Wall Street Journal Drills Obama and His Remarks

Many times throughout history, former Presidents speak only when necessary and remain out of the spotlight for the most part. Not former President Barrack Obama. He has been a thorn in America’s side, which doesn’t seem to want to go away. With the exoneration of General Michael Flynn, Obama seems quite nervous. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board wants to know why and they are asking, “What he’s really worried about?”

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Barack Obama is a lawyer, so it was stunning to read that he ventured into the Michael Flynn case in a way that misstated the supposed crime and ignored the history of his own Administration in targeting Mr. Flynn. Since the former President chose to offer his legal views when he didn’t need to, we wonder what he’s really worried about.”

Much information is coming out about the truth on how our United States of America government tried to cover up the most heinous crimes from the top officials we have ever seen. Top officials from the FBI starting with the director James Comey and those directly under him almost pulled off the crime of the century within our own government. The proof is there stating Obama and Biden were in the room and knew about what was happening.

Kudos to The Wall Street Journal for finally being a source that is putting out the truth! Attorney General William Barr dropped all charges against General Flynn, who was also Trump’s original national security adviser. After this event and the documents were declassified to the public, it stated, the FBI’s goal was “to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

General Flynn had all the goods and the insight on the government and those who were within the deep state. He had information that could bring down the entire organization. Guess how far his knowledge went? Yep, that’s right all the way to the top, President Barrack Obama. So the former President has every right to be shaking in his boots right now!

Naturally, Obama had something to say. This was his response to his sideshow of clowns, “There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic-not just institutional norms-but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk. And when you start moving in those directions, it can accelerate pretty quickly as we’ve seen in other places.”

The Journal immediately slammed Obama for being “eager to distort the truth.” US Attorney John Durham has been investigating the entire Russia origins from start to finish. Flynn’s case was the start of something in which every American citizen should be highly concerned. It opened up the can of worms, and now, nothing will stop the truth from coming out full force.

The Wall Street Journal board stated, “Donald Trump’s victory increased the chances that this unprecedented spying on a political opponent would be uncovered, which would have been politically embarrassing at the very least. Targeting Mr. Flynn-and flogging the discredited Steele dossier-kept the Russia collusion pot boiling and evolved into the two-year Mueller investigation that turned up no evidence of collusion.”

The editors continued, “This, among other things, is what US Attorney John Durham is investigating at the request of Attorney General William Barr. Maybe that’s why Mr. Obama is so eager to distort the truth of the Flynn prosecution.”

In discovering the truth which came out last week, we are seeing justice work in its most elegant form. The findings from the investigation will not only go back to prove Spygate was real, but Trump also was not lying. It will dig up Obama’s entire presidency and uncover what we all knew from the very beginning. Obama was a fraud.

Democrats and the deep state has wasted so much of America’s time and money on trying to get rid of a sitting President. They now find themselves cornered in their own lies.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the first to report the truth. Questions are now arising will the other news outlets follow? They cannot continue reporting lies and fake news. The people are now catching on as the swamp continues to be drained. The plug was slightly raised to release some of the corruption. Now they are going down the drain quickly.

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  1. I for one pray that these corrupt individuals get the justice they deserve. Which is to be sent to GITMO and tried for treason and you know what the punishment for that is!!

    I have been waiting for 3 years for President Trump to use his Trump Card and close their disaster plans they had for the USA!! I believe they are all in cahoots with China to undermine the citizens of this great country and pull us down in every sort of aspect. Economical, Financial, Political, Emotional and all others and then they were going to let us all die and laugh as we burn. Well, we gained a great President in 2016, @RealPresidentTrump, the greatest president ever to serve. People wake up!! #GreatAwakening #CalmBeforetheStorm, #Trump2020

  2. First of all to the best of my recollection Mr Barrack Mohammad Obama is no longer a Lawyer and is not licensed in any state. Based on his educational background he could easily sit in any state to take the bar but one you give up your license then it is no longer voluntary suspended it is out of date, Expired. No different then if I let my contractors license expire. Until I re-apply, sit for the test and pass, I am a customer!

  3. All those negro lovers will disagree. I think whom ever voted for this primitive negro was drunk! I was in England watching TV. when the announcement came on. The Brits screamed, bloody hell there goes America! I felt like a lost puppy.

  4. I don’t know who the hell voted for Obama, but this is the fallout. He manage to sow his third world seeds and here we are. I have seen it before, the Caribbean Islands, Africa, and where ever they are. Its not in their DNA to govern. PERIOD!!

  5. Thank you for the truthful article. The Democrats, DNC, FBI, NSA, DOJ, CIA and the deep state traitors and liars all need to be indicted and tried for Treason against the USA. What has happened is the biggest fraud perpetrated on the citizens of the US. Obama is behind all the clock and dagger scum trying to bring down the POTUS with lies, tampering with documents, lying to the FISA court and trying to get Judge Emmit Sullivan to convict Gen. Flynn after all charges were dropped. Judge Sullivan and his cohorts need to be investigated for Treason too. The Unions are also part of this with there dark money.

  6. Obama would be on his knees begging China for help

  7. This is a fabulous article. Long without being wordy. Effective without being condescending. Truthful and refreshing. Simple response from me, thank you.

  8. Well done Wall Street Journal! My personal opinion is Barack Hussein Obama will go down as the most corrupt president in US History! I NEVER trusted him and clearly did not vote for him.

  9. I hope someone with the capacity and power will research and prove the birthplace
    of Barack H. Obama, Jr.
    I haven’t seen or heard of a BHOJr. birth certificate other than the one from Kenya
    that is valid and legal. Kenya is proud of BHOJr.s birthplace. It is in Kenya.
    Also research his supposed Social Security ID which reportedly is fraudulent.

  10. If I have to retype every single time I comment because you say my email address is illegal-YOU admin will rue the day. I used my legal email address after making a long comment – it is the same one YOU emailed ME with. I work for the government and you are going to be sorry. Don’t ever do that again! This is a warning and a promise!

  11. It is so sad that so very much time and money was wasted on a petty shadow of revenge and jealousy. There should be a way to stop the ridiculous charges of the Democrats, but they seem to just keep chugging along.


  13. No wonder the democrats wanted to close Gitmo. they all knew that some day they would be residents Barry and his corrupt gang should be forced to repay the American people the 100 million that was falsely spent to perpartrate this 3 years of corruption. Adam should be given his one way trip to Mars. Obama Gitmo will be a perfect place to house your Library since it now seems that your legacy is crime and corruption

  14. True , if real Americans look at the truth it will be much better. Obama was in in all of it

  15. Obama had to get rid of Flynn because he knew and was privy to all of Obama’s and the Administration’s deeds. If he remained Trump’s HNS, he would have had unlimited access to everything Obama and his Administration had been involved in since Obama took office – Benghazi, Obama and Biden’s threats and blackmail to Ukraine, the set up of the Russia collusion, etc…If they got him discredited, thrown in prison (where he would have either committed suicide or had a fatal accident) they could continue their crooked ways without anything or anyone to stop them.

  16. Besides cutting his retirement funds entirely, America should sell all of his estate holdings and to pay off what Obama misspent of our taxpayers money. Just give Michelle enough money to buy a normal house to live in. It goes to all the other Democrats, ie: Pelosi, Schumer, Pencil Neck Schift, and all the others.

  17. Anyone doing some research on Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama prior to 2008 would have known that he was/is BAD news for America and it’s people.Democrats have a tendency and especially in Chicago to put up Criminals for the people to vote on.Please educate yourselves before you vote

  18. Kudos to WSJ!!
    Obama may never be punished by our real judicial system, but you can bet that
    hie legacy will be one of shame and dishonor. History may well remember him as the worst, most corrupt President of the U.S. and a stain on his people.

  19. All the media outlets, papers included, owe a big “I’m sorry” to Trump. Anyone with intelligence and eyes should have seen Obama is a fraud and the democrats are corrupt. The more exposed the crazier and extreme they’re becoming. They want mail in voting to win so they can keep up their corruption and get rid of evidence. Schiff should not be allowed out of jail along with the rest. We want the 1 billion we spent for Michelle’s vacations too. The crooked Obama’s had vacations paid on us til 2034. Trump cut that off. Hopefully we won’t see or hear from them. It’s not right that we the people go to jail but the elite and illegals don’t serve jail time, or democrats for that matter.

  20. Straightforward and illuminating. Well said!

  21. I agree, thank you Wall Street Journal for making the America people’s day!
    Nobody proved to me that Obama is citizen of this country yet!

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  23. From your fingers on your texting keys to God’s eyes.
    From our heartfelt prayers to God’s ears.
    Please make it so, Heavenly Father and Yeshua our Savior.
    Trump 2020!

  24. You said it perfectly. The taxpayer should not bear the burden of the DNC misdeeds.
    They are all millionaires let them pay. Nancy and Chuckie need to go as well. Anyone with just 1/2 a brain that they are not for America and would indeed bring our country down. We need Americans who LOVE America to be in office. God Bless America and President Trump!

  25. Thank you Wall Street Journal. Facts are coming to light. Most intelligent people knew Obama for the fraud that he was. Why the doctored birth certificate? Why all school records sealed. The tsunami Obama Gate will make Watergate look like a tiny wave.

  26. And it’s about time for the REAL CRIMINALS to start doing their time, for the crimes they have committed! I hope they get their own, personal bubba, for their own personal use!

  27. Had It Been A White Man America Would Still Be On Fire.

  28. Great Job You Guessed Where Obama Was Born.

  29. They were part of the operation. It is time that the WSJ separated themselves from the cabal. History will not treat them kindly. The WSJ may become the beacon it once was.

  30. Maybe the powers that be who control the MSM will notice the numbers that Fox enjoys and see the power of speaking truth to Power can bring. If the WSJ can do a fair story like this and it carries enough punch to start a whole dialog, then they can brag that they were among the first to break this massive story. AG Barr and Prosecutor Durham are going to be feeding them with enough information and evidence to keep this up throughout the next several months. When and if there are charges coming out of Grand Jury testimony, we will see another wave of coverage. This will be far more riveting than Fauci & Birx . Much more entertaining than the whole whiny Impeachment disaster. This will be true history in the making and will prove far more heinous than Watergate ever was. After all, Nixon sending in some burglers to snoop on Mondale was lame in the first place. The Cover-up was a single operation and the whole thing only went on for a week or so. This thing was about discrediting and financially ruining a decorated General and 30 year public servant. It spread to foreign governments and spying on an opposition candidate. It lead to buying Russian Intelligence and trying to cripple a duly elected president. It meant lying to to Federal Judges and congress. It meant entrapping witnesses. It meant wire fraud and illegal leaks were used. It exposed the FBI, NIA, CIA to widespread corruption and mis-use of assets. Yes, this story has the potential to go on for years. Thank you WSJ for recognizing the biggest crime syndicate in our nation’s history and reporting on it.

  31. This stain, this national nightmare, is finally being exposed. The onion is being peeled back, and we now see what, and who, were at the core of this travesty. Everything that we’ve seen happening to our great country only proves that candidate Trump was correct when he campaigned on the threat that the Deep State, and the Swamp, posed to the very existence of our Constitutional Republic. My cry to my fellow Americans is that they must understand that we are in a war. We cannot choose which battles we want to skip, and which ones we want to fight. We must fight them all, without ceasing. If you look at what Nancy Pelosi and her corrupt majority are trying to do, from wanting to legislate that she alone, can be a proxy for the entire Democrat majority, and pushing mail in voting and ballot harvesting, it’s not hard to see that their plan is if they can’t win elections the traditional way, they will just steal them. Fortunately, President Trump would veto any bill with such provisions in it. Think of what would happen, however, if President Trump were defeated in November, and the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate. This should scare the hell out of every Constitution loving and liberty and freedom loving American. Finally, we have a leader in President Trump, who has exposed their true colors, and what they want to do to this country. It’s not so much that they lost in 2016, it’s that this President is exposing, and destroying, everything they have been working towards for the last 100 years. It’s up to all of us to drive the final nails in the coffin of their corrupt and destructive ambitions.

  32. I sadly agree, but if enough stink is piled on the legacy, people will not be able to explain it away.

  33. The American people will finally see and hear how bad Obama was for the American people. God bless the new paper, they’re realizing now truth is better than fiction. They should all swing from the gallows! I’m proud of the American people who are standing up against the evil people.

  34. Thank you Wall Street journal. We’ve been waiting for so long to hear a real journalist. Tell always the truth

  35. They all belong in Gitmo

  36. We might be getting to the truth why why Flynn was targeted. There were a lot of sins committed in the Obama administration and there is a fear that it will all be uncovered ,which it should be uncovered. Thank you WSJ for exposing what the previous administration was trying to do to the Trump Campaign and his Administration. Too bad other news services wouldn’t question why there is such distain for President Trump and wanted to obliterate him and his administration.

  37. Gotta get my popcorn and beer and watch the show. Getting real interesting. Obummer the crooked SOB.

  38. Wow. I’m amazed. The Wall Street Journal has actually written a fair and journalistic editorial supporting the true facts of a matter, and has carefully corrected the errors and false statements made by a former president. Good job, WSJ!

    Maybe a miracle will happen and other Main Stream Media news sources will rebuke their shameful descent from being fair, balanced, factual, and reliable journalistic resources into deceitful CIA-controlled Operation Mockingbird propaganda machines that blatantly lie and are totally owned and scripted by angry Marxist leftists. News sources need not be liberal or conservative, just reliably fair and truthful in their reporting. And if they choose to support liberal or conservative political views, they should admit what they are and not try to convince the public they are unbiased when they clearly are biased.

    Hope springs eternal. Thank you for giving me hope, WSJ. Thank you for presenting the FACTS. Former President Barack Obama may not appreciate your honest editorial, but I and many others weary of the Operation Mockingbird style of fake news reporting are very appreciative. You rock!


  39. There is a saying in the old country – Let the wind blow hard on the chicken so we see that what all along has been covered by the feathers isn’t that pretty. Are we in US of America or in some 5th rate country where the wish of the Head carries the country? Can the Head be clean while everything from the neck down to the rest of the body is rotten? This is embarrassing especially given that President Obama, first black president even though he is half-n-half; should have leaned on his duality of white-n-black to cement US on a good way. Power intoxication – it has it unintended consequences.

  40. I think Obama and the rest of the dirty Democrats are scared to death and they should be. We need to put the whole crew in jail and throw away the key. We need to include Pelosi and all her friends in Congress. They are all guilty of crimes We need to put them in jail and never let hem out. I think Biden will also be found out to be dirty and his son too. I hope to see them all in prison soon. I say prayers every night for God to protect our country and our president and vice president and bring all these others to justice and to prison.

  41. It is horrible just watching this all come out We knew OBAMA was involved before he left office. How dare he. They sit high and mighty and think they are invincible bur I want OUR GOVT. TO FINALLY BRING DOWN OBAMA AND HIS SLUGS WHO DID WHAT OBAMA WANTED. Obama is a piece of crap for what he has been doing. I hope he gets the karma 10 fold. It is sad to see the first black president of our country who abused the office still out there in the shadows as corrupt as ever. TRUMP 2020

  42. The greatest President off the United States Donald J. Trump 🇱🇷!


  44. I want to THANK the Wall Street JOURNAL for HELPING to GET the SWAMP in WASHINGTON FINALLY DRAINED! NOW maybe the FINAL TRUTH may come out about HOW the Warren Commission FAILED to do a proper JOB of finding out EXACTLY who MURDERED OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT JOHN F KENNEDY!!! When that happens we will also be able to find the TRUTH about other things like WHO murdered RFK, Martin Luther King, the TRUTH about WATERGATE, IRAN CONTRA, DID NEIL ARMSTRONG really land on the MOON or was that a FAKE TOO? and what REALLY happened on 9/11?? PLEASE, I WANNA KNOW!!!! I’ve been WAITING 58 YEARS!!!

  45. All of these guys should go to jail including OBUMMER! His Presidency should be nullified, the cost of the Mueller investigation should come directly out of the DNC Funds, Obama’s pension should be cut off, and he should be perp walked with all the other criminals who perpetrated the greatest crime against the PEOPLE in American history, before the blazing cameras for ALL Americans to see. A lot of Democrats will have egg on their faces. And they deserve nothing less! Then and ONLY then will Americans receive the justice we deserve!

  46. So he really wasn’t eligible to run. The Kenyan Birth certificate was real! He should be scared.

  47. Obama is saying don`t look there hey watch this? {*j*} I`ve got some great new prestidigitation straight from Mombassa, Kenya. What the hell is our government waiting for?

  48. Anyone with any common sense and with their eyes open could see what was going on in this coup attempt by the democrats from the beginning!

  49. Many thanks to Wall Street Journal reporting TRUTH…..real Americans would have it no other way

  50. Thank You,W.S.J. for reporting the truth.

  51. Thank you Wall Street journal let the truth come out

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