Truth Bomb: Reopening Not the Reason for COVID Spike

The reporting of the Coronavirus continues to be ammunition for the Democrats to justify their slander and hatred towards reopening the country and the president. The states of Texas, Arizona, and Florida all were the first to reopen the economy. The devious Democrats and their bought-out media mafia have been watching and hoping to see any kind of increase in COVID-19 cases. Each one of these three states has reported a slight increase over the past few months.

But the spike is far from what the Democrats and media are reporting them to be.

The idea of the lockdown was to keep the rush of patients from overwhelming medical facilities. Now that the initial shock has passed, the hospitals and medical facilities are prepared from anything that comes. The media wants to present that a second wave is starting to make its way around the nation because people are interacting. But the truth is that there is no second wave. The increase is simply from people being around each other.

The Democrats want people to think that the new spike is because of the states reopening. But every reopening has been according to social distancing guidelines which means there must be another reason. The only event that has attracted thousands of people that have not observed the opening guidelines are the Democrat driven mobs protesting violently. They go out together and create trouble, so now they get to be sick together.

The media reports that the three states in question have relaxed their social distancing regulations. But that is not the case. The states are still requiring six feet of distance between people and they still limit how many people can be in a group. The Democrats need the media to drum up the COVID-19 figures so they can continue to have something to complain about. They have exhausted their bag of tricks they use to attack President Trump.

The upward swing in cases is not as terrible as the media shows it to be. When compared to the first wave the new cases are mild. Everyone expected to see some kind of spike. It really should not be a surprise to anyone. The Democrats need something to fight President Trump because of the coming election. They have invented these issues to have something to campaign with.

President Trump has truthfully stated that the increase in cases is also due to the increase in testing. If testing were to stop, there would not be any cases to report. The facts tell a story of things getting a lot better. Even the interior states are showing signs of the number of infections. These facts only show that the president has been right all along about the pandemic. The Democrats hate the facts because they show how wrong they have been through it all.

The liberal governors and Democratic followers are scared to catch the coronavirus. Nothing that the Democrats show by way of percentages or numbers can be trusted because they change things to make them fit what they need the numbers to show. The rise in cases is because of the increase in testing. Governor DeSantis in Florida stated that “We’re not rolling back. The reason we did the mitigation was to protect the hospital system. You have to have society function. To suppress a lot of working-age people at this point I don’t think would be very effective.” The steps he has taken to build up the hospitals should be the standard for all other states.

The state of Texas reports that even though their numbers have increased they just have not seen the spike in the hospitals. COVID-19 is no longer the threat that it was earlier this year. The Democrats have played on the fears of the country for their political careers. Their case to keep the country locked down makes no sense. President Trump is right once again that the time to open the country is right now. His decision to allow things to return to normal is only proving that America has recovered and has been great through it all.

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  1. Well, the Dumdocrats have toasted their a##es, they will have to find something new for their numbers to rise!!!!! To the most part of my life I have sen them do anything to benefit the Citizens of our country!

  2. When he tried to limit travel in January he was labeled a racist. He could cure cancer and they would still hate him. I guess tds is real

  3. Definitely can’t fix you

  4. Democrats are domestic terrorists

  5. The left and their media allies carefully ignore the truth and blame Trump and Republicans for the increase in Covid-19 cases but fail to mention the tens of thousands of protestor’s Democrat mayors allowed in their cities without questioning the very real fact that most of the protestor’s DID NOT WEAR MASKS. I, for one, really want to know how many of the new cases Democrats are concerned about actually saw their genesis within those demonstrations. It is certainly interesting that the incubation period for these new cases occurred following weeks of protests.

  6. I am a democrat and l have heard the mass lies and more lies and more lies from the Dems.
    Pelosi said on a video “it’s ok to lie as so we get our way.
    You all had best wake up because bad stuff is coming. You had best stored food.

  7. The entire media lies and only reports stories to hurt Trump. And too many morons fall for it.

  8. I’m sure your laugh is appreciated by the families of those parents who died due to being sent to a nursing home in NY and NJ. Then to add insult to injury they couldn’t be waked. But in the same states rioters and protestors could do their destruction and Laugh. You are right about ignorance but look in the mirror first!

  9. How many died in NY and NJ nursing homes? Why because the leaders of those States ordered the infirmed to be sent back there. No it isn’t political, it’s ignorance!

  10. Never trust a damn democrat – especially one in politics THEY LIE, THEY LIE, THEY LIE I live in a “gated” community in Florida = so far NO CASES here – we all wear our face masks & keep our distance – our club house is closed = we have shopping acss the street from our community & everyone has their mask on – including the employees of the supper market where we shop – & why the hell is china getting all that money they are responsible for this mess – its the 2 left wing “nut jobs” Faunci & Obozo – lets keep Trump in office for as long as possible – he is a true American who fights for us – not faunci & his pet orangutan!!!!!

  11. I’m not as “smart” as most of these posters, but I ain’t stoopid. Seem like the surge in covid is due to young folks going to the beach, getting drunk and getting too close to each other. Was fun at the time (like all bad ideas) but now the piper wants his pay (in covid bugs). Stay smart…Stay apart…

  12. Shame on democrats

  13. I live in Palm Beach County and the rise in Covid 19 cases is exaggerated. I am a senior and know of no one who has developed the disease in my area. Now that anyone can be tested , the the spike is among young people and others
    being tested who never had the symptoms. I want to know where these people reside?????????

  14. Don’t know you, but love you. LOL What you wrote sounds like the rage of so many of us and hopefully even the brainwashed morons falling for this crap will wake up or we are all doomed. I’ve never been a twitter person, or ever commented on websites like this one, but now all I do is express my anger all day long on the sites. And seems like more and more people out of frustration are doing the same. Our President isn’t doing anything because he’s afraid if he does he’ll get flack from the Democrats. But I wrote a letter on the White House Page that he needs to step up while he is President to stop this insanity. Hope they read it.

  15. No you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Democrats and the Chinese are working together, but their plan didn’t work as planned. People are getting wise. The only reason it is spreading is because the Democrats have allowed a phony protest to demoralize and destroy every aspect of our democracy all for a few votes, but it is backfiring. Now these blacks they have allowed to terrorize our communities all in the name of a felon, who they used only as an excuse to commit more crime and help to weaken us by our enemies are the cause for any spikes in the disease. Up until then the virus was slowing down. So blame the Demoncrats, it’s not working this time and now the blacks they helped to take our lives apart don’t even want to vote for them so all this was for nothing.

  16. It seems like the Troll-Pay-Day has worked out ok for George – – Soros that is ! Looking around all the many websites publishing conservative views, one cannot help but notice the sudden upsurge in violent language from the leftist Trollsters.
    Considering the overall News picture within the western world, it is not surprising that the leftists are panicking and their sponsors flooding funds to their gleeful looting rioting brethren like there’s no tomorrow !
    Positive News, Good News, Uplifting News – these are all something being deliberately denied the western world by the fundamentally corrupt mass media who see their recent sucesses in demoralising the Western populations suddenly being reversed by that sneaky element they cannot entirely suppress – The TRUTH !
    May I wish you ALL a very happy and TRUTHFULL Summer and Fall 2020 – just in time for a strong Trump2020 🙂

  17. Stick to ER, Doc. Leave epidemiology to those virally qualified – it not quite the same game you obviously excel in 😉

    You do have some valid points about obvious errors in the article, but they ARE “obvious” and are not “devious” I suspect. Leave lies and corruptions to the politicians – THEY cannot and probably WOULD not even if they COULD – save lives – THAT is your function so please get on with it. Failing that – do feel free to move to whatever country suits your desires better !

    Have a Happy “Fall” ( USA season !!! )

  18. You sir sound like the idiot

  19. This was more about the media Hyping up the numbers than anyone being mistaken…if it’s anyone it’s the MEDIA stupid

  20. Well I gu4ess all of you commies are a like after all.


  22. Europe has the right idea, they opened and find out that people are so much happier. The left wants Trump
    to fail, it doesn’t matter that people are suffering, anything for a vote. Some of my friends (very intelligent people) fall for this Biden
    hype. They will change their tune if God forbid he is our next President and the economy is failing, unemployment
    high, house prices falling, stock market (their retirement) no longer of value. Look around and see what is happening
    in Venezuela and other places. Is that the way you want to live? Maybe the people who don’t want to work and just
    geht welfare are happy with this arrangement, but people who work and want to have a nice life sure aren’t, and yet
    you have billioners like George Soros etc. who actually want America to fail, why? Are they tired of making money!!!!!
    Neddless to say the rich won’t be effected by it, it will be the middle class. I am old and it won’t effect me, but I feel
    sorry for the young generations who have no idea what is happening.

  23. Look- I just read this article. I’m not a Democrat. I am, however, an ER doctor in Texas. You really believe letting up on restrictions too early is not the reason for this massive increase in cases? You’re flat wrong. You describe it as a “slight increase”. Our hospital admissions for COVID19 illness is up 600% in the last 2 weeks. I don’t call that a slight increase. Of course the Democrats are going to try and use this against Trump. In reality the Governor of Texas, Abbott, is the one who made the decision to let up on restrictions early. And he’s admitted he made a mistake. I’m a conservative and I voted for Trump in 2016. But this kind of article trying to deflect blame on Trump is full of wrong facts re: numbers and Covid information. Stop publishing this crap- the errors in the article make the Republican Party actually look worse.

  24. Amen Brother!

  25. If all the Democrat Governors and mayors can openly condone, even encourage violence in the streets, why is it so hard to believe they’d root for higher Corona virus numbers? One: they are evil, desperate radicals who care about one thing only, the removal of Donald Trump and will act on it even to the detriment of the public. Two: the know the real truth; that numbers have been grossly overstated the same way they were when the virus first hit. The know the country is not in a seriously compromised position, but use this myth to cause fear and unrest so they can sell their radical proposals. Hospitals are being persuaded to label just about every case they get with Corona so they can get a 20% increase in payments under the CARE Act.

  26. stand beside her and guide her through these horrific times

  27. How do we ignite the truth to be published about all the hidden agendas people need to see the truth from reputable resources
    please come forward now those with valid information that will save our country
    we need whistleblowers

  28. I feel so sorry for you. You sound like you actually BELIEVE the propaganda that the mainstream media is shoving down your throat. So very sad. Yep, you can’t fix stupid. Statistics show that the average IQ in the nation HAS dropped, and I now realize that they have all become democrats!

  29. Dr rat-face Fauci had the modeling all wrong because he had no data, just wishful thinking. When he was told to stop tinkering with the virus he gave it to China along with 3.7 million tax payer dollars to continue working on it – he was expecting it to be far more deadly but it turned out to be a dud. I hope he kept his receipt- maybe he can get our money back.

  30. no news service will report maybe protest with black lives matter all the looters caused spike!!! that would be raciest so true or not

  31. Then stay off this web site, troll. Whatever pittance you are being paid to spread your anti-conservative nonsense by anti-America traitors like George Soros, your are being overpaid. Go find a liberal web site that celebrates the leftist Marxist views shared by corrupt Democrats, RINOs, Open Society seditionists, and paid leftist trolls like you.


  32. Troll: The Democrats ARE lying and making numbers up. They always lie. They hope to keep our nation in an extended COVID lockdown until after November 3rd when, contrary to their plan of defeating President Trump by wrecking the former booming economy with their contrived COVID-Phase 1 lockdown and their current ploy of resurrecting the Plan-Dem-ic with a COVID-Phase 2 lockdown, Trump wins re-election.

    Your use of language and empty threats will not help your leftist paymasters, Troll. They are wasting their resources by paying you to come onto conservative web sites and spew your invective.

    Trump 2020!
    Vote Conservative and save America from anti-America, Marxist, corrupt, lying, cheating, Open Society, divide-and-conquer, New World Order Satanic cabalists.
    God bless America—the land that We, the People, respect, honor, and love.

  33. boy, that is like calling a spade, a spade. koolaid can be hazardous to your health

  34. you must be a dumbocrat. no objectivity and just name calling. that’s all you’ve got?

  35. WOW! 120,000 dead, this is truly bad, however what is truly interesting to me is the unpublished fact that this number includes not only C-19 but also all those who died from influenza, cancer, heart attack, and anything else. Why, money, money, the hospitals are advised to do this as there is a bonus to them for this high number. I love it when a plan falls apart.

  36. You are one of the many brainwashed fools willing to believe anything and everything the mainstream media and Democrats perpetrate on our country and all of us. They don’t care if anyone survives an economic decline. They are all wealthy and could care less. Anything they say is the truth to you without investigating all sides of the issues here. Obviously you too have such a hatred for this President, you will believe anything negative presented to you. The Democrats ARE lying about this. They lied about all of the other things they and their buddies alone perpetrated against this President. We have all had natural immunity for millions of years and now you are willing to believe this entire situation is real? It has merely been a ploy to shut everything down and blame Trump. This virus was a creation of WHO, CDC and the likes of Fauci. And, if you can’t see it, I feel terribly sorry for you.

  37. SAD that the cases are rising, BUT AHOLE HOW MANY DEATHS FROM A DISEASE DROPPED IN OUR LAPS. Funny how FAUNCI, so far has flipped flopped more than the JAMAICAN/INDIAN MONGREL KAMALA HARRIS.

  38. OMG, it is hard to believe someone wrote something so idiotic. I read it, and if not so brilliant, I would have lost a small ability to think. Conservative and free is actually Inept and Incapable. Good thing I can laugh at this; comedian Ron White said you can’t fix stupid, and that is exactly true with conservative and free.

  39. Propaganda and Hype. Yes, the virus is real and people have died from it. However, when small pox and the Swine Flu and other major illnesses came through, there was no shutdown. This whole Virus thing has been politicized and has become a tool of the left to try to use against our President. They do not care about the American People or the economy. They are just sooo Mad that Trump was elected and delayed their Timeline to join the New World Order and reap the benefits of being the ones in power when it all began. Now, they do not care who they hurt, they are doing their everything they can to take over America and get rid of the Bad Orange Haired Man. Even resorting back to Community Organizer, Saul Alinsky’s basics, “Rules for Radicals”. Same old story, same old song and dance!
    Of course, they do not like him, they loathe him because of the twisted lies of the Communist Instigators that have infiltrated our Media, our Government and our schools. They will never tell the American People the truth because we would not like it at all. Well, guess what Marxists? America does not want to be a Communist Nation. We are One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. In God we Trust. Truth will Prevail!

  40. Totally agree. It is so sad how the followers of the Left do not even seem to get it. They think that throwing tantrums, getting violent and intimidating people is the way to win friends and influence people. If they would just open their eyes and see what is happening in cities like Minneapolis, LA, San Francisco,Chicago and many other Democratic run cities and states.

    The Autonomous CHAZ is not working out to well either and that is supposedly a Socialist’s Paradise to Live in. I guess people just do not understand that unless you want the whole USA to end up like Seattle, you have to change the Leadership. Otherwise, that is the purest taste of socialist Communism they will ever get. As they say, these Leftists better be careful what they wish for.

  41. The country cannot shut down. People just need to take precautions and use common sense. We have to carry a normal life while fighting against the virus.

  42. If this virus is so deadly then how come just washing hands and using a mask is going to make us a lot better. I kind of agree with the fact that since there has been no rush of people into the Hospitals around here. That things should start to get better yet we are not seeing that. Its a lock down all the way across Colorado. Like Polis just doesn’t understand that Good Old Fresh Mtn Air isn’t killing anyone. Nobody is out there walking, Jogging and Biking just the other people need to stay a home. I won’t stay at home. People have lost their homes, their jobs and there was a special announcement that said as soon as the Election is over with then everybody can stop wearing the masks and stop acting like a bunch of Idiots. Only the Democratic Governors are going to hold out until the November Election. That is right vote them out of office and send them packing out of the Country which is exactly what needs to happen.


  44. If these liberals think the American people are going to tolerate being locked down again like it’s been since March 16th, over 3 months, out of work, no unemployment checks, people going broke, businesses closed up and many will close for good or they’ll be unable or unwilling to reopen in liberal areas having been fed up with the democrats BS) they can go F**K themselves, pure and simple. It seems these liberals think they don’t have to answer to anyone and can do whatever they damned well please. these clowns have a rude surprise come November 3rd when hopefully finally people are so fed up with all the BS and at their breaking point and vote all of them out as they’re starting to realize they’ve done ZILCH for America and their constituents. These bastards have been destroying America for years, ( California being a perfect example, cities falling apart, thousands of homeless, crime going through the roof, costs of living and taxes at nosebleed heights, unaffordable housing costs, crumbling and failing infrastructure ) and if this long lock down without a feasible and safe plan to reopen things up isn’t the last straw, everyone’s been living on Pluto, been asleep at the switch, have had their heads up their asses or been smokin’ the wrong kind of weed (where legal). Time long overdue for the American people to get smart and wake up and see what the liberals are doing and will continue doing if they’re not stopped and the best way and only effective method of this is vote them out in all elections, local, regional and national until all of them are gone. Again, just what have they done for the American people?

  45. Worst piece of journalism ever reported obviously by a republican refusing to believe even as 120,000 dead from the virus and Florida reporting up to 3000 new cases a day for almost 2 weeks! The idiot who wrote this seems to think that Democrats are lying and making numbers up! When are the MORONS that put out documents such as this going to realize that Covid 19 is not a political advantage for either Republicans or Democrats!? By announcing that it is , that’s saying that a party are wanting more deaths! By accusing a party is playing with fire and someone who is looking to go to court! Wake the F%ck up! IDIOT!

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