Man Who Threatened to Kill President Trump Gets Sentenced

The president of the United States is a major target for people that seek to harm the country. Such individuals see the head of the nation as the reason for all of their problems. They may have disagreements with the way things are going or they simply cannot handle all the changes a new president brings. Whatever the reason, there is never a good reason to threaten to kill the president of the United States.

Mickael Gedlu is such a person. He thought it would be a good idea to threaten to kill the president. Gedlu is 36 years old and had a good life ahead of him. Until he opened his big fat mouth and uttered threats against President Trump’s life. As a result of his big mouth, he will spend the next 18 months in federal prison. He will also have a criminal record that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Gedlu certainly did not think about the consequences of his actions when he got vocal. When he was finally brought to trial he did not try and hide his hatred and threats. He admitted to the desire and the words that landed him in prison. He has been making such threats for over two years. And like all stupid criminals, they feel the need to post their intentions on Facebook.

On Facebook, he wrote that “For 20 straight months now, openly and publicly, I have been calling for President Trump’s death.” And on YouTube, he posted a video where he claimed that he was “waiting for Trump to visit Dallas before I attempt to assassinate him.” Gedlu could not even keep his mouth shut long enough to do anything. President Trump was never in any real danger from Gedlu because he was ignorant to the point that the cops just came and took him away.

On the day of his arrest, he was seen holding a sign that called for President Trump’s death. It was at that moment that the police came and arrested the sick man. To become famous he shouted, “kill the president” as they squished him into the back of the police car.

Gedlu is a perfect example of the way the Democrats are acting around the president. Every time President Trump acts in such a way as to benefit the people of the country, the liberals go nuts. They fight until the bitter end to try and stop whatever it is he is trying to do for the people. They simply hate President Trump because he stands for the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

What is really sad about Gedlu is that he served in the armed forces for many years. He has seen the lack of support that the Democrats provided while they controlled the White House. He would have read about the support that the new commander was given to the troops ever since he took office. Gedlu should be a loyal supporter based on his military affiliations. But for him, President Trump is an enemy of every liberal that walks around.

Gedlu’s father has admitted that his son is mentally confused and disabled. He stated that his son would watch the news and then go around shouting outside. He has been brainwashed by the fake news being broadcasted by the media. The media has become a dangerous entity within the country. They publish anti-American hate-filled articles with no sources to back them up. People that blindly trust the media come to believe that everything they hear is correct. But, the media is publishing what the Democrats want people to believe. And all of their stories are proving to be fake.

President Trump is not a man that seeks power for his purposes. For all practical purposes, he has all the power he needs with the money he has accumulated throughout the year. The only thing he is interested in is the wellbeing of the country. He wants to make sure that America is made great and stays that way for many years to come.