What One Restaurant is Doing to Push Back on the Left’s Anti-Cop Narrative

All around the nation, police officers and law enforcement agents are facing extreme and unwarranted animosity. It seems at every turn, hate and ridicule follow. And so, in times like these, it’s nice to see that not everyone has the same biased opinion of cops.

Take the Local Fresh Grill in Port Richey, Florida, for example.

Here, police officers, sheriffs, marshals, etc. have always been welcome and treated fairly. Even before the nation’s sudden blind rage against law enforcement, the local eatery offered a ten percent discount to all who served our country and her communities.

But now, in the midst of chaos, they have just announced themselves to be one of the few ‘safe havens’ available for those who wear a badge.

On Thursday, the restaurant wrote a message to all law enforcement, letting them know they were still welcome.

“To all police officers, Sheriff deputies, marshall, or any law enforcement officer, The Local Fresh Grill will always be a safe haven for you, a place where you can come and enjoy your lunch knowing that I have your back. You will always be shown the respect you deserve.”

In addition, the restaurant let those in blue know that “Not all of us are fooled by all this propaganda and media exaggerations. We know that the majority of you are good people.”

Unfortunately, there are far too few who are voicing this opinion as of late.

Following the wrongful death of George Floyd, who was unarmed and in police custody when he died, the left has been calling for complete police “defunding” and dismantling. Somehow, they have pushed the idea that because one officer was found to be in the wrong, all of them are suddenly guilty of the same crimes.

And this ridiculous stereotype has led to some pretty destructive and even murderous actions.

Such as when a gunman opened fired at a police station in Paso Robles, California, recently shooting a deputy in the face. Or when a woman in Seattle set five squad cars on fire.

Even those whose job it is to defend and protect the law, have suddenly take to breaking it.

Like the two New York City lawyers arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails at police cars. Or Mark McBride, a California attorney, who has begun to encourage people to “start murdering cops” and promising to defend those who do.

I’m sorry, but how do these actions or threats prove these people to be any better than the one dirty cop who started this all?

The truth is, it doesn’t. In fact, I think it makes them worse. I mean, how do you justify shooting a deputy in the face for merely wearing a uniform?

Racism and prejudice are based on the quick and uneducated assumption that everyone of a particular skin color or type is exactly the same. We’ve all heard the slurs: Jews are penny-pinchers, blacks are lazy, and all Asians are smart. If we really think about it, we know these mindsets aren’t correct.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the divisiveness of a few to be pushed around society, until it is believed.

And yet those who are most loudly crying out for racism to end and for equality to be achieved, are playing into those same thought patterns, this time believing that all cops are dirty and hypocritical.

No doubt, there are some bad apples, as former officer Chauvin proves. But just like with any industry, race, or religion, we cannot and should not assume that all who find themselves in the line of duty are equally as rotten and should be outcast.

Thankfully, some understand this and are willing to stand beside law enforcement agents and officers who are merely trying to make a living like the rest of us.

Like one man in Pell City, Alabama, when he saw a group of officers eating a local Cracker Barrel, he didn’t throw things or threaten them. Instead, he walked over and offered to pay for their meals, thanking them for their service.

This man, like the owners of The Local Fresh Grill in Florida, understands that the majority of those in uniform wear it with pride, having given the oath to serve and protect all who they come into contact with.

It’s time more of us stood to do the same, to honor and create safe havens for those who give everything to keep us safe and free.

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  1. The presidential vote this year will be a farce. Democrats are already sending out thousands of absentee ballots that can be filled out by anyone. But even when people vote in person, they are not required to prove their identity and their right to vote. Pls, voting instructions are listed in 12 languages, so people who vote do not even have to be able to read English.

  2. Here’s a news flash. There are bad police, there are bad doctors,there are bad actors, there are bad teachers, there are bad mechanics, there are bad people from every back ground, religion and color and on and on. Do you GET it? What are the leftists and the cancel culture groupies going to do, disband everyone and everything? How about we start with THEM!! It will save us all a lot of grief. A group of mentally unstable, leftist people and politicians are making everyday life for millions of average law abiding, American loving, citizens a living HELL. Every area of our life seems to be under attack. Our culture, our history, our beliefs, our patriotism our ability to live, work, play, even sing a song is not allowed for some silly crazy reason that offends the sensibilities of some unstable lunatic moron. No logic, no allegience to anything, no motivation to actually be a solutions instead of the problem, no other reason to yell and scream and demand and protest, and vandalize, pillage and attack people than because they CAN and have nothing better to do. It is time to stop this. Americans that love this country, warts and all, that want to continue to live and grow in the best country in the world NEED to step up to the plate. We HAVE to FIGHT at the ballot box!!! We have to INSURE our elections are free of tampering, fraud and abuse. We have to vote intelligently ensuring that good people are put into office that fight for their constituents freedoms, rights and safety not agendas, political gains, power mongering and a ticket to steel from the public coffers like it was their own bank account. Vote in droves!!! I KNOW there are a lot more good American loving patriots out there than the kooks running all over the country wreaking unrest and havoc. It’s OUR time to STOP all this bull once and for all!!!!! The consequences of letting them take over are to horrible to even imagine!!!

  3. while I understand your comment what was said is in fact true. the sitting president ran his mouth about an officer BEFORE the investigation was complete. RESULT officer fired then the pres ran his mouth and his boys murdered 12+ officers from ambush to support that ahole in the oral office. Officer Daren Wilson had his Orbital bone smashed by a budding criminal who then reached for his weapon, the 1st round went into his hand FROM THE PALM SIDE, not the black lies matter crap of “hands up don’t shoot” and 2 young men of color told the cops that Ferguson police officer Wilson told the truth, but the media won because they had already moved on to cover the looting and burning and that african scum bag has the blood of 12 cops on his hands because he, like most leftist racists that we are seeing in the streets today, could not wait for the ACTUAL FACTS TO COME OUT..

  4. All registered U. S. citizens should be allowed to vote…all other US inhabitants SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!!

  5. All government programs need to stop right now. The welfare system stops let these niggers and illegals feed themselves. Where is the money coming from to rebuild what you terrorist destroyed? Whitie doesn`t care you didn`t learn anything from Watts. You destroyed your own neighborhoods. Aint life a biatch.

  6. This is the age of 2020 no one gets stopped by the police for their colour. Someone gets stopped when they commit a crime. If this much is not understood then you got left behind.

  7. That’s why I keep a loaded weapon in my home. It’s better to take care of business yourself than to wait around for the cops to come.

  8. The rinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda Lies Are the party and people for hate and division of America and Americans! They try and cause civil unrest and to promote racism all for ratings and profits and to push certain negative liberal agendas. They are to reason America is in chaos and it is their fault and They [ democrats and medias ] should be the targets, Not attacking those not responsible!

  9. All the hype does is to villify the majority of people…which in turn angers them against those villifying them….which in turn causes more racism and division. It solves absolutely nothing. Bravo to the restaurant’s owners for their decision to support our officers. They see through the corruption and hypocrisy of the left and their involvement in the implementation of the whole George Floyd set up. They did no CPR on him…just took him away….and I saw evidence that ALL involved in the scenario were also involved in other leftist set up crisis. (Sandy Hook, etc.) All the other cops…the EMT…etc. All involved in other set up leftist schemes. The video even shows George at his own funeral incognito. We were probably all played. I would put NOTHING past the devious people on the left. Vote them all out folks!!

  10. My neighbor and I just bought about 8 dozen cookies and delivered them to our local P.D. to let them know we appreciated them and all the sh-tuf they have to go thru. They were very appreciative!

  11. All i can say is, i never thought i would be seeing the United States being torn down along with its statues along with our law enforcement. I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, THIS IS OBAMA’S FALLOUT!!

  12. So true , they are being treated like dirt .. walking off their job and refusing to make food the police officers called in , poisoning shakes , shooting them ..
    Our officers deserve better then that , and we need our police officers, I dont get this dismantle of our police officers and police departments, but I know I definitely want to keep our police officers….

  13. You can tell a liberal by their gaping lack of knowledge about anything real.
    Support the people that support you and justice will prevail! Time to step up
    and be counted. Lunches are a good start for all first res ponders and military

  14. ..just a few weeks ago Oath Breaking cops were targeting conservatives, arresting and fining pastors, congregants, small business owners, gun owners, families in the park- and flying their drones to track citizens ‘because they may have a virus”…Conservatives forget these cops are mostly unionized Marxist, and their Police Unions give millions to the Lib scum that hate them- they were all in for barry the Jihadi…before he slapped them like children- they then went crawling on their bellies to President Trump- and by the way the few good cops that came out publicly warning their brothers and sisters in blue, to honor their oaths to their State and the US Constitutions …were Fired!

  15. He wasn’t doing his job, nor were the other officers standing around allowing this to happen. And, yes, I am a white conservative who disagrees with all that has happened since, but murdering law enforcement, destroying property, etc is not the answer. Thank you for your service. My husband was in the military during the Vietnam era and I totally respected you then and still do. I just think that what we saw with the George Floyd killing was not what our law enforcement are trained to do.

  16. The Soros’, Bloombergs, Steyers and global elitists are pouring money into leftist Democrat candidates campaigns in an attempt to change the balance in the Senate and House. We must get the word out to everyone even our middle of the road Democrat friends that and Democrat candidate who accepts funding from any of these snakes will do their bidding if elected. And the Conservative candidates need our financial support in a critical way to overcome the dark money influence.

  17. We in the silent majority have to stand up for what is right and be loud as hell. That is the only way we will be heard over the endless diatribe from the leftist America haters. We can’t make a difference if we don’t force our voices to be heard and that requires us to get our heads out of the sand and be as “in your face” as the leftists are until we are taken serious.


  19. Thank a cop for their service.

  20. The police brutality was made possible by Blacks BLINDLY following Democraps the Original HATE Party.

  21. Good for the grill. If I lived anywhere close to that place, I would buy a meal there!

  22. How many police officers have been killed by thugs and criminals of all races. I don’t see any protests or marches for the families of these murdered officers. What about the black people killed by other blacks? There are no protests about them. Furthermore, these murders occur in front of a crowd but amazingly, no one saw what happened. The hypocrisy and hate of the leftists knows no bounds and unless we Americans stand up to these communists, our country will be flushed down the toilet. Do you really think these commies care about anybody? Color doesn’t matter as long these elitists can control and dictate every aspect of our lives. Time to end this farce right now. White or black doesn’t matter they want to enslave ALL of us and will stop at nothing to accomplish their ultimate goal. How many more lives will be lost before America wakes up to this threat? Democrats are now the voice of communism in our country so WE must vote them OUT OF OFFICE.

  23. Please stop referring to the one person now under arrest as “One Dirty Cop”. He has yet to be convicted of anything and when and if he is, then the moniker you have decided to give him might be applicable, but until that time he is only a police officer under arrest for the killing of Floyd. We need the police in all of our communities so lets be just a bit more considerate of how we treat them. I am retired military [Korea and Vietnam] veteran and know what it feels like to be given monikers such as “Baby Killer” and spit on when I was only doing my job and following all rules laid down by the people i was working for. lets stop the mentality of “Give the guilty bastard a fair trial then hang him” that everyone seems to have.

  24. First of all I support all law enforcement officers. This includes their communications workers. Secondly if black lives matter so much. Why are blacks killing each other just because another black said something bad to the other black person. Blacks are killing, raping and robbing selling
    drugs to each other. And finally why are women aborting their baby’s. This all points to Black Lives do not matter for blacks. And blacks kill more blacks than white people do.

  25. That is exactly what the radical left wants.

  26. I agree, there are always a few bad in any profession as well as any race and we should not judge an entire race or profession on these few. Our law enforcement workers put their lives on the line for us every day, and they deserve our respect and thanks. It is a shame, the way that they are being disrespected now.

  27. God bless that restaurant owner – we appreciate all that the police do for us and our community. When we hear negative comments we shouldn’t let them pass. Continued prayers for all and their families.

  28. It does your heart good when you buy a lunch or dinner for someone who needs your help or support. Keep it up. In the mean time, I’m sheltering at home.

  29. a HUGE Thank You to this restaurant for honoring those who put their lives on the line for their communities every day and a HUGE Thank You to all who serve this nation as a police officers and armed forces members.

  30. It’s because of the dummycrats actions since Bill Clinton, I’ve been steadily building up a small arsenal of my own. The dummycrats have been losing support among the police for several years and Oboob dummycrats have decided to through the entire police force under the bus. And with stupid mayors of dummycrat run cities defunding and even dissolving their police forces, it’s not hard to see why the gun industry is making large profits. And I thought the whole dummycrat party hated the gun industry. I wonder if this is some kind of stupid plan the dummycrats have in which getting rid of cops and inspiring record gun sales which the combination will give a green light to their idiot Marxist supporters to cause so much mayhem in the country that everyone will automatically vote dummycrat to be saved from the kaos. Then dummycrat will pass an anti second amendment law and have the police take away everyone’s guns. The they can turn the U.S. into a communist country. Just one big flaw, THERE WON’T BE ANY POLICE TO ENFORCE THE DUMMYCRAT’S CORNY LAWS! Sounds far fetched? Remember Fast & Furious? How did that work out for getting rid of the 2nd amendment? I hope this time the dummycrats will have finally cut their own throat. VOTE REPUBLICAN 2020!

  31. Here in my town in Connecticut, as I am writing this comment it is 4:11 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. is the time Black Lives Matter has unfortunately announced that it is scheduled to meet today at the Town Hall/Police/Fire Responders complex. The black woman who runs BLM—taking orders from evil globalist George Soros and his divide-and-conquer thugs, of course—has publicly declared that Black Lives Matter is an organized, well-trained Marxist movement—as if we patriots hadn’t already figured that out. I hope the gathering is a dud.

    Trump 2020!
    Save America— Vote Conservative!

  32. we are praying for our officers fireman e m t and medical workers may god bless watch over you and protect you during this difficult time we greatly appreciate all of you for your sacrifice hard work and dedication to the american people

  33. We need to stop being the silent majority and become the get the “f” out of our towns and cities and take your butt sucking crooked politicians with you. We love our police and we do not need your terrorist, destructive, criminal behinds. Go or we will be happy to send you but you might not like where you’re sent.

  34. WELL SAID !!!

  35. Blaming all the police for what one man did is like blaming all Blacks for destroying people’s property when most were out there just protesting. The people that were destroying property and shooting at people should spend the rest of their lives in prison. They don’t care whether it is a Black Business or white. They are just a bunch of misfits and criminal Thugs like the ones in the Western states that has taken over parts of the cities. But when you have Governors and city Mayors that don’t know what they are doing and have no courage that is what you get.

  36. The “Force in Blue” have a hard enough job . . . Let’s give them a “leg up” and a helping hand. Thank you for doing a GREAT job! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  37. I think and believe that due to the public news media and the Democrats began to support a lie put forth the creation of then President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton which was the Trump campaign / Russian collusion hoax. After two and half years -, no evidence was found for this lie.
    Which in my opinion -, lost the Democrats a few supporters of their political party and ideology.
    Then the Democrats tried to impeachment of President Donald Trump -, which failed, and cost them a few more supporters. Now furthermore believe that with the extremely violent riots which most of the liberal news media and Democrats seems to support whole heartily. They also seem to support the doing away with the police and defunding them. Which is totally insane and stupid and I believe that this policy will cost millions of people,, regardless of their race their lives. I furthermore believe and think that-, what President Donald Trump is putting forth is the only logical thing people of all races can support which is to reform the police. I furthermore believe that these actions of the Democrats -, have cost them the election. I furthermore believe that they will not gain the Presidency or the Senate and will lose the House. Which I believe that they will start a Second Civil War, which will be twice as bloody as the first one.

  38. Thank you Local Fresh Grill for having the courage to publicly welcome our Men/Women in Blue. The majority should not be judged, ridiculed or disrespected by the faults of a few. This includes all professions where there have been issues-Priests, Rabbis, Scout Leaders, etc…..


  40. Respect the men and woman in Blue. Without them would create pure Bedlam. The U S would go to he’ll in a peach basket.

  41. I was blessed to have the opportunity to buy a police officer lunch yesterday. He was on line ahead of me in a fast food place I frequent. If you see a police officer ( or two) at a restaurant step forward and pay for their meal. Most of them grab what they can between calls at a fast food place or low end chain restaurant. Its a not a budget buster for most of us and it is a way to let them know they are supported. Its a little morale booster. I do this for any soldier in uniform I see as well. It always leaves me smiling the rest of the day and I am grateful to be able to do this for them all.

  42. Folks this is like Ghost Busters “Who you gonna call?” When its 3:00 AM and you hear the glass in your front door breaking who you gonna call a protester or 911? You call 911 and the dispatcher says “I am sorry but due to cut backs we are short handed so there will be a45minute delay for an officer to help you” what are YOU gonna do? Think about it!

  43. Thanks for the notice and I agree; that not enough is done in this country to show thankfulness to our men and women in uniform, not civilian or military. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE IT IS GREATLY APREATED. WE ARE KEEPING YOU IN OUR PRAYERS. MAY GOD’S PROTECTIVE HAND BE UPON YOU.

  44. This is the one world order money orchestrating this by pulling the levers of power of the prostitutes they own in Congress the Senate all the way down to your City Hall especially in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party. Until this is broke up it will not change it will only get worse because the people will not stand up against this evil. This evil must and Hass to be stopped or this country is over. It will take back bone and courage for people to stand up and say enough is enough and it is warranted by the rules of the Constitution and our way of life. The constitution is governments restrictions from messing with the people when they don’t obey those laws there is no law only survival of the fittest! The one governor for my believe it was either New Jersey or Pennsylvania made the comment on Tucker Carlson did the constitution was above his pay grade, and if you believe this he does not belong with the reins of power because the constitution applies to all government people. If he’s that Stupid he does not belong with the reins of power or else right now he belongs in prison!

  45. Many thanks to the restaurants who are supporting our law enforcement and first responders. What a horrible world we would live in if they weren’t there. Thanks to all of them from all of my family.

  46. We support our local law enforcement officers who protect us. We can’t blame them all for a few bad apples.

  47. The silent majority back the police 100%. The problem is that we are silent. Things will change when we start acting. I hope it will not come to that.


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