Police Have Had it with Snowflake Protesters Blubbering Like Children

One police officer’s decision to take things to far has led to the harm and death of many others around the nation. But the ones taking things too far are not the police, but the very protestors themselves. Their claim for justice is no longer believable because their actions have turned violent against anyone that would stand in their way. The continually threaten people with harm and death if they do not get what they want. The protestors are now a bunch of terrorist mobs looking for loot that they can claim as their own.

The nationwide protests have seen over 10,000 people put behind bars because they are not protesting George Floyd, but rather their version of anarchy. Police all around the country have had to pepper spray people and enact curfews to keep the crazy people under control. Law enforcement has had enough of people not obeying the curfews and refusing to follow directions. Nothing about the protests is peaceful which makes them unlawful gatherings. And now the police are resorting to force to put a stop to the unrest.

The media portrays the protestors as a bunch of innocent children out for a Sunday walk. But they are causing a lot of harm and trouble. Sarah Gibson is one person that believes she was mistreated by the police. But through her admission, she has proven to be a person that simply cannot follow instructions. She stated that “The police were there from the jump and literally escorted us the whole march.” The police escorted them because they knew that they would clash with other people or they would start trouble. But she maintains that she was wrongfully detained. But she stated that she was told to leave, which she failed to obey. She would later be cited and sent on her way.

She cried like a baby when she said “The police are instigating everything and they are criminalizing us. Now I have my mugshot taken, my fingerprints taken and my eyes scanned. Now I’m a criminal over an illegal arrest. I want to be heard and I want the police to just abide by basic human decency.” She cries about having a criminal record. But she fails to say that it could have been avoided if she would have left when instructed to do so. The police are not responsible for her actions. They are tasked to enforce peace and Gibson was part of the violence that had to be stopped.

The media takes people like Gibson and turns them into martyrs. The stories are made up that the police use excessive force to stop the violence. But that is exactly what they are supposed to do. They use force to stop violence because without excessive force the violence will continue. These are the kinds of events that liberals love because they can drive home their divisive points of contention that they place between people.

The unlawful and biased Dr. LaToya Bladwin Clark from UCLA stated that “The curfews are a way to give police more power, exactly the opposite of what protesters want. These curfews, like most other ‘law and order’ tactics, will disproportionately impact the very same communities that are protesting against state-sponsored violence and brutality.” She wrongfully believes that the curfews are a way for the police to have more control over people. The curfews are there to keep people safe. There is no need to run through the streets late at night throwing bricks and other things at shop windows.

The media and the Democrats are scanning for anyone that will tell a wild tale of their encounter with law enforcement. Their stories are so full of holes that they are nearly unbelievable. Every single one of them claims to be innocent. But so does every murderer on death row. They all claim to be innocent and victims of police brutality. The real story is that they were illegally protesting unconstitutionally and ended up being arrested for not following the laws of that they are governed by.

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  1. Floyd had meth in his system (which lasts up to 3 days in the system along with effects of meth). He had just done fentanyl (can clearly see him walking funny). He was in the DRIVERS SEAT so was going to drive like that! He didn’t deserve to die. But he’s no angel. The media painted him as such. He’s a multiple time felon (home invasion, held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly). His heart issues, asthma & drugs in his system is what largely contributed to his death. With his robbery past, if this rioting was for someone else, Floyd would be out there joining in and grabbing a bunch of stuff

  2. These protestors in these cities had no issues with curfews during Covid lockdowns. But now they have a problem? These protests and riots have shown the whole country what hypocrites the left and media are. Weeks ago, protesting to wanting to reopen was bad and harmful. But now it’s ok? Funerals weren’t allowed 2 weeks ago or church services. But it’s ok for Floyd?!?!? Governors who urged & ordered people to stay inside, out there protesting. This is going to guarantee Trump a landslide victory

  3. DISGUSTING COMMENT….(and by the way…..I am a southern white woman well over 60 yrs of age.)

  4. Dreamer ! 😉

  5. Blacks are the biggest racist group in this country. If you are not Black move into an all Black neighborhood and see how long you last. A Black family moves into a non-Black neighborhood and for the most part they are welcomed until more Blacks move in then that once nice, peaceful neighborhoods turns into a crime infested hell hole. That’s what Blacks bring. The BIGGEST mistake this country ever made was back in 1865 when they didn’t ship ALL BLACKS back to their place of origin. Just imagine how nice our country would be if we had d one that.

  6. We are all equal …not only black…looter, riot, Antifa need law and order to protect righousness…Trump 2020 …righteous need leader Trump…there is no Trump the world will be destroy not America….the world need Trump

  7. It forgot to take his meds. The psychotic talk is coming out

  8. Democrats/communists/Socialists/fascists/anarchists/jihadists DESTROY EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH!

  9. Commenter Friend: No need to Duh yourself. I know what you meant. It was just a very small texting error. We’ve all done it at times. Thank you for your comments.

    Trump 2020!

  10. F you. WE are all equal . NO MATTER WHAT OUR SKIN COLOR MAY BE.

  11. that supposed to be “SAY” not “DAY” Like duh on my part

  12. You are so right in what you day. Thank you

  13. There should be a “COUNTER PROTEST” People who support the Police and law and order. This insanity needs to stop. That person who was kill by that Police officer was not right but the nut-cases out there has nothing at all too do with him. These are children who have been brain washed by our school systems and the nut bags of the Democratic Party who have a long history of racism.

  14. Your not RIGHT !!

  15. This chaos is orchestrated by billionaire radical leftist and America hater George Soros and his Open Society New World Order co-conspirators—which includes the Democrat Marxist Party headed by Nancy Pelosi and her Congressional thugs and bureaucrats—as they use paid, indoctrinated, leftist protesters to push forward—with the Fake News Media’s help— an unfortunate incident of police brutality into leftist-condoned racial riots, condoned property destruction, physical attacks, looting without punishment for the looters, and the disarming, defunding, and disbanding of police and other law enforcement facilities in Democrat cities and states across America, while allowing terrorists to take over city blocks and then praising them for their acts of terrorism.

    Democrats are desperate to stop the wheels of justice from turning as the Durham investigations near completion and many Democrats are about to be indicted and arrested for treasonous crimes. The chaos they have created as a distraction will not save them. Justice is coming nearer, and so is Election Day. Soros cannot save them. Pandemics cannot save them. Antifa cannot save them. Anarchy cannot save them. The race card cannot save them. Justice is long overdue. Justice is coming.

    God bless America!
    Save our country by voting conservative.
    Trump 2020!

  16. You got that right cuz!!

  17. No, it doesn’t! It turns out that only black life matters, the rest are not needed.

  18. What the heck do you mean by that!!

  19. Couldn’t had said it any better!

  20. Yes some are peaceful but but you have armed people and a barrier! There holding 6 blocks of a city and the feckless governor and mayor Should be recalled for not following the constitution and city, state and federal laws! Occupation with out permission is treason against the American people who believe in peaceful demonstration. These rioters are holding the city at a price and that’s extortion and against the law and the mayor and yellow belly governor would rather insert there personal agenda rather then follow laws set by the people for the people. Not the socialists! The Democratic party wants to change to socialism and the United States of America is a free country not socialist and i’ll be glad to fight for my rights if and when the right time comes if it ever comes? I would much rather keep my constitutional rights with no changes unless it is to the positive benefit to everyone not just too one race but too all citizens! Not illegals! As the Democrats keep ignoring our federal immigration laws among others they ignore! These aren’t leaders if it only takes protesters to scare them! If it doesn’t scare them then there just complicit!

  21. The police are the guarantor of law and order. The police must use force against bandits, rapists and violators of the law. Now Sarah Gibson is crying like a child that she was offended by the police, whose order she refused to follow; but if not for the police, then Sarah Gibson could be in the place of several dozen people killed by bandits, where at that time there was no police. thanks to the police for their dangerous and difficult work.

  22. The media being feartul of saying anything about he looting, rioting, and fire bombing are like a bunch of pansies. And they can kill the unborn with abandon because they can’t say anything so there is no backlash. Talk about fascism in it truest form with the worst form of slavery, abortion they are a bunch of lying creeps. As in that movie “TRUTH, THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

  23. BLM are nothing more then thugs and rioters along with their little White children of ANTIFA. If you put a world’s map in front of most of them they would have no idea where Alaska was at. They are idiots and deserve much pain in their useless lives.

  24. God’s image needs to be good to God’s image. The church made people to not be good to God’s nude image; ending up having people to be good to clothing, flag and money. To heck with people. Step on their neck. It all goes back to people who were supposed to feed God’s sheep.

  25. Little old ladies or old men walking down a street are suddenly BEAT UP by a gang of blacks and we hear NOTHING about the real reason for the assault – racism. Happens every day. Racism goes both ways unless you are a Democrat in which case it only goes one way: Only white people are racists.

  26. couldn’t have said it any better

  27. black thugs don’t matter, they are out for what they can steal, alives matter except for the black thugs.
    that sara gibson needs to be locked up for being where she didn’t belong. these protesters all need to take their asses and get off the streets. it is not about george floyd any more, it is about a bunch of people who are out to see what trouble they can stir up. go the hell home.

  28. Latino, Asian and White lives DON’T MATTER!

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