Mike Huckabee: Facts Prove Democrats Wrong on Trump

The Democrats and the media are determined to make President Trump look crazy and wrong in just about everything that he does. They have taken the COVID-19 and used it as a cover to try and prove that the president does nothing right. So, they cry that he has failed at protecting the country and that millions of Americans are going to die because the economy is open, and people are back to work. The media needs to focus on China and what they did wrong and not on the president and what they thought he did wrong.

The joke is really on the media and the childish Democrats. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving that the president is doing everything right. But the media just cannot give credit where credit is due. Instead, they praise people like wacky Cuomo and his illegal actions of killing off of the elderly in the care facilities by forcing them to take people that are sick with the virus. He is essentially signing their death certificates because the virus spreads easily and kills quickly.

What is unique about their blame placing is that it is proving to be false. The truth will always win out over the lies of the wicked. The media will continue to lie and try to make everyone believe that the president is the reason the virus exists, but as more is discovered about China and their involvement the more it is found that the president is doing everything right. No one could have done the job that the president has done. He has had to make decisions without the benefit of having all the facts. And those decisions have proven to be the best that he could have made.

President Trump has been attacked by his critics by the way he referenced the virus as being from China. He was labeled as racist and written off as a joke by the media and liberals. The more that the experts investigated the origin of the virus the more they found that the president was right that it came from China. President Trump even stated that there would be enough medical equipment to go around when all the Democrats were stating that there would not be. The president would be proven right and the Democrats would have to admit that they did not need all the devices that they were asking for.

The President gave so much equipment to the states and cities that they had way more than they ever needed. Cuomo would prove to be an idiot in that he did not know what he was talking about. But to the media, President Trump is the one that does not know anything. The facts do not lie. President Trump knew what everyone needed and provided way more than anyone could ever expect.

President Trump has been saying all along that the elderly are the most at risk. His stay at home orders was in place to save their lives. But the media did not give him the credit for making the right call. Rather they praised Cuomo for letting sick patients infect the elderly in nursing homes because as he would admit that they were going to die soon because they are old. His typical Democratic thinking shows how murderous the Democrats are at the base of their beliefs.

The president was supposed to have a terrible rating after the virus had run its course. But what happened is that his rating remained high. The bulk of the American people are sick of the lies and the hurt that the media tries to place on people.

Cuomo was also found to be doctoring his numbers and not reporting the true death accounts. So, one has to question the truth behind what the media is reporting. People died of other causes and the numbers of the COVID-19 deaths were eating into the other death totals. President Trump is being proved to be making all the right choices. He has the facts and the people working with him to make the best choices for the American people during this time.

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  1. true! it’s all about the upcoming election and the “ballots” which they can cheat, fraud, and scam to win! Americans need to stop and think once in awhile and not be so gullible. Our President has done almost everything he promised and has accomplished much more than any other US president.

  2. And us good niggas ain’t votin for Bidumbass. We’s votin Trump. Trump is da man, mafuckas. That Bidumbass cocksuckaa got lots of sheet for brains. Yay for us good niggas!!!

  3. I’m going to take out my tin foil hat for a minute and suggest what I believe is happening. We all know that several of the Democrat governors made some decisions that cost old people their lives. I have read that ten Democrat states had 60% or more of their COVID deaths in nursing homes. Now, I have often heard Democrats talking about our population and it’s make up. They say that they will not be able to install their horrendous socialist system until the old folks are gone, because the old folks are too attached to their liberties and freedoms and will resist giving them up. Here’s where the tin foil hat comes in: Democrats want the old people to be gone, so they can foist socialism on their brainwashed youngsters. I find it to be pretty coincidental that the virus killed mostly old people and mostly in Democrat controlled states. It’s almost as though the Democrats are intentionally killing the senior citizens. I lot of people may find this very notion to be outlandish, but my sense tells me that they want to take over the economy and they want Trump gone. This virus solves all of their problems-costs Trump his presidency in November and the economy is totally hosed up. But, they have the presidency and they just switch to socialism and by the time people recognize what’s going on, it’s too late. At that point the only way out would be a civil war-that’s why taking guns away is such a big part of their plan.


  5. You are so right!!!

  6. You are so wrong!!! President Trump had to listen to the ding bats. You better stop listening to the left, or you will be “Left” behind. You need to get it RIGHT!

  7. You are wrong as can be. He had to listen to ding bats. You need to stop listening to the left, or you will be “LEFT” behind one day.

  8. Let them eat ice cream.

  9. Obama told more lies!! And shits like you believe him!!

  10. Oh mean like Obama did during the swine flu epidemic!! He waiting 4 months after 100,000 got sick and many died!!

  11. Troll: Has told? 18500 what? You need to review your texting before posting.

    Trump is a truth-teller dedicated to cleaning out the corrupt Deep State Democrat and RINO traitors that have been lying to the American people for decades. Liberals are terrified of him. That’s why they continually try to remove him from office with fake dossiers, phony witch hunts, impeachment attempts that fizzle out and die, and that Obamagate conspiracy. Nothing has worked. Nothing will work.

    Trump 2020!

  12. If anything the left has succeeded in every way to make fools of themselves, expose their stupidity, embarrass the US and every real American but they failed at thinking Americans would take to communism like a duck to water….the presence of their failed history put them in the sunlight and the freedom of information under the 1st amendment showed the us the lies and hate that come with loss of freedoms under intolerant government that rules for greed and power…..Inalienable rights are God given….Communism is good for nothing, absolutely nothing…..

  13. I have been saying why was Hillary Clinton not arrested for treason?Maybe someone should wake up and get a answer to this question. President TRUMP was accused of Russian collision however why did Barack Obama, heard over a microphone that he thought was off tell the President of Russia that he would help them after he was re-elected. How did he know that he would be re-elected?? Maybe the wrong President was investigated for Russian collision.

  14. The Clintons and the Obama administration’s bevy of corrupt government insider swamp rats conspired and united to get the Uranium One deal done. They enriched themselves, made Putin happy, and stabbed we, the People, in the back.

  15. Paid Troll: Why did Nancy Pelosi urge everyone in San Francisco to join her in heading for Chinatown’s big New Year’s celebration and parade, laughingly inviting the public to have no fear and join her and the Chinatown crowd despite warnings about the coronavirus?

    President Trump did everything right.

    Democrats want to keep the lockdown in operation until the November election, hoping that their orchestrated lockdown will allow them to use their mail-in ballots scheme/scam to cheat their way to victory. It will not work.

    Trump 2020!

  16. He did not invent the statements…he was getting info and advice from the scientists who really screwed this up.

  17. Trump and his administration has told 18500 since 2016 and you people still believe anything that he says. SAD

  18. The uranium sale had to go through numerous governments agencies before the sale was made final One person could not have made the sale. Fox News will never tell the truth

  19. If trump did everything right then why did he hesitate 5 to 6 weeks before making the right decisions. Why did he call the virus a Democratic hoax. Why did he say the virus would magically go away in the spring. We had nothing to worry about. No more than 50000 would die. It’s only like the flu. We may have a vaccine in September knowing it will be at least a year

  20. Mike Huckabee is a smart man . He is right on every topic. What we are starting to see now is all the Dems and media’s lies coming back to show how ridiculous they are.

  21. Get em Huckabee .dems always dodge the truth and their voters are doing the same out the side of their mouth and
    keep saying the same old things over and over that they hear on their fake news..MSM.they dont even believe the crap themselves..

  22. Back at the beginning of this, when I saw Nancy on TV.saying, “Don’t worry, everything is fine. Come to China Town!” I WORRIED! My wife and I immediately stocked food, masks and other vital items while others fiddled. We took our cues from the President. Two weeks later, the markets were stripped!

    I’m an “old school” senior citizen, descended from Revolutionary War Veterans and a veteran myself. I’ve been schooled from childhood not to trust the English, or the government! In my opinion, the sooner Americans wake up to the fact that government is NOT our friend, the better!

    Wake up America or freedom will be gone with THIS generation!

  23. There appears to be a murderous lot among the Democrats. There also appears to be number of “Dead men tell no tales” incidents among them. The huge number of deaths among the elderly also appears to be election related, since most among them would be Republicans and dead Republicans can’t vote. However, the media seems to continuously mention that the dead Democrats are still voting. A couple of our famous democrats sold uranium to Russia and one of they are are still playing golf. It should be very clear that one does not sell uranium to their enemy, unless one is a traitor. We are continuously hearing of a whole slew of murderous elected officials who truly feel that they are above the law. Jesus said, “A nation divided against itself cannot stand”. The ravages of money——The Holy Bible states, “The love of money is the root of all evil”. That is proven by the fact that we have seen several children kill their wealthy parents simply because, “It will be another 40 years before we can get their money, so let’s kill them now!”. These types, if they will kill their own parents for the love of money, then who are you? I continuously pray to the Lord that there has to be a way this nation may be saved, despite all this ongoing madness. Even Charles Manson, made a significant statement when he mused, “There was a time when being crazy meant something, but now everybody’s crazy!” Wisdom from a madman. May the Good Lord find a way to save this nation, with out compromise. We have lost our way, with a madness never before witnessed.

  24. President Trump has made wise decisions and done just about all the 2016 campaign promises. I have never seen as much scandalized actions from the past our going President as the snake Obama has pulled on Trump. I believe id Hilary Clinton would of won…we would be worst than Bengazi was. We need to show Trump some respect and put him in office for four more good years.

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