Trump Says China is in Bed with the Democrats

China has been at the mercy of the United States for the past four years. Ever since President Trump took office they have resented having to deal with him as the president. He called all of their bluffs and even won the tariff war against them. China knows that the only way to get out from under the pressure of the mighty United States is for a maniac Democrat to win in November. This is one of the many reasons why the Chinese are trying to make America’s great president look bad. China and the Democrats are in the same bed as they try and beat President Trump.

The president has stated that they “will do anything they can” to upset the election coming up soon. The way they have handled their part of the virus is proof enough that China wants President Trump to lose. China is scared of President Trump. They know that he is knowledgeable and able to enact a lot of pressure and consequences on them over their screwups with the virus.

China tried to coverup the pandemic that was brewing in their country. They declared war on the world as they unleashed the monster that has killed more than 60,000 souls alone in the United States. China’s uncaring nature has plunged the world economy into chaos. One can only really wonder if the crummy communists unleashed the virus on purpose for political and profitable gain in the long-term.

The investigations into China’s role in the virus are ongoing. They should have been truthful from the start and warned the world what was coming. The United States and other nations could have come in and helped stop it before it ever got out. President Trump pointed out that “China will do anything they can to have me lose this race.” This means that they want sleepy Joe Biden to win. Biden is already showing signs of losing his mind. The president went on saying that “They’re constantly using public relations to try to make it like they’re innocent parties.”

The trade deal that was set to take effect before the virus hit is now looking very bad. China sought to upset the deal and it looks like it is on hold for the long-term. China continues its lies as to the origin of the virus. They are also continuing their fake news push hoping to paint for them a better image.

President Trump is also strengthening relations and the American presence in countries around China. He got South Korea to pay more money for the right to station troops in their country. He stated “We can make a deal. They want to make a deal. They’ve agreed to pay a lot of money. They’re paying a lot more money than they did when I got here.” Right now, 28,500 troops serve in South Korea.

The President has his hands full with all of the troubles that China has caused the world. The virus has made the president double up on his efforts to keep the economy going in the country. He is also pushing for the states to reopen and get people back to work very soon. His is wanting the state leaders to open slowly and see how things go each step along the way. The economy is set to bounce back but only if people can get back to work. When the stores closed people were put out of work for a short time. The president stated that “We were rocking before this happened. We had the greatest economy in history.”

President Trump still has a high rating regarding his handling of the virus. Forty-three percent of people love the way he is handling things. The president brought together the sharpest minds to help him wade through the jumble of the virus. He has brought together the major drug labs and testing facilities to get things moving quicker than anyone could ever imagine. There is no one more suited to lead the country right now than President Trump. He needs another four years to make the country even better and stronger than he has these past four years.