Democratic Senators Revolt Against Pelosi Obstruction of Small Business Funding

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that two Democratic senators have revolted against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s obstruction to the replenishing of a fund that provides money to small businesses to keep them afloat while they’re closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sen Tina Smith, D-Minn tweeted her desire to get the money flowing again.

“Minnesota small businesses need relief now. I fought hard for this program and am now pressing for additional funds, faster delivery and implementation improvements to help more Minnesotans get assistance ASAP.”

Sen Krysten Sinema, D-Arizona added her thoughts on Twitter.

“Arizona businesses are counting on us to help them during this emergency. I’m calling on leadership in both parties to get thru this stalemate ASAP – we can’t wait longer.”

Pelosi has been refusing to reconvene the House to vote on a $250 billion package to replenish the small business fund until a list of her demands, concerning the funding of hospitals and state governments she says, is met. The revolt of the two senators (so far) represents a growing feeling among Democrats that Pelosi’s position is becoming more and more unsustainable.

Karen Mills, who headed the Small Business Administration under President Barack Obama, admonished Pelosi and the House Democrats for holding up the funding according to a piece in Roll Call. “Congress has to act as soon as possible. What I’m saying is: Number one, get the money replenished.”

Pelosi did not help herself when she appeared on James Corden’s late-night TV show, showing off her $24 thousand refrigerator stuffed full of $13 a pint ice cream. Ice cream, according to the Washington Examiner, was the one way Pelosi is getting through the shelter in place order in California.

Just as an aside, who pays $13 a pint for ice cream? $13 would be enough to buy two gallons of Blue Bell. Even Ben & Jerry’s hippie-dippy ice cream does not cost that much.

In any case, the display brought a considerable amount of mockery on social media and elsewhere to the Speaker. The Republican National Committee’s rapid response director Steve Guest was the first to pounce on Twitter. “While Nancy Pelosi sits in her ivory tower in San Francisco, eating $13 a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge, she is cheering on Democrats for blocking coronavirus relief aid that has so far been distributed to 1.3 million small businesses that are about to run out.”

Not unexpectedly, as Hot Air notes, President Trump has added his voice to the clamor of people demanding that Pelosi stop taking American small business hostage and replenish the fund that is supposed to keep mom and pop stores and restaurants afloat. Trump took to the deadliest Twitter account in the world and demanded, “Today people started losing their jobs because of Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, who should immediately come back to Washington and approve legislation to help families in America. End your ENDLESS VACATION!”

Hot Air suggests that the tweet is pure, classic Trump and that the term “endless vacation” is a nice touch. The image of Pelosi as a modern-day Marie Antoinette slurping down her designer ice cream, looking down her nose at the peasants while thinking that she is owning Trump and the other Republicans is not a very edifying one for the Democrats.

Pelosi is also on shaky ground because aid to hospitals and the states have not run out yet. Hot Air suggests that the matter could be addressed when it needs to be, but in the meantime, American small business needs its money yesterday.

Of course, Pelosi’s demands go beyond more money to hospitals and the states. She would like to spend government funds on a project to gather demographic data on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting “communities of color.” The idea is a real-life example of the old joke about how a liberal newspaper would handle the end of the world. “World to End. Women and Minorities to be Impacted the Most.”

Hot Air concludes that the longer the standoff lasts, the more tenuous Pelosi’s position becomes. Thus it may be time for her to cut her losses and make a deal.

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  1. Are you stupid or do you just act that way??????Amen brother!

  2. So very broken hearted for the people who pay the taxes in states like California and keep getting treated like your votes mean nothing to Pelosi,Schumer,or schiff cause they don”t. All they care about is hating this President(mainly because he truly does care about all the people in the U.S. He,his administration,American Businesses, ect.,are trying their best to help the American people,money and health wise, hospitals,clinics,getting people back to work, not letting new immigrants in the US for 60 days, so that they can not take the jobs that were held by fellow Americans, because you see they will work for less pay and some companies will jump all over that.Let”s take care of our people first! U.S. Americans and others who are already here in this country must be helped first!
    Sorry did not mean to write so much.
    ps: I used to love visiting California. and New York But probably never again.

  3. Agree voter id much needed but even still, President Trump won in spite of paper ballots so there is still hope!

  4. Lets see, she’s holding up the money to people who may desperately need it. Isnt that what she accused our president of doing with Ukraine? Id say we need to impeach her now, she openly did the same thing

  5. Nancy Pelosi in California along with Chuck Schumer & Kirstin Gillibrand in NY are pure EVIL. No one should vote for any of these American hating scum, they want to take your Liberty and Freedom away under the false “We want to protect you and you don’t need the First or Second Amendments to the Constitution” That is pure B/S in plain English. We the People will elect President Trump and a Republican Congress to keep us free with liberty for all.

  6. I’d prefer 8 years in Washington, DC, any seat, total.

  7. If there is any positive effect of COVID-19 is that it is showing U.S. what our real and true problems are. This article’s content is clear and obvious evidence!

  8. B.S! Now you want stupid Joe.

  9. I now know what’s wrong with Nancy ” Lugosi “. BRAIN FREEZE !!!!! Too much ice cream

  10. What we need is for congress to vote for Term, limits for the House and Senate and get rid of all the dead wood is there. These people do not do the job, get fat pay checks and do not help their city and states in this historic outbreak of a run away disease. The cities and states they represent are infected and dirty, they are no show no input, zero, at the daily update medical meeting on National TV, and they buy their votes to get reelected. The people who vote for them should see what they are getting for their money . Vote term limit today and get rid of all the deadwood and the no shows.

  11. Some of this information is from a Stockton Ca. Newspaper.
    By viewing this in light of current events in California, new and proposed policies I hope to gain some insight as to what to expect from our new state leadership.
    Barnes was tried and convicted of First Degree Murder with special circumstance: Robbery. During a home invasion, searching for some pot to smoke he confronted Newton who was in bed sleeping. He started shooting the still sleeping Newton until the gun was empty to insure he would not be interrupted. This was not a “shooting death”. This was a heinous act of carnal mayhem perpetrated by a soul-less animal who puts less value on human life than the jar of medical marijuana and Nike tennis shoes he ended up stealing. (Note: that was my opinion, everything else is based on facts) Because the death sentence by law was not an option, he was sentenced to life without parole. Three hot meals every day and a warm bed to sleep in every night while he grows old at the tax payers expense.
    What qualities did Gavin see in Juan Barnes that compelled him to overturn his sentence in just a few short years? Would you agree an individual convicted of such a crime should retain the right to walk freely among your loved ones – ever again? Of course you don’t. What exactly did he mean when he said: “I will not grant an early release to any prisoner convicted of a violent crime? I don’t see any other way to read that that would justify doing the opposite. You elected a leader who has proven through his acts to place more value on the rights of convicted murderers and illegals than the safety of the citizens of the state he leads. How do you spin that enough to justify keeping him in office.

  12. Collectivity the Republicans on this website don’t have the intelligence the education and the common sense to give meaningful accurate truthful information

  13. Who would you like to see get the freebies the big corporations big industry big oil or the American people maybe the big banks need it more than us

  14. The election is coming up soon. Just vote her out. Go after the people in her district
    and convince them they must vote her out of office. Seems to me if you really want her out, than vote her out. She is not going by anyone wishing she would .

  15. You are the stupid Ape, We are better than anything you can come up with!!!!!

  16. Love that!!!!that guy is a stupid democarp!!!!!!!

  17. That’s exactly what that means.

  18. Yes look what happened in 2016

  19. You must be as stupid as the people you get your information from. The dems held up the money because the republicans wanted more of it to go to larger businesss and not the very small businesss. Do some research before making stupid opinions and comments

  20. I agree with you completely people better wake up

  21. Your are as stupid as an APE

  22. I agree
    And there is no such things as a democrat with a brain.
    Its not only Piglosy its all DemRATS
    The only difference between PIGLOSE ,DemRats a frezzer
    The freezer light comes on

  23. calif is a shit hole sure am glad I moved out I knew when I started to smell shit I thought it’s time to move on

  24. Just two. disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Thank God for people like you that finally realize the truth.

  26. DONALD J. TRUMP 2020!

  27. We need more like you to set an example.

  28. Thanks for reminding us that Pelosi is the aunt of the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom.

  29. I share your anger. But to put it simply – we, the people/voters, have to stop electing bad people.

  30. You also forgot Sedition ……

  31. Sad but probably true…….

  32. The people that vote for Pelosi and her ilk are just as sick!

  33. Yes, remove Pelosi and all of her comrades.

  34. You obviously haven’t researched the DOJ’s convictions for voter fraud and judges throwing out results of elections.

  35. She’s drunk on power.

  36. POTUS is from NY. All New Yorkers talk that way.

  37. What do you expect from a lying hypocrite? Pelosi claims to be Catholic but thinks abortions are okay; She doesn’t want our borders fenced in so illegals (many are criminals) will vote for her. Yet she has her huge estate in wealthy San Francisco surrounded by an impenetrable wall – just a couple examples.

    It’s really hard to believe that so many Californians continue to vote for people like her and her comrades.

  38. It is the “Declaration of Independence” . Not. Decoration.

  39. Thumb print too

  40. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Newsom and their comrades should all be fired now.

  41. Who ever the one person on here trashing Trump ; u are a freaking moron. Haven’t seen you make a single case defending Pelosi and her cronies. She laughs about small businesses tanking. She’s a worthless human being

  42. U must have ur head up her ass. Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty Shiff, and No kneck Nadler all are a disgrace to the Democratic party. I actually don’t see any Democrat that is very bright. So that means you must be a stupid Demoncrat.

  43. U must have ur head up her ass. Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty Shiff, and No kneck Nadler all are a disgrace to the Democratic party. I actually don’t see any Democrat that is very bright. So that means you must be a stupid Demoncrat.

  44. For NANCY PELOUSEY……….where is a straight jacket, and a roll of duck tape, when you need it?? SOMEONE PUT HER IN IT!!!!

  45. When you said you have never known a person in office who has broken so many laws you have to be talking about lawless and corrupt trump

  46. Another stupid brain dead conspiracy theory

  47. Pelosi isn’t quite pure evil but she’s getting there.

  48. That’s very sick.

  49. Have you seen all the ads on the internet where trump is begging for money. Disgusting a billionaire begging for money

  50. Have you ever payed close attention to how many times trump has mispronounced words thats is a sure sign of Alzheimer’s

  51. I among many voted the opposite of these idiots but unfortunately there are more people in this state with their hands out looking for their freebies that they promised but have yet to deliver. Not many smart people here in Cali!

  52. Where the heck do you get that ridiculous stupid information. Must be lying Fox News

  53. To bad trump made the swamp wider and deeper

  54. Yes and the trump’s and the McConnells and the Cruz’s and the Graham’s

  55. this woman is a vile corrupt anti american POS. she adds no value to congress or this country

  56. I voted for trump in 2016 and I know i can’t take that vote back but I sure can change my vote in 2020. But what i am most ashamed of is i convinced 6 other’s to also vote for trump

  57. Voting for a “clean bill” is the way to go, but of course there are too many old line politicians who won’t let that happen

  58. I think just to make it easy for those on both sides ,They should be voting on 1 item at a time ,won’t take any longer sense they can’t agree when multiple on the table . 1 item no fighting

  59. President Trump has not had one day of peace since he won the election. They have spoken ill of him, impeached him, the Russian hoax, and I could go on and on.
    No President has ever been treated this way. The hate, evil and horrible behavior of these left winged Socialist Democrats is a DISGRACE.
    Imagine Paul Ryan ripping up a copy of Barack’s State of the Union Speech, imagine McConnell threatening Soto Mayor, Ginsberg and Keegan. They would be in jail, abused and called racists.
    The whole thing comes down to one thing: Queen Hillary was not crowned President in 2017. They cannot believe Trump beat her. Look at the disgraceful way people acted at Kavanaugh’s investigation and the actual vote. Maxine Waters encouraging people to be rude and “you get in their face”. They are evil and have to go.


  60. Could not have sad it any better, we need to rise up against these villains

  61. I could not have sad it any better. Pelosi the witch and Cockroach Schiff are a disgrace to our country. They need to be voted
    out so our country can function again. Send her to the woods and give her enough ice cream to shut her up

  62. I AGREE! However, many Democrats keep voting for people because they are Democrats. The real way to do it and make sure they do not make it a career, TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All elected offices. The President is limited to two terms. House should be 6 terms=12 years. Senate 2 terms=12 years. All Governors 3 terms=12 years and so on. This way you get rid of the Pelosi’s Schiff’s, Schumers, etc.

  63. Isn’t it past time for the population to demand an investigation into how many of our congressman and women accumulate great wealth while in office… publish the information so we’d all understand. And then TERM LIMITS, no retirement, no special health care. Congress is a service to the nation not a pathway to wealth.

  64. For those who want Nancy gone consider this… every time she opens her mouth she reminds independents how bad she is and they at least lean to the right and consider seriously voting Republican… so it may not be a bad thing to have her in place. AND best news of all… she’s not going to get better. Same for Biden. Between those two the leadership of the Democrat Party is a shambles.

  65. Vote of no-confidence ! A simple recall is the answer (then prosecution).

  66. Couldn’t have said it better myself

  67. This pandemic has proven what was common knowledge all along. I consider myself an independent and have voted both sides in the past. But I can guarantee I will never vote for another democrat, neither local nor national, again. If the democrat party ever hopes to gain the confidence of the people after this they had best remove Pelosi, Schift, and the rest of that crooked bunch. There may be some who will “party vote” but it has become clear that the only thing the majority of the sitting democrat representatives have in mind is POWER and the working class, the taxpayers, who pay their huge salaries and benefits can be damned. They Don’t Care.

  68. Hang the B**ch* she’s a moron, alcoholic, too old to be there. Let her take AOC another cancer In The ranks. AOC needs her ads spanked, although shed probably enjoy it. Masochistic bitch
    Better get rid of the over 65s. Time for their GRAFT money to stop. That’s how they live so high on the hog.

  69. AMEN!! Pelosi, Schiff and NY Schumer have all got to go!! Impeach, voluntarily step down or drag ‘em out I really don’t care how it’s done anymore, I’ve lost all ability to give a d**n about these corrupt government losers.


  71. Nanck Pelosi is a Black Eye on Every Person and Every Office & Part of The U.S. Government . Pelosi is a TRAITOR and a BLACKMAILER and is GUILTY of TREASON She is Not Above Holding the American people and American Businesses HOSTAGE .All the while BLACKMAILING The PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES Until HER DEMANDS ARE MET. You notice I said ” HER DEMANDS ” Not The Democratic Party Not The American Peoples Demands But Nancy Pelosis DEMANDS .Nancy Pelosi seems to have gotten to a point in her life where she Thinks she Believes she has all The Powers of GOD & The POPE and The PRESIDENT Of The United States ALL ROLLED INTO ONE. It is Time She is REMOVED From Office



  74. AGREE 100%!!!!


  76. Lol the pepole of cal are getting what they deserve a state run into the ground by dems that dont even care about there pepole they care more about pepole that dont even belong here the pepole that need help our the pepole that are amercans but they want you to vote for them lol so if you want change take back your state these dem have not changed in fact they have become the new nazi party an you the pepole have become there slave they dont care one bet about you trump is giveing you back your gov get it the dems want to control you get it your are free this nov you better end these nazi the new dems party before you lose your freedom vote red all the way lets take back all gov state city an fed the dems have driven everyone of those state in to the ground over tax over gov over reached we are the gov not them

  77. ‘Bout time all you Dems woke up and stopped being led around by your _________!!! Get rid of the Nancy, and all of her polluted compadres in the House! She’s culpable for many crimes…put her where “the sun don’t shine”!!!

  78. Contrary to (burning at the stake) we can rid ourselves of these miscreants in a more civilized manner by doing our due diligence and exercising our voting rights….
    DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE AND know who is for and who is against them and vote the Nay-Sayers the heck out of Office.
    TERM LIMITS end the reign of career politicians!
    TERM LIMITS encourage bi-partisan cooperation within Congress!
    TERM LIMITS destroy power building, the power of the Lobby and destroys Lobbyists’ influence over Congress!
    TERM LIMITS will stop the current partisan bottleneck and quagmire that is stopping Congress from functioning properly and in good faith for this Nation and its’ citizens!
    TERM LIMITS will allow other than the wealthy to run for Congressional seats as the enticement for the rich to get richer and more powerful by building a politcal career will be eliminated!
    TERM LIMITS will reduce the cost to run for a Congressional Seat!
    There is nothing but “GOOD” to come from imposing permanent TERM LIMITS!
    TERM LIMITS stops a Pelosi and all the others like her from having political careers at our expense and their personal enhancement!
    If this Congress will not re-introduce the legislation for “TERM LIMITS”, bring it out of Committee and bring it to the floor for a positive vote make sure you know who was against and when they are up for re-election vote them the heck out of office, period!
    You want a functional Congress, this is the only way that is ever going to happen!

    In addition, you want the partisan politics/pressure/bias gone which we just witnessed, then also demand “TERM LIMITS” for the Supreme Court Justice appointments! The appointments have become too politically motivated and again, the way to eliminate that is to invoke ‘TERM LIMITS”! Life time appointments are unnecessary and allow too much of an en rode for political influence by others.

    “TERM LIMITS” of:
    House 4 years and done forever
    Senate 6 years and done forever
    Supreme Court Justices 10 years and done forever

    By demanding and having term limits in place Congress will become “OUR Congress” and become a functioning body of elected officials made up of “CITIZEN MEMBERS” as our Founding Fathers in tended. Also, we must demand that the current autonomy of Congress be dismantled and members be placed in the same system as other federal employees, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)!

    These changes must be made and then you will witness a miracle in the making, a functioning Congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. I would think that the democratic party would be after the witch from California to remove her from office if they want a chance in hell come Nov. 2020 of having a job.

  80. Pelosi should have been arrested and hauled out in cuffs when she tore up her copy of SOTU.

  81. You have to admit mail-in ballots would be easier on all the dead people who are resurrected every November on voting day that ALL vote dummycrat. Mail-in ballots means the dead people won’t have to leave the grave yard.

  82. I figured that ugly old senile sewer rat was getting some kind of kick back for endorsing illegal immigrants/open borders. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s getting kick backs from drug smugglers and human traffickers. Harry Reid was one sick wimpy stupid person.

  83. What is truly sad about Peloshit is she doesn’t realize the majority of the American people cannot stand the bitch. She needs to finally leave Congress and give the American people a much deserved break from her, PERIOD.

  84. i agree with all of you but we need voter id cards otherwise they ll all get back in vote red but tell washington i d cards

  85. Get this pig of a woman out of the public entirely. She should be locked in prison until trial and hanging for treason…Hated her in Calif and now hate her from Arizona..She is worst of the worst…Diane Feinstein is very evil and close to being a Nancy but not quite. Nancy takes the dirty cake.

  86. I have read all your comments and I agree with all of you. My questions is “how the hell did these jerks get into office when we feel like we do”? I don’t get it! Please, please go to the polls and vote them all out. And please vote for Trump in November! Don’t stay home, VOTE! Thank you all in advance, I will be voting come hell or high water!

  87. Enough is enough. We need to come up with an option to “fire” someone like Pelosi since she is failing to do her job. Impeachment is not a good option, takes too long and needs to many “Pelosi fans” (other Democratic Congress men and women) to approve it. She needs to go in November and I mean go. She needs to be removed from office, simple as that. She has become a millionaire on the people’s dime and graft. No wonder she can afford $13 a pint ice cream. She is a joke, unfortunately one that is power hungry and willing to sacrifice American business to get her way. Dems, is this the leadership you really want? Is Pelosi a good example of today’s Democrat. She is for socialism, abortion, gay rights, open borders, and so much more that is a threat to American values. Dems, send her a message, walk away – I did and you can too, it just takes a single step.

  88. You just hit the nail on the head and are totally accurate about the voter fraud. This is exactly why all the Dems are pushing for mail-in ballots.

  89. This woman is so TOXIC that even a HAZARDOUS waste LANDFILL would have to permanently close. For all of the illegal and unethical behaviors she has shown AND still doing, her punishment should be that of what happened to witches- BURNED AT THE STAKE. Even that’s to good forthis F__KED UP BITCH. Do the same with her WARLOCK NEPHEW GAVIN NUISANCE.

  90. I would like to see WE the PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND the elected people know they are their to work for the AMERICAN PEOPLE .. They are not their to break laws. Stop this Idea you work for yourself.. If this continues the AMERICAN PEOPLE TAKE IT back or their will be a lot of people getting hurt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  91. Did you see her ad where she is begging for people to contribute $10.00 for her re-election campaign? Sick!

  92. At least it would show the American people that some elected and/or appointed officials are really doing their jobs. Root out the demonsocialists who are trying to drag this country into communism.

  93. When she starts waving her arms around and talking with her hands, that is when you will know she is lying about something.

  94. I have been voting here for at least 55 yrs. and I have not ever known a person in office that has broken so many LAWS that know one wants take Nancy Pelosi and prosecute her to the fullness of our laws??. Why are our Supreme Courts not doing anything about this or are they are scared to take her out of Office. Why it that WE the PEOPLE break any Laws we are Prosecute to the fullest??. I would hope that someone in our system has the power to do something about these law breakers that are in the White House!!!! I would hope to here about this on the News that are capable of true facts and not Fake as they have been doing!!!!!. The American People need to get back to work and the Business get back operating if not what our Great Nation

  95. AND Nancy SAID. :
    Let them eat ICE CREAM :

  96. What makes any of you think that she keeps being voted in? What about the possibility that her position was stolen? Such as voter fraud would be one example. Think about it. Elections are coming up, and we all need to vote by paper ballot., at the voting booth. think about it.

  97. nancy needs to die, punto!

  98. WELL PELOSI only cares about PELOSI ! She does not give a damn whether the people survive or not as long as she gets her way and goes against EVERYTHING that TRUMP DOES OR TRIES TO DO. PELOSI IS 100% DEPICTION OF TDS AT IT’S FINEST

  99. Pelosi, Feinstein, and many other leftist politicians and celebrities have under the table financial ties to China and other Deep State allies, and that’s how Pelosi can afford to buy expensive gourmet ice cream and store all the many flavors in a $24,000 dollar refrigerator. Her Deep State puppet masters control her policies and actions, so even if two Democrat members of Congress break with their party on this issue and try to persuade Old Nancy to ease up and stop blocking coronavirus aid, they will be ignored by Nancy. They are not her Overlords. She hates Trump. She loves ice cream. She will not budge from making unreasonable demands that block passage of this desperately needed legislation. She obeys only the Deep State and Satan.

    God help America — Remove Pelosi.

  100. well,my thinking on her is shes to dam old to be where she is and shes drunk aii the time .its time for her to resign and let someone else in there that knows whats going on.she has to go shes cheated the people out of alot of money that went right in her purse.a person just dosnt get rich the way she is on 170.000 a year. she needs to be in an alcholic ward.

  101. Amen. We are leaving after 40 years and are saddened when we think that there is no stopping Pill-osi and our governor, her nephew.

    It will take an act of God… maybe that is why our governor tried to outlaw bibles.

    I am a direct descendant of John Witherspoon who signed the Decoration of Independence and the daughter of a first-generation Italian, who designed the guidance device that got us to the moon. My father, who believed so fervently in our Country and the signers that helped create this great country would be so ashamed of what we have let happen to this state and to our country.

  102. Pelosi needs to go. I honestly do not think she has any idea how she is coming across to the average
    American. Her actions are absurd.
    And if you really listen to her talk she is having about as much difficulty getting out a sentence as
    Sleepy Joe Biden does. And there certainly is a disconnect between Biden’s brain and his mouth. Just listen to Pelosi the next time she tries to make an intelligent statement. If it is more than a five word sentence she has difficulty.
    And the pompous ice cream bit shows just how far out in left field this pathetic leader has gone!!

  103. Wow! Now this is one ugly woman inside and out

  104. Pelosi is pure Evil….. China is paying her a fortune to destroy America.

  105. I agree. Pelosi is a cancer in the house of representatives. She needs to be excised! Along with her demon cohorts, Schiff, Nadler etc. They are “the enemy within” that statesmen swear to protect against in their oaths of office. They need to be arrested for treason in trying to remove a sitting president of the united states. This was a coup attempt and a coup attempt is treasonous. They need to be arrested, indicted, tried and when found guilty, hung by the neck until dead. Maybe it will never come to that but at least arrest them. Give them something to think about as they are fighting for their lives thru the court processes.

  106. President Trump was RIGHT when he said he was going to “drain the swamp”. It will taks time but, I trust him that
    he WILL “drain the swamp”….
    Semper Fi

  107. Never happen. They could be voted on election day and after the paper ballot count would end up winning. Rigged elections are becoming more and more common. Voter ID really, really needed.

  108. I could care less about Pelosi and her puppets! After seeing Harry Reids kiss her back side so many years. It was time to go independent as a voter! There was nothing good about pelosi! Just pure HATE AGAINST AMERICA! She knows how to work the system. Because most of the employees on her vineyard business are illegal immigration. Not one is a pure natural born America! Cheap labor!

  109. To say California is better than their elected politicians is an understatement. When I lived in California which is the most beautiful state in the Union, I hoped for better government. The school system was broken and the progressive nature of taxing businesses was short sighted. Politicians were recalled because of policies which were ludicrous and made little sense. The only way to change the system is to change the players. The Golden state ran amuck when illegals were allowed to take advantage of the taxpayers. Obviously, letting illegals participate in taxpayer programs is criminal per se…Someone should let Gavin know?

  110. “God, turn California RED so we can get rid of this Pelosivirus and make California a ‘Golden State ‘ again.. Amen

  111. It seems Pill-osi can’t help herself. She keeps going deeper and deeper into the abyss (hell).
    I guess she is so accustomed to having her voters willing to lick her heels to get freebies, they will continue voting for her no matter what she does to them.
    I think she has underestimated the power of loosing a dream; namely a family business, forced closed by draconian order. The small family businesses in her district may be wanting to tar-n-feather her right about now . . .
    She is so drunk on power (stays tipsy), she has lost the ability to realize how her living above the fray is perceived. Her district can now see with certainty that she is NOT one of them, and does not care for them.
    She should not have given an interview while under the influence . . . She looked like she’d had a few (reason for the name I give her).
    But, not all her district voters are small business owners, and she most likely will be re-elected.

  112. Ya know California and New York should get their “heads outta their tailpipes” and STOP VOTING FOR Schumer in NY and Pelosi and Schiff in CA if they want to see this country move on Forward Movement in this country. We should also include that Puppet Governor who can’t seem to shake the “feel and stench” of his Auntie Nancy ALL OVER HIM. Wouldn’t it be nice to have peace and quiet in this “once Beautiful” State…..ONLY THE PEOPLE CAN DO THAT COME ELECTION DAY

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