Man Who Threatened to Kill President Trump Gets Sentenced

The president of the United States is a major target for people that seek to harm the country. Such individuals see the head of the nation as the reason for all of their problems. They may have disagreements with the way things are going or they simply cannot handle all the changes a new president brings. Whatever the reason, there is never a good reason to threaten to kill the president of the United States.

Mickael Gedlu is such a person. He thought it would be a good idea to threaten to kill the president. Gedlu is 36 years old and had a good life ahead of him. Until he opened his big fat mouth and uttered threats against President Trump’s life. As a result of his big mouth, he will spend the next 18 months in federal prison. He will also have a criminal record that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Gedlu certainly did not think about the consequences of his actions when he got vocal. When he was finally brought to trial he did not try and hide his hatred and threats. He admitted to the desire and the words that landed him in prison. He has been making such threats for over two years. And like all stupid criminals, they feel the need to post their intentions on Facebook.

On Facebook, he wrote that “For 20 straight months now, openly and publicly, I have been calling for President Trump’s death.” And on YouTube, he posted a video where he claimed that he was “waiting for Trump to visit Dallas before I attempt to assassinate him.” Gedlu could not even keep his mouth shut long enough to do anything. President Trump was never in any real danger from Gedlu because he was ignorant to the point that the cops just came and took him away.

On the day of his arrest, he was seen holding a sign that called for President Trump’s death. It was at that moment that the police came and arrested the sick man. To become famous he shouted, “kill the president” as they squished him into the back of the police car.

Gedlu is a perfect example of the way the Democrats are acting around the president. Every time President Trump acts in such a way as to benefit the people of the country, the liberals go nuts. They fight until the bitter end to try and stop whatever it is he is trying to do for the people. They simply hate President Trump because he stands for the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

What is really sad about Gedlu is that he served in the armed forces for many years. He has seen the lack of support that the Democrats provided while they controlled the White House. He would have read about the support that the new commander was given to the troops ever since he took office. Gedlu should be a loyal supporter based on his military affiliations. But for him, President Trump is an enemy of every liberal that walks around.

Gedlu’s father has admitted that his son is mentally confused and disabled. He stated that his son would watch the news and then go around shouting outside. He has been brainwashed by the fake news being broadcasted by the media. The media has become a dangerous entity within the country. They publish anti-American hate-filled articles with no sources to back them up. People that blindly trust the media come to believe that everything they hear is correct. But, the media is publishing what the Democrats want people to believe. And all of their stories are proving to be fake.

President Trump is not a man that seeks power for his purposes. For all practical purposes, he has all the power he needs with the money he has accumulated throughout the year. The only thing he is interested in is the wellbeing of the country. He wants to make sure that America is made great and stays that way for many years to come.

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  1. that is exactly the was it is Democrats are above the law, it makes me sick to hear Pelosi say no one is above the law ,when the democrats have broke every law there is all of them should be in prison

  2. you are not going to get it from the Democrats they are not leaders they are dictators and anti-Americans our country was never as good as Trump had it going, Obama was the worse president ever no Democrat is fit to be president, they will sell out America to the highest bidder and pocket the money, they are the reason this country is in the shape it is now with the virus

  3. He should spend the rest of his life in prison.

  4. Give proof pls! He will be re elected easily cuz he is not corrupt as ur leftist Biden got billons from China and Ukraine threathening as lawyer if he will investigate his son and not giving military help to Ukraine sad that ur candidate is corrupt sex maniac

  5. Wasn’t that “Brought to heel” ? now that makes better sense 😉

  6. This is the year 2020.
    “Justice” as a concept is no longer achievable in the USA.
    Retribution is meted out by those with the deepest pockets on the remaining righteous.
    If you are a sound-minded Republican you need to arm yourself with the Second-Ammendment.
    For those of a “Democratic” mindset – Kalifornistan is a nice country to live in unless you are merely “slightly-rich” in which case forget it – you cannot afford Kalifornistans’ “Logic”.
    I hope President Trump is keeping track of ALL those suffering INjustice in recent times, in preparation to “Pardon” and thus deliver Justice to those to whom the Leftists have denied it !
    God bless America – She needs it Now !

  7. I would be amazed if its true. What about the big mouth dems in Congress? What about Obama and Clinton?

  8. Is Madonna ,she is a bitch ugly.



  11. The man responsible for the book built Germany`s superhighways. The German people didn`t know it`s was for the army? Do you think Democrats would vote for Biden if they could get new infrastructure? Obama was allocated the funds

  12. TRUMP 2020!!!

  13. I don’t know who you are and I don’t care, but people that would say things about the President like you did should get a few months for their big mouths, too!

  14. I’m with you 100%!!! I’m 81 and feel exactly like you. President Trump was given to us by God to help heal this country after Obummer screwed it up so badly. God has given us a chance with an amazing president. He, Pence and families are great!! Trump:Pence 2020!!!

  15. If you really want the Democrat play book read Mein Kampf.

  16. I’m 69 did 3 tours in the green hell, will gladly walk back into combat today to keep us free.

  17. I loved the last paragraph of this article. It is about time that everyone in this country realized that Donald Trump took an enormous pay cut to become POTUS. He also had to realize just how unfairly/unjustly he would be treated by the media, democrats, and Trump-haters based on what went on during his campaign for the Republican nomination. Despite this, he ran, won, and has continued to do what is good for America/Americans and gets criticized daily by the left-wing nut bags. I can’t imagine any politician, especially a democrat, who would be willing to take a serious pay cut. Quite the opposite, democrats want to get paid (at the expense of the American taxpayer) for sitting at home doing nothing using the virus as an excuse for not doing their job. A job which in my opinion they do very badly anyway.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that a group of American politicians (democrats) who are being paid by the American people, would find fault with a Trump policy of putting America and the American people first ahead of foreign nations or foreign people. If you oppose a trade agreement that is better, more fair, or increases the prosperity of America doesn’t that make you anti-America? If you are anti-America what the hell are you doing serving in the American Congress?

    In my opinion Donald Trump did not become president to make more money or become famous. He was already better off financially and probably more well known than most presidents, past or future. He was the head of a multi-billion dollar international corporation with all the power, respect, and influence that goes along with that position. So if not for money, fame, or power why did he give that all up to become POTUS? Simple, as an American businessman he saw America going in the wrong direction. The leftist democrats have been trying to turn America into a socialist welfare state for the last 40 or 50 years. They were and maybe still are very close to succeeding except for Donald Trump.

    Americans need to wake up and vote the Democrats out. Put Trump back in the Whitehouse give the House majority back to the Republicans and keep the Senate in their hands. It is the only way this country will survive and return to its rightful place as respected leader of the free world.


  18. I hope you are healthy enough to last for 4 more years, because, President Trump will win in 2020 by a landslide.

  19. What is so different about this man from the liberals and democrats? What I hear coming out of their mouths is just as bad. If nothing else they should at least be arrested for treason! And they are the ones brainwashing this poor man’s head and others like him full of their false media propaganda! It is not just freedom of speech. They are verbally and financially backing socialistic communism and China and muslim terrorism. Something needs to be done with them!

  20. I was once a democrat, Bill Clinton changed all that. And then for some reason, I decide to vote for Barack Obama. Not just once, but twice. You can’t believe how embarrassed, ashamed and how stupid I feel for that one.
    That buffoon literally brought our country to its knees. $150 billion cash delivered to Iran. Excuse me, but the last time I looked, Iran it is not our friend. But the Democrats don’t say anything about that blunder. The Democrats are socialist fascists that just want complete control of everybody in this country……… HEY!!, foolish ignorant Democrats….. that means YOU too!! Your Democrat congressmen, senators…. do you really think for one second they plan to work for the likes of You?!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
    All they care about is trying to bring down the best President, and getting rich thru corruptive measures that they let each other get away with. Too many of your “leaders” belong in prison. Anyway, 18 months. That’s a joke. Hell, speaking of democratic ineptness, did you all see what happened in Washington state last week…… Gary Ridgeway(the Green River Murderer) lost his bid for freedom by the Supreme Court there 5-4… thinking they’d let him out because of COVID-19. I am having a real issue that for judges on the Supreme Court in the state of Washington voted for his freedom. This man killed 71 women, often went back and raped their dead bodies. And four justices seemingly DONT have a problem with that?!!! I’m 65 years old, I never thought I’d see anything like this in my country. God bless Donald Trump. 2020 will be a great year for America.

  21. So what hasn’t President Trump done for you ? If you are a Working Person ?? Not a free loading Democrat. I’ll wait …

  22. Oh that one!..At first she said that she was Gay and later last year, she married a guy that she knew for years…There is something wrong with her and her husband…

  23. God may not exist in your own warped mind, and the warped minds of many others like you, but He’s proven Himself in the lives of the multiplied millions over several thousand years, who have given Him the chance to prove Himself by placing their faith in Him. No, Christianity is not a “totalitarianism,” as the benefactor receives multiplied blessings from the leadership and guidance of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, which is NOT true of any totalitarian government. The Leader of Christianity (God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit–the Godhead) is motivated by LOVE–not the kind a Socialist government and its followers only talk about, but authentic, genuine love. Peace is also a benefit of Christianity–not the mere absence of war the world calls “peace”, but real, abiding peace within, which passes understanding. Your lack of “proof” that God exists is merely proof of the fact that you haven’t given Him the opportunity to prove to YOU that he DOES exist, by placing your life in His very capable hands, which is the ONLY way to prove or disprove God. In short, unlike the rest of governments, the Kingdom of God is only proven by FAITH, NOT by sight! In the realm of God, believing is seeing, not the other way around.

  24. Excuse me, but ropes and trees were the punishment used for traitors of this country shortly after it was established. Traitors were to be hanged, and should be, and I’m sure that’s true in any developed country. Either that, or leave the country for one that has the Socialism you all love so much! It doesn’t belong here, and neither do those who promote it!

  25. You need to read your Constitution and know what’s in it, and why! If you did, you’d know that Trump is only doing what’s good for this country in order to keep it FREE! Your ignorance makes you think he’s doing something wrong when he isn’t! You swallow everything your lying liberals are feeding you because you don’t know how government is set up under our Constitution to work! Educate yourself and learn what’s in the highest law of our land, the Constitution of the United States, which the liberals in our government keep violating!!

  26. You must be one of those empty brained, poor souls that only want bad-easy-and free things from the government. Ah?

  27. That’s what you think! The day he’s out of office is the day Marxist Socialism begins in this country, and you fools will lose your freedoms along with the rest of us! You’re just too ignorant of what THIS President has done and is doing to know what side your bread is buttered on!

  28. I fear that if he gets out in 18 months he will still have in mind to kill President Trump. If I were the one being released I would be afraid some one would get me first. When men rape little girls, they get too short of a sentence. I am 90 years old and, if a man had raped where I grew up our neighborhood men would have pounced on him and cut that part off and fed it to the dogs so he could never do that again.. There is so much crime because the penalties are nothing in comparison to the crime. This man is dangerous and should have a life sentence. His mind is filled with murder and he more than likely will kill somebody. I say give him a life sentence for
    the sake of saving a life for he will kill and it could be YOU.

  29. An accusation is not a conviction. With the complicit press for the Dems, had ny accusation had merit it would have been pursued.

  30. Is that you Mikael Gedlu? You sound as nuts as him. Your philosophies are metaphysical garbage.

  31. 18 months is nothing for this physcho. make it 18 years and send a message to all the hollyweird folks who have sent veiled threats like Reiner, Moore, Milano, Madonna, etc.

  32. You have a problem with a potus that gets things done?

  33. Are you speaking of yourself? Seems appropriate.

  34. Why does anyone think serving in our armed forces makes a person loyal to America.? It is a naive and dangerous assumption. Just consider Rome.

  35. The DEMONCRAPS need to be classified as a “DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION”

  36. Trump did say he was going to clean the sewer.

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!

  37. -the fair and responsible sentence should be until Jan 21st 2025 or until the rest of the target’s life for the sake of this God-worshiping country.
    -no surprise who paid U.S. communist fake-news media; who paid its most corrupted political party: the culprit CCP of deadly drugs, foods, faked brand-name merchandises, prisoners’ organ-robing, corona virus spreading and countless other crimes against humanity.

  38. TRUMP 2020

  39. Spoken like a true liberal moron.There are millions more of us who love this great nation.My advice to you is keep your ignorant mouth shut!!!If i see you 👀 I will say it to your face ✝️✡️🇺🇸🦅

  40. He needs to go to prison for 20 years.

  41. How come this man gets sentenced for saying such a horrible thing and yet all those “celebrities” and members of congress that made death threats against President Trump, some before he was sworn in – why aren’t they in prison as well. Because the leeching traitorous dumbo-craps can get away with anything they want. And yet if a republican had done the same thing against old barry soetoro, they would have been immediately arrested and sentenced to prison.

  42. right they should do something with her and the one who cut a manicans head off and wanted him dead so much more who did anyone who threatens a president should get a lot of time

  43. That idiot can’t do that. He is missing a good brain.

  44. Not was, she is still an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. He should keep in prison while Trump is President.

    I also thought the FBI should have investigated Madonna for her hatred remark she made on the day Trump was inaugurated. She said she “thought of burning down the White House” . Her supporters and friends all laughed. Well she should have had at least had some pressure put on her by FBI investigated to keep her hatred thoughts to herself.

  46. Five years should be the minimum and any funds directed to Him while “locked up” should be TRACED. See just Whom are the individuals behind Him, or as sick as He.

  47. What ever the sentence this fellow ends up serving, there should be one more thing that he should experience as he exits his current detention There should be a deportation document sending him as far away from the USA, its Constitution and populace, with no chance of his ever returning across our borders. He has proven himself to be unfit to be walking free in our country!

  48. Now that was a liberal idiot .

  49. We don’t worry about you anymore as you have been completely Brain Washed by the Fake Media and DemoncRats for sure…YOU ARE ALREADY DOOMED!

  50. You just better get used to it whoever you are or think you are….President Donald Trump is AMERICA’S president now and come November “4” more years are coming SO LIKE HIM OR NOT it makes no difference so you might as well leave our country but just like the rest that said they would leave the country in 2016 are still here and the same would pertain to you as you wouldn’t last too long in another country…..MAGA2020

  51. Let’s not forget about Kathy Griffen

  52. I don’t have to comment any further as you said it all! One thing I do have to say that this Idiot’s sentence is just a piece of CAKE..18 mos? What a disgrace. Do this to a DemoncRat and see what happens…Case Closed!

  53. might of been slick willy, the one that didnt have sexual relations with that woman. you know the one impeached for lying under oath. even though I voted for him. ovomit turned me to switch to republican, dim-o-craps are now socialist.

  54. you mean creepy joe?


    Don’t let them catch you.


    Don’t let them catch you.

  57. Correction…if it was obama, he would have received the death penalty.

  58. Explain yourself and give proof please.

  59. 2024 4 more yearsx of your whinning and crying kid.

  60. I can’t believe how lax the sentencing has become for violent crimes! My specialty is Violent Criminal Behavior I have worked in that field in one capacity or another for 16 years & spent my time before that getting my credentials i.e. master’s degree in the behavior sciences. This sentence is no where near enough for such a threat to the leader of our great nation! If we don’t hold our current Congress’ feet to the fire, our Nation is going under. The power really does reside with the people but if we the people are too lazy (or afraid) to stand up & be heard then we will get what we earned! Start with the media, then the schools & finally our current political leaders.

  61. No Sir, you and your hateful, evil liberal commie dems created not only this turd, but many more like him

  62. You’re so right, the demonRATS, Muslin’s in our USA office and the black illegal Muslin want to be President Obama and his want to be man-wife are just a bunch of sorry ass scumbags.

  63. Probably perverted trump after all he has been accused of sexual misconduct at least 19 times

  64. Madonna haven’t heard anything from her since.

  65. DURHAM is a JOKE put there by an administration full of JOKES

  66. Anyone who threatened our President along with our past whitehouse officials shoud be sent to N Korea to spend their future lives in their hard labor prisons and see how they like that life forever.

  67. And I am tired of brainwashed uninformed fools like you who listen to lies from trump and Fox News and believe every word. DONT listen to what they say watch what they do

  68. If it were obama, the fella would have been shot on the spot. When President Trump took office, look how many “actors & comedians” made threats. Not a fuckin thing was done. Again, if they would’ve done the same to obama, they would have disappeared. Fuck the biased, fake news and the DUMBocratic party

  69. The only way America will heal is when trump is voted out of office

  70. No sir. Trump created the TURD

  71. There are thousands of sick people out there like this man but there are also millions that are tired of the incompetence the lack of real leadership the lack of capability and the lies of trump and his administration

  72. A continued call for physical threat against the President of the United States, is a “Threat against the United States of the Highest Standard” and deserves the longest sentencing under the Law.


  74. Only god can help us now !!

    I pray daily that Trump , saves Social Security, prayer in schools, pledge of allegiance . The national anthem pride, in god we trust, reclaim Gold reimbursement on the Americsn dollar.
    And most importantly besides restoring the constitution , TO SET A TERM LIMIT ON EVERY POLITICAL POSITION IN AMERICA, from delegates, congressmen, governors, senators and every other political house And senate seat in every branch of government including good ole boy appointed parasites !!

  75. It is about time that the powers that be take the threats against our President seriously. Now we need to arrest the Madonnas, and all the other idiots that have been spouting this since Trump was first elected. Also include all the likeminded Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, etc. Freedom of Speech doesn not give you the right to insight and threaten people.

  76. It’s a wonder they didn’t pin a medal on him and point him to the nearest gun store!
    The Democrats have never accepted that Trump won in 2016 and probably will
    continue to feel the same when he is re-elected. You can have complaints with his
    style, and his language is truly childish, but you cannot argue with his results. Perhaps
    that is what galls them the most, the realization that their way failed and Trump’s
    way is the road to success. Now that’s cognitive dissonance that could lead to
    bloodshed for a wacked out liberal.

  77. It used to be that if you threatened the life of a President either by verbal threats, physical threats and know text threats should be added to it you would get Prison time and a mark on your permanent record a Federal Crime charge.

  78. You just can not fix stupid! This guy has won the Nobel Prize for Stupid!

  79. You are all over the place in your beliefs. Satan must like you a lot. Maybe he has a place reserved for you in Hell after you’re done spewing your anti-Living God ideas and philosophies to other confused people, perhaps even converting some of them to your way of thinking—whatever it is you are promoting. Hitler, Marx, Ayn Rand — those are some of the heroes of the power-hungry, greedy, socialist, pro-Sharia law, anti-sovereignty, pro-human-trafficking, pedoohilia-supporting, abortion-promoting, baby body parts selling, drug-running, Trump-hating, anti-America psychopathic New World Order/Deep State Cabal that’s working hard to usher in it’s worldwide dictatorship.

    God bless America and all patriots.
    Thank you, Lord Jesus, for dying a brutal death on the cross to save all repentant believers from perdition.
    Trump 2020!

  80. It’s about time that those who threaten our president get time in prison. However, though, who came up with the 18 month term was an idiot. I say this because the “powers-to-be” had a perfect chance to make a statement to those that want to do harm to any president in the future. Now, go out and get the big mouthed moron actors who want to run their mouths about killing our president. Those who think making threats against a sitting president is “cute”. Any elected officials who make similar claims, in the future, should be jailed for longer than that president’s term lasts. Yeah, dip-stick, you could have made a statement. 18 months is a cake walk for most…

  81. I agree with you 100%. I am 65 years old and have never seen our country like this. The main stream media is so biased that you cannot believe anything they say. They are so predictable. If president Trump supports anything, they will ridicule it to no end, regardless of whether it is good for our country. I used to be a Democrat , but when I saw what they were becoming, I had to change. The Democratic party is trying to destroy our country. They are trying to take away our rights as American citizens one-by-one. They do not want the pledge of allegiance in our schools, show disrespect for our country and military by supporting kneeling during our National Anthem, they put down religion, they want to remove the words “In God we Trust” from our vocabulary, they want to take away our right to own guns, and many more. This is far-left Socialism bordering on Communism. If we allow this to happen, we will soon be controlled by our government like many other fascist regimes around the world. We will not have the freedoms that make this country greater than all the others in the world. I pray to God this does not happen.

    Thank you for your service. I appreciate all your sacrifices for our country, constitution, and the American way of life. Everyone here has you and all of our military to thank for our freedoms.

  82. As long as Democratic leaders keep lying to their constituents there will be people like Gedlu will be set up and think their right in their own thoughts. But know matter how much you hate someone you really need to except the truth as documented not as the leaders of the party spew false info. The leaders of the Democrat party have gone off there rockers due to the fact their willing to lie and say anything to get president out of office! instead of working with him they have resisted everything unless they had no choice because they were caught in lies! We the people of the U.S. want our constitution as it is written! Not as the liberal socialist Democrats want to change it! We want our freedoms! Not a government telling us how we are to live! We are Americans! Not socialists and Ill protect at least protect the rights we have left!

  83. Undoubtedly, this is not the fault of the former warrior Gadlu, this is his misfortune caused by the frenzied, deadly propaganda of the fake media, the crazy Pelosi, Nadler Schumer and others like them villains who literally drive crazy mentally unstable, but generally pretty good people. And, honestly, it is necessary to judge them, as especially dangerous criminals and for life.

  84. I would like to F#@# AOC brains out ! , Ooops , Can’t do that ! Somebody else done beat me to it ! LOL

  85. …breeds psychopaths. Not needs psychopaths- enough of them already. As in the 80-20 Rule or the Bell Curve.

  86. We live in a braindead animalistic Statist culture that needs psychopaths.
    Thank you.
    Interested in the truth? Set yourself free of tyranny & the suffering it forces on you.
    No. Ayn Rand did not admire serial killer William Hickman-…  The truth is in her journals of the time, not in a nazi-commie meme. Nazi-commies are ABSOLUTE liars. Just look up the elements of the question. Try
    I’m no Ayn Rand fanatic. She was a stone cold philosophic & novelist genius & also looney in some ways, like so many genius types. Nevertheless. Her basics in Objectivist philosophy are impeccable, groundbreaking pure gold, but she goes off the track half the time after that. So I stick to the basics of Objectivist metaphysics & epistemology & think for myself, which no Randroid can do.
    Hitler admitted his debt to Karl Marx (just put race in place of class). “I have learned a great deal from Marism, as I do not hesitate to admit,” Hitler told Rauschning. “The difference between them & myself is I have really put into practice what these peddlers & pen pushers have timidly begun… National Socialism is what Marxism might have been if it could have broken it’s absurd & artificial ties with a democratic order”, p186, THE OMINOUS PARALLELS, by Leonard Peikoff – a philosophical gold mine for limited government free-market capitalism.

    The Christian, Nazi, fascist, & Commie perspectives are BASICALLY THE EXACT SAME TOTALITARIAN INSANITY: deny reality & reason while inventing a reality in another world or “dimension” and going on reasoning about it, talk reality as an illusion unless it is your collective’s beliefs, blindly accept & obey your authorities & their dogmas, blindly do your duty to your state & its leaders.

    Here’s the game. It is as old as recorded history. You will find it established from the first chapters of Genesis & running thru the entire Bible & New Testament.
    In Eden you are commanded by “God” not to “eat from” the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.” That tree is about using your mind, thinking for yourself about values or morality. Think for yourself & you are disobeying “God’s” orders & will be cast out of “Paradise” (elitest circles) & have to live in toil, suffering, disease & give birth in pain. OBEDIENCE is the #1 top value – same for Nazis & Commies statism. The “Tree of Life” is set as opposed to the “Tree of Knowledge” (aka Tree of Death). This is the creed of a death cult, where you Obey & put your Duty to “God” (Theocracy) and/or The State (Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism) or you are imprisoned,  enslaved, or killed. In other words this inverts reality & makes the “Tree of Life” into a death warrant for anyone who thinks or seeks knowledge, specifically of values. You love in fear & are indoctrinated to believe you are basically evil. That philosophy is basically tyrannical, totalitarian, demonic, Satanic, insane.

    “Eve” is Sophia, Wisdom figure, demonized in Genesis. The Snake is an ancient figure of Wisdon like Sophia alao  demonized in Genesis. Except we are to be “wise as serpents”. How are serpents wise? The trees of Life & Death are barest symbols from the Essene tradition, 7 angels as branches & 7 as roots of each tree, fully described only by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. The Angel’s are aspects of nature, man & cosmos.

    That “God” as defined by Kant, as outside existence, does not exist, is a self-evident metaphysical fact of reality. Non existence of a thing is the evidence of its non-existence. Absence of proof of the existence of a thing is the best of all proof of its non-existence. Kant stands for tyranny & enslavement. You need not wonder any longer where tyrants, Hitlers & Stalins come from & what their power is preceded by & based on.

  87. Oooh your in trouble you used the words rope and tree. Every racist will condemn that. SCREW THEM ALL. Like the civil war never happened.

  88. Maybe Gedlu is one of those MK Ultra CIA-mind controlled experimental specimens the CIA creates and collects, then activates when it needs a public shooting or other violent event to divert attention away from some major accomplishment or improvement Trump has again achieved as he works to Make America Great Again—the agenda anti-America leftists despise.

    Or maybe Gedlu just has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome like all Democrats including Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page, the Clintons, Obama, Schiff, and all the other corrupt Deep State leftists who have worked furiously to remove Trump from the presidency in a failed series of coup attempts—with one attempt involving a fired missile at Air Force One from somewhere in Hawaii—which also thankfully failed.

    I hope ALL the traitors will SOON be held accountable with long prison sentences for the lower echelon traitors , and, for the top brass—the traitors who organized and supervised each coup attempt—executions.

    Arrest them, Attorney Durham, before they go any further than the current evil and deliberate pandemic they’ve caused as they try to destroy America and depopulate humanity.

    Trump 2020!

  89. Modanna 🤭🤭 didn’t do anything to her they are exempt!!!

  90. 18 months?!? . . . How about 18 YEARS? What is WRONG with this country? Also, OBAMA is THE WORSE president in ANY country, EVER – especially THIS one. One Surprised Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  91. can,t remember her name but who was the A-HOLE ACTRESS who wanted to bomb the white house during that protest a few years back in dc .. nothing , NOTHING happened to her …WHY NOT /

  92. GUILTY until proven Democrat.

  93. 18 months, hmm should be enough time for him to , let’s just call it; EXTRA FRIENDLIENESS with other prisoners.

  94. I’m 80 years old, and I’ve
    had it. I’m tired of the fake media. I’m tired of the liberals. I’m tire of pelosi,
    Schumer and all of the loud mouth do nothing politicans
    to numerous to mention by
    name. All demorats are liberal or they would police their own party. Now we only sentence a man to 18 months for threating the
    President of the USA. Patriots where are your
    senses. If TRUMP or any
    Conservative loses the White House in 2020 AMERICA deserves what they get. I spent 10 years in the military serving this country for it to come to
    this I have to go bankrupt due to an injury in 2018. I
    worked past past 78. I asked
    My country for nothing. Now all we get is this bickering. I put up with obama for 8 years, the worst
    President in my lifetime.
    Crimes committed against TRUMP are treasonous. The judges,the doj is as much to blame as the liberals , we are
    no better than a third world
    Country. IVE HAD IT.

  95. I try to keep my comments to myself, I can understand this man ,how he felt about trump, wish he had kept his feelings to himself

  96. Soros and the msm are the big concern here.when the indictments come down and soros and his prune face get a leash put on him then we can focus on people like nadler and pelosi.either one way or the other these people and organizations have to Clinton said about black children,they must be made to heal.

  97. Why are the celebrities that threaten the president still walking around. Maybe if a few of them landed their ass’s in jail a lot of this,hateful crap that is constantly spewed by the elite in Hollywood would finally stop. It’s time to start putting these people in their places. A bunch of ropes & strong trees will do nicely for all the Dems in Congress. Time to start over with all new people.

  98. One CNN watching nutjob does not make a movement. Well, maybe a bowel movement (Turd). So, CNN created a turd. That sounds about right. Maybe we could see that on a banner under one of their opinion pieces. That would be entertaining. A whole lot more fun than the rest of their news. Oh, I forgot MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, NYT, WaPo, how many others?

  99. No it’s not enough. This case should have served as a precedence of what would happened if done again. If it was Obama we all know it would have been 20 years. Look what they were giving Stone for lying. He even got 4.5 years after what he was charged for was proven debunked. The injustice between the democrats and republicans is so obvious it’s disgraceful.

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