Watch: Trump Calling For Economic Reopening In Televised Town Hall

In the first week of May, America finds itself finally opening up slowly within each state according to safety first. President Donald Trump went on a televised interview Sunday inside the Lincoln Memorial for a virtual town hall. President Trump expressed he is confident both sides of safety and economic recovery can be obtained if done correctly. The main task is to slowly open states without bringing back the second wave of COVID-19.

President Trump answered questions from the American citizens, which addressed fears for both the economy and the safety of the people. People are afraid to contract the virus, and others are afraid of losing everything because they lost their jobs.

Trump announced the death toll in America could get as high as 80,000 to 90,000, which is still a far cry from what Dr. Fauci predicted at over 2 million in the beginning. Trump declared what we all know, “We have to reopen our country. We have to get it back open safely but as quickly as possible.”

The President stayed in lockdown at the White House for over a month and finally was able to get a little bit of peace and rest as he spent the weekend at Camp David. He returned to Washington to do the virtual town hall, which is hosted by Fox News.

The backdrop was the Lincoln Memorial, where the interview took place, and Trump touched base on his concerns for reelection and began complimenting the monument. He said, “We never had a more beautiful set than this.”

For dealing with the reelection and the combination of COVID-19, he stated, “It’s all working out. It is horrible to go through, but it is working out.”

Many believe the country cannot reopen to its full capacity until a vaccine is administered to the public. Trump told the hosts he is optimistic one could possibly come out by the end of this year. People are catching on to Bill Gates and his push for his vaccine. This makes people skeptical and rightfully so.

Bill Gates has put forth vaccines in India and Africa, which have killed children and made them very ill. For young girls, they will never be able to have children due to Gates’ vaccines. He is a globalist and has admitted on several talks shows the world should have less population.

US health officials said we are about 18 months away from the nearest release of a vaccine.  Dr. Anthony Fauci said it is conceivable but feels it could happen as soon as January of next year.

President Trump has pushed for treatment over vaccines, which would be the better route. For many Americans, it would also alleviate the fear of faulty vaccines, which have been proven to have side effects. Treatments such as Hydrocloriquine with Zinc and Vitamin C have worked miracles, but because it came out of Trump’s mouth, the media and the Left worked to destroy the idea.

Since money is always a big issue, the FDA has now approved the antiviral drug remdesivir.  Remdesivir is a pill that costs around $1,000 per pill. The combination of Hydrocloriquine, Zinc, and Vitamin C cost between 2 and $3 per dosage.

Researchers can find the names of Democrats who have invested in pharmaceuticals by the millions of dollars. In other words, they care more about their investments than they do the American people.

Trump continued to touch base on how well his administration and task force team saved millions of lives by closing down the borders at the early stages of the outbreak within America. He stated, “I’ll tell you one thing. We did the right thing, and I really believe we saved a million and a half lives.”

The President spoke on the states as to how they are moving along. Trump’s impatience showed clearly as he called out states with Democratic leaders such as Virginia. He said, “Some states, frankly, I think aren’t going fast enough.”

Arguments still continue over malls, salons, and other nonessential businesses that help keep the economy booming. It is a sad situation for these businesses. Trump says the key to restoring the economy is “payroll tax cuts” to help these businesses and employees together.

In the swing states, the polls show Trump losing to Joe Biden. One thing people need to remember is polls lie. Remember Clinton was winning by a large number in the polls until Americans told the truth on Election Day.

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  1. I’ve had over the years THREE pneumonia vaccinations, tetanus shots multiple times, flu vaccinations EVERY year, the Shingles vaccination TWICE, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough vaccinations in childhood and LAST YEAR, a polio vaccination when a teenager and the vaccine was newly discovered by Dr. Salk, and let me reassure the world about this — I will NEVER NEVER NEVER have any vaccination associated with Deep State Depopulation Freak BILL GATES. Never, never, never.

    I equate Bill Gates with Germany’s monstrous Doctor Mengela. Gates is in my opinion untrustworthy, and he is the spawn of an evil man who helped an avowed racist named Margaret Sanger set up Planned Parenthood. Therefore there will be no COVID vaccinations for me. What nightmare elements might be secretly added to a COVID vaccine offered by Bill Gates is too troubling to ignore. I’ll take my chances to remain Coronavirus-free without subjecting myself to a vaccine offered by a New World Order anti-America population-controller like Bill Gates. He is, like Soros and his wealthy, rotten, despicable ilk, one of the most dangerous men to ever breathe air. They all hide behind fake charities that are really leftist political action groups at war with humanity.

    Trump 2020!

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