District Attorney: Cop Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Could Face Felony Charges

The media and the Democrats are all over an officer that shot another man in self-defense. Paul Howard is the district attorney for Fulton County Georgia has brought out that a man was shot during an altercation with two police officers. In his opinion, the shooting was unjustified because as he states that the man “did not seem to present any threat to anyone.” And now he wants to press charges against the police officers. This is nothing more than a stunt to punish the police for doing their job.

In his opinion, Howard stated that “The fact that it would escalate to his death seems unreasonable.” But Howard was not there to witness the actual encounter. The police are trained to pull their guns when they believe that their lives are in danger. The man in question had to have done something that warranted them to draw their guns and fire at the hostile man. People are still reacting to the death of George Floyd and they are seeing contempt and racism just about everywhere right now.

Howard stated that “There are really three charges that are relevant: One would be the murder charge in the state of Georgia. That charge is a charge that is directly related to an intent to kill. The second charge is felony murder and that is a charge that involves a death that comes as a result of the commission of an underlying felony. In this case, that underlying felony would be aggravated assault.” He is really trying to drum up the charges to make it look like the police had done some horrible acts.

There was apparently a large group of violent protestors that started trouble that closed down a freeway and the burning down of Wendy’s restaurant. The burned down restaurant was where the shots were fired. After everything settled there were 36 different people that were arrested for violent acts of protest and actions.

The two police officers in question were responding to a call that there was a car blocking the drive of the restaurant. The man in the car had been drinking and was refusing to cooperate as the police tried to their job. In the heat of the moment, the man took off running as the cops tried to handcuff him. The two cops took the man to the ground and used a taser on him to get him to stop being violent.

The liberal media and Democrats would love to see the police be nice and treat everyone like they were part of a king’s parade. But the hard reality is that people are violent, and the police have every right to return to their homes safe and sound. What is not being said much about the encounter is that the man grabbed the taser and started firing it at the two police officers. The man took a weapon and used it on the officers. The cops have every right to return fire.

In the heat of the moment one officer pulled his taser and the other his gun and both were fired. The man was close to the officers when he fired at them. One of the officers stated that “As I pursued him, he turned and started firing the Taser at me. He definitely did shoot it at me at least once.”

The family of the man that was killed is obviously upset and is demanding justice for the killing of their family member. Ben Carson who is the secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development stated that “We don’t know what was in the mind of the officer when someone turns around and points a weapon at him. Is he absolutely sure that’s a non-lethal weapon? This is not a clear-cut circumstance.” The cops have to make a split-second call as to their safety and others around them. When the man pulls a weapon there is no way to know if it is deadly or not. The police have to neutralize the threat by using their guns.