US Intelligence: Kim Jong Un Deathly Ill, Looks Like the End

No leader ever lives forever. But when a leader of a country is considered to be dangerous and hostile great interest is taken into their health and who would replace them if they were to die. The United States intelligence group has been watching Kim Jong Un for some time and it looks like he is in critical danger after his last surgery. The North Koreans would never admit that he is ill, but people with good information report that he is not as healthy as he seems.

The little dictator has been absent from important events lately and has been absent from the public’s eye if there is no need to have him present. He even missed his grandfather’s birthday party. The North Koreans are silent on his health, but inside sources are hinting that it is not good.

The communist leader thinks that he can eat, drink, and be merry without consequences. But life catches up with even the cruelest of men. His overweight body, constant smoking, and other things have finally caught up with him. He went to surgery to have some cardiovascular work done. His recovery appears to be rough as he is having more treatments that some people are keeping quiet about. Kim has portrayed himself in god-like qualities to his people. He wants them to worship him. But life is showing that he is just a man.

There is a lot of speculation as to the dictator’s health. People that are protecting his image would report that all is well. Even sources in South Korea are trying to pass off that his health is just fine. But inside sources are telling a different story. Information is closely monitored in the rogue nation. People that speak out and tell stories are silenced. So, people have learned to stay quiet or risk death.

Given all the rumors of his failing health the United States as reached out to their experts hoping to find some truth, but there has been only silence. Kim has been absent of late from the public spotlight. Actions speak louder than words. Kim is one that boasts about being in front of the camera. For him to stay away only brings speculation. News reporters have to rely on cunning observation to tell a story in North Korea.

Their people are kept from sharing and reporting on the truth. They have no free press, and they are basically told what to publish. His last appearance was April 11. And since then he has not been seen or heard from. For him to miss the birthday of his grandfather, who is said to be the founder of North Korea, is a political nightmare. The self-proclaimed god would not miss an important event if there wasn’t something wrong with him.

Bruce Klingner who is with Heritage Foundation and a former CIA chief over North Korea has stated that “There have been a number of recent rumors about Kim’s health (smoking, heart, and brain). If Kim is hospitalized, it would explain why he wasn’t present on the important April 15th celebrations. But, over the years, there have been several false health rumors about Kim Jong-un or his father. We’ll have to wait and see.” The rumor is that he is really sick.

His family line is filled with health issues. Kim Jong II missed a parade in 2008 and it was later revealed that he had a stroke. He would die three years later. So, it is not unlikely that this same kind of thing has happened to this fake god.

The death of Kim would cause some concern for other nations. There is no telling what kind of psychopath would rise to power in crazy land. President Trump has stated that both countries have a “great relationship.” President Trump has been working with Kim to bring about a better North Korea. But his health is delaying the efforts. The coronavirus certainly has kept them from being able to meet. And now it looks like North Korea may have a new leader soon.

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  8. I believe we are getting close to finding out. Our democratic republic is fastly turning into a democratic state run by the far left liberal dim dims.

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  14. Don’t forget that it is Communist China who pulls the reins in N. Korea

  15. This sorry scumbag needs to die a slow painful death after the way he has done his people, like the time his own kin was tied up and cut so they could bleed good, and they were thrown into a den of wild starving dogs.

  16. We need to “be careful what we ask for” – -their next leader could be far worse than this one!

  17. If he dies, Krapaphornia, Oregon and Washington will erect statues of the little porker. Seattle will put theirs next to Vladimir Lenin’s.

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  21. Is this really true? Finally some good news for a change. Like cry me a river or ocean on hearing this disgusting Godless communist subhuman bastard’s dead. Hopefully it was a long, slow and painful death but unfortunately it can’t be long enough to equate the misery he’s put the people through. No tears for this walking devil!

  22. Have you the faintest comprehension of what “democracy” and “republic ” actually mean ?

  23. Let’s hope that his successor is not a “hard liner”!


  25. I heard that Chinese government has sent his best medical experts to save Kim. They completed a cardiac surgery and the dictator was saved.

  26. Does this mean Obama will step forward to become King of Korea?


  28. Won’t miss the little bustard – not one little bit. Might be some hope that the NK people will see some freedom – but it may take a while to pan out.

  29. Will Kim Yo Jong be the next “Dear Leader” ? What do we know about her except she escaped the wrath of her older brother.

  30. He probably got a family member to take care of business
    His sister?

  31. If Rocket Baby shoots craps then who will China put in his placee. a N. Korean or a slimy China false Korean? They won’t let N Korea go as the South would nab them in a heart beat and the people would cheer for weeks to be Free.

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  33. Anyone even thinking about replacing Kim Jong Un had better be extremely careful. He has had several family members he viewed as threats to his authority murdered. Rumors of Kim’s poor health must be a source of great sorrow for his pal Dennis Rodman. The rest of the world is praying for the murderous little commie’s demise.

    God have mercy on the North Korean people—set them free from
    Communism and dictators.

  34. Our Founders knew to be very careful of democracies.
    A pure democracy is MOB RULE. Someone soon takes over the mob.
    Then what?
    Our Founders gave us a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.

  35. Wow controlled media.what a concept. Are they talking about North Korea or the United States.

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  38. If he does not die naturally from disease, he must fear anyone who he might
    have looked at funny who might think this is the time to take care of this tyrant
    who puts down friends and family alike as if they were just animals. This is not a
    good man, and deserves what’s heading his way regardless what it is


  40. that was such a funny article.. I laughed so loud. hilarious. thanks for the good news

  41. It looks as if all Our dealings will be with the little fat Man’s Handlers in China now.

  42. Hopefully, Pelosi will be right behind him.

  43. they don’t have big enough rockets

  44. South Koreans are said to want reunification of the 2 Koreas, though my sources tell me the South is afraid their booming economy would suffer greatly, so not in the near term. Of course we have the German, East German reunification that hardly caused a ripple done right. So any Kim replacement would have a choice to make–either resume normal relations with the distant goal of reunification, or continue the isolation so destructive to North Korea’s people, economy and reputation. It remains to be seen what the lineage would produce for another dictator; or maybe a radical military man might seize power and the mantle of ‘god’.


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