Cuomo Puts ICE on Ice in Haneous Attempt to Protect Illegals…Puts Law Enforcement Lives in Danger

As of late, New York appears to be drawing up defection plans as they decide what to call their newly formed country. They can’t attract enough crime by following stupid Federal laws, or by allowing those evil and pesky ICE agents to interfere with the lives of their overly abundant illegal population. The same ones who are bankrupting the state by lining up for freebies at the expense of law-abiding legal American taxpayers. No. We wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we? Hmmm… What will they call this new land of no opportunity, ghettos, gangs, rats, crime, and illegals?

We’re talking about what NY refers to as their mind-boggling “Green Light Law.” It isn’t Federal by any means, nor will it ever be allowed to become that way. New York owns it lock, stock, and barrel. But despite the fact the law has always been considered atrocious and counter-productive to national efforts and has received widespread criticism, this horrible, ludicrous, and utterly ridiculous law, has just had another measure of only the finest of stupidity stirred into the absurd and potentially volatile mixture.

In a nutshell, this is what “The Green Light Law states, and if you are not already familiar with its content, strap yourself in and prepare to blow a fuse, or in light of modern times, your breaker’s about to flip. The main difference between New York’s immigration stance versus other states is that it forbids their DMV from releasing any information whatsoever on any NY legally licensed driver, regardless of their legal status to even be in this country in the first place. Ain’t that a pisser… But wait. There’s more…

As if the law wasn’t already indirect interference with what President Trump is attempting to achieve, which is clearing America’s streets of unwanted crime committing illegals, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is facing scrutiny over his atrocious handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic, resulting in the nursing home deaths of up to 10,000 people, decided the law did not cater well enough to his states non-citizens.

Cuomo, in his infinite lack of any reasonable wisdom, determined the penalty to not be nearly harsh enough for willfully violating his unconstitutional law, so it now carries the penalty of a Class-E Felony which is subject to up to 15-years in the slammer, a $50.00 fine, or both. Since all eyes in Washington are on watching matter this matter closely. it can only be assumed that the first person for this violation will receive a full presidential pardon as a patriotic slap in Cuomo’s face.

The amendment to laws goes on to state how any person who is arrested for passing out any personal and private information is subject by the law to reveal the identities of all parties involved. A loose interpretation of the law would be, anyone in direct violation is going to be forced to sing like a canary as they rat out federal agents. Let’s call it what it is.

Acting ICE Director, Matt Albence had this to say, “Somehow the state of New York took a bad law, doubled down and made it worse by now criminalizing essential information sharing that is critical to effective law enforcement.” “In New York, we’ve been frozen out now and now you can’t even share from cop to cop, so it’s incredibly dangerous,” Governor Cuomo has singlehandedly placed every New Yorkers’ lives, and the lives of its many, many, visitor, in grave jeopardy. Why did he do this? The answer is simple. To offer a shield to those residents who would be immediately deported if caught. Criminals of every sort. Nice guy, huh?

New York has taken an incredibly strong position in terms of protecting its huge illegal population of misfits, with no before or afterthought given to the safety of its many residents who are fully within their rights to live in the state and they can show you their tax returns as undeniable proof of the matter. But there is another thing Andrew Cuomo failed to consider. When the law was amended, not only was the DMV affected, but it added the same penalty for any law enforcement agency or agent who dares to share information.

Albence is highly frustrated beyond any of the frustration he may have previously felt, and body-slammed Cuomo with these words, “Public safety is giving your law enforcement officers that work in your state that keep your communities safe every single tool they need to do their job safely and effectively, and this does the exact opposite of that.” “They have a right to go home safe at the end of the day after they’ve served their communities and their country.”

We could not have said it better, Mr. Albence.

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  2. cuomo has destroyed the state of NY. not a penny of my tax dollars should go there. let him raise taxes in ny. maybe the good people will get tired of the high taxes and will realize what a cesspool they live in and get out of ny. leave the illegals behind. they can play with cuomo, deblasio, nadler, loud mouth chuckie and aoc. now that’s a party


  4. Elected for his name, not his brain, obviously.

  5. No chance at all for Bailout for any state or cities with sanctuary laws !!! You don’t follow Federal Law do not expect Federal money
    plan and simple !!!c

  6. tell us how you really feel

  7. LOL… are things the same in crapafornia and schittcago ? Just wondering as I am planning on touring the riot capitals of the USA to see if there maybe any leftover fire sale bargains.. or some ignorant hos that showed up for the party and forgot how to get home again..

  8. This man should be removed from office and sent to Mexico to live with the Drug runners.

    He definitely has something missing in his head to do this and put all of us Americans in danger.

    What does he think ICE stands for? This man is one sick puppy and someone better find him some
    strong worm medicine because his mind needs a good clean out–maybe they should call Rotto-Rooter and work from the bottom up to make sure they don’t miss anything?????

  9. Can’t fix stupid and he sure is stupid his day is coming and soon I bet.

  10. COMO is a communist governor ” STUPIDITY ” is agenda ! you people in new york better wake up and get rid of this chicken she_ before he gets all of you killed. this guy has a horrible mental problem.

  11. It’s amazing how right on the old movie, Escape from New York City was. The way things are going and the way the ignorant and stupid liberal Communists in New York California Colorado and across the United States of America It would be good for Trump to declare Martial Law in New York and make it the place all high criminals are sent after conviction. Put that escape proof 50′ wall around it, and put a 1000′ free fire kill zone all around the inside of the wall. Get the picture. Also, consider throwing all the liberal Communists in there too. This way New York City would finally be worth something.

    Now that’s a good thought.

  12. Who keeps voting for these worthless pieces of festering liberal SHIT like NY’s bozo coumo, CA’s gruesome newsom and MI’s shit faced whitmer? To those clueless idiots who keep these thieves and liars who do who do absolutely nothing for you in office for the residents of the respective states these worthless bozos run, shame on you!

  13. thank you. very well said. abraham lincolny said that “when american falls, it will fall from within, because of good but apathetic people. wake up. SAVE YOUR COUNTRY. call special elections and get rid of gov cuomo—and he can take his stupid brother with him. jerk doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together.

  14. perfect. thank you.

  15. cuomo should be sued by every family that lost a senior loved on in a nursing home in new your. he literally signed those poor people’s death warrants. he “fiddles” while new york burns. and debalzio is just as bad.

  16. no federal bailout money–regardless. they’ve done the to themselves and continue do it. their citizens can call special elections and vote them out. i really would be quite happy if new york and california seceded from the union.

  17. The Cuomo Family has always been and will be communist. There daddy closed all the mental health facilities and many died on the streets while many are in prison for the CUOMO DISEASE of IGNORANCE. This phony governor and his lying brother on CNN have no idea how much they are hated by the Citizens of N.Y.S. I am so sorry that this bum is governor of where I live. Andrew Cuomo is the one who coined the phrase ,when his sorry ass dad ran for mayor of NYC, Vote for Cuomo Not the Homh refering to Ed Koch who kicked Cuomo’s butt in the primary. Never forget that the DEMOCRATIC GOVERNORS, SENATORS, HOUSE Members and state and local leaders DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA, they want socialism/communism. Obama and his cronies are the proof. Stand Tall for the USA

  18. It’s the Cities that vote for this Slime bag. The rest of the State hates him.

  19. This Dope is high on himself.

  20. Cuomo is guilty of

    A) Obstruction Of Justice

    B) 18 U.S.C. ~ 2381 – Treason

    C) 18 U.S.C. ~ 2385 – Sedition

    D) 8 U.S.C. ~ 1324 – Bringing In Illegal Immigrants

    E) 8 U.S.C. 1325 – Helping and Sheltering Illegal Immigrants

    F) Aiding and Abetting Criminals in the act of Committing A Crime

    G) Violating His Oath Of Office to Uphold and Protect The Constitution Of The United States

    H) 18 U.S.C. ~1951 – Interference With Commerce By Threats Or Violence

    He must be immediately arrested by U.S. Marshals and jailed, then put on trial.

  21. This old longtime Democrat walked away from the party that left me.

  22. simply put, this guy is a moron. normal americans will continue to leave ny, resulting in less taxpayer monies, put more strain on the rest of new yorkers. cuomo will continue to cry and cry for more bail out money

  23. Cuomo is missing a brain he’s an empty headed fool… What a joke he is how did he ever get voted into office!!!! AMERICA WAKE THE HELL UP YOU’RE BEING HAD!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. The 2020 Socialist Commuist Democratic Party at work against the American people.
    Death to America, death to the encomy. Open borders. FREE STUFF for ILLEGALS.

  25. This guy is a total worthless idiot and should be thrown out of the government immediately and permanently!

  26. NY, ILL., NJ, Ca., Mn. are all run by socialist fascist Dem idiots. They blamed Wuhan ,riots, closed borders, insulting China and yet Trump did right , ended China flights and gave respon. to local mayors, state guvs to deal with not only Wuhan but …these type of riots. Not one Blue state has done right for their black, white, brown, Asian legal citizens. Too busy to deal with real issues so they propagandize and allow MSM allies to smear our cops, mil., Trump and GOP. That is what infuriates me and my family.

  27. This guy has got to be on dope.?

  28. I am not a New Yorker but if I was I would move,I would not live in a sanctuary city or state‼️

  29. Shut down ALL federal assistance for the state. Then let the people get rid of him before beginning talks to resume relations.

  30. I say whoppppiiii Take Fredo up to Danamora for 6 months for interfering with National laws. End of story just do it. You Republicans keep quoting the law but don`t back it up. You are just as guilty as they are and this worries me.

  31. I say let all the good legals move out and give NY to the illegals and criminals. Then built a 50 ft wall and let them try to Escape from NY. Let’s see how he provides and feeds his illegals then. Put Ca and Co and all other sanctuary states in it. If illegals want to come here , that’s where they go. I bet you there will be an about-face on illegals breaking in when they’re not getting free stuff. There will be a massive riot if NY is given any of our money. Note to police: move and stop protecting his ass. Let the good citizens have at him.

  32. No way shape or form is this good for American citizens who he has sworn to protect. Like the ones he put the hit on in retirement homes and is trying to blame everybody else. Poor N.Y. if they think he is a winner they are most to be pitteyed.Just look at what he’s done with coronavirus, 10,000 dead seniors, main cause of spreading it to NJ,MA,CONN, by means of not restricting subway passengers, also spreading it throughout the rest of our country and the world by what he didn’t do regarding the air travel out of N.Y. He was too busy blaming TRUMP for this mess. I hope they don’t call that being a winner.Now they think this deal with the DMV is going to be good for American citizens in NY. Poor N.Y.

  33. And us good niggas ain’t votin for Bidumbass. We’s votin Trump. Trump is da man, mafuckas. That Bidumbass cocksuckaa got lots of sheet for brains. Yay for us good niggas!!! And Ilhan Omar is a dirty cocksucker with shit for brains.

  34. he is not for Americans he has shown it in the past….kill older Americans in rest homes to help pay for illegals

  35. You stupid enough to protect Illegal criminals then I say no Federal bailout money , absolutely not !!! Don’t care how much you cry !!!

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