Trump Slams Fox News; Littered with ‘Garbage’

The Fox News Agency used to be a media outlet that people would turn to for the truth about what was going on. But now the president is singing a different tune because they have resorted to reporting news that is “doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd.” The news center has for a long time been associated with conservative values. They have told the truth about the lies of the Democrats and challenged the status quo that other media outlets push.

Fox News has fallen into the liberal trap that requires people to criticize the president. The Democrats and liberals can only speak out about what the president does at this point. They have exhausted their arsenal of attacks to the point that the president is proving to be unbeatable. But now it seems that the liberals are wearing down Fox News to the point that they too are liberal in their approach and reporting of the news.

President Trump blasted Fox by stating that “Many will disagree, but @FoxNews is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd. Sure, there are some truly GREAT people on Fox, but you also have some real “garbage” littered all over the network, people like Dummy Juan Williams, Schumerite Chris…” Conservatives need to have their news outlets working for them like the Democrats do. There has to be a balance at telling the truth rather than perpetuating the lies of the Democrats.

The president pointed out that Fox repeated what all the other bad media centers were saying about the Democrats. He stated again that “All of the good is totally nullified, and more. Net Result = BAD! CNN & MSDNC are all in for the Do-Nothing Democrats! Fox WAS Great!” What was once praised as a fair and unbiased news center has proven itself unreliable when it mattered the most. As Fox News changed the hands of management it became apparent that the confrontational approach was going to change. And that is what has led to their downslide. President Trump pointed that out when he said Fox “is no longer the same. We miss the great Roger Ailes.” Ailes was known for going after the truth and not caring what the crazy liberals thought about him.

Lashing back at president Neil Cavuto wrongfully attacks the president when he stated “First of all, Mr. President, we don’t work for you. I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you, just report on you. Call balls and strikes on you. My job, Mr. President, our job here, is to keep the scores, not settle scores.” Cavuto sounds like he is being paid by the Democrats to attack the president. This would not be the first time that the Democrats got someone on the inside to do their evil bidding.

The entire liberal media seeks to get their Democratic favorites elected. So, there is no shame in having the conservative news station work in favor of Republican values. To be a Republican is to be known as a conservative. Fox News is the only outlet that the president trusts to get things right. He once praised them for their efforts to hold to the truth and real conservative American values.

For some reason some in the agency like to slip to the left and praise the liberals for their satanic agenda and policies. Fox needs to be careful not to be taken over by the liberal circus. They should make sure not to fall into the Democratic snare of being controlled by them.

President Trump is the greatest president that has sat in the White House in many years. He has challenged and broken up the standard path that most presidents have walked behind each other. The path that President Trump is walking is based on American values and the preservation of life. He does not stand against America; he stands with Americans. This is something that the Democrats refuse to do as they want to stand with the criminals and illegals flooding into the country.

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  1. President Trump is the best president ever. I always liked watching The Five and I don’t mind that Fox is fair and balance having Juan on the panel but he is off the rails and I turn off Fox when that Donna Brazile is a guest speaker. Remember how she gave Crooked Hillary all the debate question to her…shows me Hillary’s not too smart if she needs that kind of help and President made minced meat out of her. My favorites at Fox are Greg, Love Jesse, Laura and naturally Sean. I like the morning crew too as well as Maria , Judge , The Great one, Levin , Tucker and others . Never cared for Wallace or Cavuto. I was very disappointed with Paul Ryan, he did nothing. However, my advise to my President would be stick to your plans to keep America great and save and I would not answer those dumb questions the fake news reporters ask…I’m too busy trying to fix the mess left me by Obama Administration I don’t have time for stupid so called reporters who will only report half a story and twist facts. God Bless our wonderful president and his administration and kick out all those Obama hold overs.

  2. I agree re hydro, it has been used safely. I will only watch Fox News !

  3. I agree with you They are the only ones worth watching anymore

  4. You are a moron, people do not have their heads up Trump’s ass, you have your head up the Democrats ass though. Fox has not spent one segment on TV lying for Trump, they simply report the truth of which goes in favor of Trump most o the time. We all know where all the lies come from, the Democratic party, you need to stop fooling yourself moron and get on the right side.

  5. I doubt Your conclusion.

  6. The KIDS at FOX need an enema to rid Themselves of the parasite infection that is destroying that once great news authority—rust does not sleep–it just keeps eating away.

  7. After the attacks by Our Own Government on President Trump, He should be granted a Third Term to address the things He should have been able to accomplish–had the SWAMP been drained of all the monsters by the end of 2017.==2020 and the monsters are still there being supported by the FAKE NEWS—now including FOX.

  8. George (sorry arse) is a disgrace to his Own Race.

  9. Hitler, like stalin stated that TRUTH is meaningless; but, control of all media is all that counts—-thus shutting down the voice of the church became paramount in the past when the Internal Revenue was use to attack Churches that balked at Democrat lies. AWAKE!

  10. Sad ; but, true, FOX has lost it’s compass.

  11. Wake up, fool—90% of America’s media is in the hands of Six Groups of investors—with but One bent.

  12. Sickening what the Children have done to FOX.

  13. The KIDS have destroyed what Their father built–sad, very sad indeed.

  14. it has been very sad to watch the KIDS destroy FOX. Silly little (what They really have made Themselves) bastards.

  15. Fox is going Left because Paul Ryan is on the board of trustees. He hates Trump, so Fox News’ agenda is to seek and destroy while supporting the Dems. Too bad..There should be another TV network that takes over as the premier Conservative news network, but who would set this up? Will it be Trump or another entity? Let’s hope it happens soon.

  16. ive always thought neil cavuto was a commie democrat , i guess his true colors are finally coming out !! But trump is right ! fox news has gone to the democrats , which is very clear sense new management showed up ! some of their commentators are still truthful and honest. Tucker , hannity , ingles and waters and judge Janine come to mind . but the rest have gone to the dark side !! the above named commentators are still A+ in my book and ill will continue to l watch them every night as long as they work there! FOX NEWS BETTER WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SHI_ THAT THAY HAVE THEIR FACE STUCK IN !!!

  17. Don’t you idiots find it funny that everybody lies except trump. WAKE THE FUCK UP don’t make a career out of STUPID

  18. Did you forget trump lost the popular vote by 3 000 000 votes if it wasn’t for Russian interference and lies it would have a lot more

  19. For better lies

  20. You need to get some mental health help what you posted is very disturbing. Typical Republican

  21. You are a sick M F er And how do you know she has Botox in her ass.

  22. Well help yourself moron and while you are at it have a big glass of Clorox trump says it mite help

  23. Just more Raceism from Trump!

  24. You have to stopping swallowing the botox from Nancy’s Ass



  27. Thankyou So Very True

  28. you suck & you are stupid besides – I can’t continue without sounding like most retarded liberals

  29. No such thing as a good democrat – they are all to stupid to pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel, there are only 2 ways to reward a democrat/liberal #1 a long prison sentence #2 lethal injection

  30. You are a total jerkoff you would probably give it up for cavuto or wallace. mike wallace was a real asshole & so is his son. cavuto is a lefty asshole also – they should go to cnn or msnbc where people would believe their bs.


  32. Neil Cavuto may not work for the President but with his utterly uncalled for defense of all the leftist lunacy and obstruction of the MAGA agenda which has served ALL American CITIZENS well. and which was promising to do even more for us until the Chinese Virus was unleashed on an unsuspecting and ill prepared world, he should NOT be considered a journalist at all. There is litlle Integrity or professionalism in the mass media today and frauds like Chris Wallace, Cavuto and Donna Brazile, who may soon find herself under indictement as Wasser,an-Schultx’s replacement ashhead of the DNC if investigation ongoing involves her with the Dep State Cabal of the Obama Administration to derail the 2016 election and assure a constinuance of the disastrous “Obama Legacy,”. Fox News by allowing the lies of these people to voice more “fake news,” and align itself with the lunatic and Marxist oriented left is doing itself no favors with REAL AMERICANS, Constitutiinaly Loyal and Rule of Law adherent, who despise the rioting in the name of victimized George Floyd and using it to excuse looting and burning of 170 businesses and private property in Minneapolis and elsehwere is NOT a lawful protest, but acts of terror and peaceful ptotest is NEVER identified with the destruction endemic to every mass meeting where Antifa , BLM, CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood or oththers of Doubtful and very questionable loyalty to the Constitutional Republican form of government, not just this President though duly elected, should not be forgotten come November, and all those allowing these injustices to continue need to answer for it , be held BOTH responsible and accountable for it and removed from elective office both now and in the future to slow or end the repeats of such unaccetable and potetially lethaI behavior to ALL American Citizens, period. If you value individual liberties, personal choices , private property, fair elections and the future of YOUR children in near future America yet to be determined; NEVER VOTE FOR A PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT AS THEY ARE BY THEIR ACTIONS AND EVERY THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED, THE ENEMY WITHIN!Conversely, NEVER listen or heed reports by New World Order advocating cretins like Cavuto and company, as there is NOTHING AMERICAN ABOUT ANY OF THEM!

  33. Thank goodness the Left Media people have set a powerfully professional example of how to report without lies, without sensationalism, without prejudice, and with delusion, hallucination, oppositional defiance and fear…..BEWARE for our country needs PATRIOTS who will move us forward with Courage , Honor, Compassion , and Transparency.
    Let me know if you can find a Democrat who can help us with this. We will continue to hope…and pray.

  34. I can also no longer watch Cavuto or Wallace and it is not because they show both sides of a story (because they no longer do ) it is because they do not give all the facts. It is fine if they disagree with some things the President does (we know they are Rhinos/ liberals in hiding) but at least before they would show both sides but unfortunately their dislike(really hatred) for President Trump is clouding what little judgement they had. If Cavuto had simply said he disagreed about the Hydroxychlorquine then given both sides and not out and out lied to the viewers that it will kill you ect ect then maybe I would say ok. But unfortunately he became unglued and ranted and raved and quite frankly sounded a bit crazy. Millions of people all over the world take that drug ( including in the the United States) and have been since the 1950’s so when he stared ranting and raving anyone with a brain knew what he was up too. He also forgot to mention in his crazy rant that you can only get the drug if your doctor gives you a prescription (he acted like everyone was going to run out to the local cvs and just pick some up. CRAZY. As for Chris Wallace look who his father was ( if anyone thinks he is a conservative or fair and balanced) he is not. Paul Ryan hates President Trump and is a well know Rhino so I just wish people would be honest with there beliefs then we all know where we stand. Unfortunately there’s no longer any fair and balanced in the media any longer.

  35. Mr Trump is 100# correct regarding Fox
    News today and named a few that are
    not what Fox use to be! I now turn to both
    OAN & Newsmax for
    better FACT reporting
    while still view Varney,
    Codds, Carlson, Hannity & Ingraham!

  36. I mourn the loss of a trusted friend. My friend, the FOX, was clever, resourceful and perseverant. No Master, save Truth. No matter how many hounds were on his tail, he would outwit them and hold true to his course, the Truth.
    But there was a slow devolution underway that was so subtle, I almost missed it. My father pointed it out. My friend FOX turned from brilliant Red, to cowardly Yellow. His worldly savvy had succumbed to an unworthy Master barking commands to his new lap dog. My friend had become Yellow Dog, incapable of thinking for himself. I mourn the loss of FOX. I can’t stand to watch anymore as he rolls over on command.

  37. Georg Soros again, All the Very Fake and Corrupt MSM is owned operated and controlled by the Jewish Left screwed Cartel. they are the Central Banks that owes the Feds, the IRS, UN, EU, NWO, FN. CIA. MSM, and the USA.

  38. I used to turn on FOX in the A M and leave it on all day. (home-bound Vet) Fox has changed. If I wanted To watch CNN and the rest, I would tune them in. I watched Covuto turn on Pres Trump recently and that was a shame. Watching FOX a lot less now. A trusted friend is all but gone. The good guys circle is shrinking. RFP

  39. I don’t watch Chris Wallace anymore he is so nasty condescending to any one in the Trump Administration or any conservative. Cavuto is almost as bad.
    It is true that Fox News is littered with garbage all the DEMS that they have on – truthfully it just confirms my thoughts about them they are an ignorant bunch of morons.

  40. Cavuto is paid by Soros and not the DNC.

  41. I’m getting so I don’t watch the news at all

  42. And us good niggas ain’t votin for Bidumbass. We’s votin Trump. Trump is da man, mafuckas. That Bidumbass cocksuckaa got lots of sheet for brains. Yay for us good niggas!!! And Ilhan Omar is a dirty cocksucker with shit for brains.

  43. Cavuto and Wallace are Fox News killers. When they come on, I also leave to another channel.

  44. His voice is affected by his illness, Multiple Sclerosis. He has no control over how he sounds.

  45. Yeah, just like all the other channels lied for Obama. ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, all Democrat hacks. Fox used to be the one we could count on to tell the truth, not lie or spin. Tucker Carlson is a godsend; he tells it like it is, much better than O’Reilly ever was. The News with Bret Baier is a true news program but of course the panel at the end of his broadcast has to have one leftist to counterpunch the others.

  46. 0h the democrats are the truthful political correct.
    you hate Trump because he is uncovering all the corruption, dirt, treason that the democrats and liberals are doing. you need to have your head, brains examined

  47. You forgot “The next revolution”..

  48. No, we hate the lies! Like hydroxychloroquine “WILL KILL YOU” which is what Cavuto said!!!

  49. You need to get off the dem cool-aid!!! You are an ignorant assho!!! Cavutosaid hydroxychloroquine “WILL KILL YOU!” which is a total LIE!!! It’s been inuse for 65 years and is highly effective but it is not for everyone! You should always consult a doctor befre taking any medication!!! But it won’t cure your stupidity!!!

  50. niel cafucto, juan Williams the juju boy, harris, chris Wallace the fake news bastard all need to go. These ass holes always put Trump Haters on there show. They think they will get a better rating but its failing baddley.

  51. all news fake media are already doing that. They just lie out there ass . That’s why there called Fucking Fake News, STUPID

  52. I don’t agree that Fox News is turning liberal because it shows both sides. It is a news organization, not a sounding board or an echo chamber. People who only want to hear what they already agree with are mindless. The people who listen to MSNBC and CNN are mindless robots that only want to hear what they already believe. It pains me that some conservatives are just like that, only wanting to hear what they already believe. You learn by hearing other voices and other views. If your views are sound, hearing other views strengthens you. You speak of war; know your enemy. Be ready to debate him, try to convince him of his error. Fox NEWS people try to be balanced; their commentary is conservative. I doubt the Neil Cavuto is a Dem. He’s a free-market capitalist and there aren’t many of those in the Dem party. I respect him and his independence. I also agree with his free-market views and am not afraid when he presents other voices.

  53. U r the biggest ass of all

  54. I get your point, but Fox News has for a long time been the ONLY news network that aired a conservative viewpoint. Every other news network, despite declaring themselves to be fair and balanced, were NOT fair and balanced. They have ALL been taken over by the CIA’s liberal, lying Operation Mockingbird disinformation cabal, and there absolutely are very wealthy and influential families and others all over the world who have been working for decades to end national sovereignty and replace it with a one-world dictatorship ruled by them, the so-called elites.

    This is no longer just about the news. This is warfare of a very different kind. This is liberals buying into the New World Order socialist, anti-America, Open Borders, population-controlled, anti-religion, freedom-denying, oppressive cabal, and using the Main Stream Media to further their evil agenda; while conservatives are fighting to preserve the very existence of America and freedom, but with only ONE platform supporting them—Fox News—from which conservative patriots could get out the truth about what is really going on and why we, the People, need to wake up before it’s too late. Democrats and RINOs have joined the Deep State anti-sovereignty Socialist cabal, and to aid them they have most of the corrupt leftist news media and social media on their side.

    President Trump is fighting the corrupt swamp of anti-America seditionists who have been working from within our government to destroy our country. That’s the truth. And the liberal, Deep State-controlled Media is fighting and censoring him every step of the way.

    This is war. The enemies of freedom have control of the media, and that’s why freedom-loving, god-fearing, patriotic conservatives hate seeing our ONE reliable news resource turning liberal.

    Trump 2020!

  55. Fos is just another liberal gossip rag—nothing truthful or distinctive about it. Too bad???Since Murdocks Hillary loving daughter in law has so much input in programming, she has run Fox into a garbage pit

  56. How disappointing that some GOPers and conservatives want Fox News to be as unbalanced and one-sided as MSNBC and CNN. Fox News is a news organization, not a cheering section. That sets them apart from the Dem. cheering sections that only say what their viewers want to hear. CNN and MSNBC cater to their viewers ignorance. Don’t wallow in ignorance by not listening to others. Your opinions will be stronger if you hear others’ views and will be based on knowledge, not hype.

  57. Some countries HAVE ACTUALLY DONE something about George (Schwartz) Soros, but not the United States. He has been officially banned from, or unofficially permanently kicked out of, Hungary, the Philippines, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Pakistan, Macedonia, and India. Besides his currency manipulations and insider trading that wrecked the economies of some of those countries, others such as Russia and Pakistan objected to his assault on religion.

    When hackers got into Soros’s computers, the world discovered the true goal of his Open Society — the end of national sovereignty.

    Soros has publicly stated, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States.” It appears that our nation’s leftist, socialist, anti-America, pro-Open Borders, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights, anti-Rule of law Democrat and RINO politicians and bureaucrats agree with Soros and support his evil agenda.

    The president of the Philippines once said there is a special place in Hell for Soros. Hopefully, at his advanced age, he will soon reach that well-deserved destination.

    Trump 2020!

  58. How can you possibly think when your head is stuck in the sand ? ?

  59. Yes O’Bummer did leave a legacy. It’s being unfolded right now – it’s called


  60. No we are rid of Obama, he doesn’t live there anything, left no legacy either.

  61. The only lies are told by the Left and the only thing your side does and does well is lose elections. Russia, Russia, Russia lies & 40 million of tax payers dollars. All the spying on Trump Administration got you nothing, Faux Impeaching got you no where.

  62. Is there nothing that can be done about Soros?

  63. Your the Liberal, corrupt pos like the rest of your Socialist-buddies, talk about a blind eye, you people are as immoral as they come. Take your hatred of our a President and country somewhere else, preferably in another country.

  64. They are definitely turning to the left, they hired Paul Ryan to their Board!!!

  65. No, the Evil loser left in 2016!! & it’s spelled L O S E R !!

  66. We are loyal supporters of mr Trump. In the past 6-8 months, OAN and me TV have replaced all but Lou Dobbs, judge Jeannine, Greg Gutfeld, Maria , Hannity, levin
    Others are waters and Carlson sometimes. We find Wallace and Juan and cavuto CNN Sarcastic and smart Alecs. Cavuto thinks he’s all that, Juan is Juan, and oh yes judge Napolitano now always disputes the pres. Love Forbes and really believe evening edit w Liz is good
    Sooo sry the son has come in to run and must want Soros $ and quick liberal transition. Sooooo sad. Our country deserves fair coverage For supporters of the pres. There are plenty of liberal spots Elsewhere
    ATT owns cnn and you know, we’d chg our association w them if possible. CBS nbc and abc. Just sad. How could this happen in a democracy? More and more comes out Still no acknowledgement. Forget conspiracy etc it is so sad that greed has replaced our value system and perhaps the ones who think they are academia and scientists and superior are just simply greedy fools in search of omnipotence for all of us deemed too dumb to know. Haughty fools!
    We have good people w good minds who don’t need the corrupt judges and politicians ruling not representing those they represent.

  67. Like most of yhe comments,, Get rid of coputo and wallace or your going to lose our audience…

  68. FOX needs to get rid of any and all liberals, democrats and far left anchors or commentators. I will always stand by President TRUMP. Keep America Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Levin is awesome. Hannity lies for Trump? I don’t think so. Chris Wallace could go away. Tucker has a great show. I have to stay with those shows and Laura. I like Trump. There is no so called journalists that can change that. Judge Jeannin really nails it.

  70. You are an ignorant flying asshole !!!!!!!

  71. Such hogwash. You will regret a Dumbocratic Administration. pray it doesn’t happen

  72. Neil Cavuto is mainly a business reporter, periodically comments on politics incurring the ire of POTUS for not toeing latter’s line as Fox being a GOP TV channel. Fox undoubtedly leans right but allows Dem perspectives.

  73. You people really hate the truth

  74. The looser is in the White House

  75. You mean you need a new news station that will lie for trump

  76. You people need to get your heads out of trump’s ass. That’s what news people do real news people aren’t going to lie for trump like hannity. Even Fox News is tired of lying for trump. WAKE THE HELL UP

  77. Sad news – but Hey – every lefty outfit can be replaced – even those we thought were “Trustworthy”.
    Trump 2020 !
    Trump 2024 !
    KEEP America Great Again ! Show Soros his chosen pathway to Hell 🙂

  78. Maybe George Soros is whispering in FOX CEO Lachlan Murdoch’s ear, promising him that if he will turn Fox News into yet another leftist socialist liberal media propaganda machine, Lachlan will be assured an important role as a member of the ruling elite when the New World Order cabal gains worldwide dominance over planet Earth.

    Trump 2020!

  79. AGREE,


  80. Does OANN ring a bell…??? Great One America News Network…The future of Trumps Conservative Media…I hope..!

  81. Watch Max , the old Fox News

  82. Clean up fox Chris Wallace needs to go with his dem. Friends

  83. Cavities has always been aligned with liberal ideas . That’s I don’t w arch him at all

  84. I am watching Fox News a lot less. Everytime a known Democrat starts talking,, I switch to Fox Business News. I never watch Neil Caputo, Dummy Juan, Wallace, and even Lou Dobbs is getting tough to watch the entire show. Now Lou is on at 5:00 and at 7:00. And the obvious 2 Democratic female guests on Out Numbered are sure cause to shut off TV. Business News has Caputo on at same time, which is not an option.

  85. Chris Wallace needs to go the way of Shep Smith….Good Riddance, Chris. You are a real thorn in our sides.

  86. Neil is a Dem and it shows bias for sure.

  87. Neil Cavuto he is a democrat hate the republicans doo not like President Trump he his an ugly man with most annoying voice.
    I stoped watching fox News Every time he comes one I turn fox station off I don’t waist my time on loosers.

  88. That’s who I watch I might be changing yo OAN they cover DonalTrump Fox News there are some I don’t like Hannity, Laura and Judge Jeannine and Levin that are the ones I watch

  89. We need a new news station to tell only Republican side since the rest have been bought by communist

  90. Yes, I am concerned that Fox News is surrendering to the liberal elites, too many on Fox are beginning to make it sound like CNN and MSNBC. Previously Fox News was seen as our defense against the overwhelming liberal controlled media, however, becoming a fast fading image of that defense.

  91. I used to watch Fox religiously . . . not any more. I’ll watch Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Judge Jeannine, Levin but I am no longer a FOX FAN!

  92. Neil Cavuto ( Ka-pu-to ! ) says his job is to report on the facts . To call balls and strikes . HUH , because he and his in step so called reporters are following the Democratic line word for word without proof or proper investigations of facts . They are lazy ,inept, and probably corrupt .

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