Cuomo Cries Over Unemployment Claims – Blames Citizens

Governor Cuomo was almost in tears when he found out that his state has more than 2 million people receiving over $10 billion in benefits. This is four times more than what was paid out this time last year. He is not crying and complaining about the people being out of work, but rather the money that he no longer gets to be in charge of as governor. He is only getting what he deserves from all the closures that he forced down the throats of people that wanted and needed to work.

Cuomo was against opening the state so people could work and get on with their lives. He was so scared of the virus that he was unwilling to loosen his hold on the state. But now that things have come full circle, he is getting what his socialist control has done to the state. There are millions out of work and having to claim a massive amount of benefits. At some point, he is going to have to let people get on with their lives even though there is a virus in the air.

The spike in claims is directly related to the closures that Cuomo put in place. The day he told people to stay home started the clock for the increase in jobless claims. The Labor Department has reported that 1.6 billion claims have been made through April 25. His state only constitutes a fraction of what is happening all over the country.

The report for New York stated that “1,194,933 people who filed for unemployment before April 22 have received their payments. 7,580 additional claims are missing information and cannot be processed and another 15,831 are going through final processing that includes a check for fraud and identity theft. The state has processed another 20,801 claims but hasn’t released those benefits because individuals haven’t submitted federally mandated weekly certifications.” These numbers have made Cuomo cry like a big baby.

What really takes the country by surprise is that Cuomo does not want people to know that he allowed outside companies to be hired to facilitate the payment of benefits. He should have used it in-state people and put New Yorkers to work before anyone else. Robert Mujica who is the NYS Budget Director stated that “Those contractors hired almost all New Yorkers. There is a case where one contractor hired some out-of-state workers. Our priority at the time is, and still is, getting as many people to work on those claims and get the claims out and delivered for all those who filed unemployment claims.”

This announcement really took Republicans by surprise because the Democrats are trying to keep their selfish agendas hidden from them. Republican Senator Robert Ortt stated that “It is obvious why they went to other states because they can pay these people less money. With the number of people who have not received a dime from the unemployment benefits they are owned, maybe they can go to work and help other people resolve their claims.” But Cuomo wanted to save money for his own purposes and not pay his own people that voted for him.

Ortt is not at all impressed with the Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon who has tried to smooth over the numbers and hide the fact that cheap Cuomo hired cheaper outside help. Ortt would go on to state that “If I were the governor, I would certainly ask for her resignation and ask her to step aside.” There needs to be a call for Cuomo’s resignation for trying to kill the elderly and hide the facts of the hiring of people administrate payments.

Mujica would go on the defense and say that “One hundred percent of our full-time employees are New York State workers. The vast majority of private contractors are using NYS employees. One contractor did some subcontracting, but our priority is, and was, getting those monies out as quickly as possible.” The Democrats in positions of authority do not think completely through their actions. Cuomo is having a hard time dealing with the consequences of his past terrible choices.

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  1. If you look at the south end of a northbound mule and expect to see something different, that is your problem.

  2. I agree 100% with you!! Will it happen I doubt that!!!

  3. Cuomo the Liberal?Dumborat!!!!! He needs help crossing the damn Street!!!!! All he does is point his finger !! WHAT A LOSER!!!

  4. ROFLMDAO!!!! You are so right!!!!!

  5. I would sue Andrew wrongful death lawsuit for his selfish governorship mandate forcing senior living residencies to take COVID contaminated patients if my parent lost their life due to the governor’s asinine edict. I think he watched the “God Father” one time too many. He’s gotta go!!!
    P.S. No bailout from the Red states. End the sanctuary status, quit letting criminals free and take a pay cut. Budget NY like basic family budgeting.

  6. Everyone needs to wear a mask with “Trump 2020” right out and in your face.
    The demonRATS will demand removal of masks.

  7. Cuomo is a no good person who blame others for his mistake, get a life and grow up!!! You did wrong putting people in the nursing home and many are killed!! Also, your Dem. party is way off Ridge the election, again get Trump out in 2020, Whats wrong with you people? We American want a fair game honest and working for us not taking and not working is bade for our country.

  8. Why didn`t anyone in New York stop this big mouth? His entire cabal needs to be put behind bars. Anyone with half a brain would agree you don`t put a pandemic in a nursing home. This was a mother of all crimes and you New Yorker`s let them get away with it.

  9. Hopefully this national shutdown will be the wake up call and the end of the ‘dumbocraps’ forever. If this isn’t a wake up call for serious action, someone with at least half a brain (this leaves out liberals and the people who still vote for them as they have shown time and time again they’re brainless) explain to me and the American people just what more can this country take from these traitors? Really do people have to have a ton of rocks fall on them to realize these buffoons only care about themselves and nothing for America and the American people they’re supposed to represent and work for and bottom line, don’t really give a rats ripe ass about America and the American people. As if the stalling of the ‘financial relief’ checks wasn’t a clue as to their feelings and attitude, you need to get your heads out of your asses, stop smelling the SHIT, wake up and get with the program. BTW: who keeps voting and reelecting this traitorous liberal anti American trash? And for those who still are in the fence about the liberals and their plans for America, take a good look at New York and California for ‘as real as liberalism or progressivism gets’. And for a real shock, take a close look and smell at San Francisco, the former ‘jewel of California’ that’s now the new ‘doo-doo’ capital of the USA. I’ll eave this up to your imagination.

  10. Wait until he cries at the UNEMPLOYMENT office HIMSELF when NY gives him the BOOT! . . . Hopefully these New Yorkers will WAKE UP this time during the 2020 ELECTION. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. Democrats always blame others for their faults or what they, the democrats, did that caused problems.

  12. Actually if it were not for the imbalance of NYC and Albany voters in the state, New York could be a very close Conservative state. Unfortunately the NYC and Albany vote basically overrides the votes of the rest of the state. Make NYC an independent state and see how fast the balance of power shifts.

  13. He could be one of the biggest losers I’ve ever seen. Wont take any blame on the way he let seniors die, blamed everything on Trump. Truly a pathetic little man.

  14. Still think Fredo1 should be charged with manslaughter for his orders to return covid-19 patients back to nursing home when he knew those people living there were most vulnerable to catching the virus.

  15. The two Cuomo brothers pardon the language are shit heads

  16. Both Fredos are liars and cry babies! It’s hard to say which one is more pathetic! But I’ll go with Fredo 1/Chris! What a cretin! Of course Fredo 2 is going to have a hard time explaining how he killed off 6000 seniors at his nursing home fiasco! He will cry and rave and then try to blame the President! A real pair of morons!

  17. Governor Cuomo is a Deep State knucklehead, same as his Communist News Network brother Chris. New York had better turn conservative red before it’s completely wrecked by liberal politicians in league with the anti-America New World Order Socialist cabal. Or is remaining liberal blue so important to New Yorkers that they’re never going to turn conservative no matter how often their liberal governors mess up?

  18. Maybe cnn will bail him out. Lol

  19. Amen to that…..Liberals always cry and blame someone else for their sins…..


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