Were Obama Officials Involved in Flynn ‘Unmasking’?

As more documents become declassified, the world is learning of the corruption which took place in the Obama administration and how they sabotaged the Trump campaign in 2016. The media is spinning the stories, Obama and his team are lying and blaming everyone else. They are panicking, and it’s great!!! The truth is coming out in snowball effects, and there is nothing the deep state can do to stop it.

Richard Grenell, the acting Director of National Intelligence, declassified the list of the Obama administration who were involved in the Michael Flynn case when Flynn and the former Russian ambassador were conversing during the presidential transition. Grenell went to the Justice Department and had the list on hand to reveal.

Grenell’s visit to the DOJ was focused on the investigation of the Trump campaign, where Obama and his administration spied on Trump and his campaign team. The phone call between Flynn and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was unveiled improperly and used against Flynn.

It was proven there was no evidence in the phone call transcripts of any wrongdoing on Flynn’s part, and Attorney General William Barr called on the DOJ to drop all charges. It was at the same time Grenell declassified the documents of the list of the real criminals, the Obama administration.

Flynn was blackmailed into pleading guilty for something he did not do. Now the evidence is pointing not only to the top of the FBI officials but also the Obama administration going as high up as Obama himself. Obama and Biden were both in on the conspiracy.

The FBI botched the investigation, and Barr called them out, saying it was “not legitimate.” Barr stated, “They did not have a basis for a counterintelligence investigation against Flynn at that stage, based on a perfectly legitimate and appropriate call he made as a member of the transition.”

Critics are attacking Barr and calling for his removal. Here is the keyword, “former” DOJ officials are demanding Barr step down. Who are these “former” officials? They all come from the Obama administration and are part of the deep state.

Now that the truth is out there on the table, these same “former” DOJ officials are scared to death of being exposed. Obama doesn’t know what to do with himself and Biden, well, Biden probably doesn’t remember.

The same calls from the same “former” DOJ officials called for Barr’s resignation back in May 2019. They knew then they were in trouble. They know now, they cannot escape the snowball effect of what’s coming from the truth. Since May 2019, Barr has had the power to declassify any and all documents he so chooses.

Grenell has the names declassified, and these people are coming out of the woodworks to claim their innocence, which only proves them guilty because the names were not mentioned publically. What better way to show the public the truth. Only those smart enough will catch on to what is happening with this trap that has been set for these corrupt criminals.

Another bit of information was revealed as well in the Flynn case. The law clearly states Flynn’s identity was not supposed to be announced. During foreign surveillance, he was to be “masked.” Only high ranking officials such as Flynn can decide for themselves if they wish to be revealed. He never had the option as the FBI, and the Obama administration broke the law.

Susan Rice, who was the former National Security Adviser for Obama, stated, she openly “unmasked” the identities of the senior officials in the Trump administration. Big mistake!!!

Rice has denied leaking information on the identities recently, but she did. She also claimed it was not politically motivated. The evidence proves otherwise!

Representative Devin Nunes, who was an oppressive critic of the Russian investigation, slammed the Obama administration in 2017 for unmasking senior officials in the Trump administration. He privately met with two of the White House national security officials and gave them documents to support his allegations.

Reporters are spinning the stories stating Nunes never gave proof to his allegations, and they claim Trump did not have evidence to back his statement that former President Barrack Obama spied on his campaign.

Well, now the evidence is coming out, and everyone is scrambling to prove their innocence among the hardcore proof of declassified documents. It is now Obama and his administration’s words against documents that will burn them all in court. Justice is coming swiftly with Barr and Durham driving!