Corruption in Gotham City Leads to Batman Cancellation

Take a look at what’s streaming on all of the major apps. What’s available is not what was available last year, let alone two weeks ago. The angry mob of Americans are ruining everything. First, books are burned. Now, they’re looking at our TV shows and movies.

Paw Patrol is canceled. Cops is canceled. But, why? They showed that there were good cops in the world, taking care of a problem. One was a cartoon dog. However, there’s the thought that these shows glorify the police.

You know what’s next, right? Batman.

Batman can’t possibly be allowed in today’s political atmosphere.

First of all, Bruce Wayne is a rich white man dressed up in a black suit. He’s earned himself the nickname Dark Knight. It’s only a matter of time before someone calls him out for blackface…and let’s not even get started on the cultural appropriation of that nickname.

Here’s the bigger problem for why they’re going to come after Batman.

Those Gotham City police officers are as corrupt as they come. They’re so busy lining their pockets with cash that they’ll let any villain or super-villain take over the city.

Gotham City has been corrupted for decades, and no one has bothered to clean up the city. They’ve got the mob mentality, so the only one who was able to do anything was a superhero.

This is not what Black Lives Matter or anyone else determined to change the way the U.S. operates wants us to see. They don’t want us to see how corrupt cops can be changed. They don’t want us to see how a masked crusader (or perhaps, a good politician) can turn things around.

It’s too close to home right now. Batman is going to be next on the list… and if they take down Batman, where does it end? Are they going to come for Captain America? Wonder Woman? Superman? There’s a reason for all of those characters to go if you put enough of a demented spin on it. Who knows, Wonder Woman may have even defaced a flag to create those short shorts she wears…

The world has stopped using sanity and understanding of common issues. As soon as they decided that a puppy named Chase who served as a police officer was a threat to their cause, they lost all credibility. What kinds of monsters would protest to shut down a kid’s show? The same kinds of monsters that would come for Batman.

Why is it that we can’t ask people to apply common sense to things? Older shows and movies are being removed from streaming because of having “racist tropes to them.” Why can’t we ask people to simply remember that these shows and movies were from a different time? People know that segregation didn’t end until 1964. So, why do classics have to be removed? Does Black Lives Matter and the rest of the groups think that we have to remove history instead of simply learning from it?

Sure, Gotham City is corrupt. Perhaps it mirrors some of the cities here in the United States. However, it doesn’t mean that we cancel anything. We have to teach that there’s a difference between fiction and nonfiction. Escapism is important, especially during these dark times. Kids want to watch Paw Patrol to remember that there is good in the world. Adults want to watch Batman to remember that a superhero can always come in and save the day.

Fiction provides hope. It paints the picture that there is still good in the world. We need that right now. When there are fights in the street, historical monuments being maimed, and even ‘Gone with the Wind’ being taken off of streaming, where does that leave us?

Someone, anyone, throw up the bat signal. At this point, the only thing that may be able to save us is Batman. Don’t let the leftist progressives take him away, too.

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  1. Orwellian NEWSPEAK!

  2. It will be known as the pussyfication of America!! Tell Hollywood to stop making films altogether. They have for decades led the movement for the most blood and gore ever. Whether it is by shooting or stabbing someone, there are usually multiple scenes in a movie that always leads to multiple deaths. Or how about taking the violence out of video games? God forbid that you cam mutilate a population by any means, hit play again and do it again. Elmer Fudd without a gun is like Cheech and Chong without a joint

  3. As long as we are banning stuff, I want all shows that have blacks in a non starring role taken off. It might present the impression that they are not good enough to be real actors. Or it might be showing that in a historical perspective that is the way they actually were. Or it might show they were forced to do things they were not equipped to do. No sense in giving wrong impressions

  4. It’s stupid that someone can be so insulted by a cartoon that they go nuts and tear up a city and kill anyone who gets in their way. Antifa/BLM all need a strait jacket and a padded cell. The ones who killed people during their mindless spoiled brat temper tantrum should face the electric chair. And I enjoy watching reruns of Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter was very pretty back in the late seventies and she still looks darn good for her age.

  5. I am sick of ya all destroying the city’s because you think we are all bad people. Get over your ignorant selves and Start cleaning up what you’ve destroyed. No one has any right to destroy historical sites. Come to my city and try destroying anything and you won’t have to worry about the cops you will face real people that will defend this country to death. Also you must know that black people had slaves, so burn your brain on thatyou ignorant people.

  6. Now Batman and Gotham City are in the looney left’s crosshairs. Radical leftists—otherwise known as Democrats and RINOs and their anti-Trump, anti-America New World Order Marxist cabalist puppet masters—are determined to erase everything from America’s culture and history by banning books and movies, tearing down or defacing statues, censoring speech, disrespecting the flag and the National Anthem, defunding and disbanding police, opening our borders to unvetted migrants, ignoring the rule of law, fomenting tensions over racism, encouraging protests over various leftist-engendered issues using paid protesters, and promoting rioting, looting, destruction of property, and general chaos in their carefully orchestrated plot to destroy America from within. With the Fake News Media and corrupt politicians and government bureaucrats collaborating in their seditious acts, the radical left is pushing ahead full force to reach their Satanic goals in this 2020 Election Year.

    By his own admission, George Soros, the left’s most public controller and funder, the destruction of America will be the culmination of his evil life.

    What a waste of time, money, and effort. God’s anointed president will win.

    Trump will be re-elected.


  7. I’m so tired of the left! I support the police! I believe I should be able to watch what I want! Not what the socialist want. Our democrat leaders aren’t leading! there appeasing , not solving a problem! Look if you didn’t do anything wrong you don’t have to worry. Yet if you get in an officer’s face and yell and spit you belong in jail especially in the middle of a pandemic. If you destroy and loot you belong in jail and on a work crew to restore the wall, buildings or what ever you defaced or destroyed! I you don’t like something don’t become a mob and destroy! Work with your city and governor to come to a compromise with the citizens of that town not what a minority or a mob wants by force. These people who destroy should be in jail an made to pay for any damages they committed and forced to help clean or rebuild what ever they damaged. If the protest was peaceful as the first amendment states, there shouldn’t be any damages or people getting hurt!

  8. pathetic
    how did americans get so ducked up.are there no real americans left willing stand up,stand together and take back our country from this minority sea of fools

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