They’re Ruined! Coronavirus Lawsuits Against China Continue to Pile Up

The time was that accidentally letting out a pandemic and then lying about it would have resulted in a little gunboat diplomacy. After all, China’s perfidy has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, trillions in destroyed wealth, and half the planet cowering in their homes in lockdown. However, even if a war with a nuclear power would be courting a greater catastrophe, the principle that one should not start a land war in Asia still applies.

However, one thing that the West has in abundance are lawyers. The proliferation of lawsuits against the Chinese government suggests that the main response thus far is going to be an attempt to take its assets. But will the Chinese government use foreign sovereignty immunity to skate responsibility?

The Newsweek has a good rundown of some of the civil actions being mounted against Beijing,

“In one suit filed in late March, a coalition of California property managers and an accounting firm are seeking to represent all small businesses in California that have suffered as a result of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. A suit filed in mid-March by several Florida residents aims to assemble its own class of millions of people. Larry Klayman, a conservative lawyer and founder of the group Freedom Watch, is leading another class-action complaint accusing China of releasing a “biological weapon” into the public.”

The Jerusalem Post reports on an Israeli lawsuit being filed in an American court. An Israeli NGO called Shurat HaDin, which usually sues countries that foster terrorism, is trying to bring China to court for lying about the coronavirus pandemic.

Some legal experts suggest that if these suits are successful, China may owe the world community as much as $6 trillion. The legal actions would be the biggest class-action lawsuits in history.

However, Jonathon Turley, a Georgetown University law professor, suggests that China is not likely to be forced to pay, largely because of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. He writes in The Hill:

“In 2008, a lawsuit with some interesting analogies was filed against Saudi Arabia over the financing of the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. The kingdom had been accused of effectively releasing terrorists, rather than a virus, but the courts rejected those claims under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. Congress then amended it to allow for such lawsuits with the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. President Obama vetoed it, but Congress overrode his veto. It is possible that Congress could do so again for this virus, which has now cost tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in losses.”

Indeed, as Newsweek notes, Rep Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas and Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas has introduced a bill entitled “Holding the Chinese Communist Party Accountable for Infecting Americans Act of 2020.” The bill would amend the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to allow legal sanctions against states that cause injury and death.

Professor Turley does not think that even this fix will allow a lawsuit to go forward to make China pay for what it’s done. He suggests that courts will be reluctant to award damages for the many deaths and huge economic damages that the pandemic has caused because it could be argued that other factors are involved, including bad public policy decisions by the affected states. The counter-argument might be that those bad decisions were directly caused by the coverup by the Chinese government.

In the meantime, China is not reacting very well to the proliferation of lawsuits, according to Fox News.

“China on Monday played the victim card, calling on the United States to stop blaming the country for the global COVID-19 crisis, as pressure increased over Beijing’s mismanagement of the novel coronavirus that has infected more than 2.4 million people worldwide. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said during a press briefing that COVID-19 is a common enemy of all mankind. He added that China was also a victim and that the global community should work together instead of seeking a single source to blame.”

To be sure, the Chinese people are as much a victim of the pandemic as are people residing in the rest of the world. But it could be so argued that they were victimized by their government which tried to cover up the full extent of the damage wrought by the pandemic. Whatever happens, the lawsuits will proceed.

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  1. Unfortunately young people in many colleges and universities are encouraged to believe that Democracies are bad and socialistic/ communistic states are good! It would be far better to tell them the truth, the reality of what life is really like in Cuba, venezuela and other radical socialistic/communistic states!
    The only institution of higher learning that does this Hillsdale College in Michigan which in order to preserve the integrity and quality of its teaching staff from government intrusion
    demanding information concerning the political makeup of its teachers Hillsdale refuses to accept any government money and does not provide the information the government the government demands!
    Consequently he government eliminated all funds sent to Hillsdale College even taking the position that student loans were provided by the government. The College responded by itself providing student loans! Of course this infuriated the Federales who tried other avenues of persecution, all of which failed when patriotic americans everywhere made significant donations to support the little colleges fight against government intrusion in
    its business. So far Hillsdale is winning!
    But the fight isn’t over because the feds are tenacious!!

  2. Who changed the name of the virus from wuhon to corona19 and for what purpose?
    Far too many American companies depend upon Chinese suppliers for products they sell here
    taking advantage of Chinas low cost labor.
    We should consider boycotting chinese products and be willing to pay the higher prices for
    American products. Cheaper products are very rarely any good!

  3. I wander how many Doctors and the FDA should be taken to court for not encouraging people to use the Trump treatment. Sure they say you might die and so far 2 or 3 out of a 1000 and generally after about a week a lot better on the other hand if you don’t take it. What is your chance?

  4. Does not matter if this was intentional or not, the damage done to the world is enormous, China and The Chinese COMMUNIST Party must be held responsible! Because the Chinese think and plan long term, without serious and massive consequence this entire episode will be viewd as a test pattern for future destruction and domination geo- politically. Let them get away with this and it will become an option at the right time to use against The enemies of China.

  5. Down with Commie-Ass Dems!

  6. This WAS an intentional act by China. Note that citizens of Wuhan were either LOCKED in their apartment [many starved to death] or were allowed to fly to foreign countries but NOT fly within China. They KNEW how contagious this was. Yet they told the world it was not transmissible human to human. And KEPT WHO and CDC from entering Wuhan to track down the source of this virus. The source was the Wuhan Institute of Virology [which shares space with the warfare biolab of the PLA – People’s Liberation Army. China is lying about the source – it was NOT the wet market in Wuhan.

    The Chicoms are Aided and abetted by several of our Uber elites here. Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos et al. This was to DESTROY President Trump and DESTROY our economy so that the Bilderbergers and Free Masons could take over. Even now “tracking” [they’re referring to it as tracing] is being implemented in the People’s Republic of New York and the People’s Republic of Washington.

    Their Fellow Travelers work in government and are still getting THEIR paychecks. Soon we’ll see forced “enforcement” of transgressors who fight back against this tracing. Wake up people. Let President Trump know we’re TIRED of seeing Dr. Fauci [career government bureaucrat] and The Scarf Queen every night trying to scare the Hell out of America and the daily dose of left wing propaganda from the leftists.

  7. i want to take all of china’s holding in the united states. they can’t stop that. and as for any american who has any holdings in china, too damn bad. you shouldn’t have been doing business with them them in the first place.

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