Biden Whittles Down VP Choices…And When He Will Announce His Pick

There’s been a lot of speculation as to who Biden will choose for his running mate. Often, it’s the choice of the VP that makes or breaks a campaign. Choosing Mike Pence strengthened Trump’s campaign while choosing Sarah Palin weakened John McCain’s campaign.

Joe Biden has been relatively quiet about who he wants to see at his side, though he has said one thing: it will be a woman.

Kamala Harris has been considered to be a frontrunner for the position, as has Elizabeth Warren. However, there have been a few others being tapped as potentials that are worth exploring.

Amidst the protests, it’s now being seen that an African American woman could do wonders for Biden’s campaign. There are two candidates that were originally seen as long shots – and it seems that they may have gotten a lot closer in the past week.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, has recently been tapped by the campaign. Bottoms has gained a significant amount of fame due to her stance on police brutality. She fears for the safety of her four children. The good news is that she’s not as far left-leaning as some of the other candidates Biden has been considering. She’s denounced the vandalism across Atlanta and identified as “chaos.”

That being said, Bottoms has also recently come under fire because of the lack of control in place across Atlanta with the voting. People at the polls were waiting for hours to be able to cast their vote – and they blame their mayor.

Florida Representative Val Demings is another top pick, and she has confirmed that she’s in the process of being vetted. As a former law enforcement officer and the first female Chief of Police with the Orlando Police Department, she certainly brings a unique perspective to the goings-on of the past two weeks as well as to Biden’s Campaign. If the Democratic Party is looking to defund police, there’s no chance of Demings getting the VP slot.

Demings got a lot of her claim to fame by being the House impeachment manager of Trump earlier in the year. So, if anything, she’ll help to get votes from everyone who was hoping to see Trump get impeached.

Both Bottoms and Demings are conservative Democrats for the most part – an interesting choice for the Biden campaign when he has tried, in the past, to show that he was as liberal as the DNC wants him to be. If he’s going to get noticed by the far left, he’s not doing a particularly good job. Someone like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren would be far better suited to give a nod to the liberals who are just shy of looking to turn the U.S. into a socialist country.

It’s not just about gender and race, however. The Biden campaign is also looking at geography. Biden’s from the east coast, and more specifically, Pennsylvania. He was educated in and represented Delaware. He likes to say that he’s a “Good Old Joe,” which would make some believe that he’s from the south. It seems he’s interested in a running mate from the south, though, which would also play on the black vote.

Bottoms is from Georgia. Demings is from Florida, and Stacey Abrams, the former Democratic state House leader who is also in the running, is also from Georgia.

Biden may be making a critical mistake by allowing the George Floyd incident to dictate his approach to politics. While racism and a divide in the country is an issue, it’s not the only issue. Although his campaign has said that he’s only sure that his VP is going to be a female, it appears that they’ve decided a bit further than that. He’ll likely have a black female VP at his side.

While there’s still no clear answer as to who the VP will be, the campaign anticipates making an official announcement by early August.

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  4. the truth is this there shouldn’t be a real American who will vote for one Democrat.

  5. There is nobody of any color, male or female that can help that loser Biden

  6. Biden will not select Kamala Harris, he is afraid of her. She is intellectually ten feet taller than he is and will probably dictate the future policies of this country if she is selected or Heaven Forbid, Biden dies in office.

  7. I’m certainly voting for Trump . We don’t need a crazy dementia laden idiot with socialism as a platform. With a burn it down mentality.

  8. Maybe he should choose Whoopi Goldberg.

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    Biden hates the Blacks, remember he said if you do not watch out you
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  15. Unfortunately, he could become president again, He hasn’t held office for four years. The amendment states that a president cannot hold office for more than two consecutive terms.

  16. Troll: Digest this fact and weep: Over 800,000 people have requested tickets to attend the upcoming Trump rally in Tulsa.

    And Biden’s hiding in his basement.

    Trump 2020!

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    Trump 2020 in a landslide.

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  24. “get votes from everyone who was hoping to see Trump get impeached.” Don’t you think that those that wanted
    Trump’s impeachment were/are pretty much in the bag already? Do they think that if you were all in on the Trump
    impeachment you should get an extra vote? Perhaps with this “vote by mail” scheme, they could be right!

  25. joe also said he doesn’t need a VP he knows the job and can do both. and most were thinking it could be Michelle Obama but creepy Joe cleared that up last week when he said while in lock down in his bunker basement he has been studying the new green deal which he favors and was looking into cow farts and came to the conclusion that they smell like Michelle obama’s hair that he has sniffed often. and he’s against cow farts in Washington. so big mike is out. but it doesn’t matter who this sick perverted old fool picks joe biden will never be president it’s simply above his pay grade.

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  42. Maybe Joe will pick Hillary, after all, wasn’t she Black at one point in her campaign in 2016

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