Saliva Test For COVID-19, Is There More To It Than Just Tests?

The companies in charge of making tests for COVID-19 are coming up with a new form that will be sent to homes by mail by the millions. These new tests are nowhere near as uncomfortable as the nasal test. A small group of healthcare companies will send each household in America saliva test kits over the next several months.

Many questions leave Americans skeptical concerning our rights and if the tests will also be used to track us through our DNA. These days we can never be too sure of what is really happening. The deep state is losing ground, but they are still in power and are angrier than ever.

President Trump and the Department of Justice have a stronghold and a grip for the most part on holding back Democrats from having their way with us. Still, the time has come where we really have to question what are the intentions behind everything the government is putting in front of us.

Jason Feldman, the CEO at Vault Health, is one of the companies selling saliva test kits, which can be used in comfort in one’s home. Did the keyword stick out in everyone’s minds? “Selling.”

Some of the questions are being asked, Are we going to be forced to buy these test kits? We don’t have to look far for the answers. It depends on the governors of each state. Some governors are making it mandatory to be tested before going back to work or even to go out and run everyday errands. Remember, the Democrats want a way to track information on each individual.

First off, our medical records are supposed to be private. Will they remain private with all this testing? Remember, DNA is gathered through saliva. All of the tests, once the person puts a sample of their saliva in a test tube, it is to be mailed off to a COVID-19 lab in New Jersey. It sounds like a money-making scheme forced down our throats.

At the beginning of the pandemic, remember when we were all told, If we do not have any symptoms, there is no need to get tested.” Why are we required by our governors for everyone to get tested if we feel fine? Something is not adding up with all we have to endure. Haven’t “We the People” been through enough with this quarantine?

Feldman also stated his company is ready to ship off 30,000 tests per day to consumers at their doorstep. Those who voluntarily purchase these test kits are free to do as they choose, but with what we are being told by the governors, we may not have a choice.

To keep up with supply and demand, Feldman stated, “The plan is to keep scaling, and the demand is endless.”

If the test is solely meant to only find out who is testing positive for the virus, then it has its good points. The bright side of the saliva test is that it won’t feel like we are ripping our eyeballs out, but the price of these tests may, we do not know yet. Some companies are charging as high as $150, a test which should be free.

Dr. John Brownstein, an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News contributor, said, “For companies trying to make decisions about who can come into work and who should stay home, a diagnostic test that allows people to test at some level of frequency will be super helpful, and an at-home saliva test could help allow for that.”

Until recently, at-home tests were not allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Now, they cleared the path for Rutgers University Lab and their partners to send out the tests by way of mail. They also added DNA genealogy tests are done in the same manner where people send a sample of their saliva to a lab and get their results. It’s funny how they decided to throw that statement in there.

Once again, if used properly and only for COVID-19 testing, it is a good thing because it is quicker to get a result at drive-thru testing. Those who are on the receiving end of the sample will not have to be forced to worry about the full outfit of PPE.

With everything in life, there are good and bad options to weigh. The FDA is involved, so the only bad thing we see is getting the pocketbooks ready!