Hilarious! Whitmer Admits Trump is in Her Head

You would think, given the recent and drastic measures the Democratic governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer has taken with her state’s residents, that she cares little for what other government heads, including President Trump, have to say. However, that isn’t entirely the case. In fact, she just admitted that the President is very much always in her mind.

When recently speaking with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond for “Axios on HBO,” the draconian leader admitted that Trump has so much power over her that she always second-guesses herself, her actions, and her words. For her, the fear is that she will do or say something that he won’t agree or like and, therefore, restrict further funding to her state.

McCammond, during the interview, asked Whitmer what her relationship with the President was like. She asked, “Do you feel like when you’re talking about the president publicly, you have to censor yourself for the sake of continuing to receive federal assistance?”

Whitmer responded with a very positive, “Yes.”

She was then asked if she had always felt that way.

To which Whitmer replied, “Listen, the worst night sleep that I’ve gotten in the last 10 weeks is when he has attacked me on Twitter.”

Now, it’s evident by the wording used here the two women are trying to imply there is reason to fear our commander in chief, almost as though he is holding them hostage to some degree and not allowing them to act, say, or even think what they want.

But in doing so, Whitmer has essentially admitted that he might be the only person who can get her to do what is right for her state and its occupants.

No other state has taken quite the drastic measures that Michigan has during the coronavirus pandemic.

While being a little late to jump on the bandwagon, Whitmer has since imposed laws and regulations that are literally starving her constituents and stripping them of their constitutional rights.

Along with the usual type of stay at home orders, Whitmer ordered all flooring, paint, and garden centers to close. Residents couldn’t travel to their vacation homes, let alone across the street to the neighbors for a cup of sugar.

And while many states have begun a slow process of opening their economy and businesses back up, Whitmer has essentially said that nothing would change in Michigan until a vaccine was found and available. In fact, she hasn’t given her residents even the slightest indication of when or how the process of reopening would go.

As a result, she has garnered much criticism, with protests being held in the streets outside her Lansing office and case after case of business owners defying her orders just to get food on their tables.

And with American citizens drowning in debt and forced to endure months and months of no income, President Trump has taken notice and called Whitmer out a few times. In April, he tweeted, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

In early May, he told the nation and the world that the governor needed to “give a little, and put out the fire.” Trump incited that she “make a deal” with her citizens and begin the process of giving them their “lives back again, safely!”

He also criticized her support of the vote-by-mail idea that is taking over the nation, saying that her sending out of absentee ballot applications was done “illegally and without authorization.” And much to her fear, he did threaten to suspend the federal assistance she is so worried about losing.

And while it is unlikely that Trump would make the citizens of Michigan suffer for their leader’s poor decisions, his words, as she admitted to McCammond, have much weight to them. Never before has an American president been able to throw aside the usual constraints of politics and still be able to get things done for the nation.

Whitmer and her Democratic cohorts know this and understand that Trump will and can hold them accountable for their actions.

Can you imagine what kind of restraints Whitmer would have put in place in her state if Trump wasn’t our President? With no one to get under her skin or in her head, she would be even more the draconian empress she already strives to be.

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  1. In New Mexico the Democrat Governor opened up a locked down jewelry store so she could shop, all during the covid-19 stay at home orders, why is it OK for certain ones to break the rules? Just like the Michigan story..

  2. And she does not follow her own rules either. It seems in the dim wit governors and mayors of women all break the rules. She and her hubby went boating when no one else could. ETC.!! Rules for some, none for others and apparently dim wit women governors and mayors, the no rules for them applies to them and rules for those they RULE are to be enforced in their pea brains. Vote em out or recall them. Both works for patriots.

  3. I guess my question is, “Who voted her in?” Hey Michigan, get together and VOTE HER OUT ASAP!!!

  4. That is what helps her sleep, knowing her POWER is working on us peons.

  5. She tried to play this off as a joke-think again, hubby tried a second resource to put his boat in the water. This lying bitch needs to be removed. She is a Nazi democrat.

  6. Isn’t it amazing that we vote for someone we have a little hope in and once elected they just sit in their new offices and take in their new found wages, and do absolutely nothing for the people in their State. Then they proceed to tell us where and when we can take a shit. These low life dictators need to be hung by their thumbs and run out of office. Time to stop making millionaires out of these complete Socialist who are trying to take over America. Get rid of her.

  7. Omg ! Get a fucking life. We are fine. The most dangerous and contagious disease is HIV. Do you think we should put all HIV infected people in prison. Next is the Flu. Should we quarantine anyone who gets the flu in prison also. Whitner is nothing but a power hungry Bitch. She is not helping in any way shape or form. She is personally responsible for destroying people’s lives and incomes. All people in her state should congregate at the state capital and demand she be removed before she does more damage.

  8. whitmer is bringing down michigan small business(and every person with responsibility) they . are loosing there asses, would like to see her give up her income to see what it feels like of course that wont happen.she can not think that way she still gets paid anyway,so 1 sided she needs to come down to our level ,no money for car insurance,house/rent payment,food or children just keep it up governors we the people can not survive this way go hide it is coming look out!!!!!

  9. Whitmer you’re a liar!!!!! I will not vote for your sneaky BS!! Blaming everybody for your ineptness and inexperience. Those sunglasses do not look good on you!!! Grow up !!!

  10. Whitmer just proved she is a Social/ Nazi Dictator, She needs to be recalled before really ruining her state with Socialism.

  11. From her statement that she can’t sleep after a Trump Tweet further shows a concerted effort by the left to get President Trump banned from Twitter.

  12. Sounds like Illinois. Just don’t learn anything Keep repeating the same bad habits and listening to dems promises that are never kept

  13. She’s intoxicated by the new-found power she has with little discipline or intelligence to govern fairly and impartially.

  14. ONLY a liberal imbecile supports a power hungry dictator. Governor Gretchen Whitmer LOVES power and she lacks the wisdom and discipline to rule fairly. This WILL be her undoing. She’s a typical leftist – “Do as I say, not as I do”.

  15. Your the idiot for standing up for the idiot gov she loves you so much she wants to take all your rights away if you want to stay in your house stay if I want to go out in the garden and get fresh air that should be my right not according to the governor

  16. All you idiots putting down Gov. Whitmer you need to rethink your views. I think she’s doing a great job trying to protect the citizens of Mi. If your president is in her head she’s probably wondering why so many idiots are supporting him. She should allow the idiots that want to be exposed to the virus do them and the rest of the population do what is necessary to protect ourselves.

  17. At least something is in her head.

  18. Whitmer has just proved what a dumb shit she is! This psycho woman has to go!

  19. I live here in Michigan, and I say… RELEASE US.!!! Look @ the stats’ on the other pandemics: Asian Flu 1957-1958,1.1 Million DEATHS WORLDWIDE, H3N2 Pandemic, 1968, 1 Million DEATHS WORLDWIDE, H1N1 Swine Flu, 2009- 2010, 575,400 DEATHS WORLDWIDE.!!!! We sure didn’t Shut the country or States down,why now.? I know, it’s all scare tactics and Politics, this is a joke, do I hear NWO in the background.? I had this COVID-19 back in February, for 2 weeks, treated it like any other flu or cold, AND I AM ALIVE.!!! how bout’ that.!!! RUN CHICKEN LITTLE…RRUUNN.!! Semper Fi.,GI.!!!

  20. Can’t run your motorboat in Mi. Unless your Name is Whitmer and you are at your little cottage in the north of the state, AND, cut in line at the launching ramp. When called out on it, her old man said, “I’m her husband.”

  21. Stinkfinger joe has his hand in hers!

  22. I agree 100% .

  23. Well, the dumb stupid hag has actually got something in her head besides air.

  24. Think she has her head in biden’s shorts.

  25. You would think that every night is her worst night’s sleep, I mean considering that she is killing the people of Michigan.

  26. WHEN WITH MOST PEOPLE… PRESIDENT TRUMP IS IN THEIR HEARTS … may be she should get off the KKK train

  27. Step down, step down, step down, mad gal – along with Nancy Pelosi. Our nation would be in one major mess if you both were in charge! Boo hiss!

  28. Why Michigan voters chose such an anti-Michigan dragon lady to be their governor is beyond my understanding. She’s a radically domineering, my-way-or-the-highway bully who has only backed down from her foolishness when President Trump has threatened to withhold federal funds from her beleaguered state — and SHE’s the main cause of her constituents’ beleaguered status. The pandemic made her power-mad. You picked her, Michigan. If you re-elect her after the way you’ve been treated by that evil witch, you will have only yourselves to blame for the misery she inflicts on you.

  29. Since President Trump is in her head maybe she will use some of his common sense and stop being a dictator

  30. Whitmer wants to give Trump a blowjob. It’s in her wet dreams. She is such a fantastic whore. We love all of the blowjobs that she gives us nigga boys.

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