Old Nuclear Treaty Makes Way for New Policies in Russia

In a desperate act to save his popularity with the people, Vladimir Putin is publicly endorsing a new stance on Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy. What he has essentially done is given himself the power to use nuclear weapons if Russian is ever attacked by a country using conventional means. This means if Russia were to be attacked and their government was at stake, then nuclear weapons could be used to stop the attack.

Putin is trying to appear strong and mighty at a time when his popularity is at an all-time low. This endorsement is his way of proving to his people that he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Russia strong. It is not a matter of defending himself against Americans. It is nothing more than his way of posturing himself in the eyes of his supporters. Some people speculate that this is his way of telling the west that any attack on the military could trigger a nuclear war.

This is nothing new to the world. Russia has for a long time postured with the United States. During the cold war, Russia would make a move and the United States would counter move. And so, it is today. Except Russia does not have the resources they once did since all of their baby nations are now living on their own. Their worries about key American weapons are misplaced. It is their refusal to work with America that has prompted the United States to defend its airways and people with new technology.

The document that Putin is pushing also mentions any attacks on their allies. They could essentially attack in defense of their terrorist friends. For some reason, Russia is concerned about being around in the future. To react in such a way dictates that they are fearful that their country is on the verge of collapse. Or, it is another way that Putin is trying to set himself up as a ruthless dictator.

The Russian document that announced such a position stated that nuclear weapons could be is in the case of “enemy impact on critically important government or military facilities of the Russian Federation, the incapacitation of which could result in the failure of retaliatory action of nuclear forces.” There is no doubt that Russia is scared about the might of the United States military. America has become so strong that the next powerful nation is scared to venture out at night.

The major reason for the tension between the United States and Russia is the push by the Democrats that they meddled in the 2016 election. The Democrats love to stir up trouble to the point of the war. This gives them a reason to take control of various levels of power. They see life and peace as a game worth playing. Except they do not put their lives on the line. But they certainly have no problem if someone else dies.

Russia has also mentioned that they have new technology that would stop incoming missiles. Their hypersonic technology was supposed to be first of its kind. But that has not scared the United States. They continue to defend the oppressed and look for ways to spread freedoms around the world and put a stop to the tyranny of oppressors.

Russia also withdrew from the Nuclear Forces Treaty that dictated what each country could do with their weapons. Right now, there is only one “treaty” still in effect and that limits the number of warheads each country could have. But the treaty is just a paper treaty as each country has enough warheads to destroy the world over and over again.

President Trump has reached out to the Russian people with the hopes of putting together an agreement that works for everyone. But Russia has been hesitant about talking. They have slipped into second place when it comes to technological development and the race to space that is taking place once again. Putin needs to appear powerful and mighty in the eyes of his people. He has the desire to be a dictator for life. And the only way he can do that is to defy all reason and rebel against peace.

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  1. When people focus on Putin association they ignore Bush association with CIA. The Russian people have always been paranoid re foreign agtack. After WW2. Churchill wanted to attack. Russia with allies and German forces and China has been at war with Russia over territorial claims for many years. We actually supplied China anti armor technology so Russia would have to tie up more tanks on China border. Perhaps Russian paranoia should not be surprising. Nuclear weapons have arguable prevented world wars for over 70 years. Having Russia and the USA committed to use of these weapons in defense may not be a bad thing.

  2. When it comes down to “Scary People” America has her own full share ! Most, but not all, sit on the Democrat Party benches.
    Russia has always historically needed leaders perceived as “Strongmen” – that is her nature, but not all of them were or are evil. Vladimir Putin is a classic example with his KGB background, for the Democrat Party to demonise simply to further their own ( evil ) agenda !
    President Trump is one of the few Americans able to project the power of the USA without being deliberately aggressive, and at the same time open to constructive measures for international cooperation. When I look at the Democratic Party of today, I see absolutely none with similar capacities – all are either scaredycats or belligerent idiots – no JFK’s amongst them these days !
    There is no real need to constantly confront Russia on all fronts these days – times have changed. You only have to review Americas’ present choice of “Allies” in the Middle-East to realise that somehow ( mainly in Obamas’ time – he still is regarded with contempt by most Arabic nations ) she has chosen the wrong sides in most of the conflicts ( she is of course not alone in this silliness – the great unwashed EU also sits at the Idiots’ Table ) but times are certainly changing rapidly amongst the Islamically inclined, as their abundant oil dollar income is no longer of the same high value of even a decade ago, and their “religious” demands are not heeded with such fear any longer – this may be misplaced confidence with this species of rattle-snakes though !
    America and Russia CAN work together – but not with the current general media dirtying the water all the time. They ( the General Extremist Socialist Media ) are the real enemies of mankind – no matter which side of the political divide you sit on !

  3. You had better take note of who Russia’s allies are.

  4. The article and the people who have read it aim their comments at Putin. The idea that someone would be willing to destroy anything and everything to maintain their power over the people is interesting and worth studying. But, in your haste to condemn Putin, you are overlooking the worst offenders in the world for doing this-almost any member of the Democrat Party would put Putin’s evil to shame. Putin says he would destroy America to defend his country (ie., maintain his power). Any member of the Democrat Party is also willing to destroy America in an effort to maintain or regain their power. So, you tell me which individual or group is the most evil?

  5. Putin is a scary cat! I think he will do whatever to stay in power and if that means getting into a limited NUKE FIGHT with the U.S.A. so be it. Careful how you walk and talk with this one. On the other hand just think of what could be done on the world stage if RUSSIA and the U.S.A. would work together. Solve a lot of big problems and make both nations stronger in many ways.

  6. I think Putin is a “Fair” man, adamant about his people, wants what we here in America have. I do Not believe he would start a war unless his country was threatened, Animal Lover, can’t be all bad!

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