Were Obama Officials Involved in Flynn ‘Unmasking’?

As more documents become declassified, the world is learning of the corruption which took place in the Obama administration and how they sabotaged the Trump campaign in 2016. The media is spinning the stories, Obama and his team are lying and blaming everyone else. They are panicking, and it’s great!!! The truth is coming out in snowball effects, and there is nothing the deep state can do to stop it.

Richard Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence, declassified the list of the Obama administration who were involved in the Michael Flynn case when Flynn and the former Russian ambassador were conversing during the presidential transition. Grenell went to the Justice Department and had the list on hand to reveal.

Grenell’s visit to the DOJ was focused on the investigation of the Trump campaign, where Obama and his administration spied on Trump and his campaign team. The phone call between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was unveiled improperly and used against Flynn.

It was proven there was no evidence in the phone call transcripts of any wrongdoing on Flynn’s part, and Attorney General William Barr called on the DOJ to drop all charges. It was at the same time Grenell declassified the documents of the list of the real criminals, the Obama administration.

Flynn was blackmailed into pleading guilty for something he did not do. Now the evidence is pointing not only to the top of the FBI officials but also the Obama administration going as high up as Obama himself. Obama and Biden were both in on the conspiracy.

The FBI botched the investigation, and Barr called them out, saying it was “not legitimate.” Barr stated, “They did not have a basis for a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn at that stage, based on a perfectly legitimate and appropriate call he made as a member of the transition.”

Critics are attacking Barr and calling for his removal. Here is the keyword, “former” DOJ officials are demanding Barr step down. Who are these “former” officials? They all come from the Obama administration and are part of the deep state.

Now that the truth is out there on the table, these same “former” DOJ officials are scared to death of being exposed. Obama doesn’t know what to do with himself and Biden, well, Biden probably doesn’t remember.

The same calls from the same “former” DOJ officials called for Barr’s resignation back in May 2019. They knew then they were in trouble. They know now, they cannot escape the snowball effect of what’s coming from the truth. Since May 2019, Barr has had the power to declassify any and all documents he so chooses.

Grenell has the names declassified, and these people are coming out of the woodworks to claim their innocence, which only proves them guilty because the names were not mentioned publically. What better way to show the public the truth. Only those smart enough will catch on to what is happening with this trap that has been set for these corrupt criminals.

Another bit of information was revealed as well in the Flynn case. The law clearly states Flynn’s identity was not supposed to be announced. During foreign surveillance, he was to be “masked.” Only high ranking officials such as Flynn can decide for themselves if they wish to be revealed. He never had the option as the FBI, and the Obama administration broke the law.

Susan Rice, who was the former National Security Adviser for Obama, stated, she openly “unmasked” the identities of the senior officials in the Trump administration. Big mistake!!!

Rice has denied leaking information on the identities recently, but she did. She also claimed it was not politically motivated. The evidence proves otherwise!

Representative Devin Nunes, who was an oppressive critic of the Russian investigation, slammed the Obama administration in 2017 for unmasking senior officials in the Trump administration. He privately met with two of the White House national security officials and gave them documents to support his allegations.

Reporters are spinning the stories stating Nunes never gave proof to his allegations, and they claim Trump did not have evidence to back his statement that former President Barrack Obama spied on his campaign.

Well, now the evidence is coming out, and everyone is scrambling to prove their innocence among the hardcore proof of declassified documents. It is now Obama and his administration’s words against documents that will burn them all in court. Justice is coming swiftly with Barr and Durham driving!

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  1. We also need to do something with the media the fcc needs start handing out fines to chuck todd and nbc and if there going to give opinion they can’t be a news outlet take away there press passes if there not going to give facts

  2. Well, Mr Obama..can you tell yet that there are a lot of people that do not approve of you and doubt that you were a qualified person to be president in America. The media and the Democrats did a fantastic job of smothering the truth and sealing all your records from birthplace, education, even the records of your children’s birth. Keep in mind we have never seen Michelle’s maternity pictures?? Interesting huh! There is plenty of food for thought when it comes to the real Barack Obama. Do you think we think you did all these terrible things to President Trump? Damn right we do!

  3. does the bear crap in the woods?

  4. Indight Obummer and his classless cronies-
    They have no regard for America and our values-

    Needs to happen post haste-

    Graham needs to Let the American people decide about Obummer-

    Even Obama’s brother will verify Obama’s illegetamate citizenship-

  5. In the British Protectorate of East Africa in 1961 because Kenya did not exist until 1964. His real birth certificate is archived in England, probably in a safe deposit box by now! Too bad Mr. Trump did not go head-to-head with the Obamanation in 2008 as he would have smoked out the truth!

  6. I agree with the statement made above, Soros is the head man, but everything said about Obama is definitely the second in line. He seems to be a very beguiling creature to some but at the same time he appears to be a snake crawling in the garden of Eden, seeking votes for the democrat party so he can lead without having the full power he really wants. Well folks, the way things are going, without Trump in office, he could actually do that. Nobody would stop him! No one but Trump would ever put a stop to their waged warfare at this time. Congress is too evil right now, you can see this by watching how the democratic governors have fallen in line with plans to take over the government. This is all worked out and has been for four years now. Donald Trump has to win this election, so vote nd don’t fall under the spell of Nancy Pelosi and her leader Obama and Soros! Me, I’m going to God with this everytime I feel I should.

  7. One more chip in his armor and he will flee; that would be true of a “NORMAL” human being but the soup he and the others have been consuming is laced with the overwhelming allure of a spice called, “can’t be touched -arrogance” and so he and they might just ride the sinking ship he and they are now residing in truly convinced that they are “The Untouchables” Soros and his cronies have convinced them they are!

    Obama’s brother needs to be questioned again about the birthplace of Barrack Obama and asked to bring factual proof of his claim that he was born in Kenya. Examples: Family pictures, travel documents, places of residence and the time lived there by the family, documented activities in Kenya at the time of birth can be presented to negate a fabricated birth certificate. That alone would remove any defense that Soros’ money could mount for Barrack. AND, that would open the door to strip him of all his wordily belongings derived from his “8 year” reign of domestic terror and theft of our tax dollars. AND, all his Executive Orders and any and all legislation he had his hand in while serving a fraudulent presidency would be erased.

    When all the rottenness is finally revealed the group of political miscreants involved in “SPYGATE” and the rest since before 2016 until now should all be indicted for “SEDITION” and some for “TREASON”: To include the Radical Far Left Progressive Socialists who are members of Congress and the mainstream mass media networks for their collusion and promotion of all the lies and accusations they bombarded our Nation’s airwaves with. Those networks should be stripped of their FCC Licenses and the perpetrators brought up on the same charges. Indictments are the start but guilty verdict are mandated with imprisonment and forfeiture of all benefits and property obtained while employed by those networks and serving as members of Congress or the presidency. Imprisonment in maximum prison facilities, not white-collar prison resorts.

    That sentencing and forfeiture harshness is appropriate when you compile all the cost, the harm, the malicious propaganda, the misdirection, the lies, the overt and covert influence on others for the purpose of completing their biased, self-serving political agenda and the “vile” list goes on!

    There is no punitive wiggle room for these anti-heritage American criminals who were and are hell bent on the replacement of our Democratic Republic based on Capitalism and fair competition, The Bill of Rights and The Constitution with a Commie type of Socialism. When the second term starts woe be to those that have perpetrated this attack on our Red, White and Blue America!

    Copied from another commentary:
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

    That biblical quote is the best description/definition possible of what they reigned down on us for the last 8 + years. The Radical Far Left Progressive Socialists are masters at “PROJECTION” and have committed more crimes and misdemeanors than the a 200 hundred page accountant’s ledger would accommodate.

    With the help of all that hold this Nation and its history (good and bad) dear to their hearts and souls I say you had better make that statement loud and clear come November and vote for those that can rid our Congress and other political positions of the blight caused by them.

    Also, non-voter/registered Christians please “pay Cesar what Cesar is due” which not only means paying your rightfully owed taxes but also participation in our political process; vote to save your Nation’s proud freedoms, especially your right to serve God, attend church and spread the Gospel. I understand your premise of “Not of This World” but I and many other Christians do not believe that precludes you from participating in the defense of your right to believe that premise. Unfortunately, many wars have had to be fought to preserve your right to believe and worship within our borders and that freedom is now being challenged by the Radical Far Left who has become a formidable force to be reckoned with because of patriotic voter absence and apathy. Please register and vote come November and beyond.

  8. Amen but we will never see justice

  9. If you get half of your administration to request an unmasking of Mike Flynn, it makes it too difficult to identify the leaker of his name to the press, all as directed by the Gang Leader. I would not be surprised if Ben Rhodes was involved in this little strategy session too. The Obamanation’s whole gang is corrupt. Should have all been flushed out by February 2017. I am still waiting for justice after witnessing 8 years of gang activities.

  10. The American Citizens don’t deserve this criminality displayed by the Criminal Organization DNC!
    We don’t deserve this Biological warfare attack by the Deep State!
    Heads had better roll or the People are going to explode!

  11. Bilderberg’s!

  12. Obama did so little for African Americans that they couldn’t care less about him! Michael Jordan said Obama was such a lousy golfer, that it would cost him money to spend all day looking for lost balls! President Trump has done more for African Americans in 4 years than Obama did in 8!

  13. Obama shows deep seeded habitual liar tendencies reminiscent of a serial killer. Common crooks even murderers have a breaking point, not the most mentally deranged!
    There is no one in Obama’s life that he cares about more than himself!
    Those rented children don’t come close, and neither does his transvestite lover, in fact Obama only used Michelle, as a wife, for the Coup! Obama had sexual relations with 16 Arabic men, in one day, at the White House according to a secret service retiree!

  14. Nancy Pelosi thinks she is someone, she has tainted the office she holds!
    Her actions are the most classless,
    Sophomoric, Trailer-Park-Trash, foolishness, I’ve ever seen! One
    would expect that kind of filth from Omar, or Tlaib, maybe even HRC, but Pelosi surprised me! I had a higher opinion of her, but she has shown me nothing but ghetto!
    Someone said that she was seen
    sniffing Obama’s chair, in the Oval Office!

  15. Come on Congo Berry, time to fess up.

  16. The Criminal Organization DNC just can’t emerge from the swamp,
    sometimes you have to hit bottom before you are able to change! The problem with a swamp, there is no bottom, just more filth, more of that sinking mud called quick sand! Hell is a bottomless pit, Soros is the unelected leader of the DNC and he is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to satan! As a child, Soros ratted out his own people to the Nazi’s in Hungary during the Holocaust! Enough said!

  17. You are a damn fool. Baker flipped, so just shut the fuck up!

  18. The DNC knowingly supported a Constitutionally ineligible Obama! All you have to do is go to Harvard, the Financial paperwork is heavily scrutinized, Obama already accepted Federal Foreign Student Grants at Columbia! Harvard lists Obama Sr. and Obama Jr. as Kenya Born! A Harvard study shows Obama ineligible to become POTUS! Obama fraudulently POTUS does not deserve ex-POTUS Pay, or exemption from prosecution!

  19. So what?

    Everyone listed on the unmasking had the responsibility and authority to unmask documents in the process of doing their job to protect America.

    IT WAS ALL LEGAL….something the current administration and DOJ if failing to acknowledge.

    VOTE BLUE and end the smoke, noise and deflection!

  20. Don’t forget Eric Holder probably the most corrupt Attorney General in my lifetime and possibly the history of this country. If we don’t see Justice for this criminal and treasonous Coup against the President of the United States and his administration, we will never be able to lift our heads up and stand proud for our future history and show that this will never happen again unless we see to it and stand united against it. Vote Trump and conservative Republican in 2020 or lose your freedom and your country.

  21. Obama is a most typical Leftist who exemplifies the Democrat Party. From the moment of his existence in Kenya, he gravitated to, and supported corruption…a “perfect” Democrat in the making! And, he was only too willing to do the bidding of the Anti-Constitution Democrat Party, for the payoffs he received at the cost of the American people.

  22. Bring the hangman back for those traitors (Obama, Biden, Rice, B Gates, Faucci, Clinton’s, Huma Abedin and the whole NWO globalists.

  23. The top of the food chain is not obama. He is the dupe that followed his leadership and mentors, Soros, who supplied his upbringing, finances, attitude, business ethics, NOT, KSA who dev Obama religion, Islam, sunni, lack of morals, isis, arab spring, desecration of middle east, ukrain takeover, murder, beheading and other terror acts. his followers who helped him dev. fake news and hollywood style lies and stories, blame game, manner of care less for any society, hatred of free men, human rights that have led to the citizens joining in righteous attitude against what obama is trying to do in socialism and world control. Obama’s hatred for whites and any obstructions to his objectives will be his downfall.

  24. They can hold court on T.V. these days and still get it done. I am waiting for the perp walk as i want to see them in pants suits with chains and irons on.

  25. Obama. Go to hell you veritable piece of human feces.

  26. He will burn in hell.

  27. Flynn should be exonerated and the Democrats pushing for more charges should be arrested and questioned! Burn In hell Obama…

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  29. SendObama to New Yorks Rikers island and put him in there pen with the drug dealers and other crimmals just like him

  30. Do you know the difference between a Community Organizer and a Gang Leader? Not a d+mn thing!

  31. Send those TREASONISTIC TRAITORS to FEDERAL PRISON as per the U.S. CONSTITUTION . . . Starting with OBAMA – and remember, they are ALL “FLIGHT RISKS”. One DISGUSTED Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  32. This country has been put through the most grueling display of corruption, a quest for power and greed this country has ever experienced first with the Progressive Radical Left under the tutor-age of George Soros followed by the most corrupt Administration ever to grace the White House and Congress with the election of Barack Obama and a Thank You goes out to all those patriots who realize the value of the United States of America and to all of those who have suffered over a 3 year period watching this garbage go down and each and every one who participated needs to be held accountable for their vile actions and this to not happen ever again.

  33. Even if all the Trump-hating, seditious, lying, impeachment and coup plotting Deep State and Obama administration thugs are finally indicted, with all of our nation’s courts on indefinite lockdown/shutdown because of the coronavirus PLANdemic, when will their cases go to trial? How long will we have to wait to see them arrested, tried, and convicted? The wheels of justice turn verrrry slowly. The popcorn we’ve been told to prepare may go cold and flat before the big show even begins. Am I too pessimistic, or simply realistic? Sigh.

    Trump 2020!

  34. They all belong in Gitmo

  35. Obama an American DISGRACE, SHIT, LIER.

  36. It si about time these Dem rats hopefully will be brought justice. Why should there be 2 sets of laws

  37. Obama was corrupt from the beginning, how do you think he got into office in the 1st place?
    Obamacare was a smoke screen to make him look good but it’s failure from the onset shows the fact that it was “smoke & mirrors”!


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