Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: “I Pledge Allegiance to the Drag”

It appears that Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., has some spare time on her hands, so she decided to get creative with all of her extra time, and she might have even found a new way of offending America too. As one recent story reported, the socialist-leaning freshman Rep. is turning heads for all the wrong reasons again. This time, however, it is as much with what she is doing as it with what she is saying.

According to that story, the free-everything socialist-thinking (a la Bernie Sanders) politician, has found herself with a considerable amount of spare time. So much free time, in fact, that she is getting the opportunity to live what she has called a “dream” of hers.

No, it isn’t winning the Presidency like so many new generation politicians. That dream wasn’t solving the crime issues, housing issues, or illegal immigration issues in her state. No, it wasn’t even finding a way to stop or help with the current coronavirus pandemic. As the story reported, Ocasio-Cortez has dreamed of appearing on the show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” the reality competition TV show hosted by celebrity drag queen RuPaul.

For anyone not familiar, which is likely most of us, this is a reality television program hosted by the drag queen celebrity, RuPaul. Ocasio-Cortez even called herself an “avid fan,” and now that the country is running smoothly and now that New York is doing so well, now seems to be a great time for politicians to make guest appearances.

Fortunately, for the people of New York and her constituents, there is nothing that demands her attention. Oh yes, that pesky little pandemic, but the Governor has called in military assistance – so she shouldn’t worry about that. And the economy? Certainly, it will recover well enough on its own, right? This is her “dream” after all, so how dare a little issue like a deadly worldwide economy crippling virus stop her.

Are you offended yet? Are you disturbed or aggravated that a public servant is more focused on appearing on a drag queen show than helping the country to combat COVID-19? If you aren’t there yet, keep reading.

The story also shared a clip of the television shows promotional ad featuring, of course, none other than our very own NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And the show seems to be making a big deal out of her appearance as well, even using catchphrases like, “the judge America needs right now.” That is a play on the politician’s appearance as a guest judge on the show’s panel.

The real punch came at the end of that video promotion that also featured Ocasio-Cortez. As the video came to it’s close it had shots of various guest judges, hands over their hearts, saying “I pledge allegiance to the drag.” Is nothing sacred?

We are a country, who’s national anthem is centered around the meaning of our flag. Our country is built on the sacrifices, and the blood, sweat, and tears of those who have fought for, died for, and represented with pride, Old Glory – for the banner still waves!

Now, our flag is being used as a punchline. What’s worse is that this isn’t some comedian, drag queen celebrity, or superstar showing a lack of honor toward our country’s greatest symbol, it is a sworn and voted in United States Representative.

It isn’t as if the freshman Representative has made her disdain for America known before, but this feels like a direct insult – and just short of burning the flag. But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, because the rogue Ocasio-Cortez seems to have a penchant for setting things on fire just to watch them burn.

She has been a source of pain for her own party, she has been a source of misinformation for everyone, and now she is taking shots at America. There are many of us reading this right now who still remember the Pledge of Allegiance. It still holds a place in our memories and our hearts.

And we would also like to think that it means something, at least to every American citizen, right?

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  1. Oh I could just VOMIT!! I don’t want to say much more or i’ll be sinning…


  3. I’m sure GLAD when she WILL lose the 2020 Elections! . . . NO ONE will be so STUPID to VOTE her in for a 2nd term (aren’t they?!?). One CONCERNED Patriot. team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. She’s an idiot and looks like a donkey, except donkeys have intelligence.

  5. AOC is a DRAG QUEEN. heheheheheheheheeh I new that pig was a man. heheheheh

  6. You can tell this is a complete idiot, they can’t even spell talking right.

  7. I am glad that you are registered Republican. Yet, I don’t recall ever seeing you standing up for Kavanaugh, Additionally, I have never seen any of your responses about the Dems & media calling our President the “bad orange man, nor you standing up when Democrats say vile things before he was elected & after, recall the Mueller investigation, I remember for two years how Adam Schiff would tell anyone one who would listen, that he personally had “evidence” that clearly proved that the President had colluded with Russians (although it was Clinton behind it) which was a lie (& I believe that the US Attorney should have demanded that any & all evidence he had, should’ve been turned over to them, since withholding evidence is a felony!!). To just move forward quickly, what about all the crap during the impeachment ?? Since day one they have continued efforts of call Trump from ignorant to a bigot, when he was shutting down arrivals from China and continue to falsely at the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, & said he was a racist!! You are full of shit, you are as much of a Republican as Mitt Romney!! So, either criticize everyone who treats or make derogatory statements about him, stop, you are imitating Democrats & their behavior. Either, change parties or make statements of this type that are aimed at all who participate in name calling. In military basic language: shit or get off the pot” , we don’t need more persons excusing Democrat behavior & holding Republicans to a much, much, higher standards!!! If you don’t understand what I am telling you, you are just a puppet of for the Democrats!! Whom, all I can about having no conscience ~ ESAD (sorry that stands for “Eat Shit And Die)”.

  8. In very poor taste –

  9. We have got to get rid of this evil woman for good!!! First she Blasphemes Jesus Christ by calling Him a con artist, and now this crap!!!! GET HER OUT NOW , AND I MEAN NOW!!!!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE are not asking, we are DEMANDING IT!!!!!!!!

  10. Like it was said…..”America will be taken over without firing a shot!! Taken over from within!!

  11. Apparently you took a wrong turn somewhere and wound up where the intelligent people are…
    Now run along… nothing here for you.

  12. …Did she ever wonder what would have happened if her parents were staunch abortion advocates…??? She’ll rot in hell with the rest of them… TRUMP 2020!!!

  13. And from the looks and sound of it a really carpet muncher too.

  14. Why doesn’t she go back to the hell hole she came out of.

  15. Are you taking about Donald Trump

  16. The democrat morons who voted for AOC need to rethink their life choices.

    They should be embarrassed to go out in public

  17. GET RID OF THIS TRASH.. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  19. Probably not to good at that also!

  20. Se is a TYPICAL democRAT

  21. That is putting it nicely , calling her a BITCH is a compliment , she is a SCUM BAG BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I agree with all the comments without exception. The leadership of the democrat party in the house should have schooled them in proper decorum so they don’t behave like they just escaped from an insane asylum. Getting paid so much money the least they can do is to exhibit proper behavior. I HATE THEM ALL AND WISH THEY ALL VANISH INTO THIN AIR.

  23. All you have to do is read what she has said in the past about our country to know where she stands. I don’t know how she got elected to represent anyone when she has such a low opinion of this country, its people and its values. She, along with others, wants to make our country over along Socialist lines. That may be why she hates our Democracy. She shouldn’t be representing anyone. She isn’t very bright as shown in some of her comments that show her ignorance of our country and laws, etc. I doubt she could even recite the Pledge of Allegiance that she mocked in this video.

  24. Dude gross- I pray everyday that she is a one and done! Vote her out!

  25. I don’t think NY will give her a 2nd term . . . They CAN’T be that INSANELY STUPID! not the SECOND time around. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  26. Great Idea, I second that!!!

  27. this goofball keeps showing that she only wants the spotlight. i wish everyone would just ignore this communist pig. maybe that would make her (IT) go away. she contributes 0 for legitimate taxpayers.

  28. time for another drink. maybe with some oxy. you moron

  29. Come election time her opponents should use this in a political add showing how disrespectful she is to the Country and what she thinks of the Pledge of Allegiance

  30. I would really look forward to never seeing her anywhere ever again.

  31. To all those that think what she did falls within the parameters of being respectful to the country you are wrong, she is a congresswomen that’s should abide by an oath, and that is to respect your position. It would be no different than a judge going out to a party where there are drugs available. This twit has no morals and the brains of a goat, which she displays every chance she gets. What she should be doing is showing that she can be not only a congresswoman that cares about her job, but also about what is happening to those individuals in her district that voted for her, and stop only caring about her time in the spot light.

  32. Fuck you, she is in Congress, she should show respect

  33. She is just another escapee from an unsupervised psych ward!

  34. She was definitely dropped on her head when she was a baby! How else can her brain be so scrambled? Every thought that comes out of her mouth is gibberish.

  35. In the election, it is time to get on with the issues, of the campaign, because the four drag congressional illiterates will keep this noncense going. Biden looks like a male creature from the biggits lagoon.

  36. Or OUTSIDE the law if you are a corrupt leftist politician or bureaucrat, i.e., a Clinton, a Comey, a Mueller, a Schiff, a Strzok, a Lisa Page, and all the other anti-America Socialist Democrat law breakers who remain unpunished despite clear, irrefutable evidence of their treasonous acts. Loudmouth AOC is small potatoes compared to those swamp rats.


  38. Why do they give her a platform to spew her garbage. She does not deserve to live in this country. Lets dump her off Niagara Falls. She is such a bitch. There must have been some cheating going on to get the stupid bartender in office. Be smart, vote her out. Wouldn’t it be nice to never see her again on our TVs.

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  40. She needs a 2 by 4 driven up her ass until she screams No Mas….

  41. YES!!! She is a disgrace ti America & all we stand for!!!!

  42. Make her the queen of NY city have Cumo give her the key to the city a motorcade thru queens with Cumo and Adam Schiff in drag

  43. Give her enough rope and she’ll hang herself

  44. Leftist trolls have been invading this site lately, and you may claim to be a registered Republican but I believe you are a leftist troll claiming to be a Republican. If you are indeed a Republican, then your defense of a socialist, America-hating twit like Ocasio-Cortez convinces me that you are a Republican In Name Only…which makes you a Democrat. If you support AOC, then by all means vote for her if she’s running for re-election. I personally despise her socialist foolishness and her open disrespect for our nation. She is a Soros plant, and he is a New World Order cabalist intent on destroying America. President Trump loves America and works hard to make it better than ever, despite the continual harassment of the Socialist Democrat Party.

    Trump 2020!

  45. Suck it you hack !!!!!!

  46. This is one little traitor who needs a bitch slapping !!!!!

  47. this bitch sucks

  48. The extremely rude and downright stupid comments above show me that most of the folks who don’t care for the quote “Everyone is created equal” don’t care for people who are created different from them. So that indicates to me that they approve of politicians who cheat on their wives unless of course they are Democrats. (I recall that Mr. Clinton’s dallying was a reason to not vote for his wife.) That doesn’t show much intelligence to me and neither do the comments above saying this woman has contempt for America. I am a Registered Republican who has contempt for people who say the mean, ignorant things written above.

  49. Even that picture isn’t good 🤣

  50. Everything that idiot does is stupid. I can’t imagine the fools that voted that creep in office. If they have any brains they’ll get her out of there and send her back to wherever she came from.

  51. Right! Her parents must be real proud of that commie bitch!

  52. Insulting our nation’s flag is exactly what I expect of AOC. She is an anti-America, socialist, Soros-funded, Deep State-controlled twit who knows how to mix martinis, put together IKEA furniture in her high-rent apartment, and corruptly divert campaign funds into her own bank account to cover her personal expenses. Any issues she supports are decided for her by Soros and her leftist, America-hating handlers. I would be shocked if AOC and her squad accomplices actually HONORED Old Glory, but they are communists who despise our beautiful flag. RuPaul gave AOC an opportunity to publicly display her contempt for America.

    Vote Republican — Take back the House and hold onto the Senate.
    Trump 2020!

  53. We need to get rid of AOC. She hates America and she shows with her actions

    We can not let get reelected. SHe has no respect for anything but her socialists idea

  54. This woman is nothing more than a displaced bartender capitalizing on the idiots we call melennials and liberal morons who elected her. It is truly shameful what is currently being called acceptable in America today. The Congress is made up of foul mouthed, ego centric fools with pipedreams of plans to bankrupt America as we know it in the future. Please if you have any sense at all, you will remove these people who stand for the degradation of the American way of life and send them back to the jobs they are qualified to do.

  55. totally disrespect to america and…AHHH CRAP SHE IS JUST A DISCUSTING PERSON

  56. It’s time real America, IT’S TIME!

  57. I meant her hair style!

  58. The only good thing about her is her style in the pic above. All else sucks.

  59. well she shows her true colors Birds of a Feather. !!! well if all else fails she has friends in high places and can start serving coffee to Ru Paul and his crew behind the scenes can go grab them lunch so at least she will still have a job… hee hee. sorry my bad?? ask me is I care.. NOPE!!

  60. This is one of the dumbest things this piece of TURD did so far. When is the congress going to get rid of her dumb ass.

  61. P L E A S E. get rid of AOC. She’s a menace and disrespectful BITCH

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