Is His Virtual Rally Going Black a Foreshadow for Biden?

When it rains, it pours. The former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden may be on the verge of a storm that will bring more than a little rain. The best thing that could have happened for the Biden camp, is arguably the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the “stay-at-home” orders across the country, it has meant an absence of town hall meetings, fewer speaking engagements, and more limited press and media.

Unfortunately, for team Biden, that may not be enough.

Also and unfortunately for Joe Biden, and despite the vastly limited communication, he still must speak. While that is undoubtedly more than his camp and the Dems would like, at least these speaking events have been far less than they would have been in any other typical campaign year. Like many other politicians, Biden has turned to virtual technology to speak and hold virtual rallies.

As one story reported, “Joe Biden’s campaign attempted to hold a virtual rally on Thursday and it melted down in a tech disaster.” It appears that even virtual Joe might not be any safer of a bet. And somehow, this all seems to be a foreshadow of what’s been happening within the Biden camp.

There were allegations, all serious, some damning, and one just plain ugly, that were levied against the former Vice President. Then, just like that, it went quiet and they went away. There were questions and unethical suggestions made about Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and Ukraine dealings, then they just went away too (or rather, they were buried under a bogus Presidential impeachment attempt!).

All those questions and whispers that had been swirling around about Biden’s health and his mental faculties, literally his fitness to even hold office were also aided, at least somewhat, by the worldwide pandemic. These fewer speaking events simply resulted in less insight into what has become a reoccurring issue, namely Biden’s seeming inability to have or convey coherent and clear thoughts. And they went away too, at least for a while.

When it rains, it pours.

So as the orders to stay at home are lifted, as businesses begin to carefully reopen, the 2020 Presidential race starts to carry real significance. It also appears that as the race heats up, all of those questions, accusations, and concerns that just went away, are starting to rumble like storm clouds above.

In Biden’s latest appearance, being called a ‘virtual rally,’ as the aforementioned story alluded to, it wasn’t good. According to the story as the rally started, “Biden apparently was to be introduced, and he was going to walk towards the camera before dramatically removing his aviator sunglasses.”

What happened was, ‘The video almost immediately glitched, and before Biden strutted forward, he said, “Did they introduce me? Am I on?”’ And it didn’t get any better from there.

This ‘virtual rally’ came as those once-gone allegations of sexual assault from Biden’s former aide have resurfaced – and it doesn’t look like they are going away this time. During his virtual rally, we were reminded again of those questions surround the former Vice President’s fitness to be Commander and Cheif. The story reported that “Biden attempted to argue he would be the president who would ensure front line workers would have the personal protective equipment — PPE — that they need. Except, he confused the acronym with the Paycheck Protection Program.” And he did it twice.

At one point, as the story also shared, the screen also went black. Foreshadowing?

Those issues that the Biden campaign has sidestepped, buried, or diverted from haven’t gone away. In fact, it seems they are starting to rumble a little louder now, and the sky like Biden’s virtual rally are trying to turn black.

That temporary blackout may or may not be a foreshadow of things to come for Joe Biden, but it looks like it is starting to rain more than cats and dogs. It actually looks like it is starting to rain allegations, accusations, and crimes.

And you know what they say – When it rains, it pours.

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  1. I don’t suppress any of my tiny smiles of glee.

  2. Agreed. Not to mention his sexual allegations and his involvement with the Michael Flynn scandal.

  3. Every time Biden messes up or goes off on some incoherent train wreck rant, all us Trump supporters suppress tiny smiles of glee. I hope Biden continues to mess up a lot as it will secure Trump’s victory. Trump 2020!

  4. even before his diminished mental state, i never liked him. he is crooked as hell and lies about everything. i hope that this corrupt POS fails miserably

  5. Absolutely correct. I know he’s a crook. My only admonition is making fun of him and his condition speaks ill of those doing it.

  6. You know with the computer generated movies getting more and more realistic, perhaps they can
    work something out where a flawless Avitar of Joe Biden can come to his rescue. The average
    Democrat will not notice the difference and maybe get them through to November with only minor
    losses in the House and a respectable close loss of the Presidency. That might just keep their Party
    relevant. No, that can’t work, they’re toast!

  7. He might be ill but it is no excuse for his actions. Burisma China and all the ladies, and the second part about voting democrat. Every major city that is being run by democrats are now trying to get bailouts because they have mis used things like peoples retirement funds. When it comes to holding office the dems can’t keep their hands out of the till

  8. Thank you for your thoughtful and valuable contribution to the conversation. People who make comments like yours never seem to have a coherent thought yet have the need to contribute something to the conversation. Rest assured your comment will be discussed and remembered for years to come.

  9. The dems are doing a great job of dancing him around. My biggest concern is all democratic states want mail in voting so dead people and illegals can vote. RESIST AND KEEP GOING TO THE POLLS.

  10. Does anyone ever proof read your articles? What is a Commander and Cheif?

  11. If we want to remain free I advise we never ever vote for a Democrat, period. That being said, why should we vote conservative/Republican? I think it’s due to the fact that we want our country and communities run without the lawless and unspeakable behavior demonstrated by those currently in positions of leadership in the Democratic Party. I past few years we have seen a phony impeachment of our president. Doesn’t matter who he or she is. We’re finding out now, there was zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.
    We’ve seen our US Senate vote on the president’s pick for Supreme Court Justice. We saw several Democratic senators, without any corroboration, take the word of a person and proceeded to publicly condemn a man for something they could not possibly know if true or not. We saw one senator from my home state hold onto the evidence of this person until her unsubstantiated claims could be brought out during the confirmation hearings, evidence which she had months prior to the hearing!
    What sort of people are these? Willing to violate their oaths of office, refusing to uphold our constitution and condemn this man based on “she said” evidence with zero collaboration and lacking basic human dignity. It is disgusting.
    Going a long way around the barn, this brings me to the nominee for president from the Democrat Party, Joe Biden. He is what he is and even though he may be the least obnoxious of all Democrats, it is not why I am writing this. I’m writing this because he is a human being, deserving of respect. We should not stoop to the level of those who would make fun or ridicule him because I think it obvious to all concerned that the man is ill. I’m not a doctor but, I have seen people as they get older lose their faculties. I think Mr Biden is at the beginning stages of dementia and his loss of speech ability possibly the beginning of aphasia . He needs our prayers – not ridicule as is the standard of the day.
    If we want to have a country where respect and courtesy rule the day, we must set the standard; the simplest spiritual thing we can do is be respectful and stop this ridicule, immediately! May God Bless us all and May God Bless Joe Biden!

  12. lets face it creepy Joe is exactly the idiot they want in there knowing joe hasn’t a clue about shit and can be danced around like a cheap puppet. the democrats agenda of making this country a third world farce almost came true with bath house Barry in there but came to a screeching stop and started to reverse once trump arrived and they want him replaced with creepy Joe so they can get back to business as usual.

  13. Biden is in no condition to help his corrupt Democrat Party, his pay-for-play Communist Chinese bribers, his Burisma cronies, his cheating, lying, crack-addicted son, or his campaign staff. They are wasting their time and money trying to prop up a bumbling, stumbling, crumbling candidate like Joe Biden. He’s too far gone and will soon be replaced.

    Which corrupt Democrat will be chosen to replace him? Or will all the big name Democrat possibilities be indicted for treason before November?

    Trump 2020!

  14. The man introduced his wife as his sister and his sister as his wife. He does not remember what state he is in, and he does not remember what day it is. He did crooked dealings, and included his son, sister and brother in them. You want someone like this running our country?

  15. I agree with you!! Biden Isn’t strong enough to fix him a sandwich, much less run a country!!


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