managing Director for BLM, has identified that the financial records don’t reflect the in-kind support that is provided to their affiliated chapters. Additionally, Scales says they’re not responsible for the preparation of their financial statements, which is a convenient way of passing the blame. She should, at the very least, know where the money is being spent, though…right?

When Daily Caller asked Scales the pointed question of how the money is being spent, there weren’t many clear answers. There are various program areas that the BLM advertises they participate in – but the money being given out doesn’t match what they’re bringing in.

So, the question becomes: Show us the money. According to Scales, over $770,000 was given to outside organizations between June 2019 and April 2020. However, financial statements are not yet available for the current fiscal year for Black Lives Matter. That’s also for this fiscal year – what about the previous years? Apparently, we’re not supposed to ask about that.

BLM has been getting a significant amount of donations following the death of George Floyd. They announced on June 11 that they will be launching a fund that will support affiliated local chapters of BLM using $6.5 million. They have also announced another $6 million grant fund to support other black-led grassroots organizations.

That’s a lot of money – and it’s not even clear as to how that money is being used. It’s simply for “support.” What, exactly, is being supported?

Here’s where things get even more interesting. Thousand Currents, the financial sponsor, was approached by BLM to create a fiscal sponsorship in 2016, allowing BLM to use the charitable status bestowed upon Thousand Currents. They provide administrative support to include accounting, grants management, legal and compliance, and more.

Thousand Currents, typically, supports grassroots groups and movements throughout Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. According to Rajasvini Bhansali, the former executive director for Thousand Currents, Black Lives Matter agreed to make donations to some of the different partners in South Africa and Zimbabwe in lieu of the administrative fee for fiscal sponsorship services.

How much did BLM donate? Thousand Currents has yet to respond to the numerous inquiries that the press has made into this. So, we don’t know how much they donated and to what grassroots partners.

When BLM is pressed about what the local chapters are doing with the money, former BLM Global Network communications strategist says, “Because we are decentralized, chapters are autonomous.” Well, that’s certainly convenient.

It’s not the first time people have asked questions about what Black Lives Matter is doing with all of the money. Ashley Yates, a former BLM activist, has called BLM out on several occasions in public forums for their lack of transparency. She says that they squander money on “excessive travel and compensation” for their top staffers.

There are also local chapters changing their names to avoid being associated with the Black Lives Matter brand.

BLM is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and speaking engagements. But, when it comes to being asked about where the money is going, they’re vague. It seems as though they’re making money on the notion of supporting the Black struggle.

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  1. They are trying to bring back slavery which they ran previously being they are rich. Look at Pelosi.

  2. demoRATS using black again like slave to get rich! will they never learn?

  3. Proof??? And, learn to spell!

  4. There are a lot of young people who do not listen to news and if they do it’s fake news so try really don’t know what these people are all About. They really believe that they are victimized more than any other group even though statistics do not show that. There were more white men killed last year than blacks.

    All I can say if you are stopped by a policeman just comply with what they asked you to do. These officers face threats everyday and that only have a few seconds to make a decision in a split second. Don’t give them a bad time or try to run.

  5. BLM, among many other things, is a money laundering scheme. As already mentioned in many comments BLM donations go to the DNC. However, it’s leftist LIE-berals donating to BLM. Conservatives do not donate to BLM. So let the LIE-berals donate. They’ll soon be broke.

  6. I was thinking the same thing…bet they’re accumulating weapons. BLM is affiliated w/MOSLEMS. And moslems have used mosques as forts for centuries. Every mosque built is a claim of ownership of the land. It’s where violent jihad is taught, training how to behead people, bomb-making is taught (although, since driving cars into crowds causes the greatest number of casualties, with little harm to themselves, this is becoming the jihad of choice over suicide bombings.) and weapons are collected. It’s part of the NWO/ILLUMINATI SATAN WORSHIPPING PEDOVORES TACTICS…USE MOSLEMS, WHO ARE COMMANDED TO KILL UNBELIEVERS OVER 100 TIMES IN THE QURAN. THE SUNNAH/HADITH , RULES FOR DAILY LIVING, IS APPROXIMATELY 92% ABOUT KILLING UNBELIEVERS…so they delight in bloodhsed. That way the globalists DON’T get their hands dirty. But once enough people are slaughtered, the NWO will get rid of the moslems.

  7. Incredible the amount of money BLM has collected. If they can’t show where the money goes legitimately they should be arrested.
    Many companies donated in good faith to help BLM. Let’s face it, with a name like Black Lives Matter, I doubt many corporations would turn them down because that would make them appear racists. That’s how they managed to collect so much money. It’s upsetting to think of all the good that could have come from all those donations to the black communities. Instead much of it has been misappropriated. Used for instigating vandalism, looting, rioting. All those bricks laying around in very convenient areas where the “protestors” would have access to them for breaking windows. All the fire crackers & fire works being used to upset the residents at night. It’s not 04Jul, yet certain neighborhoods are invaded with noisy fire works. All this because democrats are sore losers and they can’t stand that Trump is the POTUS. They will fight to the bitter end because they know Trump wants to save the USA economy n they want to leave it overseas so they can continue getting under the table payments for betraying America. That’s what is happening. Trump is a patriot and wants to bring back “Made in the USA” labels, Bring our factories back! Bring our jobs back! The Democrats do not want the blacks to prosper under Trump’s policies because they will not vote democrat anymore. The war is coming. Mayhem & destruction in our beautiful nation because of some greedy bastards 🙁



  10. This is a very frightening notion. But in addition to the rude moron from the New York chapter of BLM who made threats to towards the country on Fox, Shaun King’s threats towards Christian and Catholic churches confirms how evil they are. If you threaten to destroy images of the Lord and His mother, isn’t that a threat to churches and places of worship? And the first thing that any Socialist or Communist regime does is to tear down churches and forbid religious worship. BlM is not an organization concerned about morality either. The millions of African American babies aborted every year doesn’t seem to bother them. But abortion never bothered a Communist,!

  11. Conservatives see the people as they are. The DEMONRATS see the people as VICTIMS. And play the victimization card to gain money, support from the feeble of mind and uneducated morons.The Conservatives RESPECT the people for who they are, rich, poor, genii, simpleton, all of them living the life they chose. The DEMONRATS OPPRESS the people declaring them the victims of the Capitalistic regime the US has championed and successfully promoted over the world to make the US the ENVY of the people of the world. The DEMONRATS have lied to the people, openly, repeatedly, consistently, over the years, over so many elections. So much so that they now believe their own lies to be the only truth, and they believe the people of the US want to be the SLAVES of the government, bound to the pittance flowing out of the rapacious hands of the left, enslaved to the ever growing government. Government controlled by the POLITBURO of the left, totally consumed by CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, nationalization of the big and small businesses which MAKE the money the government can steal to buy the servitude of the enslaved masses.
    The CONSERVATIVES BELIEVE in the FREEDOM given to the people in choosing their own destiny.
    The DEMONRATS ABHOR freedoms.

  12. Yes..!!
    It is time..!!!
    “DEFUND the Democratic Party”.!!

  13. Absolutely Right On!!

  14. Yes and don’t questions, for they will tell you what to think!

  15. Yes democrat’s have ALWAYS been the ‘enslave the blacks party’

  16. Actually if you look through BLM website it specifically states that they donate a ton of money to groups that are DNC related groups. Therefore, that’s how DNC is getting their donations.

  17. What’s ridiculous is BLM and the Democrats that funds them. I will bring up a win win against the Democrats. They have been a thorn for the black people for decades and yet here they are right in the middle of their funds. I say let the BLM have their own party, the Democrats have their own party and the right have theirs! I think that wraps it up nicely!

  18. The IRS / FBI must investigate — That is how they took down Al Capone

  19. The blm. Is the glass house of democrat-socialist party and their leaders to global mandate chains of anti-American and antisemitism which enslave us to the slavery block of globalization groups. They are not there for the black babies in the womb since they partner with planned parenthood ( Sanger way of control of the race population) that’s also partner with the music group, Holly-wierd liberal circle ,media and internet web link who want government mandate chains of anti-American and antisemitism which enslave us to the slavery block of globalization groups taking away what you hold most dear the American dream of a United States a republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all (For the blood of all races were shed for the freedom we so much stand up for. ) when blm. Takes a stand that all lives matter and embrace that without the LORD ALMIGHTY they can’t embrace their brethren in peace of mind and spirit to deal with the pain of life in the past and in the present: just like Joseph who was able to embrace his brothers even though they sold him to a path of slavery which later became the path of him being in power next to pharoah. He could’ve put them to death : but he chose forgiveness. For he realized that his path was set to bring salvation for Egypt, his family and friends and other nations in the time of famine.

  20. Where the hell is the IRS and the FBI?……………..Oh, the groupe isn’t Conservative and the Deep State is too busy trying to eliminate us from the forum.

  21. BLM is just another corrupt organization designed to make a few people very rich off the backs and suffering of their own slaves. Their minions are on the front line in a very dangerous game. Soros and his deep state are having a field day taking away your rights and your money. He sits on his throne and decides what is best for himself.
    And his Chinese Communist buddies brought us COVID.
    Just remember when they try to deny it they always lie.

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  23. You can bet someone is getting rich, I’d laugh my AS# off. if it turns out to be some rich White Democrat socialist, Maybe a Clinton?

  24. blm is a criminal organization and should be shut down under RICO and throw their principals and financiers in prison forever.

  25. Spot on!!! Exactly!! More corruption!!

  26. Has anyone noticed that black lives only matter when a black life is taken by a white person. Its notable that hundreds of blacks are killed by each other in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and countless other big cities and you don’t hear much about it. Its also notable that blacks kill hundreds of white people each year in robberies and other crimes, not to mention all of the white cops killed by black criminals, especially since Ferguson. White people don’t march into black neighborhoods and burn and riot to get even. Even the “so called peaceful protesters” are only giving cover to the criminal element that are looting and rioting. If they would just stay home, the police would have an easier time controlling the criminals and looters. Personally, I don’t care if they all kill each other in their own neighborhoods . If I were a white cop, I would not go into one of their neighborhoods. Any calls to their inner city neighborhoods should be answered by black cops.

  27. If that were a “white” outfit, the IRS would be all over it. People would be going to jail already. Of course, that would be “racist” as is everything else they don’t like.
    They too are victims!

  28. One name Soros and they will never be able to get a straight answer. Soros wants America destroyed and they are giving funds to do just that. Democrats using this for gaining power. Transforming America from Constitutional Republic to communism. Communist survivors have been warning us they lived through communism they know the signs people should listen. Obama wants to finish what he started. A dictator.

  29. With what we know about blm , who would make any kind of donation to them? Are you out of your mind?? They have done NOTHING but being violent and vicious and NOW according to another article I read, “if they do not get, what they demand “they will just burn down the whole system””………..NOT only do they NOT tell us, what they really want, but they threaten us like a bunch of “schoolyard bullies”….It just night be past due time for them to be called “terrorists”……………

  30. well the BLM is a terrorist group that is being funded by the demorats. the demorats are funneling money to BLMbecause the lazy demorats of the ghettos don’t want to work for a living because they havie been sponging off the taxpayers for the last 60 plus years. plus BLM could care less about blacks when plan parenthood has killed more black babies than any white group. just like chicago where the black are killing off their own people like the three year old boy that was killed over the weekend. don’t see the news media saying anything about that. they just report if a black criminal is killed.

  31. She says that they squander money on “excessive travel and compensation” for their top staffers.
    Of course they do. Organizations like this are all about the People in charge. It’s no different than the Clinton Foundation, it’s all a scam.

  32. why isnt black lives matter organization being investigated by the FBI. It certainly sounds like a scam to and thousands and thousands of people are sending money and dont even know what it happening to their money. The financial records of course are not right but scam records are never right. My understand is that most of the money goes directly to the democratic party. So—if
    you n care about where your money is going I would suggest that you do not send any money to this scam organization.

  33. they hav comp. running scared so they give them millions. what fools they are to give into extrorson . when is people going to see what is going on. its not to help the blacks. why don’t the blacks who has run this county, towns, mayors, governors what have they done. did they give them jobs, better housing , schools . they need to asked them self that question. or did they keep them in crime infested shit holes, low income housing, give them jobs, better schools don’t think so, wake up , the coffee has long burned away . tearing down the county for the dems isn’t going to get you a dam thing.

  34. Remember its not Black Lives Matter, its really “Bolshevik Lives Matter” !! Better to start using that term now in the future, because its definitely not about Black People!!!!!!!!!

  35. I will bet you Dollars to Donuts that some rich Communist activist leader of BLM just takes the money for himself, or its diverted to the Communist Party itself to buy weapons and maybe even guns to give to the Communist shock troops for the “Takeover”. There is the New Communist party now and where are they getting their funding.? Most likely BLM!!!

  36. You have declared yourselves as enemies of the US. You therefor will be exterminated by Navy Seal Team x’s.
    You can not hide from us. You will not even know we are there til you fell the blade of a Mark 3 against your throat.

  37. If I made a charitable contribution to a movement that claims to desegregate, inclusion and equality for all and end social racial issues, yet promotes protests that have produced multiple deaths, a vast amount of injuries and destruction and total losses to business homes and properties in those very same communities…I would suspect something not adding up. If I started a campaign and named it, White Lives Matter, the social connection of racism would upset the majority. Why is it acceptable to promote a slogan and call it Black Lives Matter? Isn’t that perceived as racism? The argument might be Black Lives but other lives matter as well. If that’s the case, shall it be changed to White Lives Matter, which would include all races? If you think BLM isn’t offensive, then let’s change it to WLM and spread the message that lives of all races are included.

  38. in my investigation i found the same thing out . cleverly hidden but the $$$ goes to the DNC who hate the blacks but use them like slaves . oops sorry about that

  39. What do you care where BLM spend your money? The main thing you to send them more of your money.

  40. You took the words out of my pen!!! Today I watched a program with one of the BLM NY activists on FOX…. the journalist asked what they were trying to accomplish!!!! Very simple question….. what is your agenda…. the answer was to tear the nation down till they got what they wanted. She asked again what did they want … he shut her up by saying she wasn’t listening to him….she was very flustered then he proceeded to say about our Lord Jesus , that he was not white, yet why was He depicted as white …. he was a middle easterner……. and that he was a follower of Christ…. well at that pointer interview was aborted!!! The DNC has funded them and holds the purse strings…..the nuts on the left have lost their marbles …. and to be truthful, if the African Americans want to see their community flourish, then let them go to Selma, AL the poorest city in Alabama. Go out to your own community and help not destroy people’s dreams and livelihood…. the aim of the far left DEMONRATS is to not have POTUS get s second term…. what has been accomplished by Clinton, Bush and Obama in a total of 24 years…. nothing except wars …. the DNC wants anarchy leading to a coup…. well they ain’t getting it… I dare them…. they realise they have lost and cannot accept it!!! That is the reason for the drama….nothing else…. DNC has all the money donated to BLM…. large corporations and Hollywood donations were given to BLM but meant for DNC….so no link can be shown between the partners in crime!!!! They are all strange bedfellows….,and according to them and fake news network Biden is already the winner….but is he really…. if he was then we wouldn’t be going through this madness… it will get worse as Election Day dawns!!!! We as a nation need to pray for POTUS, Vice President and the nation. We are called to do just that. To pray for our leaders …. and we as Christians realise that we should and must pray for leaders in both parties!!!! Perhaps someone should just take Biden out of his basement and straight to the White House so we can see the Obamas running the country again….. that’s what they want …. then their racism will get washed away….. they will feel absolved from all the injustices that was meted out to our African American neighbors for the last 300 years…… the evil thoughts of our far left opposition and their devious plans…..

  41. BLM is the largest terrorist group in the U.S.A. now. Our government better keep a much closer watch on them. It will not be long before they begin largescale terrorist attacks on America. The talk on the street is. The blacks don’t just want equality. They want to dominate America. Many say they want to enslave ALL whites. Except for the elderly and disabled. Those they want to exterminate. Nice people this BLM. And many white people, mainly the brain-dead liberals, are giving 10’s of thousands of dollars to their war chest. Other white-owned weapons companies are ready to give them the guns and RPG’s to start this war. It’s just scuttlebutt right now. But when the scuttlebutt ends we better be ready to fight for our lives and our nation, This includes every man woman and the disabled and elderly. If we want this once Great Nation alive. I know this is one old white guy that they will have to kill to stop me from fighting. And I’ll take a lot of them with me. However, I would like for all Christians to pray with me that this never happens. I pray that cooler heads will stop this madness. And begin to strengthen this nation by helping all races to unite and work for a way to achieve oneness. I pray in Jesus’ Name. AMEN

  42. Check Kenya see if countries are funneling money throught there. Also check and see if money coming from Kenya it may surprise you.

  43. According to Dr. Steve Turley’s video today, only 1 in 6 members of Black Lives Matter is black.

    The money that’s pouring in is going to the corrupt DNC. You know—the DNC that allowed the crooked Pakistani Awan family to have complete access to Democrats’ computers, which is just just one of several examples of Democrat Party corruption that seems to have faded away into the realm of no accountability.

    Black Lives Matters is the creation of evil leftist anti-America troublemaker George Soros. Divide and conquer—that’s his favorite tactic, and he can always find unethical useful idiots to help him promote his rotten destroy-America agenda. The coronavirus shut down his Open Society/Open Borders migrant caravan assaults on our country, so now Soros and his New World Order thugs are working hard to destroy America from within. Tribalism has replaced caravans.

    Vote for sanity—vote conservative.
    Trump 2020!

  44. Not to worry folks – just keep your money ( plus anything we can steal that’s not fastened down ) flowing into our accounts – one day ( but obviously not in this lifetime ) “we” will maybe publish “accounts” giving all the details the “law” requires every other American to publish / declare.
    We are all totally honest and would never DREAM of taking all you mugs for a ride ( Hop on now – pass the bucket – pay up like a good little nonperson – OR ELSE ! )
    Just remember – GEORGE Loves You ( cackle cackle cackle cackle cackle – falls about laughing etc )

  45. SOUNDS like a NICE stiff federal prison sentence to ME . . . ESPECIALLY since are VERY CORRUPT MARXISTS – like ALL MARXISTS. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  46. Black Lives Matter is run by TRAINED MARXISTS. Marxists were behind the French Revolution where heads rolled as well as the Russian Revolution where 66 Million died in the slave labor camps, the GULAG.
    World domination by Marxists demands that the United States be eliminated as She stands for : FREEDOM AND LIBERTY for all, not just the elite as is the case with despotic Communist Countries.

  47. It’s very difficult to control,maintain or respect anything you didn’t work for or had to maintain

  48. One the BLM site, , now changed, they took in over $100 MILLION dollars in three months, thanks to Oprah, all the liberal channels putting out BLM messages, etc, and tons of businesses donating so they will not be blacklisted by BLM and have their mob twitter, Facebook etc. post and threatened with how racist they are. Works very well. All these millions and none goes to schools to help the black children, hospitals for them, etc. Zip, nada. Seems the DNC, Soros and the top elites of BLM are getting very rich indeed. And the stupid whites who donate and march with them think we are the evil ones.

  49. You can almost forget about ever getting money to balance or to hope for transparency. We’re talking about a leftist organization and one set up to support blacks. Asking for an accounting of where the money went will almost certainly be considered racist. I don’t think anyone has ever gotten a good accounting for the money which goes to the Clinton Foundation. Leftists collect money and spend it-they don’t have time to account for it and I’m pretty sure some of what the money goes for is a bit on the shady side. I’ve read elsewhere that a significant portion of the BLM money can be found in the election campaigns of Joe Biden and several other Democrat candidates-in fact the article I read had a list of Democrats and how much they each got-and, it was a fairly lengthy list.

  50. Yep, there’s always people at the top racking in cash. They should be using the money to rebuild the black owned businesses they burned down and repaying cities for the damage they caused. With all that money law suits should be coming.

  51. There law out law … their people our people

  52. How long was Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler on the payroll of U.S.S.R. before they country was dissolved and these sleeper agents and their parents were still here.

  53. This is such a scam. BLM needs to submit all finance info and exactly where it is going. Probably bailing out all the criminals looting and arsons.

  54. If you make a donation to BLM it goes to ActBlue. ActBlue is the DNC. DemocRATS control purse strings of BLM. How much do they keep ? This stinks to high haven.

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