Residents In Washington Receiving Death Threats for Turning People In

It’s like we are living in Nazi Germany when neighbors and people can rat out others for not following government mandates. Now those people are receiving death threats. The old saying states it best, “Two wrongs don’t make a right!” The state of Washington is currently going through this as government officials set it to where people can call in or take pictures of those who do not stay six feet apart, wear masks, or gather in groups.  People who are doing this are now receiving death threats.

There are two sides to look at this and realize this is not the way to go about this. People’s rights are being taken away, and we are coming full circle to what happened in Nazi Germany when citizens were called upon by the government to turn their neighbors and strangers into the authorities.

Back then, it was the Jews and those of a different culture or belief of what Nazi Germany stood for who faced being handed over to what many saw as their own death. History is repeating itself, and people are waking up to this fact.

Those who wish to stay at home and keep the country shut down are posting information not only to the authorities but are putting up personal information of those who are violating the government mandates. This is how far Democrats and the media have poisoned the minds of some people.

Two groups are protesting Democrat Governor Jay Inslee’s orders to stay at home. Reopen Washington State, and Washington Three Percenters are also posting on Facebook personal information of those who turn them in and also post their information on social media. This has led to threats from people who are tired of being told what to do.

According to local reports, these individuals are being harassed and are being threatened with violence. President Trump wanted the people to see who is really causing all the division in the country, and now people are waking up to the fact that only Democratic governors are stirring the pot within their states. The Left is behind all of this that we are witnessing.

The Washington Three Percenters, which are known as “God-Fearing Patriots,” put up the message, “Want to snitch on your neighbor? Don’t expect to hide behind you (sic) computer screen.” A spreadsheet was added with names and personal information of those who complained to local and state officials.

Though this is not the proper way to go about this in retaliation, the state governments have left no choice but to try and do something because they are not working in our favor to keep our rights intact. No one can really blame either side because one side is concerned and deathly afraid of COVID-19, while the other side wants our freedom and our rights back.

Chelsea Hodgson, who is a spokesperson for the Washington Joint Information Center, told local reporters, “Several individuals made public disclosure requests for the complaints that have been filed to date. This list was likely generated and shared by one of those individuals.”

Those who filed complaints did not file anonymously, so “stupid is, as stupid does.” They really have no one to blame but themselves. It is wrong to turn in people who are doing nothing wrong and just want to go back to normal living.

Hate has been spread by the seeds of the Left and the deep state, which caused messages such as these from one phone message, “You got 48 hours to get the [expletive] out of Washington, or I am coming for you, and your loved ones.” Another phone message stated, “I hope you choke on the [expletive] virus.”

The woman who reported the protesters, who were protesting peacefully, stated, “If I knew my personal information would be given to people who would use it to attack me. I was just trying to be a good citizen.” Being a good citizen is not ratting out someone or a group who is expressing their rights and freedoms. But this is what type of division Democrats cause.

What most people do not see in this type of action is the alternative and outcome of their actions. Neither party is really wrong other than the threats. Matt Marshall, the leader of the protesters, stated, “Business owners who are going under have a right to face their accuser.” Outcries of the protesters declare, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” Sound familiar?

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  1. I agree 100%. All of these rules are getting too ridiculous and telling neighbors to report on their neighbors for not wearing masks or having too many friends over is downright stupidity. When did the USA turn into Communist China??? I never in my life would’ve believed that our country would turn out like this!!

    Get this country open and let us get back to work and back to our constitution of free speech and the liberties that our country stands for. I CAN JUST IMAGINE OUR FOREFATHERS looking down and rolling their eyes at the situation our great country is in. This is not how they envisioned us to be!! “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!”

  2. Your last sentence is inspirational 🙂 It immediately brings to my minds’ eye a picture of a wide-mouthed, snarling “lady” delighting in the name “Meeshelle !” I take it you remember her ?
    Apparently “she” is still around and still up to her old anti-USA tricks – just with more jewelry on show now !

  3. You are absolutely RIGHT ! There is only ONE kind of Socialism and wherever you find it you will also find Poverty and Oppression – together with socialist “education” systems there is the recipe for national disasters of the “Democrat” type !

  4. True !
    Join the NRA and the CCAA – we ALL need to stand together and be counted as ONE Nation under God ! It is the one thing the Dems are frightened of – Good Men and Women who stand Together Defending Their Rights !

  5. You are right to be wary and protective of your own health – Death usually only visits each one of us ONCE !
    However – do make sure the mask you wear is both the correct type ( minimum N95 ) and properly ( closely ) fitted to your facial contours – Otherwise – ALL your “self protection” precautions do nothing for YOU – they DO contain whatever YOU may have and protect OTHERS, but I guess that was not the objective ?
    Stay Safe – Live long and Prosper as a certain pointy-eared skywalker once said 😉

  6. I agree that you don’t need a mask unless you are in the presence of others. Where one persons rights end, another persons begins! That means it’s give and take. Being respectful to one another.

  7. Someone with a brain! I wear a mask because i am a senior and the virus could kill me. I don’t go very far from home and when someone gets too close ,i panic, turn around and move fast. I know what happened in NY so be careful it doesn’t happen to others! Wearing a mask is safer than not wearing one. Unless you want to spread something but most young people don’t even know if they have it or not!

  8. This is why we need to keep our gun rights. That would be the end. They fear the GUNS whether it a hand gun or rifle.

  9. This is where ,i believe, the idea of getting rid of the Electors has come from. If not the Electoral vote this country would be Democratic forever. Heaven forbid ! My brother in law lived in Palo Alto,CA for 17years before going back to PA. He said you can’t get ahead there.

  10. Double dog AMEN

  11. I’m a pretty good shot, let me at them, an ounce of lead will go a long way especially pointed at a Democrat

  12. I have read almost all of George Orwell’s books. I also read his essay Politics In the English Language which broke down how language is used to disguise true meaning. We really need Republicans everywhere. Look how they are stepping up everywhere, Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida is trying to get Chinese drones out of the United States, Christ Noem, governor of South Dakota, didn’t enforce tyrannical lock downs, Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick and Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton are standing up for unconstitutional arrests, citations, and orders around Texas, and there are many many more examples. We need good conservative leaders that respect the constitution.

  13. I absolutely love what they did in New York City! People also sent in images of De Blasio violating his own restrictions.

  14. I have no sympathy for these snitchers. If they want to hide in their houses and be scared watch Netflix and roll around in toilet paper, then that is their choice. Let us patriotic Americans go outside without masks and social distancing, go to work, and live our lives free and happy. We would all do well to say “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.” Also, I am sick and tired of liberals chipping away at our constitutional rights under the name of safety. Liberals are intolerant,dangerous, and America hating.

  15. Amen, Brother! I moved to WA 30+ years ago, trying to get away from CA. I grew up in Orange Co… an island of conservatism in a sea of SoCal lefties. Fortunately, I now live in Mason Co., a Trump bastion. But you are correct… Seattle, Tacoma, and Oly control the whole state…. The farmers on the east side of the Cascades and the southern lowlands would love nothing better than to secede.

  16. I have had it with this lock-down crap.!!! Our economy is in the crapper, food shortages, yes they are real.!!! It took 2 months for peanuts to finally make it to Meiyers stores here in Michigan.!!! What about the other viruses we have had, Swine Flu, H1N1, SARS, we are being DUPED.!!! Our govnor Gretchy is not wired too tight. How can we move on if we don’t get out and open ALL stores,food stores, eating places, SPORTS, 24 hr open stores, list goes on. !!! Down with the GESTAPO rule, LET US OUT!!!! POO-POO to the narcs, I wonder what they do for work, if any.!!! SEMPER FI, G.I. !!!

  17. Liberalism is a MENTAL DISEASE that has no known cure. Those that suffer from it, should be put away in a booby hatch. We will all be better off without them

  18. History is not repeating itself. The propaganda of history is repeating itself.

  19. It has already been proven that being outdoors ,and sunlight are great for fighting covid-19 so the homeless may be ahead of the curve ….of course with the filth,drug abuse ,poor diet,lack of sanitary conditions may well outweigh their social contributions to the outdoor lifestyle….as for lost cause of Cali. Polls are showing a 25% uptick in republican policies in Cali…..people might be fed up with dems self-fellating policies,I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to Schiff wearing an eye-patch after someone pokes one of those buggy orbs out,then we can see who looks better scummy Schiff or the seal Crenshaw…where as Schiff would look like someone wearing a G-string backwards ,so it would cover his asshole


  21. So now the dummycrat party is scared of suffering the wrath of being a snitch. The whole $#@%ing dummycrat party is run like the mafia! What happens to rats in the mafia? They end up wearing cement boots and going for a walk on the bottom of a river. Here’s a message for dummycrat rats, better wear a raincoat!

  22. HEY! As a resident of one of those “Communist Nations”, allow me to dissent. IF you look at voting patterns by precinct (not, as is usually done, by Congressional Districts – which are highly gerrymandered *), what you will see is that about 95% of all three of those states, by area, are solidly “Red”. In California, however, the urban/suburban masses in the LA and Bay Areas and along the coast between them (but seldom more than 20 miles into the interior) are in effective control of the rest of the state. In Washington, it is the Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia cluster, along the eastern edge of Puget Sound, which sets the rules for Walla-walla and Spokane. In Oregon, a small patch of land, in the far northwest corner, encompassing the Portland area, overrules the desires of the rest of the state, all because of a Warren Court ruling (Reynolds v. Sims) which destroyed the bicameral legislative systems which once balanced the interests of the urban and the rural. Time to restore representative democracy to the states and to rebalance the equation, so that the dependent/welfare classes of the cities don’t rule the roost. We are not, as depicted, “Communist”. We are more akin to the “captive nations” trapped behind the iron curtain of liberalism.

    [* Look at Adam Schiff’s district – it actually looks like Schiff represents virtually half of the southern San Joaquin Valley and the mountainous regions around the Angeles Crest. In fact, tho’ those areas are in his district, he doesn’t represent them and they don’t vote for him. He owes his position to that tiny “tail” of his district which dips down into Beverly Hills and Brentwood and Hollywood. It is that slice of populous limousine liberalism, with their attendant welfare ghettos, which elects and re-elects Schiff. Take away that 5% of his district which lies in the urban part of it and you’ll be hard pressed to find a Schiff supporter.]

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).


  25. I was in a store last week when I heard some older woman shouting “six feet! Six feet! SIX FEET!” Any time anyone came remotely close to breaking her “impregnable bubble of immunity”, she went into freak-out mode. Of course, she appeared to be late 70’s/early 80’s, which folks, in this state (not Washington, but bad enough), are supposed to stay home and only shop, if they must, during “age restricted hours”, but, somehow, that rule did not excite her passions as much as that “six feet (!!!!!)” rule did. I was inclined to advise her that, if she insisted on being a complete a*****e about the matter, perhaps she should get her butt home where she could watch CNN and feed her paranoia all day long without bothering sane, rational people, but I refrained when my mere approach (well outside 6′) sent her, once more, into a paroxysm of protestation.

    These people are a problem – not merely an irritant. It is they who, with their simple minded attachment to simplistic “solutions” and mindless slogans, threaten the very foundations of this country. It is they who enable the politicians to grab ever more power and to trample ever more rights. And if they want to behave like the complete cheese-heads they are, I suppose I’m obliged to put up with it, however, when they take it upon themselves to become agents of tyranny, then I think they’ve crossed the line. Sending my picture into the state is a violation of my privacy. Doing so in the context of accusing me of doing something illegal and/or evil is libel and slander. And doing so in order to bring the power of the state against me is an act of aggression – or worse, and when someone crosses that line, well, I think it is perfectly appropriate to retaliate – and the grosser their transgression, the greater the retaliation it justifies. I don’t think that death threats are particularly appropriate, but, frankly, a serious “beat-down” might not be amiss. Regrettably, one might have to break that 6′ social distancing rule to apply it. Eh, too bad. Report me when I’m done.

  26. While it’s not widely known, a lot of those “Brown Shirts” were prone to sudden accidents. Especially later in the war, as the resistance starting gaining power.

  27. For those snitch lines, may I make a suggestion? The way to protest them (im)properly was done in New York City. The line was texted thousands of dick pics. After 3 days, they closed the phone lines. I do NOT recommend violence or threats of violence. That is wrong and a crime. Protest, yes. Threaten like bullies, no. For those who turn in your neighbors, shame on you! Your mama should have taught you better.

  28. If I were one of these socialist politicians I would be scared to death right about now. Don’t they see what they are setting themselves up for? Anyone who dies because of the anarchy they have created is blood on their hands. The NY gov is already at the top of the list of murderers. He has killed thousands because of his actions. The way to kill a snake is to cut off it’s head.

  29. I can not believe any citizen in the U.S. would side with these power hungry tyrants and follow a NAZI rule. Wake up people before it is too late. Do not snitch on anyone or you may be the one who pays the consequences. That is what George Soros did. He ratted out his whole familt t the Nazi’s and get them killed. This is not and never will be a communist country but we will have to be together to stop it.

  30. We the people in Washington need to protest, our governor has no legal grounds to mandate the orders he has placed and lawsuits need to be filed. This is not Nazi Germany destroying the Jews, this is America the land of the free.

  31. Yes indeed! Throw all the bums out & then the conservatives will rule. We need both parties to have term limits, same health care we have to pay for & no life long pensions—save for your retirement & get Social Security back into a trust that can’t be raided!

  32. I find it very interesting that every Democrat and leftist alive never misses an opportunity to call President Trump the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler. These same dolts, proud of never letting a good crisis go to waste, immediately start acting exactly like Hitler at the first opportunity, right down to requiring your neighbors to rat you out if you don’t toe the line and follow their pronouncements to the letter. There is one major difference between the two-Trump is accused of being like Hitler without ever making a move in a tyrannical manner, while the Democrat governors are never called Hitler, but initiate requirements which reek of that dictator. The Democrats have a current wish-list, which includes creation of a socialist utopia-DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM as they all have this hidden tyrannical streak and you should never allow them an opportunity to exhibit their evil side.

  33. Unfortunately, people won’t learn until it’s too late. Just like those that ran in to buy their first gun because they were scared.

    “What do you mean I can’t take the gun with me? It’s dangerous out there.”

    “Did you support gun control?”


    “Welcome to gun control, I’ll call you in 10 days or so when your firearm can be released.”

  34. I disagree with the statement in the last paragraph: Neither party is really wrong other than the threats.

    Sorry – anyone who rats on a neighbor is WRONG – WAY WRONG. Those people do need to be exposed and shamed for being rats. Remember what you thought of a “tattle-tale” back in grade school. There’s no difference, except this time the rats might get their neighbors jailed for some horrible crime like taking a solitary walk without a mask.

    Death threats are a bit extreme, but perhaps they will make people wake up and take the very real threat of losing our freedom – seriously.

    Anyone familiar with George Orwell? He predicted all this in “1984” and “Animal Farm” We can’t let it happen. VOTE OUT the Dems this November – and every chance you get in the future.

  35. We have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness according the the Declaration of Independence. It also states that those who govern us do so at the consent of the governed not by their office and if those who govern us do so in a manor that removes our rights we have the right to remove them and their form of government and install one that is of the people and by the people not the mayors, governors, or congress but that which we allow. No one has a right to remove any of our freedoms or rights.

  36. Unfortunately Washington, Oregon and CA are close to Communist Nations; strongholds of liberal socialism is shown in their filthy streets filled with homeless drug/alcohol abusers/needles/human feces/diseases/rats everywhere and these people continue to vote demo-rat so they must love socialism/communism. We are leaving CA like all other normal people; the west coast is a lost cause, too many rich liberals and illegals to ever turn this around. They take their liberal/socialism voting where ever they move – TX is next.

  37. Oh Contrar. When they see how large our force is, they will run for the hills. They think we are asleep. They will get a rude awakening.

    Hey guys, try living in New York City under King Cuomo (Governor) who killed thousands of people in Nursing Homes. Ha! and he thought he was in line to run for President when Sleepy Joe crapped out. Not with all of those seniors’ blood on his hands!!!; and Putz deBlasio (Mayor) who doesn’t know his elbow from his ass. What did Martin Luther King say–“We will overcome.” We just have to be smart about it.

    First we have to throw the Bastards out by voting “our” guys in. See what happened in Wisconsin and California; it can be done!! NO MAIL-IN VOTES. MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.

  38. spying on your neighbors? Where are we, in Russia or Nazi Germany! Politicians who want you to do that are trying to nullify our constitution and make everyone subject to the government. This must stop NOW! If politicians keep this up, I feel sorry for our country. We will either become a dictatorship or have a civil war. I pray neither ever happen.

  39. YOU HAVE TO BE MORE CIVIL WITH THESE PEOPLE THAT ASSUME THAT THEY WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT ! It is probably appropriate to report thefts, rapes, or misdeeds in public, but surely there is a difference from trying to get back at any one you may have a beef, or you dislike. MOST SNITCHES ARE PROBABLY SOME FORM OF REVENGE OR POLITICAL MOTIVATED, AND THE GOV. OF WA. HAS SERIOUSLY WEAPONIZED LOCK DOWN FOR POLITICAL REASONS. To date nearly 63 % of deaths have come from elders, or people of compromised health issues, and even more obvious is that all deaths are being subjected to be reported for, “from the communist party coronia virus”, has economic value in federal dollars. DOCTORS AND DENTIST, AND MANY OTHER FORMS OF HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS ARE TOTALLY BEING SUBJECT TO STUPID LOCK DOWN WHEN THE HAVE THE SKILLS TO MANAGE AND PROTECT THEMSELVES AND PATIENTS. Time to open America, and deal with it as an adult, not the hype from news outlets whom work on fear of the people and for the demoRATS in office.

  40. LOL! Mind your own business and you won’t get hurt. Way I was raised also!!

  41. This is precisely what the damarats are hopping for. Why in the world don’tpeople realize it. What thing of value have the dems done? If you are honest with your self (your answer would be NOTHING) If they get their socialist way you will never have the freedoom you have now. Look at all the countries that are all ready that way. I know they are telling you this is a different type of socialisum but that is just blowing smoke up your ass. There is only one kind.

  42. Well you people are walking right into the Dems trap asking neighbors and family to rat on each other. Shades of Nazism. It has to stop right now. That is not being a good citizen to rat on family or neighbors. That is their business if they want to go out and you want to stay home – we are (hopefully) still a free nation.

  43. What ever happened to “Mind Your Own Business”?
    Most of what Gov. Inslee is doing should be illegal in any free country.

  44. This PLANdemic is a leftist Deep State/Communist China creation that uses fear-mongering to divide and conquer. The mask-wearing lockdown is designed by them to last until Election Day in November when they hope the economic wreck they have orchestrated will remove Trump from office and get the leftist Deep State cabal back in the White House. After that, the COVID crisis will vanish.

    In the meantime, ratting on others who may be violating the unconstitutional rules and hardships we have been forced to obey and endure during the PLANdemic would be naziism at it’s most despicable. Love thy neighbor. Don’t join the COVID gestapo. Shame on those officials who even suggest such an abomination.

    Save our Republic!
    Fight leftist oppression!
    Vote conservative!
    Trump 2020!

  45. Okay, Americans! Let’s quit playing like kids. Can’t any of you see what is happening? You are playing right into the hands of the officials who are trying to take the government over. It’s not just Trump they want out. It’s anything to do with freedom. They want to tell you where you can go and what you are allowed to buy. They want to take all your money y work for every week and let you have just enough to get by with. They want all churches to close. You can only open when they say so and if you are caught in a worship service, you will be put in jail. You will be split from your families.

    Please wake up. Please don’t let them take our freedom away! We have a wonderful nation here a beautiful land and the freedom to travel where we desire. Let’s keep that for our children to enjoy. We didn’t fight for this country to let someone take it away. Stand up tall! Salute that flag! AND VOTE FOR OUR FREEDOM IN NOVEMBER!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️🦅🦅

  46. This same thing is going on in Harris County city of Houston. Our county executive is an AOC wannabee. She set up a phone line to turn in pictures names etc. She is 28 yo and this is her first real job. Luckily we have a republican gov. Who knocked her rules down. One was a $1,000.00 fine for not wearing a mask outside even on your own property. This rules etc will never go away.

  47. Snitches make great TARGETS. Dumb Bastards.

  48. Snitches get stitches, that is how I was raised. Quit narcing on your neighbors, problem solved.

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