This Absurd Question to Trump is Exactly Why People Hate the Media

For years, the media has been slowly losing its credibility. Year after year, week after week, and day after day, journalists, reporters, and commentators have begun to spin the truth to fit their own ideas and narratives. And seeing how most media outlets seem to be liberal backed, having Donald Trump as president has only made these occasions more frequent, even if they try to hide it.

However, in some instances, there is no keeping those hidden meanings from the public.

Such is the case with New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi earlier this week.

On Monday, President Donald Trump held a press conference in the Rose Garden, featuring members of his coronavirus task force and several company heads from businesses who are working closely with the White House on new testing ideas. Naturally, at the end of the briefing, the president took some questions.

When Nuzzi was called on, she asked the president if he thought he “deserved” to be re-elected since more people had died in the past six weeks than during the entire Vietnam War.

She said, “If an American President loses more Americans over the course of six weeks than died in the entirety of the Vietnam War, does he deserve to be re-elected?”

As of Monday, John Hopkins University had counted nearly 56,000 deaths across the country due to the quickly spreading Coronavirus, with over 985,000 confirmed cases. In comparison, during the Vietnam War, around 58,000 Americans were killed in the line of duty.

So while the numbers aren’t that far off, the instances are entirely different. For starters, this is not Trump’s fault. The lives lost are not on him.

He didn’t go over to China, whip up some deadly concoction, and release it on the people there. China did that all on their own. Nor did he try to hide the virus or cover it up for weeks and months before finally coming out with the bad news. Again, China did. Neither has he just let America run around doing whatever the hell we want, for which the left has called him a dictator.

Instead, he closed our borders, even when the Democrats called him racist for doing so. He immediately put together a task force to work solely on the virus and everything it affects. And he signed new legislation that has given Americans a safety net, not only for their health but for their financial futures.

Secondly, this is a pandemic, meaning it is happening worldwide. There is virtually no scenario in which the virus wouldn’t have made its way within our borders, even if Trump had closed them months earlier.

And according to the social media posts about Nuzzi’s question, America would agree that this is not Trump’s fault.

Guy Benson made sure to note that of all the countries affected by the virus, the US is doing exceptionally well. Of course, that isn’t what the media and those like Nuzzi want to focus on.

He wrote, “We have one of the best survival rates of all the major countries hammered by this disease. Does he get credit for that? Or just the blame for the overall death toll? How about neither.”

Other’s rightfully have incited that if Trump doesn’t deserve re-election than neither did Obama after experiencing the H1N1 outbreak, during which 12,000 Americans died.

Still, others pointed out that it is questions like these that prove the media has lost its way. Ari Fleischer, who was Bush’s press secretary and therefore, knows a few things about how the media should behave, chastised Nuzzi for wasting America’s time and trying to do nothing more than provoke our president.

“It’s clown questions like this that can make a briefing a waste of time. The only point of that question was to provoke. Not learn anything new. Not provide information to viewers. The point was to get under Trump’s skin. Good to see POTUS rose above and didn’t take the bait.”

And he didn’t. When Trump answered, he noted that while far too many people had died, the numbers were much less than our original projections. Trump said this was due to “a lot of good decisions” being made and the incredible work of the vice president and his task force.

Of course, Nuzzi says that it was a real question, not meant to provoke, and she thanked Trump for taking it seriously, although he didn’t really answer it.

And why would he?

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  2. The liar is yourself and the media lies you repeat.

  3. That was a Democratic attempted coup claiming to be an impeachment. The one who called themselves investigating need to be investigated.

  4. What proof do you have? If as I strongly suspect none, keep mouth shut!

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  6. And you have a FILTHY INEPT MOUTH. which you should keep shut before you have to eat your own FILTHY WORDS. You evidently are one of those lambbrain libraturds that don’t know when to shut up and when not to.

  7. Trump thumbed his nose at the constitution all during the impeachment trial

  8. And republicans are proof that stupidity has no limits

  9. Show me proof trump is not making millions while he is president

  10. And you don’t think trump is filling his pockets. You are an uninformed fool

  11. Trump waited 4 to 5 weeks before making the proper moves on the Coronavirus because he didn’t want the stock market and the economy to go down because he knew that would hurt his re-election.

  12. So sorry that you cannot approve of someone abiding by our US Constitution. Your equations tell much about you. Yes, crawl back under your rock!

  13. Another dem lib bully from the msm………… go away

  14. My, you are a busy little Deep State leftist troll spewing out your untrue Trump-Derangement-Syndrome nonsense. President Trump has handled the leftist-orchestrated pandemic very well, and he knows the coronavirus pandemic was a leftist Deep State deliberate, planned evil ploy designed to wreck our nation’s booming economy under Trump, which Democrats hope will cause Trump to lose the presidency in 2020. They want the lockdown to continue until Election Day so they can commit voter fraud with their mail-in ballots scam. IT WILL NOT WORK. The virus will end, the economy will recover, and President Trump will win re-election.

    Trump 2020!

  15. You are correct. Was that conclusion reached by you after 8 yrs in the bathhouse with obumer?

  16. Living in Corona, CA.

  17. List the lies with supporting facts.

  18. You’re an inept troll. Soros is wasting his money paying shills like you to spew your anti-Trump nonsense on conservative sites. We are patriots, same as President Trump. You are shilling for anti-America swamp rats. We patriots honor our country, our flag, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, and fair trade agreements—same as President Trump. Donald J. Trump is dedicated to cleaning out the swamp of corruption that’s been working inside our government for decades to destroy America and usher in the evil globalist nightmare known as the New World Order’s one-world Luciferian dictatorship. YOU are shilling for those rotten globalist swamp rats. They despise you, yet you shill for them. You are stupid.

    Trump 2020!
    In God we trust.
    Vote conservative.

  19. Asinine remarks like this by this arrogant and ignorant reporter is why I am an advocate of requiring occupational licensing to practice journalism, and have contacted my legislators asking them to consider it.

  20. dumb shit, he’s our President, whether you like him or hate him. It’s no different than when obama was president, You’re like one of those idiots that get on an airplane and hopes the pilot fails that day. How stupid.

  21. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Thank You!

  22. It’s amazing how a body can work without a brain

  23. Well said! Thank you.

  24. President Trump is not a man that seeks power for his purposes. For all practical purposes, he has all the power he needs with the money he has accumulated throughout the years. The only thing he is interested in is the well being of the country. He wants to make sure that America is made great and stays that way for many years to come.

  25. President Trump has done more for America the American people and the World since his election than the previous four presidents did in 28 years and all in the face of diversity never experienced by any other president!
    Since President Trump was elected millions of new jobs have been created, hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs, over seven million people have been lifted off of welfare and food stamps! The lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in more than 70 years, a robust stock market, a booming economy, historic tax cuts, he got rid of hundreds of job killing regulations! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace! President Trump’s policies added more than 100,000 jobs in October, 266,000 jobs in November and 145,000 jobs in December for a grand total of 511,000 jobs for the last three months of 2019!
    Under President Trump’s leadership and willingness to let our military operate unrestricted by Washington bureaucrats Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the most wanted terrorist in the World was easily located and annihilated! Now that same unrestricted military force has taken out another terrorist, Iranian general Qassem Suleimani! President Trump is serious about protecting Americans and his America First Agenda!
    Remember Little Rocket Man, Kim Jong Un? The main stream media said, Trump’s going to ignite World War III! Didn’t happen! Then when he ordered the drone strike that killed Iranian general Qassem Suleimani they said the same thing, Trump’s going to start World War III or would that be World War IV? Again it didn’t happen whatever it was, so on top of all of his other amazing accomplishments, I guess you could say President Trump prevented two World Wars! Trump/Pence 2020 Landslide! Thank God for President Trump!
    With President Trump’s leadership we will defeat this invisible enemy that China has unleashed on the World and America will recover and prosper even better than before!

  26. To “Trump has failed, he’ll be replaced in November”. Your democrap leadership wants your vote. You ignorant wretch… you’ll give it to them…. again you mindless petulant POS. And when the country fails under their mindless, makes absolutely no sense agenda, when we’re standing in line for the food that’ll be there, when you can’t get in to see the doctor because of the3 week socialistic delay of our “healthcare for all” train wreck that it will be, when you have no freedom or liberty left to talk about….. we could call it “New Venezuela”. Joe Biden as puppet of the free world… his VP Michelle salivating to take over….. don’t try to get your head out of your ass you buffoonish MORON, sounds to me like your sphincters holding your head up their and you can’t get a breath edgewise. No wonder you’re so STOOPIT….. you’ve caused yourself brain damage by lack of oxygen. Trump kills it in November… and you know it 😄😄

  27. If only Trump considered the real sources of medicine and intelligence agencies, instead of his ‘gut’ and feeble experience, he might have done what? He’s an inept ‘leader’, distrusts science or all experts, rejects read leadership even after invoking the war emergency powers. He wants all the credit, none of the blame and ducks everything that deviates from those two sociopathic needs.

  28. Yes, let’s have the media uncritically agree with the president that ‘it’s just the flu’. What rubbish. Let’s have the media not investigate the WHO, pandemic experts, medical and scientific thinking, all of which informed the president (if he were listening) that we faced great jeopardy. Then we have the intel community that was onto a unique virus in November and December with warnings to the president in PDBs long before pandemic was the word used. Then the ‘too little, too late’ president though he could fend off infection by refusing landings of cruise ships, banning travel from Europe (oops, add Britain quickly) and China. Instead of invoking war powers including industrial production capability to fight pandemic, the self-promoting president said how wonderfully he was defending Americans from sickness and death–right up to today. That’s not the doings of the media, but the failures to act of our president. He’ll pay in November elections defeated by a landslide.

  29. Oh there you are – back with a different worded but same moronic post.

  30. Looks like the post calling Trump a liar disappeared. Enjoy the cool spot under your rock.

  31. If you think Trump is a liar than you are the biggest moron in the world.

  32. To all Communist democrats come November remember one thing, I have a gun and a backhoe.

  33. TDS striks agins.

  34. Counts are extremely wrong. Cov-19 deaths are being very overstated and Vietnam deaths very understated.

  35. Praying that God will open your eyes and ears and you will know the truth. Pity in my heart for you.

  36. No, not ‘people hate the media’; Trump people hate the media. Big difference. Some Americans want and seek truth; Trump and backers don’t. But there’s a gap in hypocrisy hard to fathom. MAGA hats want to skirt, avoid and ignore Trump truth of ‘its just the flu’, because 65K people are dead due to his too little, too late action as leader, even though he mysteriously invoked war production powers and hasn’t used them, only nepotistically assigning pandemic to his inept son-in-law Jared. So to brush truth under the rug, continue withholding all-out effort to conquer a pandemic with 200K dead, people hate the truth seeking question of the reporter mentioned. Yet Trump-ites want full truth out about Biden’s accuser of sexual malfeasance. It’s inconsistent, and obvious to the well-grounded and well-rounded citizen. Trump skates around the truth; but reporters hold him accountable for it, as they should and are charged with doing by history, training, peer pressure and job requirements. Why can’t the Trump base get this? They live in a similar Trump-like fantasy world where truth can get you in trouble. Nobody wants trouble, but accountability is the name of the leadership and presidential games. Trump has failed. He’ll be replaced in November.

  37. Sorry but when you have the Lord on your side nothing you say or do can change his plans for this country. So if Trump wins again with all you idiots lieing cheating stuffing ballot boxes maybe you will understand it ALWAYS will be GOD’S will that is done. I’m not going to condem you as you have accomplished that already all on your own. Our God is a forgiving God but also a vengeful God when you kill babies or go against everything holy to him like marriage & gender. If you truly read a Bible it’s all there for you too see. The biggest sin is changing the meaning of his word that also is written in the Bible. So when Pelosi starts using the Bible to make a point twisting it’s meaning she has given herself a perment place in HELL.

  38. The terrible part is think of how many lives could have been saved if the media had supported the president instead of screwed over efforts to really fight the virus. Think of how many New Yorkers would have been saved if de Blasio had shut up and listened !

  39. You always have to consider the source.

  40. Your the lier. You are following the sheeple with there lies and you have bought it.

  41. Well said. Our country did need it and our country needs the continuation of President Trumps LEADERSHIP. He doesn’t cowtow to the left and that’s why they can’t stand him. It’s been too long since we had a stand and fight President. We must band together and re-elect him. God will bless Our USA!

  42. You got your head so far up your butt you are blind to what is going on around you. What a filthy statement.

  43. Thank you,my thoughts exactly.


  45. You’re an idiot! I would challenge you to list 5 lies he has made. He hasn’t lied and I think it may be in the works of his promise to lock up Crooked Hillary. The POS.

  46. These insane questions by the liberal media are just an act of desperation. They know Dementia Joe is Unelectable so they resort to spewing outlandish accusations in order to somehow reder our President without defense. But President Trump isn’t falling for the media’s gotcha questions and they only serve to exemplify the old saying from the Bible ” Open your mouth fool so I may know you. ” As was pointed out in N earlier comment all of the media’s treatment of President Trump and the Republican party will be remembered for years to come and their credibility will be nonexistent. But for everyone else who at least can walk and chew gum at the same time Vote Trump/Pence this fall and let’s take back the House and Senate! MAGA 2020

  47. Are you referring to the Obama administration?

  48. Trump was making a deal with a country that would benefit the US. The silver lining of this pandemic is changing the world’s perception of how much a threat China really is. We need to see what Trump does with China after the worst of this crisis. To Trump’s credit, even though he was making a deal, he was the canary in the coal mine long before anyone else was. Use common sense!

  49. Spoken like white nazi pro gun trailer trash! Lol. Here’s the thing, l agree with every word!

  50. We had one of those unnecessary deaths in our family. It was not the President’s fault, and it wasn’t Covid: she was fearful due to the media’s exaggerations, the Medicare & CDC financial-gain baited ‘covid’ death count, and was afraid to go to the hospital when her heart problem flared up. She rallied twice on the way to the hospital, but died while her family was making their way through the armed guard, stand on the red x, 20 questions from the receptionist, in an empty ER waiting room, and a largely empty hospital. She would have lived if she hadn’t r elied blindly on fake news & refused to entertain other information sources, facts, or her own reason; and she paid the ultimate price. And, I do mean ultimate, for unless she responded to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the scriptures which she had previously proudly and adamantly rejected for the craft’s ecumenical humanist hope….then she faces not only this first death, but the second as well. So much lying.

    BTW, even with the inflated death numbers….we still were not at the VietNam death count yet when that statement was made. She couldn’t even get THAT right. But then she was probably reading it from her cell phone, why bother checking facts when it’s all put in front of you & your ticket to a cushy job and high dollar hair and nails is not to ask questions, not to think, and to harden and kill your conscience with self-righteous self-justification to the point you’d kill your own mother for the Party and it’s ‘dream’. So much deceiving and being deceived.

    But what can you expect of a nation that no longer receives the Lord of glory, the Creator and Savior who is the way, the truth and the life…..nor tolerates his Book or his harmless pilgrim people whose citizenship and dominion is not in this dying? All that’s left is lies….and meeting him as Judge & with no covering for one’s sins but that insufficient rag of self-righteousness since acknowledging him as Creator, Lord, and Savior has been willfully rejected?

  51. Your comment is emotional. That’s it. We are not in fourth grade. CEO’s that run companies can be tough. That is the reality of running a business as well as running a country. Trump has a fresh perspective to the way things were done. You know what? Our country needed it! Period.



  54. She is either a fool, ignorant, has an agenda against Trump, among other choices. In no way can this be considered a legitimate question. She wasted her platform. Her employer should take note. (Even if they wanted her to attack Trump). The mainstream media is an arm of the Democratic Party. It is obvious now to everyone. The only question is, will the ones the care outvote the ones that don’t care about this fact. We will see in November. I have a feeling their will be a rude awakening for some!

  55. Shut up liberal troll!! You and all you libtwerps are the ones who are FILTHY AND INEPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too Chicken to put post your name too as all you LIBTWERPS ARE!!!!!!!

  56. media is a bunch of low life losers…they hate Trump and their hate for him is on display EVERY day… while they ask their STUPID questions and spread their Hateful lies…

  57. Shut up Liberal troll, you’re the one that’s filthy!!!!!!!

  58. Many (or maybe most) of the good things you say about Trump could also be said about Reagan, but certainly not about Obama, or Clinton, or Shumer or Pelosi and especially Schiff!

  59. It’s serves their agenda. If you can’t win on merit the next step is to lie about everything. Pitiful and truly evil people.

  60. You people have killed more innocents over the years than anything else combined and you call Trump a danger to humanity. In fact, you even pay others to commit your murders for you, and that’s what’s known as a true criminal enterprise. You people have shown that you’re evil to the core, and will finally learn that truth when it’s your time to meet Jesus. That’s when you’ll no longer get away with your lies and corruption. SMH!!

  61. You surely are mindlessly indoctrinated in uttering such vile trash, likely work/was in gov’t receiving benefits/pension, ignorantly inane without providing credible posts.

  62. What an ignorant Fool !! I guess you believe Joe Dementia Biden too ? He will never be President !!

  63. YES, Yes!!!!!

  64. And Ms Casio-Ortiz

  65. If you think Trump is inept then where would we be if Hillary got in-and I am a woman! She hid what happened to the people in the embassy when she was secretary=if she were president we would all be dead and she would be filling her pockets!

  66. Are you referring to Adam Schiff? Then yes, I agree, he lies, then lies about his lies, and then he lies and says he didn’t say his lies, then repeats his original lies. And the Democrats adore him, because Schiff faithfully follows their modus operandi. No, it’s not the media’s fault that Schiff lies. The media merely reports Schiff’s lies as the truth. No BS.

  67. I recommend that you stay and help us fight these Red bastards. Also, you will be needed in November, since we need all good people to vote for our Country, and Constitution.

  68. The two shooters were drinking Corona beer, and wearing Corona Tee shirts.

  69. No, that title goes to that Communist piece of crap, Barry Obozo.

  70. Beware the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES!

  71. What is said and done by the msm will be available for many years to come.. future generations will be able to see how biased and grossly unfair they were (are) to our 45th President and frankly Republicans period.. does no-one want to be respected for their work anymore? I had no idea how many inept people are “in charge” in the political arena… that word seems to be used for President Trump only! If fairness prevailed he would be given credit for all he has done for our country…. for the first time in my 71 yrs I have no doubt that this President qenuinely cares about our country and fellow Americans. Period! Can’t think of any politician who asked for zero salary so the money could be donated back to America! That is true leadership!

  72. Social distancing should be more than twenty feet from fake news alphabet channels. The cure for them will come next election.

  73. Your president is the biggest liar in the world.

  74. He lies, then he lies about the lies and then he lies and says he didn’t say his lies then repeats his original lie. THIS IS THE MEDIAS FAULTS??? BS

  75. There is not one sentence of truth in the second grade editorial you attempted to write.

  76. Yes, for sure, there are more good Americans than bad! I’m convinced under God the right will always prevail! Have you noticed Trump is never wrong about anything, I can’t see that has happened. Oh, they accuse 24/7, but that’s all they’ve ever done, accuse. Watch what will come about when he is re elected……..all things good! Nancy alone has made everybody sick to their stomachs to where I could vomit sometimes, how could any one in their right mind vote for the left? We can just come out and say they are total communistic in their beliefs!
    This lockdown has proved it alone. We don’t need to be shut down. None of the PRACTICE it, but want to completely destroy our country to look like Cuba or one of their third world countries. They would rather take over the government and make us poor and they keep all the money. ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL for money and power! You can see it in their eyes everyday. Well I for one am tired of it!

  77. Said danger to be conquered by Joe Biden and his army of sychophants come to save us all eh? Excuse me while I reach for my barf bucket.

  78. Your equalities are ingenious, but not based on any logical conclusion. Therefore, you must be one of the typically scatterbrained liberals that infest our country.

  79. Most all flu deaths were in demonRat states& cities. We have a federalist government. Governor’s should have done their jobs the feds only assist.

  80. What have you done to assist the President ? Or, anybody for that matter ?

  81. Number one; positive within have better results and they (Media, Loser Nancy and the rest of the Dummy) don’t have anything within and No results, lots of wasted time & effort!! Trump always seek a positive side which all great leader have. Coming November Trump will win!!
    There are more positive people in this world which make America Great!!!!!


  83. I have had it with most of the national media ! They treat us like we are stupid ! They take what some official says then twists it all around and when caught they think its smart! In school journalism class we were taught and reminded over and over, reporting of the news has only a few hard and fast rules: WHAT (what is happening or happened, ) , WHEN, (when did the item of interest happen)), WHERE location, where did it happen (Where did it happen), BUT NEVER WHY UNLESS A BY LINED CORRESPONDENT It is not news and should be identified as commentary not fact !
    The reporters of today dont know how to prepare a story they take the basic facts then rearrange them to fit the intent the reporters, or more importantly the management of the entity wishes to project. N OT GOOD, NOT AMERICAN, THIS IS MORE PRAVADA THAN ANY RESPECTED AMERICAN SITE !

  84. I believe the death counts are highly overstated. The guidelines given for accounting coronavirus as cause of death are severely misleading. Many Doctors have said they would never list cause of death based on this guideline. One outstanding issue is how many deaths come from senior citizens homes etc. These can be attributed to facility not or unable to handle critical situations. The county I live in had 53 deaths at last count and a recovery rehabilitation center accounted for almost half of the deaths. Why are the deaths being overstated?

  85. If you watch TV and there bias, that being half truths or just what these leftist want you to hear, makes it sound as if our president is stupid or something, glad to say not so. Only those that live in closed spaced and only listen to BS will put out BS, so be the case for the last 30 plus years. People have closed there eyes and ears to what is important and what should not be. The USA is the high standard around the world and has been trashed by far left thinking. What happened to our values, be it freedom of religion, freedom to own and carry a gun, freedom to enjoy and learn, freedom to be yourself to earn a dollar and know when you get old that your reward is to enjoy what the earth has given us in return. Not to be thrown in the trash or left to die, after all we are not ants in a ant farm, we think, we learn, we hope to make the world a better place for our families and the world around us. Enough of my rhetoric, the Press that wants to ask questions, it needs to be in written form and reviewed for being valid question not fake news trashings for the eyes of the world. This is so the News media will stop causing trash statements that are only meant to discredit not support our Nation and President and ask those question. That puts the press in they situation they have been putting our President in and maybe they will start acting like responsible reporters that want to give the truth, not fake news our great NATION AND PRESIDENT that is actually working for all US people not for self interests as has been of Weak response Presidents in the last 30 years. Sorry for the few that do not understand or live behind closed doors, look who is keeping there promises and those that chose to say one thing and do as they wish once they got the power to make choices for YOU and ME, many of those choices cost us jobs, loss of homes, and dignity. Remember, this is not about our elected officials but about us and the government we the people made many years ago. It is time to clean house, we have a strong backing, he is not able to solely do it by himself, no mail in ballots, ID card in hand with an address to back it, give no chance for cheaters, we all have a chance to make a difference. Cheaters only want to rule you, not support US and our GREAT COUNTRY!
    Thanks for reading. God Bless!

  86. Trump is The most honest & transparent POTUS we have ever had!
    Trolls & the fake press never ask legitimate or useful questions & are a waste of our time. Kick the fake press out, fire &/or arrest Liberals in GOVT office & lets get on with rebuilding our country !!!

  87. Go give Nancy a big kiss and thank her for being one of the biggest idiots the country has ever had to endure. While you are at it give hugs to Schiff and Shumer; both pieces of obstructing crap.

  88. I learned everything I would ever need to know about the Press when as a child I watched Citizen Kane. They show you facts that they create in order to make you think what they think you should believe. That is called FICTION!

  89. Maybe that’s why they call them “trolls,” eh?! 😉

  90. Two people were shot here the other day. One was hit five times and the other six times. Cause of death? Coronavirus because the hospitals get more money.

  91. Go crawl back under your rock, fool!

  92. You are a leftist troll, and the pandemic is NOT Trump’s pandemic. It belongs to the panicked China/Deep State cabal that has tried everything in it’s wicked arsenal to remove Trump from the presidency, even shutting down America’s great economy and thealways well-attended rallies under Trump’s presidency. This latest pandemic maneuver by the Deep State is it’s cruelest attempt yet to destroy America and other countries that are fighting back against globalism and all it’s evil objectives. The Chinese/Deep State-coordinated pandemic will be overcome and will end, and the economy will rise again.

    Trump 2020!

  93. Filthy = Trump
    Rich = Inept

    Ok, filthy rich is Inept Trump

  94. Trump’s pandemic has needlessly killed thousands of people around the world. Treasonous Trump was applauding WHO and China, then passed the buck to someone else.

    Deceitful Donald is inept, and this makes Duplicitous Donald a grave danger to humanity.

  95. These cockroaches in the MSM are nothing but shills for the corrupt DNC. I hope Trump is reelected in a landslide and the Republicans keep the Senate and take back the house. Then President Trump can finish the job of flushing the Deep Swamp members and their media toadies into the sh*t pile and rid this country of these liberal commie POS.

  96. Now that is a great solution. Talk directly to the people. Also do not patronize any of the leftist media,newspapers etc in which i have done since 2016 with the media n since 2003 with the NY TIMES.
    I would never purchase nor read the washington post,owned by Jeff Bezos!

  97. Agreed, he shouldn t even answer the press . go directly to the people.

  98. Nuzzi is just another Deep State shill who was scripted by her puppet masters to ask that unfair, insulting, and dishonest question of President Trump.

    Jim Acosta is another leftist fake news shill journalist who is well-paid by Soros and other globalist cabalists to ask President Trump confrontational questions that have no basis in fact at White House press briefings. The majority of the ‘journalists’ attending press briefings these days are leftist shills.

    The Main Stream Media is an Operation Mockingbird, CIA-controlled, disinformation-spewing, leftist propaganda machine that relies on so-called news reporters and journalists sticking to the disinformation/misinformation protocols issued by their New World Order/Deep State lying, cheating puppet masters. Nuzzi was being faithful to her Deep State controllers by being rude and unfair to President Trump.

    Which brings me to ask this question: Isn’t it time for the White House to remove and end all control of White House press briefings and seating arrangements from the White House Press Corps? The WHPC is no longer capable of functioning in a respectful, fair, and journalistic manner, and the White House needs to make some serious and permanent changes regarding which entity gets to control White House press briefings.

    Trump 2020!
    Save America by voting Conservative.
    In God We Patriots Trust.

  99. he should stop holding meeting with the press talk directly to the people

  100. INSANE. I LIVED OUT OF THE COUNTRY for 10 years and only got a glimse of the change in this country during my doctor visits. I am a 9/11 wtc first responder and I moved to Costa Rica. I had to leave because of the way O bama treated the responders with BS. I live here now for a year and a half and I get sick in my stomach to see the change in this country ( INSANE) People must wake up and fight these Commies or we will lose our country fast. no joke.

  101. The media are arrogant pieces of the shit-they lie -disrupt and create division in every way manner shape and form

  102. She is still classified a reporter? She made a statement in the context of a question. First, the context is wrong on the numbers, Second, there is already a big issue with the classification of “Cause of Death” in COVID -19 deaths, It appears that a large number have been false and unproven. Many were simply inflated by certain entities. We don’t really know how many actually died from COVID-19. We do know that Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pacs have been very successful where they have been used, especially in early onset cases. The Democrats and MSM have been on a massive did-information campaign to discredit all studies and results using this combination. Trump tried to help. Governors like Murphy and Cuomo actually caused massive infection in elder-care facilities by sending infected patients back into these facilities to attack the most vulnerable. We already knew these were the vulnerable population because the first deaths we saw were in Washington State Nursing Homes. Olivia Nuzzi is one of the deBlazio/Cuomo Apologists. Good luck getting that stain of idiot!

  103. I am sick and tired of the “big mouth” media. I will never patronize any of them, I will not watch their TV programs, I will not buy their news papers and I will not listen to them in any fashion possible. I hope they all go out of business, but then they can’t because big shot rich jerks own them and there is a lot of $ behind these “jerks”!!!! I just wonder how they became so rich? Aren’t they called the “filthy rich”?

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