800-Pound Slave Auction Block Removed After Years of Deliberation in VA

The matter of slavery is widely seen in the United States as an unacceptable practice. The subject itself is a dark blot on the history of America. It is an event that must be taught to future generations so there is no chance of it ever becoming a reality again. Certain monuments around the country stand as a testimony to slavery. They are there so the future generations will never forget the horrible events that mark America’s past. When a group of selfish human rights activists begins to make demands that the monuments be removed, they are setting the country up for another round of slavery at the hands of a future generation of people that have forgotten.

Fredericksburg, VA has decided to remove a monument that marks the spot where it is believed African Americans were sold into slavery because of the greed of nasty southern liberals. But now the slave block was taken from downtown because of the crazy demands of a few people that see the block as a mark of prejudice. But it is rather a mark of freedom as slavery was abolished after the north set the slaves free during the civil war.

John Hennessy is the chief historian for the city, and he stated that “The institution of slavery was central to the community before the Civil War. The trauma involved in that passed through generations. The block became an embodiment of the present and past pain in this community.” It reminds the people of what took place and it stands as a reminder that it should never be allowed to happen again. But the people that want it removed are so blind that they cannot see the monument for what it is. They want to live their lives blindly moving along without ever being reminded of the past that marks the community in which they live.

The city noted on its website regarding the block that “There is no direct quote noting that a slave stood on the block to be sold, but there are statements made in the post-Civil War years by African Americans stating they were sold on that corner.” Firsthand statements proving that the tragic events took place.

The Democrats are the ones that want people to forget history. They want them to forget so they at some point can subject the people to the horrors of the past. Their push for a socialist America is nothing more than slavery at the hands of the liberals. They want people begging for food. They want to be able to force people to do whatever they are told, or they would suffer horrible punishments. Slavery can take on many forms. But it is still slavery.

The removal of such monuments is happening only because of the recent events and violent protests sweeping the country. At some point, people will need to stand up and put a stop to the insane demands and actions of liberal protests and mobs causing hurt and pain to people that had nothing to do with the death of George Floyd.

Everywhere a Democrat is in power the community is seeing historic monuments removed. The Democrats are painting a future of historic change. They are looking to rewrite history to the point that everything that defines America is removed. They are trying to remake the country into their image. An image of socialism and decay. These actions are an offense to the men and women that gave their lives protecting the right to be free as human beings.

Removing history because of a few angry people, the city is seeking ways to solidify the historic nature of the block in a historical sense. They plan on writing a historical narrative that casts a more favorable view of history for those that have been offended because of the rock. The sad city is bending to the wishes of children that are crying because their feelings are hurt. At some point, the demands from the babies are going to become so absurd that they simply cannot be done. But at that point, it will be too late for people to speak up because the liberals will have turned them into slaves again.

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  1. I am not comparing slavery in the United States to the torture and the crucifying of our Lord and Savior. There are things we all can learn from both historical times and events. Both events and times were terribly wrong. When I look at my Lord on the crucifix I see His His love for all humans . . .over 2000 years ago. Historical statues, items, pictures , help us to remember the good and the terrible . . . we should never destroy them . . .they help us to remember .

  2. I agree with the previous comment.

  3. With our history of Slavery, I do not believe there is a chance of repeating that part of our history. The block can be removed. There are enough articles in history books talking about the slave block. There really is no need to keep the actual block. That really has sufficient meaning. Why would anyone want to keep that? is this a symbol of how it was and a rub in your face. I will be the first one to repeat “to remove monuments of history is to repeat” but with anything there are exceptions, this is one of them.

  4. They need to leave all statues alone. They represent many different people from this country’s past (good or bad). When I was a teenager we went to Richmond and I was able to see all of the statues there, it was chilling. I was going to take American History in school that year and I learned a lot about the Civil War and our country. We have a wonderful country with a lot of patriots that love this country. Slavery did not start with us it has been going on since the beginning of time and people need to remember that. Quit burning and hurting people that had nothing to do with slavery, we are in the now times and quit blaming us for the past WE WERE NOT BORN THEN AND NEITHER WERE YOU. IF YOU WANT RESPECT YOU NEED TO SHOW RESPECT TO OTHERS. GROWUP AND QUIT BEING CRYBABIES.

  5. My Father, GOD Rest his Soul, always said “We need to learn from our mistakes, our History or we are doomed to repeat it”. He only had a 6th-grade education, he wasn’t BOOK Smart but he was COMMON SENSE Smart. Common Sense says to learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them. For instance, if you stick your hand in a fire it’s going to get burned so would you continue doing that or learn from your past lesson? Most Democrats haven’t learned from their mistakes so they keep putting their hand in the fire, by taking down our history, so Don’t vote them back in.

  6. If you change, delete or alter history you are doomed to repeat it again only worse. Democrats are pandering like they always do. Just remember its the Democrats that fought to keep slavery, fought to keep slavery alive during the civil and lie today about it.

  7. History cannot be erased – it really happened – it is permanently “SET IN STONE” . Go ahead tear down statues – rename military bases – rempve the “slave block” – doing this may satisfy your ridiculous demands, you who cannot accept “TRUTH and REALITY”, but, history will always be there “FOREVER” . eg. Think Roman Empire had slaves – Egyptian Pharoahs had slaves – humanity was oppressed and murdered almost to extermination by Fascist Mussolini and Nazi Hitler. Eliminate reminders of the past – future generations will repeat the horrors that humanity overcame, only to repeat and perpetuate what they were denied and deprived from learning by their narrow minded airhead forebearers.

  8. Not knowing your history, only condemns you to repeat the mistakes of the past. We need these symbols, literature, and memories to remind us of the evil presented by slavery. As you can see, we are about to repeat the past mistakes, we are choosing slavery over our “Bill of Rights”. You can not let others think for you, nor vote or tell you how to behave; that is the beginning of slavery. The democrats want you to follow their agenda and not think for yourself.

    The thinking man is what got us here to this point in our history. From the 12th century, mankind has been on the road to freedom and we are about to lose every inch fought for within the next few month. Conservatives are protecting the individuals rights to freedom, pursuit of happiness, and the means to achieve our fortune.

    The so-called democrat will subvert your freedom, property, and future to support their agenda. You will become property to do as they will. God will not help you; this corruption will enslave you.


  10. To forget history, you are bound to repeat it!

  11. The nasty southern liberals is just another way of saying K.K.K. Or a part of the democratic party they now want to quiet like taking down statues that are also reminders of their past? The blacks have been lied to for years yet still vote for those who were the oppressors? Why? They live in high rise plantation houses in big city’s like they still are slaves bought off with crumbs/welfare checks. Liberal education unions keep them dumbed down to believe their lies as truths. The part i do not understand why do they not better lives than that? Now days blacks are being used to burn and riot and they cannot tell you why other than they were paid a few bucks. A sad waste of human lives i would say.

  12. It is understandable that the Democrats want to remove all traces of our poisonous past. After all, they were responsible for 99% of the bad things that happened in our history. They would like everyone to just forget all of the evil in our past, so they no longer have to lie about it. Of course, they have more evil planned for us today-socialism will put the majority of the citizens right back into a form of slavery. Assuming we can ever recover from the misery of socialism, it will give the future Democrats something to do-tearing down the monuments built to celebrate the people who put us in chains. I think the second amendment to the Constitution may be the only thing which prevents us from suffering this fate.

  13. They should receive reperation for their ancestors slavery. I will fund the DNA Kits so they can inquire from their tribesmen when will they receive payment. Upon receiving thei funds they can find some place else on the globe to burn my flag.


  15. Liberals are evil, racist American haters and want power so bad to enslave us all! They don’t want people to know this history!!

  16. This is nothing more than an attempt to erase and rewrite history. I find it very sad that so many are succumbing to so few who are so loud. My family were German immigrants who settled in Idaho just before the Civil War began so I have no ancestors who were involved and, in fact, never saw an African American until I was 14. That said, there were good and courageous war leaders on both sides of the conflict. Robert E. Lee, for example, was a distinguished military leader before the war. A son of Revolutionary War officer Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee III, Lee was a top graduate of the United States Military Academy and an exceptional officer and military engineer in the United States Army for 32 years. During this time, he served throughout the United States, distinguished himself during the Mexican–American War, and served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy. He was offered command in the Union Army but was, as were many in that era, a believer in states rights so he sided with his view of what was right and took command of the Army of Northern Virginia. To revile him today because he ended up on the wrong side of history is simply to try to erase the past.

  17. Even the people of the Bible have bad history and God did not remove them so we can learn from it. Removing the monuments is like removing your birth origin. Only the communist Liberals want to erase history because they hate everything except themselves. What an insanity.

  18. Should they take down the pyramids in Egypt also? They were built built by slaves.

  19. For those alive past the announced death of the last documented USA slave appear to suggest the best way to deny the living history of “all responsible parties” to the era of “Slavery USA” ; should do an in depth documented research defining every necessary link beginning on the Continent of Afracia where warring native tribes would engage in battle with the “victor tribe” taking into custody the survivors; chain them together into long ines of the defeated, driving ther captoives through the jungles till reaching a cost port town where they would dispose of their living breathing merchandise to Muslim Slave Traders who in turn sold them to Sailing Ship Captains who in turn transported them to the New World in turn sold their merchandis to USA based Slave Merchants who in turn auctioned them off to weathly plantation owners for “cheap laborers”. These facts are the very essence of how the majority of former citizens of Afracia wound up working the plantation fields of the wealthy. Obviciously the “chain into slavery” for former free citizens of Afracia has many vital links. Without Afracia Native War Lords defeating their enemy tribe on the battle field one could assume the obvious; had their been no tribal war their would be no one to sell into slavery. Which of the players in this convulated chain that supplied the plantation owners is ultimately responsible for this dispicipal chain of events? Their is no equality for the United States to be charged and or burdened with the mark; Master of “slave labor” as history teaches one and all. To access the end of a supplly chain as being the major player when history teaches every supply chain starts with the first link; acquiring a prodouct, transportation to a ship to freight the cargo, a receiving agent at the primary destination, a master auctioner to achieve the best price for the item; final delivery to the end consumer; the plantation owner. lee1233

  20. Leave our monuments and statues alone. They are a major part of our countrys’ history & should not be dictated to by
    liberals etc. I’m proud of America & most of us enjoy visiting the places where history was made in the past. Do not
    remove any of our historical monuments and statues. I am so disgusted that that some people feel they can make
    riduculous requests. Stand Up America.

  21. This is very well said. I am saddened and disgusted by everyone who is giving in to the demands of rioters, looters, and destroyers. Those who are screaming Black lives matter should read what that’s all about. It means ONLY black lives matter, and ONLY those black lives that the leaders deem worthy.

    They cared nothing about the black lives ruined by their looting and destruction. They care nothing about the babies killed every day. They don’t care when the gang members kill each other – and anyone who happens to get in the way of their bullets or knives.

    This has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with grabbing power – so they can eventually rid the country of those nasty white lives. And don’t be fooled, they will turn on the whites who are supporting them right now, along with the blacks who are not.

    This is very scary. When will Americans stand up to them instead of bowing down, or “taking a knee” to show their subservience?

  22. Germany retains the concentration camps to remind themselves and the world of their history. Some people are trying to
    convince the younger generations that there were not six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis. History can not be changed or destroyed, only the memory of it.

  23. I agree with all the above comments. Nothing else to add other than the vandals need to be punished.

  24. They’re going to ruin one of my favorite places. I’m so over all of this

  25. History must be factual. Angry radicals who want to cherry-pick the historical inclusion of only those people and events of which they approve, while excluding and erasing from history those of which they disapprove, are supporting the substitution of propaganda for history.

    Trump 2020!
    Save America, our culture, our laws, and our history by voting conservative.
    God bless all patriots everywhere.

  26. I believe leave the statues and landmarks they remind us where we were and where we are now. Even Germany has kept some of Hitler’s landmarks a s a reminder. Not to do it again. Besides some statues the confederate soldier like Gen Boulregard did a 180 after the war he actually opened 1st schools for blacks, and did a lot for the black community. On an interesting note look at the history of Democratic Party, they were the confederates, they fought Lincholn after civil war on freeing slaves, they created the KKK, the Jim Crow laws, and now ANtifa. So are they destroying statues to erase their history to make themselves look good?

  27. Our Historic mistakes need to be saved so we have a continual reminder so not to repeat. The Civil War ended Slavery. Then we had the fall out of predudism.

  28. Leave the HISTORY where it BELONGS . . . For ALL to see our “sins” of this nation, so that NONE repeats it. Of course, The Democrats would LOVE to hide THEIR sins, since they have ALWAYS been on the Wrong side of history – hence, the PULLING DOWN of CONFEDERATE Statues. That way, they can CONTINUE in their SLOVENLY ways. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  29. History is never bad or good. History is the past, and the past cannot be changed. History should not be destroyed, but studied. And those idiots who destroy their history will study someone else’s and soon, entire generations will not know who they are and where their roots are.

  30. We can not change our past. But we can learn from it and make our futures better.


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