Trump Says That China is Out to Get Him, Will Interfere in Election

Recently, President Donald Trump sat down with Steve Holland of Reuters and opened his mind on various subjects, including the coronavirus pandemic, America’s relations with China, and the upcoming presidential election. During the interview, Trump made an observation that is likely to be a subject of conversation for the rest of the presidential election cycle.

“President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he believes China’s handling of the coronavirus is proof that Beijing will do anything they can to make him lose his re-election bid in November.”

Why would the Chinese government want to do that, pray? Trump implied a reason that makes quite a bit of sense.

“In an interview with Reuters in the Oval Office, Trump talked tough on China and said he was looking at different options in terms of consequences for Beijing over the virus.”

Trump has come to the same conclusion that virtually everyone else across the political spectrum has that China deliberately downplayed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, either to avoid embarrassment or to make sure that it inflicted maximin damage on the West, including the United States. He is not pleased and is casting about for ways to make Beijing pay for its perfidy.

The fact of the matter is, the Chinese government has developed serious respect for President Trump because of his willingness to play hardball on trade. Most previous presidents, going back to Nixon who first famously opened China in the early 70s, have been quite accommodating to Beijing. During the Cold War, China served as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union. Afterward, the theory was that China’s behavior could be moderated through trade and political soft power.

Even Beijing’s massacre of dissidents at Tiananmen Square did not modify that view. However, President Xi’s hyper-aggressive stance in the South China Sea as well as its general drive to supplant the United States as the world’s sole superpower has started to change some minds in Washington and other western capitals. The coronavirus pandemic has served as the final straw.

Bloomberg noted that Trump has been complicating Beijing’s drive for sole superpower status, even before the inevitable retaliation due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump believes that Beijing wants to forestall any pushback by the United States by making certain that he does not win reelection

In other words, Joe Biden is Beijing’s candidate. He is a more traditional American politician where relations with China are concerned, unwilling to upset the economic relationship the two countries have. Also, due to his son Hunter, the Biden family has a financial interest in not hitting back at China too much.

In a way, Trump’s stance can serve as a riposte to the claims by Democrats that he won 2016 because of collusion with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The claim has been thoroughly discredited and evidence has arisen that, in fact, Putin preferred Hillary Clinton in the White House insofar as he wanted anyone. The Hill notes that Attorney General William Barr is about to drop the hammer on people within the FBI who pushed the Russian collusion theory.

In the meantime, as Reuters notes, Trump is working diligently to contain the coronavirus pandemic and to repair the economic damage that it has wrought. He is said to be quite wistful due to the fact that all of his work to create a booming economy has been undone in just a few months. Trump has vowed that as he did it before he will do it again.

How all this is going to affect the election is open to speculation. Biden, who in living memory ridiculed the idea that China is a threat, has had the audacity to accuse President Trump of being too soft on Beijing.

While some in the media is trying to cover for Biden, the Hill is suggesting that the former vice president has a problem. His previous position of appeasement has come back to haunt him in the polls.

“According to recent Harris polling, 77 percent of Americans believe China, led and controlled by the CCP, is responsible for unleashing the disease on the world. The CCP is being held responsible for the health and economic consequences of the virus. Further, 54 percent of Americans want paid reparations from the country. Given Biden’s record, this spells trouble for him in November.”

Biden has a lot of explaining to do, not only about his previous position of accommodating China but about his son’s financial ties to a country that has devastated the entire world.

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  1. The Dems are truly depraived. Trump has revealed how short sided past administrations have been. The world is truly teetering on the brink of madness. President Trump I believe knows how to be tough and bring to all this a stable out come where America is safe and respected for our demand for a just resolution to this upheaval.

  2. No, he is the worst President that has been elected. Look what he has caused with China. He doesn’t care about America. He just wants to be king of our country. Playing God. Well, its too late God and China are going to destroy any chance of him being reelected. And Democrats are not lowlifes. A lot of us don’t want Trump for four more years. He has destroyed the economy and people are going to get more sick. Look how many people have been killed because of Trump and China. You Republicans have no clue about how Trump has destroyed America. People out of work, children can’t go to school. Cancel sports that people love. People are scared and some of their families have died. And Trump is not telling the truth. Democrats are not in bed with China. Trump is going to start a war and he doesn’t care. Hillary was supposed to be the President, not Trump. I don’t understand why people in America like Trump and might still like him. To end this tragic, terrible pandemic, Trump should of been impeached.

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  14. Trump had help in the 2016 election from Russia and says he will except help from any foreign country. What’s good for trump should be good for BIDEN you people didn’t complain in 2016



  17. Wake up is right for sure! Our Heavenly Father has never let a SOCIALIST country survive ! Look around, read some world history, and start reading the WORD OF GOD. You know “The Bible”. God’s letters to you and to all people of the world.

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  19. It appears that the United States needs to SUE China for it’s release of this VIRUS. All properties that Owns within the United States need to be NATIONALIZED “post haste” and a lawsuit need to be filed against China for $16,000,000,000.00 for damages to our ECONOMY.

  20. China has infiltrated every aspect of our country by paying bribes and kickbacks to greedy American corporations, educational institutions, charities, politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, the media, the entertainment industry, and whatever other American entities China has sought to control. China has stolen our technology, our intel, and our jobs. Only now are Americans waking up to the problems our nation faces because so many of our leaders have foolishly sold out to Communist China. It’s gone on for decades. Crooked Hillary allowed China unlimited access to her computers when she was Secretary of State because China poured millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation. Now President Trump has to try and repair the damage done by China’s infiltration into everything American. Corrupt leftist politicians love China, but hate America and Trump.

    Save America by voting conservative in 2020.
    Pray every day, imploring the Living God to end the Dragon of the East—Communist China—and it’s leftist anti-American accomplices from further destroying America..
    Trump 2020!

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  23. Anyone that does not believe that the Communist machine which drives and controls all of China is not specifically focused on the November 3 election for the purpose of inflicting as much additional harm as they possibly can and to negate each and every gain we have experienced under the leadership of President Donald Trump is naive and has their head in the sand!

    The COVID-19 corona-virus was quite effective in undoing our economic gains and will cause a protracted recovery period of time. The other side of that coin is that it not only angered the US but the World as well. When the definitive report is made public that authenticates the source and the actual timelines concerning when China and the WHO knew “what was what” that anger will intensify.

    When China’s Wuhan Province experienced the intensity/severity of the COVID-19 corona-virus and China’s Communist Leadership definitely knew the “opposite” of what they were making known to the world they jumped at the chance to weaponize the virus by knowingly letting infected Chinese leave their country to spread the COVID-19 virus around the world. It appears their “Wuhan quarantine” was put in place long after their plan to expose the world was initiated. The WHO and China were in obvious collusion and knowingly (falsely) stated that the COVID-19 corona-virus was not transmitted by person to person contact! REALLY! AND, that is why our President stopped funding WHO because that is fact and not innuendo, the collusion was real!

    About that, anyone that is still clinging to a disintegrating political party falsely calling itself “The Democratic Party” had better perform some due diligence to understand how un-American their position is on WHO and China. As has been the case since Donald Trump won the 2106 election those so-called Dem’s have done absolutely nothing for the Nation and its’ citizens unless compelled to do so by the shear weight of public opinion and even then impose their political agenda on any and all legislation meant to help.

    AND, now those same Dem’s want to misuse yet another bundle of our tax dollars on an additional politically motivated “witch hunt” concerning our President’s handling of the federal response to the COVID-19 corona-virus outbreak. AND, incidentally, even some of the worst “hate Trump no matter what advocates” have publicly stated that President Trump has done very well in his overall response to the outbreak.

    President Donald Trump is an American :Patriot, can you Dem’s say the same thing based on the behavior and the actions of your leadership, I say “NOT”! Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and the rest of their group have been despicable miscreants and that is fact based on what they have imposed on our political system and the American people for the ,last 3 + years!

    Wake-up and smell the ‘stench” they emit every-time they open their mouths and the harm they invoke by their “agenda first and foremost” no matter the cost to our Nation and us. The Democratic Party of today does not, even slightly, resemble the political party our grandparents knew, not even close. The current Democratic party is rapidly sliding into a Radical Far Left Progressive Socialist political party that wants to destroy our Democratic Republic, Capitalism, Competition, our Nation’s heritage based on the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Rule of Law and our “In God We trust” mantra!

    You want proof , just perform your due diligence and look-up their political agenda and most especially the latest and greatest union between Pelosi and AOC who are demanding a ” USA National, Uniform Income” if that is not Socialism at its’ finest then I have idea what is! AND, let us not forget how adamant the Dem’s are on completely “OPEN BORDERS” which the vast majority of Americans are dead set against, but they don’t care what we think! Come-on Folks, there is nothing the current Dem’s are doing that bolsters and supports our heritage based America; the America that has afforded us by blood, sweat and tears all the freedoms we experience on a daily basis (sans the soon to be over COVID-19 lock-down) and no-one who is being completely honest with themselves can deny that fact! Wake-up, vote Conservative, keep Donald Trump in office for another four years and put the House of Representatives back in Conservative’s hands and I guarantee you will experience a functioning Congress and passed legislation that will put this Nation on the right path and will put the Nation and it’s citizens first and foremost over political party agendas.

    What the heck have you got to lose but a dysfunctional, partisan, self-serving bunch of career politicians! The first on the legislative agenda for the next term is to overwhelmingly demand “TERM LIMITS” for Congress and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court to remove the current politicization of the appointments and Congress to stop Congressional careers.

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  27. President Trump has directed efforts to make this Country one
    to be proud of. He selected prime candidates to take on the China
    Virus and they have performed valiantly with most of them dedicating
    themselves day and night. In spite of the fake news, Pelosi and her
    entourage, our government made all attempts to ensure that the
    health and welfare of the people came first. One only has to imagine
    accepting the fate our President felt with the best economy in the
    world and in a matter of short weeks, it was shut down. China needs
    to accept responsibility that they are liable for this.

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    Even possible take the presidency, you better sell your soul and your ass. I have a problem with TRUMP, but it’s not a government problem, he
    just can’t keep his mouth shut, but you have to admit he has shown the world that
    AMERICA cant be run over
    and his economy and unemployment records are
    fantastic. Now do you want
    A lackidasilcal week bunch of money Gruber’s or a strong person like TRUMP.

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  34. TRUMP/PENCE 2020

  35. The lowlife Democrats will get in bed with anyone who doesn’t like Trump. Its hard to believe but the Democrats are so hung up on politics that they would destroy this country to keep Trump from being re-elected. The Dems, namely Pelosi and her whipping boy Chuckie Schemer could care less that Trump has been one of the best presidents we’ve had in decades.

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