Three Parts to China’s Cover-up of Coronavirus

As we look at this spread of COVID-19 across the world, we have only one country to thank for all of this mess we are dealing with.  China has reached a level that surpasses the crimes against humanity.  They are now responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths across the world, and we can never trust them again.  They show no signs of remorse as they continue to pass on their deception to the world with their lies.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying is angry and continues to deny their coverups.  She told reporters, “Slandering, smearing, and blaming cannot make up for lost time, and more lies will only waste more time and lead to more lives lost.”  They are still blaming America and US politicians, calling them “shameless and immoral.”

It’s funny, but they play the blame game just like the Democrats always pointing the finger when they get caught in their deception.  They are trying to paint themselves as good in a picture we all know too well is false.  Hua continued, “China’s valiant actions bought precious time for stemming the global spread of the virus.”

“Valiant” is not the word for this.  It’s more like “corruption and deception.”  These are the key factors in the Chinese Communist Party.  They live in a world where they follow an ancient Chinese general who was born in 544 BC, Sun Tzu.  It was said he inspired the founder of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao Zedong.

The words from Genera Tzu state, “All warfare is based on deception.”  Well, the Chinese government never let those words go.  There were three forms of deception we can clearly see which took the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

The first form of deception came out in November 2019 when the Chinese government covered up the outbreak in Wuhan and withholding valuable information, which could have saved many lives.  The action was taken too late when they began to shut down Wuhan.

Howard Markel, a public-health researcher at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, stated to Nature, “The delay of China to act is probably responsible for this world event.”  Markel is 100 percent correct, and China should pay the price.

The second form of deception comes from the faulty numbers China released to the world in which President Trump called them out.  He stated at one of his task force’s press conferences, “Their numbers seem to be a little bit on the light side, and I’m being nice when I say that.”

There is extensive evidence that leads the investigators to believe China is giving out the wrong set of numbers.  Remember when the Chinese government was cleaning up the streets what the people were crying from their balconies?  The Chinese people rose up against their own government, saying, “It’s lies,” and “The numbers are fake!”

Why would a country where people can be tortured and killed for speaking their minds and the truth about the communist government?  The people knew the truth behind it, and it was when the doctor who was about to blow the whistle to the world died from COVID-19 the citizens were outraged.

Both of the first two deceptions caused more deaths than the virus itself.  This was valuable information that could have worked in the world’s favor.  It could have kept everything open in the world, and schools and businesses would not have had to shut down.

The third act of deception is different from the first two.  China is now passing the buck and the blame on the US while claiming victory for the global efforts in combating COVID-19.  Remember, they were the first to say it was the US Army who spread the virus?  Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, stated, “The US owes us an explanation.”

For the record, China owes the world an explanation.  We did nothing wrong and still go back to help them.

Epidemiologist Dr. Zhong Nanshan, Beijing’s chief adviser on coronavirus, blamed the US by saying, “In some big country, once it cannot stop the spreading, it will bring a disaster of the whole world.”

Jessica Brandt and Bret Schafer of the German Marshall Fund told reporters how organized the Chinese played this off but still got caught as they compared it to Russia  “China’s more confrontational posture on COVID-19 represents a clear departure from its past behavior and signals a move toward a style of information manipulation more like Russia’s.”

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  1. yes indeed, buy American for so many reasons, and get the drug manufacturers to make the pills here in America, SO WE CAN KEEP TABS ON QUALITY PRODUCTS AND KEEP DRUG COMPANIES HERE IN can you trust the pills to be safe for AMERICANS!????

  2. LOL , you ain’t kidding! How much of America does China own anyway? we gave it away like idiots and the sneaky Chinese Gov’t pretends they know nothing or even go as far as to blame the American military for the virus! we are very naive to trust China , and the sick crap they do to these poor animals is horrible. Thanks CHINA , now the world has to be sick with this PANDEMIC and loss of billions in the economy thanks to their greed. Shame on CHINA, BOYCOTT CHINA PRODUCTS, and I don’t trust the masks coming from them either, i will make my own of re use one

  3. The only blue I want to see is the ocean as you leave my great country, I have already served in a war for my country. And I will sever again when I stand up and fight to stop this socialist/communist take over of my great country that people are calling the blue wave. “Give me liberty or give me death.” But the ones pushing for this insanity can pay the ultimate price for their fool hardy efforts to take this country away from the true patriots that believe in our constitution and our freedoms!!!!! And I wonder why the person saying that a blue wave is needed dos not even post their name to their comments, looks like some one that can not and will not stand by their lies!!

  4. If you continue to “vote blue”, you’re simply voting for your own enslavement and demise- – if the dimwitted commies, finally gain full control and we are subjected to “one world governance”, you will simply “owe your very existence to them”, until they find you are no longer “useful” to their cause.

  5. What fraudbama did for the Chinese? Go further back then that and research what the clintonista mafia did for the chicoms!

  6. I won’t say you’re stupid, you’re just blinded to truth and fact by your socialist education/upbringing.

  7. Whatever your king says is truth?????

  8. Sooooo right!!!

  9. You are so wrong- Trump Wanted to close the Chinese border in December and was called a racist. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. Almost certainly a Chinese Cover-Up by Local Officiala at the start, but Trump cocked-it up by playing-down the whole matter in January, there is only one thing he is interested in is getting re-elected, as a Scotsman I am ashamed that such a man who acts entirely on whims and changes his mind so often ever got elected, shows the complete dearth of talent in
    the Republican Party. The Democrats not much better and in Scotland we have the brainless SNP.

  11. So, I’m thinking that you work for China based on your inane, nonsensical and outlandishly immature remarks.

  12. Great propaganda there..without one shred of evidence. This cluster dude is parroting Chinese propaganda and proud of it!

  13. And your statement that the whitehouse knew in November and January about the threat had been debunked over a week ago..the very intelligence agency that ABC said notified the whitehouse in November and January has called this an all out lie..ABC ALSO redacted the story.i didn’t bother reading the rest of your post cuz it’s probably as misleading as your first 2 statements.people like you are the listen to fake news and lies and then you run with it..even over a weeks after it’s been debunked not only by the intelligence agency but ABC itself you are still you leftists can post lies knowing that they are just that,amazes people.keep lying,you just made a complete ass of yourself.nothing worse than a leftist and it’s lies

  14. You start this rant with an incorrect concept to begin with … that the intelligence community knew back in Nov. That’s patently false, they knew something odd was going on in China, specifically Wuhan but didn’t know what. And your second point, of course they found a possible vaccine quickly, they created the virus. Too bad they didn’t have the vaccine before they let the virus get away from the lab.

  15. Same mantra as the democrats and media, keep repeating and people believe. Unfortunately there’s a lot of people who don’t research and listen to CNN and MSNBC. First clue should have been all the pork in bills and they wouldn’t sign until they got them. That showed people all they care about is their agenda and not people.

  16. Democrats had something to do with this too. Their goal was to get Trump out at any cost even our lives. Only good thing to come of this is that people’s eyes have been opened and hopefully our economy will grow because our manufacturing jobs will come back to USA. Our drugs and medical supplies need to be made here. So in some ways it was good to make people realize this. But inexcusable that the democrats would murder it’s citizens who pay their checks. Get rid of asshole Pelosi and Schumer.

  17. This is definitely Chinese propaganda at its best

  18. Do you realize how many died when Obama was President and DID NOTHING??? 60,000 of American citizens but not you nor the media will come forward with that information. I am so tired of him be vilified for doing the best he can or could with no help from the Democrats…only more investigations…they just can’t get enough of spending the taxpayers money can they and not for the people…evidently, you don’t get it! Obama was so much worse and still is! I support our President. I wish there was some way to end the Democratic party which has become socialist and subversive and traitorous acts against the President.

  19. The Democratic Party is so corrupted they are able the convince some of the more gullible Republicans that they need to control all Americans for their own good . I believe true Americans will stand up in November and so those socialists so called Americans that this country still wants the freedom that our founding fathers gave us.

  20. If anyone remembers the Democrat party and their associates call communist controlled media in this country or First to come to the defense of China, oh that’s right why wouldn’t say they’re both on the same they’re both in bed together! People will not open their eyes the communist a.k.a. Democrat party is what it is and has been since Roosevelt and if you can’t see it by now you never will. To put any communist a.k.a. Democrat in power or let him stay there, is the death of this great nation,
    and all who died for this great country!

  21. They are under the assumption that if you repeat something over and over people will believe your lies. Check the Saul Alinsky play book that they use. Usually they have already done what they accuse others of, it easier to know how it should happen when describing what they are supposed to have done.

  22. fix the yellow commies once and for all . They are not real Communists, they are exploiting the west with misinformation. They should pay for this – the destruction of economies of the World They are certainly more deceptive than the Russians (the real Communists) who have by far played a more non-deceptive role than the Chinese commies

  23. A lot of people don`t realize what Obama did for the Chinese. The Cash for Clunkers debacle shut down thousands of our junkyards. The poor man`s parts house they are gone and not coming back. $150.00 for 3500 lbs of steel all chunked up. They mixed our USA made steel with their tin and sold that scheit right back to us. Obama gave the Chinese all of our countries patents. You have to ask yourself why? All the knock-offs coming from China. From Micheal Jordan court footwear to Walmart scheit spatula that breaks the first time it`s put to the test. They gave us the virus and now charge us for the face masks? China is not our friend they are playing us. We are with China now as we were with Japan in September 1939. Leave their goods on our loading dock to rot. Lets put Americans back to work. I stopped buying Chinese goods decades ago it`s garbage.
    I went to Walmart to buy a cheese slicer. They had one that looked like a slingshot. A single piece of wire went across the top. Walmart had the guts to market that {*j*} Kentucky-Virginia continued to sell our high-quality coal to China. The coal was shut down to America. Remember that clean air act??? Well, China has 30 years to comply with that? How can you get rid of co2 when your own government is promoting it? It`s time to biatch slap these people out of Washington D.C. We helped China after World War 11 and this is what we get from them. It`s time we turn our back on them and take care of our own business.

  24. They did not know some college students at Harvard were arrested for working with China and selling lab experience test and I bet the Democratic dnc was behind it also just wait the truth will come out the blue will do worse they would let more die because they want power and population control look up the lumanati the riches in the world the power deep state controlled by evil and pelosi a puppet with Obama and soros and Gates wake up

  25. yes indeed you are not one of the deceived. I do hope that more and more FACTS become everyday knowledge about China. There have been those who have been sounding the alarm for years about China. In and among the obvious problems, let us not forget that CHINA intends to rule the world economically and militarily. They are a far worse threat than the deranged Kim in N Korea, the Fanatical Iran, or the adversarial brutes in Russia. I say STOP ALL CHINA ANYTHING. All the way even to the point of stopping all the China students in our universities many of whom are here to spy more than study. Stop China from buying any property with American deed and or title. Stop them from trading on our stocks. JUST STOP BEFORE WE END UP in far worse scenarios in the near future. I was NOT a happy camper when Nixon and others were all behind opening relations with them. I knew it was a bad idea and it sure has turned out even worse than I was imagining all those years ago. Also, do some research and find out who ALL the politicians are or where that have been enriching themselves in all kinds of ways in China. Traitors should not be tolerated. VOTE THEM out if they are presently in office and do not vote any in this election cycle who are rubbing elbows with China. I am not saying this just because of the pandemic, I have felt this way since politicians made the mistake of getting chummy with China all those years ago. So fix it for the generations of Americans behind you, don’t let them find themselves in an even worse situation than we find ourselves in at present.

  26. good luck convincing the big box stores IE walmart to go China free. The whole reason Walmart got to where they are is because of the cheap stuff that the po folk could get super cheap that were basically knockoffs of decent products. It even evolved to the point that brand name electronics bought at Walmart as opposed to brand name of the same stereo or blender or whatever may have had the same name, but the knockoff cheapo version was only sold in Walmart and stores like them. These cheapo stores have done more disservice to humanity the globe over by having these cheap products be the cause of child labor , illegal labor of all sorts including even prison labor making this crap. I hope we have learned a real hard lesson from all this, MAKE STUFF HERE IN THE USA and especially essential stuff, shame on medical companies having gone offshore, shame on the Big Pharma and other drug middle man companies taking all over to China and India. Shame on US Americans for putting up with our industries and the jobs that ran them being shipped off shore. Make America a great industrial and manufacturing nation again, please vote for the candidate that intends to make that happen.

  27. Quite the comment. Very reminiscent of MSM playbook however. Lots of accusations, no definitive information by which to check your sources. Not saying you are WRONG or spreading hearsay, but particularly in this particular slice of time we are in, we really do not need citizen commentators making accusations, UNLESS they also give the sources for their information that can be easily researched on the internet. I have had it with media in general, and that includes the Fox conglomerate as well. Some are committing less crimes against we citizens than others with unsubstantiated claims and allegations , but the truthfully, just about ALL of MSM is untrustworthy at this point. The same can be said about “news” on the internet. There are those who actually care what they are blasting across the internet and those that could not care less as long as there is some monetary rainbow at the end of it all. I am a senior, and I can tell you younger Americans, that this kind of disrespect across the board was NOT going on in the America I grew up in. We were a much kinder and respectful culture fifty years ago and it sure is a sad and bitter pill to swallow as a senior with grandchildren knowing the culture they are being subjected to and will grow up in. Makes one wonder what kind of adult they will end up being. I love my grandchildren, but I can see a marked difference in their behaviors even though they have parents who actually do their best to teach them respect, I see kids who have to be talked to and even punished a whole lot more times in order to get them to respect their parents. I visit often and stay usually two to four weeks so I get to see the “real” behaviors not just the be good because Grammie is here behaviors. I find myself wanting to sit them down and give them a good piece of my mind, but I would never interfere in that way. So far none of them have ever come to visit me for more than two days and never just by themselves. Maybe they ALREADY know that Grammie has a different set of basic rules for behavior…perhaps they sense that when I visit . So, all this to say that I just wish no one, no media, no politician would put anything out in print anywhere unless they give their unadulterated sources. Hope you and yours are well and riding out the storm.

  28. H ha ha ha , you sickening liars! You demos are all the same. Wicked, cruel, thrives and the biggest liars lie Satan!

  29. GOD only knows the mess we’d be in if killery had been elected……I dread to even think about it…..

  30. DITTO !!!!!! CORRECT !

  31. Total BULL SHIT!

    The COMMIECRATS drug their feet and wasted time with the false impeachment debacle!

  32. You should be ashamed of yourself, you misinformed POS

  33. On this Easter eve I say AMEN to all of this!

  34. Don’t blame this on Trump. The chinese are expert liars and deceivers and will do anything to justify their regime. Hell they’ve been screwing the USA for years with their crappy products, foods unfit for human and animal consumption and the invading hoards of illegal ‘coolies; that have turned many parts of California into hong kong west. As a resident of San Francisco I can personally attest to the invasion of these disgusting ill mannered subhuman cretins who spit, piss and SHIT on the streets an spit on the American flag. Time to place the blame where it lies, at the feet of china. This is germ or biological warfare pure and simple and anyone who doesn’t believe this iv’e got a bridge to sell ‘ya and it ain’t in Brooklyn. It’s in California and a nice orange color . Time for the world court to bring economic sanctions against china, immediately.

  35. Very well stated. 🇺🇲TRUMP2020🇺🇲

  36. If killary would have been president we all be dead you liberal idiot

  37. please please please encourage your friends and the stores you patronize to shop by anything from china. the chinese are now using PRC on labels rather than “china” so people don’t realize products are made in “peoples republic of china”. they are also putting american flags on the outside of products to fool the american public. they are now changing up the bar codes on products so that people won’t know that they are from china. they own food companies in this country that are still carrying the names that americans are familiar with so people will keep buying them. they will also just put where the products is distributed from (US) and not where it was actually made or packaged. the FDA needs to change the labeling put on products so that there is no questions where it was made or packaged. we now have chicken and ham that are processed in china and packaged looking like brands that we are familiar with. AMERICAN IS SELLING OUT THEIR OWN COUNTRY. china should not be allowed to buy or own anything in this country. please contact your congress and let them know how you feel about. also, we owe china trillions of dollars due to the foolishness of former presidents. because of what they have done to this country and the rest of the world——–our government needs to cancel out any debt owed to china. other countries should do the same. they are our enemies and we should respond accordingly.


  39. I do not know where you get your information but it has been proven false and better stop lying and Vote RED and end all of this bloody mess and abomination called the Democratic party

  40. Democrats called President Trump racist because he continued to build the southern border wall, while they kept insisting on the need for open borders. Thankfully, President Trump ignored them and has continued to build that border wall. The border wall has protected Americans, because it prevented infected people from crossing illegally into our country.

    Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat politicians publicly and enthusiastically invited foreign travelers to come to America despite warnings about the coronavirus. There is video footage of Nancy Pelosi being interviewed while standing in a crowd and stating that she was on her way to the big Chinese New Year parade and she hoped others would join her. She was defiant about the issuance of warnings about the coronavirus.

    Trump-hating leftist trolls like you can rant and rave, spewing out all the lies you can conjure up as you try to stop President Trump from being re-elected in 2020, but your hate-fueled lies will not work. Neither will Democrats’ attempt to cheat their way to victory in 2020 by trying to change the election process with mail-in ballots and whatever other fraudulent schemes they, Soros, and the Deep State cabal are hiding up their corrupt socialist sleeves.

    Trump will win.
    Democrats will lose.

  41. Nice try Communist !

  42. Curious, did you say this about Obama and H1N1? Over 1,000 Americans perished before Obama lifted a finger. Trump announced 2.2 Billion in aid released by E.O. before the first death. Quit playing the stupid blame game, unless you blame China and have a plan for them stepping up and making it right. Or just keep blaming Trump and parroting the Chi-Com party line.

  43. You must be kidding. Sorry but your comments sound like they came straight from Beijing.

  44. The White House knew of the potential threat as early as Nov 2019 by our intel services and did NOTHING.

    They were Notified officially Jan 3 and we did nothing, while we allowed 3.4 million individuals into this country – over 700,000 from China and other hot spots… like the UK, Italy and Spain…. we sent 17 tons of PPE to China on Jan 17….as the president allowed the virus to spread in the US….we shut down China Jan 31 but delayed on the other hot spots.

    China had the genome mapped the first of Jan and began working on vaccines. They have finished the first round of vaccine trials and are starting their second round of trials. While we struggle to find PPE and Ventilators ….. and chase drugs pushed by the sitting president with no clinical data to back it up…..

    So, the president dithered and dallied…rallied and golfed while Americans were dying.

    The White House KNEW… our own intelligence agencies reported it, Azar reported it …… the whole response is a cluster fu*k.

    Oh, and one more thing we …. the USA ran and exercise from Jan – Aug 2019 called ‘Crimson Contagion’ and reported in Jul 2019 that predicted the lack of PPE and preparedness…. working with multiple states …. and the president and administration did NOTHING!

    They failed to manage the SNS and did not rotate inventory or maintain equipment…. like cancelling the agreement to repair and maintain ventilators resulting in faulty equipment being sent out and rotten masks. CLUSTER Fu*K.

    America was working with China on Pandemic training and coordination until 2018 when the Trump administration shut it down, another CLUSTER!

    Even without that they did not follow the reports from 2011, 2013, 2017 or 2019 regarding response to Pandemics. they did not follow the Pandemic Playbook provided in Jan 2017 by the previous administration and in 2018 dissolved the Pandemic response team. CLUSTER FU*K!

    Praise…. He should RESIGN or be REMOVED.

    VOTE BLUE and end the bloody mess and abomination of the TRUMP administration

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