Omar Praises Calls to Dismantle Minneapolis Police Department

Ilhan Omar is America’s favorite liberal Democrat to hate. She is an unfaithful cheat that supports domestic terrorism and hates all types of law enforcement. Her support to deregulate the southern border and now the call to defund the police is just another attempt by her and other anti-American liberals to undermine the American way of life. She has no thankfulness to the country that offered her a place to flee Somalia and the terrors that she faced there. Everything so far from her has been contemptible as she seeks to kill the American spirit.

Law enforcement officers in Minneapolis are being set up for failure as the Democrats continue to attack them with cheap shots. Ilhan Omar is screaming for the police department to be dismantled and shutdown because one officer crossed over a line and killed a man. She has branded the entire police force as “rotten to the root.” This is a description of Omar’s heart and spirit. The very comment itself is racist towards all the good police officers that serve and protect. To brand everyone as bad because of the actions of one person is very typical of a socialist nutcase.

She polluted the airways when she stated “A new way forward can’t be put in place if we have a department that is having a crisis of credibility if we have a department that’s led by a chief who’s suited for racism if we have a department that hasn’t solved half of the homicides. And so, you can’t really form a department that is rotten to the root. What you can do is rebuild.” Her childish logic has no business judging an entire department when she is guilty of cheating on her family with another man.

The people that protested the death of George Floyd are no longer the same crowd of protestors. There has been a major change of direction as now the crowds seek only to destroy the country since they are now run by Antifa. Omar’s call to take down the police will only give way to anarchy and rebellion. Her version of America models the extreme failure of her own home country. She wants for all people in America what she fled from in Somalia. Except for this time, there will be no place left to go where freedom is right.

The Minneapolis City Council is staying silent on their plans once the police are gone. Like Adam Schiff and his investigations into impeachment, things are happening behind closed doors. Omar went on to point out that “This is our opportunity, you know, as a city, to come together and have the conversation of what public safety looks like, who enforces the most dangerous crimes that take place in our community. And just like San Francisco did, right now, they’re moving toward a process where there is a separation of the kind of crimes that solicit the help of, you know, officers, and the kind of crimes that we should have someone else respond to.” People need to be asking why this is happening in Democratic-run regions. Omar’s town is the one where things are out of control. And she wants to get rid of the one department that keeps her, and other crazy liberals contained.

People are wondering how the city will stay safe. But no one can give a direct answer. People that live with no law are going to do what is right in their own eyes. This kind of mentality has proven deadly to society in history. Omar’s explanation of what the new law agency will look like is very confusing. She stated that “No one is saying that the community is not going to be kept safe. No one is saying crimes will not be investigated. No one is saying that we are not going to have a proper response when community members are in danger. What we are saying is the current infrastructure that exists as policing in our city should not exist anymore and we can’t go about creating a different process with the same infrastructure in place.”

A place run by Democrats is going to be a place of high crime. Law enforcement is the only way to guarantee a safe city. President Trump has the right idea to keep things the way they are. Other options can happen other than defunding the police.

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  2. It’s not to late to stick her in the ground and stone her, like they do in her home country. It could be used as a fund raiser.

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