Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Blasts Reporters and China Again

When people have enough of the lies, bashing, and disrespect from the media, people in high places tend to fight back. Unfortunately, they always are made out to be the bad guy when this happens. The Left and the media have done nothing but put down Trump and his administration since the day he announced his candidacy for the 2016 elections. We stand behind our President and his administration.

Every President faces some sort of hardship as a leader of this great nation. Still, President Trump and his administration have taken more than enough. From a Democratic-led House to the media continually asking the most hateful questions in efforts to make them look incompetent.

Several times President Trump has silenced the media, and the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is no different. It doesn’t matter how well the Trump administration handles the outbreak of COVID-19, the Left, and the media are there to criticize them. Mike Pompeo shut them up real quick this week.

The Secretary of State announced again about the “significant amount of evidence,” which points to China and their Wuhan laboratory for the mishandling and the spread of the virus. If China had handled the virus and opened their mouths sooner, the world would not be going through this downward spiral.

Pompeo’s aggression showed as he continued to press on how China should have been transparent with their mishap. No one had to fall ill or die if they had done their job. There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye.

As Pompeo was getting slammed for his comments from his Sunday interview, he stuck by his guns with the supporting evidence, which cannot be revealed at this time. Every reporter should know as long as there is an investigation, no more information can be given.

Pompeo stated, “They knew. China could have prevented the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. China could have spared the world descent into global economic malaise. They had a choice, but instead, instead, China covered up the outbreak in Wuhan.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost the battle with COVID-19. China carries all of these people’s blood on their hands. With the ongoing investigations, much has already surfaced, such as the funding from the Gates Foundation, the ties between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Gates, the WHO, and all were pushed by Geroge Soros. Evidence goes as far up as former President Barrack Obama, who also funded the Wuhan lab for the coronavirus studies.

The media refuses to touch any information which does not follow the Left’s narratives. But they sure are quick to put down the truth. When they ask about the truth, Trump put them in their place a few weeks ago when he responded, “Why would I tell you? You would be the last person I tell.” He was referring to one of the fake news media reporters. Any truth handed over would immediately have the fake news media’s spin in their report.

Pompeo doesn’t play around with the media either. As the real reports would show great response and leadership, not to mention transparency, reporters, and journalist seem to have lost the meaning of their purpose in life. For this, they have lost America’s respect as they lack integrity. There is no greater dishonor.

The reporters have taken Pompeo’s statement and turned it around. They also attacked and put a spin on a top US general’s statement when he announced they were still unsure where the virus came from. The reporters took the general’s account and put it in front of Pompeo.

The Secretary of State shut them down by saying, “Let me just put this to bed. Your effort to try to find just to spend your whole life trying to drive a little wedge between senior American officials… it’s just false.”

Speaking over the reporter, he continued, “Every one of those statements is entirely consistent. Every one of them. Lay them down together, there is no separation. We are all trying to figure out the right answer. We are all trying to get the clarity. There are different levels of certainty assessed at different places. We don’t have certainty, and there is significant evidence that this came from the laboratory. Those statements can both be true.”

As reporters have the Freedom of the Press, they abuse their rights to hurt the American people and to degrade the most honorable people, including our President.

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  1. These are not reporters or even close to being called journalists!!! They are propagandist for the leftwing socialist emanating from the swamp!!! A little napalm would help with the swamp disease infested deep state swamp rats called reporters, etc.!!!

  2. POTUS is destroying the demonRats, msm and deep state actors. Fully support same. We need to bring back the guillotine.

  3. List the lies with verified supporting documentation. All 18500.

  4. And you like to suck on the demonRat appendages.

  5. It is hard to listen to lying administration and rudeness when they are ask a real question. A fake orange thing in the WH, a cook in AG’s, be proud.

  6. Your showing us how stupid you really are. If you don’t like the president get out of our country and go live in a different country where socialism is ok.

  7. You should get out of this conversation, because the way you speak you sound like a Democrat! No wonder why you’re not liked when you get into a conversation that you don’t know anything about.

  8. To me, it makes no difference whether the Wuhan virus came out of a slimy sawdust floor of a lab or a bowl of batwing soup a couple of blocks away. It’s what the Chinese did thereafter that matters. Not only did they hide it from the world, but deliberately delivered it to the rest of the world so that China wouldn’t bear the brunt of its own misdeeds alone.

  9. Well you disagree than prove me wrong tell me he didn’t do anything i posted

  10. sorry to disagree with actually I am not sorry…..where is your brain
    that is if you have one….

  11. thank God we have some good folks in the media..let them speak some
    truths..even if it not what the Dems want to hear…be thank full
    that Pres, Trump is on the correct side

  12. Well let’s debate. Why did trump wait 5 weeks to make a move on the Coronavirus why did he call it a democratic hoax. Why did he say it would magically disappear in the spring. Why did he say only 50000 people would die. And why would he trade more American lives to try to save the stock market

  13. 🤬🤢 Your comment isn’t worthy of my time because it’s obvious you let fake news and hate mongers do your thinking for you so you’re incapable of an intelligent debate on real issues

  14. That’s because we are sick and tired of the same ole Trump hating BS rhetoric and propaganda from the LEFT!! What would you do?? Let them badger and beat you down without a response? Another ridiculous post.

  15. Just like all haters, you take EVERYTHING out of context! Stupid stupid comment

  16. That’s a TOTALLY false statement!! WTH are you? CNN or MSNBC hack? Like we say to ALL fake reporters, get your facts checked before you make a complete embarrassing AS* of yourself!

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  19. It never matters what Pompeo says, he’s a serial liar! Pompeo and Trump are not anywhere near honorable!

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  21. Read some of the Republican comments and read all the name calling then tell me who is doing the hating

  22. It is so easy to identify the comments that come from the hating socialist Dems.

  23. Trump and his administration is a total disaster and it won’t get any better as long as they are in office

  24. And I guess trump and his administration are honest and never lie. Lets all forget about the 18500 lies they have told

  25. In2017 when trump first took office he had some really good and knowledgeable people. Now he has fired most of them and many other’s quit now he has nothing but a bunch of boot lickers yes men and butt kissers. With very little knowledge and next to no experience. Pompeii is at the top of the list

  26. when the dumbocrats and media go against everything single thing that Trump and his administration has done and said, it becomes very evident what there motive is. they are a farce and i can only imagine just how bad things would be if the vile corrupt dumbocratic assholes were in charge. A DISASTER

  27. It’s all about wanting socialism. There’s too many people in the world for NWO to control so this virus has been unleashed to dwindle the population.

  28. As I’m concerned there is no freedom of press. The media only tells propaganda and falsehoods. The spend every minute looking for an I gotcha moment instead of reporting information. I don’t buy news papers or follow them online. I’d rather not be following a fabricated story.
    These people are suppose to report the truth. If I want fiction I’ll by a book.

  29. When are sll the american people
    Going to realize that most of these democrats are corrupt.
    All they want is to get Trump out.
    He is digging the swamp and
    Finding all the evidence of
    Corruption. They are capable
    Of doing anything anyway they can to tske Trump out…
    China is to blame for all this
    Covid19 deaths and sickness
    Americans like Gates and Soros
    Should be ashamed of themselves
    What are doing thjs for….
    Go live in China….we don’t need
    American millionaires like you
    If you don’t love our country.

  30. Every reporter should have to report which college/university they graduated from and which media outlet they work for so that when there is a bias, we can make a mental note not to send our children/grandchildren to that college/university and add their media outlet to our list of those to be skeptical about. Loud-mouth bashers do NOT show intelligence, they only show they know how to stir cognitive dissinence.

  31. That should read opinion pages! Sorry

  32. At this point in time it is hard to listen to anything the MSM has to say. It has completely forgotten the reason for the 1st Ammendment to the Constitution. They are all option pages! Sec State Pompeo has as much real information in hand as the Intel folk share with him. I have a lot more faith in the Intel people than in the media.

  33. Right must fight on our home front 🇺🇸

  34. don,t believe there is an honest reporter in the big 3 newspapers . they are the SCUM of the earth now

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