Pelosi is Trying to Grab Power Over Universities

The Democrats are doing everything they can to give the appearance that they care. They are crying out for more funding for small businesses, something the president has already done. They are crying for more money to be given to hospitals, so they can have more control over the healthcare industry. And now it seems that they are going to try and make a grab for power over universities and nonprofits institutions. The concept of Democratic power starts with providing money and then demanding obedience in return sometime later.

The Democrats are telling the Federal reserve that they need to allow these entities to have access to money so they too can have the benefit of knowing that they are well-funded during the virus time. The lying Democrats make everything sound so official, but they have an underlying agenda with what they are proposing. At some point, they are going to hold the offer of money over the heads of these establishments and demand that they provide favors in return. Democrats never do anything selflessly.

Pelosi points out that the large institutions are being left out of the stimulus package. She is also stating that they cannot have help with paying employees. So, in essence, she is painting a picture that does not exist among these industry groups. Colleges and Universities are tuition-based groups. Their students are still attending classes online. This means that there are not been any drop in the funding that these groups receive. There is no reason for them to tap into the funds that are marked for the hurting business owners. Nonprofit groups are funded by private citizens and sources so there is no need for them to have money given to them at all.

The Democrats are lying to the American people with the statements that they are trying to make. The Republicans are not the ones holding up future relief aid. The Democrats are doing that by trying to impose changes that have nothing to do with pandemic struggles. They are using the coronavirus as a shield to hide behind. In one statement Pelosi alludes to minorities not getting help as well. But they are included in the bill if they are a social security number that is valid.

Pelosi lied to the American people when she said “Unfortunately, the administration and the Fed, as of today, are excluding nonprofits. This is a significant blow in particular to entities that are also ineligible for the Paycheck Protection Program.” The only people or institutions not eligible are the ones that do not need aid in the first place.

The House Democrats want to appear to be benevolent. They want people to think that they are fighting for their interests. After all, it is an election year. All they want is money, power and the votes to stay in office. The Democrats claim that they want the aid for small businesses, but their reluctance to sign that part of the bill tells another picture. They are playing hardball for the sake of appearance. They are acting like people that want to be seen and gain the favor of those around them.

President Trump has no such desire. He does not care about appearances. He cares more about the people of the country that his own interests. She further lied when she said the passage of the bill would “only perpetuate the flaws that are threatening the survival of the most vulnerable small businesses and would do nothing to aid desperate hospitals and state and local governments.”

President Trump knows that pushy Pelosi likes to play the lying game. She thinks she can intimidate people by walking out of meetings and refusing to talk with them on the phone. But everyone knows it is all a show. She is simply afraid of doing the right thing because she will lose power in the Democratic Party. She is afraid of what others will say or think about her. She is the opposite of everything President Trump stands for. He truly has the best interests of the people at heart.

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  1. Like the guy who yelled at Bishop Sheen during one of his talks, “I don’t believe in Hell!” Sheen yelled back, “You will when you get there. It’s FOREVER!”

  2. Yes, if she was a Cow no one would “milk” her!

  3. Yes, OPPOSE the ruination of our Great Gov.

  4. So TRUE–NOOO MAIL IN Ballots—we don’t want Chinese Commies running our strong Democracy with the Greatest of ALL PRESIDENTS–check comparison stats on any data you want!

  5. Yes, and she should be punished–make her marry Shumer, like going to hell!




  9. Book out by former congressman wrote 2 years ago the name Power Grab, history coming to light 2 years later

  10. It’s simple democrats report to work 7am Monday morning or you are done and no longer get paid and you forfeit you insurance and all other congress priority. Don’t both applying to run cause you lose right to even be in federal or government position

  11. And yet here remains the commie of all commies, Soros! Why is he in America? Money, no doubt!!! Why is his name not there?

  12. Someone needs to take a crap, and wipe their PELOUSEY!!

  13. Burn that crazy bitch Nancy Pelosi at the stake!

  14. These are not her eyes but Lucifers pupils following his commands

  15. She is the devil incarnate and should be stopped by voting her out before she is allowed to continue the devils’ mandates

  16. This is your hypocrite of the year, Pusslousy….

    “Starkists parent is Del Monte from her home town – San Francisco. She exempted them from the minimum wage increase in 2007 because they have a ton of packing plants in American Samoa and like 75% of AS is employed by Starkist. Del Monte contributes a lot of Pelosi’s campaigns and her husband, Paul, owns $17 million dollars of stock in starkist.

  17. 50 years ago we fought the communists- lost many lives to stop their evil corrupt dangerous agenda-To me it’s a damn shame that we have allowed over 80+ communists in our Congress to allow their voices to overshadow our American views established by our forefathers to build our once-great nation.
    I am proud to have served in the Army to prevent these vermin to infiltrate our Godgiven rights. What have we become to turn a blind eye to the havoc and lying rhetoric they cast out to all parts of our land and the rest of the world. We are lucky that we have our President who shields us from defeat and keeps us and our Country number one in GOD WE TRUST.

  18. They also want illegal aliens and 16 year olds to vote, oppose voter I.D. and want to abolish the Electoral College.
    I’m waiting for them to advocate for Venezuelans to vote.

  19. I have been having dreams of seeing Piglosi with a bullet between her eyes!

  20. if you belive anything they say you are all gulluble and have no brains left, all there intrested in is destroying our country and fill there own pockets they are being paid while no one else is!!

  21. Some one needs to investigate Nancy , Chuck and adam. They need to be gotten out of there and any other democrats blocking aid to people .All Americans should protest this. If we don’t we won’t be a free country anymore. Can’t you see!!

  22. Almost impossible to remove them. They lie and people that don’t follow the news or political news never really know the truth about these liars.

    If they ever get vote by mail ballot, we are finished.

  23. Too bad she wasn’t on the Titanic.

  24. I am hispanic (very mix) but I agree 100%. Step #1 same name and address should appear in all documents. NO MORE flipping houses (to avoid money laundering). SSI (Social security supplement should be carefully reviewed). Many people that have never worked here are collecting SSI (this is Fraude). If President Trump advocates for Welfare reform? Problem will be solved with over 70%. Democrats make me vomit….. Medical corruption …needs an intense review. County employees need to be in with and under strict rules; they are responsible for many wrong doings…. LET’S DRAIN THE SWAMP! Hilda Solis. (LA County Supervisor and of course a Democrat) was inviting to open boarders last year. One big one that needs to be out of the SWAMP is NANCY PELOSI!!!!

  25. I’m waiting for Trump to shove her false teeth down her throat.

  26. Every Devilcrat should be interned at Leavenworth, Marion, and Guantanamo Bay.

  27. Why doesnt Pelosi grab a slow boat to China!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. If Pigloser likes Communism so damned much, then let’s drop her useless ass off in North Korea.

  29. Get all these pieces of shit out of office starting with Pelosi &schiff. Trump is not perfect but he’s a lot better than the last 2 presidents & he wants better for the future not the democrats pockets. If President trump had any bipartisan support he would be the best president ever and that’s what the democrats are scared of cause they would never have another shot this is their only one to try to bring the president down . I would live to start a 10 million man March on congress because they all such.

  30. YES!! So true!! I wish that bitch , Chucky and Schitt would catch the virus. and not recover……Good payback for
    all the crap they have done to ruin America.
    Semper Fi

  31. I remember, not too many years ago, when our Government used to hunt down Communists anywhere in our Country. These Political Fifth Columnists need to be removed from any and all Offices that they hold, and arrested, and cited for Treason and Sedition against our Constitutional Republic.

  32. Pelosi: Just who and what the hell do you think you are going around acting like some Russian Czarina, thinking you own this country and everything inside it, and can say and do what ever you dammed well please!!!!!!!! You have not done your job as House Speaker at all since Pres Trump was elected, you only spend 24/7, 365 days a year harassing our President and trying to get him removed from The White House!!! If you refuse to work with him and refuse to do you job as Speaker of The House, then maybe you should get the hell out of Congress for good!!!!!!


  34. Pelosi and Schiff will never be voted out because democrats collect the mail in votes. They’ll throw out any that want them out. This is why we cannot allow mail in voting. All democratic lead states are pushing for this now. I hope the republicans aren’t stupid enough to sign stimulus just so they can get money to people. They will demand it or they won’t sign. I’d rather have nothing then people can see their true agenda.

  35. I can’t stand ANY of the Democrats anymore! And Pelosi, Schumer, and Shiff for brains make me feel like puking in my mouth! God doesn’t want them and Hell isn’t deep enough or HOT enough for any of them!

  36. I hope the Election of 2020 makes them disappear. Studying the China CCP has been a primer on how the Democratic Party of today works; just like the CCP!

  37. There are at least seventy MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, and some state/fed officials. who are either COMMUNIST or SOCIALISTS. Speaker pelosi is listed as COMMUNIST. A few familiar names; john lewis, shiala jackson lee, wexler, xavier becerra, hirono, taib, omar, presley, aoc, jerold nadler, barbara lee, tulsi gabbard, There are other names some of you may recognize, and surely there are some who don’t want us to know who they are. PLUS, obama was a card carrying member of an American Communist PARTY… …….until he ran for office. President Trump is fighting for our country so it WILL NOT BECOME SOCIALIST, an the next step COMMUNIST.

  38. PIG LOSI wants all the illegals to beable to vote so she can stay in power , HELL< she dosen,t do a damn thing for anyone in her own district . its time that POLITICIANS can lie to you over and over and nothng is done to them …take them to Task or have them Clintoned

  39. No don’t want her to die until she sees someone else eat her ice cream while she is in jail!

  40. Truth Pelosi needs sent home for GOOD. She is a BIG, BIG disgrace to OUR GREAT COUNTRY.

  41. Since China sent us why dont we send them Piglossi and Schitt

  42. I absolutely hate the corrupt anti American bitch

  43. Send this nasty, hateful, disrespectful, idiot home for GOOD.

  44. It’s not only Pelosi, it’s her buddy Schumer and the squad, along with the Attorneys General and
    Governor and Mayors of California and New York! Voters should have taken notice when years
    ago the Leaders of ISIS and other surrounding countries told us they would have people in our
    government. One only needs to look at the “Squad” to see their Communist/Socialistic propaganda is bearing fruit to what we were warned about. The Communist/Socialist Democrats
    don’t give a rats _ _ _ about the citizens of our Republic. All they want is to get everyone on some
    sort of Public Assistance so they are easier to control as our freedoms get taken away. Look at
    places like California, Oregon, Washington State, New York and Minnesotta. They care more about giving illegal immigrants a free ride, free Healthcare, Education, Welfare etc. They are
    not held accountable for their crimes, look at our Governor of California for example. He declares California a Sanctuary State, also lets Illegals out of jail (if they even get there) to continue to commit crimes against our citizens. He suspended the death penalty even though we voted twice to keep it. Every Democrat needs to be voted out of office. Also the States that
    have “Squad” members in congress need to go back and check for Voter fraud!! I can’t believe
    people like AOC (An Outstanding Communist) got elected with out some type of rigging the vote.

  45. Pelosi is a sick woman that needs to be put away in rubber rm.

  46. Pelosi keeps showing over and over and over what a dumb ass, discussing , piece of shit, disgraceful, disrespectful, hateful, idiot she is. Send her home to STAY. We the people are tired of her shit.

  47. Need to stop all of this democRAT BS !!! Small businesses will be closing permanently & there employees will be forced on Unemployment !!! Totally a democRATic BS !!! Republican hold firm !!! Pelosi wants to play games with peoples lives well Pelosi wants relief for state & local governments I suggest that Republican demand that if the are sanctuaries then they need to make a decision Abide by Federal Law & repeal there sanctuary laws or don’t get the relief !!! Its not requirement that the Federal government bailout states & locals with Federal taxpayer n money to them for violating Federal Law !!!

  48. Get piglosi out of that position. Stay on your path mr trump keep exposing them and finding creative ways to stop their power agendas. Its world wide and is orchestrated by evil entities. Not human. Soulless minions like piglosi , schumbag, schit and many more traitors keeping us ununited. Reptillian entities who sabotage our souls, our way of thinking and our dumb youth of today. Thank mr president keep fighting for us!!!!!!

  49. Pelosi is only trying to appear relevant to protect her power. The founding Father’s made one big mistake. There should be term limits for every politician. The founders never viewed this as a full time job for corrupt politicians, like Pelosi, to enrich themselves

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  51. Nancy Pelosi’s outrage against President Trump cutting funding to WHO should tell you everything. Democrats are deeply embedded in the Covid-19 misinformation. They have tried every trick in the book to get rid of President Trump and the Republicans. That means you and me. This pandemic has achieved all they have been after for 4 years, and even in the Obama era. The total collapse and restructuring of the United States. Just like China the Democrats could care less how many people die for their power grab.
    Vote Trump/Pence this fall. Let’s take back the House and increase the Senate majority. Send the Democrats packing!

  52. Buying votes , that’s what it’s all about. Taking our money that we pay into the system . Remember the D in democrat stands for dictator and the C stands for communist.

  53. Nancy Pelosi is such a miserable un-American that she should be kicked completely out of Govt. She has not one intention to do any good for America or it’s people. She needs to be removed before someone losses control and smashes her ugly head !!

  54. Of COURSE they plan to rig the elections, they can’t win an election that is NOT rigged…. there are not that many (over 100% in some precincts/cases) people stupid enough to vote for them.

  55. Enough is enough. The dems. need to be voted out of control of Congress in November. For Pelosi to hold the entire country hostage to fund the Kennedy Center and now for the wish list she has going forward is a self serving act and something that can not be allowed to occur. People are worried about how they are going to pay their rent or house payment, put food on the table for the children and she is playing these games. I hope everyone in America can
    see this and acknowledge that this is the end of it.

  56. The Democrats vow to “resist and obstruct” everything the government attempts to do tells us all we need to know to get them out of office. I’m not a republican but I will vote for a Republican from this point on.

    PEOPLE who (CAST) ballots decide NOTHING!
    PEOPLE who (COUNT) ballots decide EVERYTHING!
    –Joe Stalin

    Remember the Democrats plan to rig the elections. Don’t let them!

  57. That woman Pelosi is such an evil woman only occupied with her own evil agenda … They have destroyed the ethos and values of America and continue to destroy the moral fabric of the nation to have morons as the gen next !
    Hope she and her likes disappear in thin air …

  58. President Trump needs to adjourn them anyway, they are not there as usual. Pelosi needs to stick singularly to the request for money having to do with this pandemic. Period!



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