Bernie Supporters Explode in Anger Over Biden Sexual Assault Allegations

A lot of people are unhappy about the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations levied against former Vice President Joe Biden. Besides Ms. Reade herself, they include the boys and girls in the back rooms of the Democratic National Committee who are aghast that they are about to nominate a man who not only shows clear signs of dementia but also is being credibly accused of being a sexual predator pervert. However, according to the UK Daily Mail, no group of people is quite as incandescent with rage as the Bernie Bros.

After a brief time during the Democratic primaries when Bernie looked like he would win, Joe Biden racked up several wins that all but clinched his status as the nominee. Even Bernie Sanders, seeing the writing on the wall, decided to drop out of the campaign and endorse Biden for the sake of party unity. Many political pundits thought that Bernie Bros would grudgingly go along for the sake of getting rid of President Donald Trump. Besides, it looked like that Biden was moving left to cement the support of Sanders supporters. If Bernie did not win at least his ideas were carrying the day.

But, as they say, that was then, and this is now.

The shoe that dropped that has Bernie Bros riled up was the tape from an episode of the old Larry King Show from 1993, then running on CNN, in which Reade’s mother called. She referred to an incident in which her daughter ran afoul of an unnamed United States senator for whom she worked, an obvious reference to Biden.

So far, the media, except for a few outlets like Fox News, and Democratic elected officials are protecting Biden with a wall of silence. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a woman whose sense of shame was likely surgically removed, endorsed Biden. However, #dropoutbiden trended on Twitter over the weekend. The Bernie bros are mad as hell that their guy is being passed over for a man who may be senile who may have once put his fingers into a woman’s lady parts without a by your leave.

The Bernie bros could be forgiven for believing that is Biden is forced off the ticket that their guy would be up next. Sanders has the next greatest number of votes. The matter seems like a no brainer.

It looks like New York Democrats suspect that Bernie may be next in line as well. Channel 4, the NBC affiliate in New York, reports that the state’s Democratic Party is moving to make sure that Bernie does not benefit from Biden’s increasing woes.

“In an unprecedented move, New York has canceled its Democratic presidential primary that was scheduled for June 23 amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Democratic members of the State’s Board of Elections voted Monday to nix the primary. New York will still hold its congressional and state-level primaries on June 23.”

In other words, the coronavirus pandemic makes it too dangerous for New Yorkers to vote for either Biden or Bernie in the presidential primary. But the modern-day plague is not too dangerous to – say – vote whether or not AOC is going to be a one-termer.

The Hill is reporting that Sanders is not taking the decision laying down.

“Lawyers for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaign sent a letter to the New York State Board of Elections late Sunday asking that he remain on the Democratic primary ballot on June 23, warning that it would damage party unity if he is removed.”

Sanders is concerned that his removal from the New York primary ballot would damage party unity. He has originally opted to remain on the various primary ballots while suspending his campaign to ring up as many delegates as possible to increase his leverage at the Democratic National Convention if it should occur because of the pandemic. Bernie is likely also thinking that because of the Tara Reade allegations his candidacy is not as dead as he once thought.

In the meantime, the Bernie bros are tearing up social media with the meme that even defeating Trump is not worth tolerating a sexual predator on the top of the ticket. If Biden is removed from the ticket and someone other than Bernie is selected by the boys and girls in the backrooms instead, it doesn’t take a master pundit to conclude that the resulting explosion will be on the megaton level.

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  1. One is senile and the other one is a Communist and then you have Hillary who will sell out the country for polical means…as long as you wish for anything you want as long as you send money to the foundation

  2. Bill Clintons Twin.

  3. Sorry, but it’s all BS anyway… IF Biden is NOT the nominee (for whatever reason, be it Hunter’s quid pro quo “business deals” which Daddy’s position got him, his groping, hair sniffing weirdness, his rambling, incoherent comments, or this latest “sticky fingers” episode), it won’t be Bernie. Biden was dead in the water before SC and the back room of the DNC (the same people who screwed Bernie in 2016) was already maneuvering for an “anybody but Bernie” nominee. Biden’s electoral resurgence just gave them “cover” and they duly ordered Klobuchar and Buttigieg to bow out, extorted Bloomberg’s remaining $18 million war chest, and even prevailed on Warren and (sadly) Tulsi Gabbard to endorse him (who knows on what promises – or threats?). If Biden now implodes, they’ll drag Cuomo or some other “reliable” off the shelf. The only way Bernie will get the nomination is if he wins the delegates in the remaining primaries and this decision by the New York party to avoid the contest is merely proof that they are not gonna give him that chance. If Bernie really wants the nomination, he’s got to withdraw his withdrawal and fight for the win. I’m not necessarily a big Bernie fan, but I can recognize a screw job when I see one and I fully understand the upset of the so-called “Bernie Bros”. They have plenty of cause for upset. The Democratic Party is corrupt beyond words and they are the current victims of that corruption. They should be pissed off.

  4. DemocRAT’S with the emblem of a JACKASS! Says it all!

  5. Too bad that the democrats forced Bernie out and supports that rapest Biden. I’m going to vote for the other.

  6. The Democrat are pretty much dead in the water. They have to choose between a senile pervert and a crazy communist. Some are wishing that a very corrupt New York governor could be substituted for the two front runners, but a crooked politician with the blood of thousands of his citizens on his hands is hardly a step up. Sadly, there is only one way the Democrats can win in November and that is to cheat like hell. Of course, this action does not lie outside their capabilities-they are masters of voter fraud and are working like hell to get some of their most potent voting fraud ploys legalized by the time of the November elections. They will cheat, everybody will know they cheated and they’ll simply say, “What are you going to do about it?”.

  7. So many Communists, so little time.

    Bernie Sanders, the ‘Democratic/Independent’ candidate, is in reality a Castro-admiring, Moscow-honeymooning, dyed-in-the-wool—RED wool—Communist who, of course, prefers to live like an entitled capitalist himself, as did his heroes Castro, Stalin, Kruschev, et al. He promises his supporters free college, failing to mention that under Communism HE and the ruling class will decide which of them will be permitted to attend college and what subjects they will be permitted to study once there. Everyone else works where they’re told to work, and shares the meager leftovers. The people in Communist Venezuela are sharing whatever food and supplies they can retrieve from garbage dumpsters. Under Communism, there is no freedom of choice any time anywhere. Bernie has publicly praised and embraced the Communist way of life, and Bernie bros amazingly support him, believing that all the freebies he promises will actually materialize.

    And then there’s the Soviet Socialist Democrat Party of Corruption, which has sold itself to the Communist Chinese and to their partner-in-crime the New World Order Deep State Cabal. Leftists greedily rake in the pay-for-play, bribery, drug cartel, human trafficking, blackmail, and kick-back cash lavished on them in exchange for allowing the Cabal to run the entire United States and other world governments, while the Chinese infiltrate our country’s operating systems, stealing our technology, our intel, our businesses, our jobs, our academics, and our media, Hillary allowed China free access to her computers while she served as Secretary of State so long as the Chinese—and other pay-for-play nationals as well—continued to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into her favorite charity—the Clinton Foundation. Corruption is the DNC’s approved and well-established modus operandi. But since 2016 and Trump’s victory the Democrat modus operandi has come under threat. Trump is working to rid government of it’s corrupt swamp rats. The Democrats have been forced to refocus on trying to find some way to remove Trump from the presidency. Nothing’s worked so far—not even false allegations, impeachment, assassination attempts, Open Border policies, and their latest attempt—wrecking the economy with the pandemic lockdown. Can Biden save them? Hillary?

    I have a much better choice: Trump 2020!


    Trump 2020!

  8. From ethic’s stand point, Man This Is So Wrong! From a am I surprised stand point, Not At All!

  9. Very well said!!!

  10. Not only are Bernie Bros a mixture of wannabe Hitlers, Stalins, Pol Pots, Mao Tse Tungs, Castrols, and Kim Ill Songs, they are also a bunch of suckers and BS talkers. Why wouldn’t the DNC rig the primary against Bernie? Bernie wasn’t the pre-picked nominee in 2016 and it’s clear he wasn’t in 2020. Where’s the big riots that were going to happen if Bernie didn’t get the nomination? I was looking forward to watching a big riot at the DNC convention in Milwaukee this summer on TV. Would’ve reminded me of Chicago, 1968. Bernie Bros ate the LSD laced Halloween candy and drank the Jonestown Kool-Aid and now they whine out loud while slowly dying off.

  11. The king and queen of the MOB.

  12. It’s hard to imagine how the Democrats can dump Biden when he has the votes
    for a first round nomination all but locked up. Yes, I can see buyer’s remorse building
    up and the Democrats have never had a problem doing the unthinkable. (IE Impeaching
    a President with less than a year before an election, on no crimes, nor any support from the
    opposing Party that happens to control the Senate that will stand judgement) I’ve
    said all along that I would not be surprised if Hillary ended up on top of the ticket
    and that all this primary season was to rest her up for Armageddon II next November,
    After all, in her mind, she ‘s running for re-election!

  13. The Democrats keep grinding on the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.
    Whether true or not, these allegations involved school kids, not adults! Even if true,
    And prosecuted at the time, they likely would have been handled in the JUVENILE court.

    The allegations currently being made against Mr. Biden involve ADULTS, not kids.
    These are criminal acts, which, if investigated within a reasonable time, could result in a felony conviction.

    One is not like the other. Biden’s alleged actions are far more serious and perverted.

  14. Bring back Bernie to be the Democratic nomination, he is a very smart man. Biden never wanted to run anyway, but for some unknown reason decided to enter the race. He is not what we need and I will not vote for him, so that lets me no other choice when I vote for President of the United States in November!!!

  15. Thank you our Father God. The truth is finally coming out and with you holding the rein’s, it shall set us free from these very evil and corrupt people.

  16. What a great laugh I got when I heard Hilary endorses Biden, She is just as crooked if not more than Biden. Of course Hilary can close her eyes to the accusations against Biden she did the same when her own husband was accused of the same thing. Look who she claimed as her good friends Epstein, Harvey Weinstein . Her husband went on trips with Epstein numerous times. Look what Hillary did to the woman who accused her husband she bad mouthed and tried ruining their lives to silence them. People wake up !!!! Do you really want these type of people back running our country oh but wait they will let China take the reins again so no worries ! What a sad day in America will that be !

  17. Amazing how fast we have gone from a free, capitalist society to the DNC, socialist/communist ideology.

    миссия выполнена

  18. And now Hillary Clinton endorses malarkey Joe…A crook endorsing another crook,…No surprise there !! Swamp critters trying to save their swamp…LOCK THEM UP…LOCK THEM UP…LOCK THEM UP !!!

  19. You know what, Democrats see sexual assault with one eye on Republicans and the other eye is blind to Democrat sexual assaults.

  20. Sick Democrat’s

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