Chinese and Iranians Join Forces to Hack Their Way into American Research

The Chinese people have been trying to work their way into American research by hiring people to smuggle the information out of the country. China has the desire to compete with the United States on a level of knowledge that they are not able to handle. Their release of the coronavirus is proof of their inability to handle simple research. But now it looks like they are teaming up with the Iranians to hack their way back into the biological realm of information.

American educational facilities and pharmaceutical companies are being hacked by these two nations. The Chinese are jealous of the American people because of the level of education and scientific knowledge that is realized. The Iranians simply want to use the information to harm people. There is no desire by them to work with Americans to develop vaccines and medicines to protect people from viral attacks.

The Democrats would love to deny that these attacks are happening. They have a fearful and passive policy in dealing with nations that try and harm American people. After all, the Democrats favor everyone but American citizens. They promote open borders and the handing out of free things to illegals.

The actions can be seen as nothing more than warlike intentions against two nations that hate America. The reports that are coming out show that China and Iran have intentions to harm people. The information that they are trying to access could be harmed as it is information and research that would aid in developing medicine for the virus in the form of a vaccine.

Their attacks are being seen as highly aggressive. They are relentlessly trying to gain access to the information. The FBI and the Cyber of Homeland Security are fighting to keep them out of American systems. They are warning companies to improve their security and be on alert for hackers trying to gain access.

Iran is targeting the same companies that China is attacking. One can conclude that they are working together in an attempt to harm the American people. They want to steal what they do not deserve. One official noted that “It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to know what motivates such malfeasance, but any such activity carries with it the risk of triggering accidental, disruptive effects.” One thing is evident that both countries seek to harm the United States.

The Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is Christopher Krebs. He has stated that “China’s long history of bad behavior in cyberspace is well documented, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone they are going after the critical organizations involved in the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.” It is their way of undermining the efforts of the American people to fight the virus and aid other nations in their fight. The Chinese certainly wanted to have prominence in helping others with their fight by providing medical supplies. But that all changed when they were deemed to be responsible for the sickness in the first place.

China would have people believe that America is responsible for the release of the virus. They even issued a longer document sharing their fake news as to why they are not responsible. But the facts prove that they are responsible.

Republican rightly says that Chinese have an “investment in American colleges and universities to further its strategic and propaganda goals.” China needs evidence to develop their fake news. They need data so they can interpret is wrong. Their actions are said by officials to be a form of “foreign academic espionage.”

President Trump has warned about the deceptive nature of the Chinese leaders. This is one of the major reasons why he pulled the United States out of the bad trade agreement that was in place. This is why he is making them pay for their lies. The Democrats hate that he is right. They hate that he has the Chinese begging for relief from the tariffs. This is just another victory for the president to add to his belt coming into the election period this November.