China: The Silent Con-Artist Has the Entire World Angry

The long history of the Chinese coverup of the coronavirus continues to unravel as more information is leaked out of the communist nation. Their involvement with the World Health Organization to coverup the coming outbreak was a betrayal on all of mankind. The WHO has praised China for its so-called “speed response” to the virus as it decimated the world. But as time moved forward it became apparent that China and the WHO covered up the disease in an attempt to slide out from under the blame that was coming their way.

President Trump saw right through their lies. He pulled WHO’s funding which became a major problem for the highly dependent organization. And now it seems that the WHO is trying to pull away from their communist allies stating that they never got the information that they needed to alert the world of the coming pandemic. The facts remain that the WHO still never said anything to anyone about a new virus that beginning its spread throughout the world.

The Chinese are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people around the world. Their reluctance to be honest with people and tell the truth has been their undoing. But the WHO cannot get out their responsibility to at least alert the world that something bad is coming. The WHO sat in bed with the Chinese for months, watching as people started to die in China and then later on around the world.

The WHO maintains that they did not get the facts from China for several weeks once the outbreak started. But everyone knows that silence means approval. They could have alerted the world to brace for a new wave of sickness. But they failed to speak up, so they approve of the methods that the Chinese adopted to save their reputation.

The lies that have been told to the world killed millions. WHO does not deserve to have the funding from nations that depend on them, to be honest with the world. To deliberately hide information about the virus is to join in the duplicity that China is known for. The Chinese kicked American journalists out of the country because they were reporting the truth about the coronavirus. It was not adding up to the stories that communists were trying to promote through their media outlets.

President Trump was right to accuse the WHO and China as they worked together to hide the truth of the virus. WHO is going to suffer a major loss in the funding of $450 million because of their lies that have led to the death of many around the world. China on the other side of the aisle is vowing to increase its offerings to corrupt WHO organizations. Proving once and for all the WHO and China are behind the outbreak of a deadly virus that has changed the lives of billions of people.

The liberals around the United States certainly do not agree with the president’s actions. They believe that the WHO continue to get money for the United States. But their words are falling on deaf ears because they too are a corrupt political party that seeks to fund criminals around the world. The Democrats love corruption and they have no problem funding people like the WHO that believe it is fine to lie to people even it means their deaths.

The WHO may be trying to distance themselves from China, but they continue to align themselves with them when it comes to money and publicity. Their statements about the timing of the information release and when they became aware of the problem is full of holes. Their story can be dismissed as another Chinese cover story pack full of lies and twisted facts.

President Trump is not going to allow corrupt entities around the world to dictate what happens to the American people. The United States has taken its rightful place as the superpower of the world under his leadership. He will never allow American money to be used in a way to hide the truth from the world like the WHO has done.

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  1. My thoughts exactly! TRUMP 2020!

  2. GOD Bless our wonderful President. I have left word to him several times, that GOD is working thru him. I cannot imagine any human being able to go thru what he has had to with out the help of GOD.
    President Trump was truly chosen by GOD, President Trump is the right man, in the right place, at the right time….Thank GOD! We definitely need him for another four more years to complete cleaning the “Swamp”.

  3. The Democrats are also in bed with the Chinese Communist party. So is WHO. The Communist party always lies. There is no freedom of the press in China. The people cannot speak against their government unless want to be killed or imprisoned. So it is not racism to call them on their lies. Wake up America. Communism is not even a little bit progressive. A totalitarian state is nothing new.

  4. “President Trump is not going to allow corrupt entities around the world to dictate what happens to the American people. The United States has taken its rightful place as the superpower of the world under his leadership. He will never allow American money to be used in a way to hide the truth from the world like the WHO has done.”

    Further proof that President Donald J Trump is GOD’s (YHVH’S) elected President. And as “WE THE PEOPLE” of the United States of America are blessed to have such a strong Christian man to lead this Super Power of Nations is these times of turmoil. We MUST provide GOD with the power that The Christian Republic party needs to rid this nation of the corrupt liberal Democrats. We can see that without even a shred of evidence against it. The liberalist Democrat party is lead by their father Satan. In this 2020 election, the “One Nation Under GOD can show Satan that they will not allow his influence to destroy us. GOD bless this Nation and all the Christians that believe upon Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much, FATHER YHVH. WE LOVE YOU and always will. AMEN

  5. RE: Funding for the WHO
    Funding out of WHAT MONEY?? We are TRILLIONS in debt (so we’re basically broke) so how do we “fund’ non-domestic projects and organizations? With borrowed money?? Another definition of INSANITY??

  6. Dear President Trump,
    Our Creator and Savior’s hand is upon you as you align yourself with His truth and righteousness. He chose you for this very purpose to be the leader of this nation and to remind the forgetful among us that there is only one God and no other upon which glory belongs as well as following His laws because He is the Lawgiver, the Almighty. We are in great need of all the people of this nation getting on their knees and repenting of being independent of the One who gave us all the breath of life. The time is getting shorter, quicker than any other time in history for judgment to come upon our whole world. Act while there still is time!

  7. Damn, I’m glad I swithed from a Dummycrat to the Republican party

  8. President Trump is the only leader I truly trust. He is a patriotic, God-fearing leader who has kept the promises he has made and is working hard—despite unabated and unhinged leftist pushback—to clean up government, clear out all the corrupt, seditious swamp rats, and make America great again.

    An astonishing amount of our tax dollars are wasted and unaccounted for every year—wasted on U.S. support for anti-America pro-Communist Chinese ‘health’ organizations like the WHO, wasted on the anti-America, pro-Communist, corrupt UN, wasted on the U.S. foreign aide poured annually into third world countries that then, secretly and under the table, return a portion of those millions and billions in kickbacks to unscrupulous politicians like Biden, and wasted on all those Soros-funded illegally politicized ‘charities’ that he uses to promote his anti-America schemes and scams while the IRS looks the other way.

    President Trump’s defunding of the WHO is a good start. Next positive step would be defunding and exiting the UN. Arresting Soros and his New World Order cabal buddies and closing down their vast ill-gotten fortunes before they can usher in their Satanic one-world government would be extremely helpful to all of humanity.

    Trump 2020!

  9. re elect president trump anyone else would just be a huge mistake this country doesn’t need.

  10. When WHO praised China for being transparent when China first announced the Wahan Virus is a red flag. Guilty conscience ——
    A Chinese story. Mr. Xi went out of town and he hid his gold in the backyard. He put a note on top saying “there is no gold here”. His neighbor saw the sign and dug up the gold. He put a note on the site saying “ your neighbor did not steal the gold.

  11. TRump Triumphs yet again… He has been right at least 99 percent of the time.. Start listening to him and we will all be in a better place.. He knows what he is doing… how many times do we have to thwart his efforts only to admit he was right all along.. he is a very wise president…

  12. The Chinese have always been sneaky, why would or should trust anything they say. And WHO is a joke as is the UN!!!!
    All these entities want is Americans money to fund their selfishness and corruption. Defund and expell them from the U.S. period.
    And as far as getting money from the damage done by 🇨🇳 China. That’s an easy solution, with all the trade money owed to them should be kept as a partial compensation to the people of the world. Let’s see how their economy survives? Considering the damage they have perpetrated on the world

  13. The money the US usually gives to WHO can be used to help the medical community for the expenses they incurred.

  14. Great Job, Donald Trump!!

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