Watch: Jews In New York Tell Bill de Blasio to Pound Sand

Bill de Blasio has long been labeled as New York City’s worst ever mayor. From his poor handling of the novel Coronavirus pandemic to his systematic racism and discrimination against Jews, no one could be worse for the city that never sleeps than de Blasio.

And his most recent actions only make this point even more pronounced.

On Monday, the New York City Parks Department was caught welding the doors of the Middletown Playground shut, on the mayor’s orders.

When asked about why playgrounds were still closed off to the public, but rallies and protests were allowed, de Blasio stated, “Out of an abundance of caution, the playgrounds just created too much of a risk to families of the spread of the disease.”

According to Anessa Hodgson, press officer for the department, “All playgrounds are closed across the City to keep our children safe.” And she added, “At this playground, a temporary measure was used to shut the playground after it was breached.”

However, welding something shut doesn’t exactly give off the idea that it is only temporary. And her next line made that even less likely.

She told the press, “It will be unwelded today and replaced with a lock.”

This statement makes it far more likely that the mayor, in his infinite wisdom, ordered it to be closed permanently. But after receiving much backlash, he was forced to reverse his action, having it “unwelded and replaced with a lock” for a softer effect.

Ironically, this order from the mayor’s office comes only a day after a massive Black Lives Matter rally was held at the Brooklyn Center, in which thousands upon thousands of people crammed into the space to protest inequality and support black transgender people. The mayor himself was in attendance and encouraged others to do so, as well.

And yet, according to the mayor, it’s far more dangerous for a small group of children to be playing outside than massive crowds gathering without social distancing guidelines.

He must have missed all the studies and statistics that prove children are of the demographic who are least likely to contract COVID-19, just like he missed the information on it being rare that the disease can be transmitted outside. Does he also not know that playing outdoors is healthy for children and helps to build their immune systems?

However, it is essential to note the neighborhood that this playground is located in: Williamsburg in Brooklyn. For those of you not familiar with Brooklyn, Williamsburg is one of the largest predominantly Jewish communities in the city. And so the playground, which is the largest in the neighborhood, is well known to be frequented by mostly Hasidic children.

And given Hizzoner’s frequent disapproval of all things Jewish, this only gives the people further reasons to believe he is anti-Semitic.

In April, after lockdown orders were put into effect due to Coronavirus, a funeral was held in a local Jewish community for a well-known priest. Apparently, it was reported to the mayor that not everyone was following safe social distancing guidelines while in attendance. And so the mayor put out a special statement to the public, condemning the entire Jewish community.

He wrote on Twitter, “My message to the Jewish community, and all communities is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period.”

Later, in May, he followed through with his threat when he ordered the NYPD to shut down a yeshiva class.

And in NYC, residents are still not allowed to attend church or worship services.

And yet protests are ok. Rallies are ok. And it’s ok if the mayor himself attend them, or goes to the gym, or does whatever he wants.

Meanwhile, Jewish children are not allowed to play outside.

Naturally, the Jewish community isn’t taking kindly to their children being discriminated against. And so later that same day, after the park gates had been “unwelded and replaced with a lock,” Orthodox Jews congregated with bolt cutters in hand to cut the lock and chain and let their children play.

In addition, several Jewish congregants, as well as a few Catholic priests, have joined together to sue both de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo for having such a hypocritical double standard.

With any luck, de Blasio will find himself out of a job soon, and the citizens of New York City will actually see some peace and justice.