The United States intercepts Russian jets

Russia is testing the United States in ways that have never been seen before. They have tried to hack into U.S. intelligence on more than one occasion. They have tampered with the help of the Democrats in the U.S. elections. They put their warships in close proximity with American ships. There seems to be no end to their testing of American resolve. For years they have also invaded U.S. air space in Alaska. And it appears that they tried again to start some kind of a fight at the northern border as their patrol craft marched across the water and came at American soil.

The United States military had to send up several F-22 stealth fighters to intercept the two Russian aircraft. The commander of NORAD stated that “We’re ready 24/7,” on alert for these missions. The Russian [IL-38] aircraft were intercepted in the Bering Sea, north of the Aleutian Islands, and did not enter United States or Canadian sovereign airspace.” The aircraft was kept from entering American airspace.

Russia would love to start some kind of fight or incident just to have something to cry about. Ever since the Communist Party lost power in Russia, they have been one step behind the United States in technology and intelligence. Russia will never be allowed to freely fly over U.S. air space. Their attempts to spy on people and military installations have been stopped once again.

The Russians use their IL-38 planes to locate American submarines. The fact that they are trying to find some just proves that they do not know where the United States has moved them. For all, they know the submarines could be spying on them in their international waterways. Their planes were able to get within 50 miles before they were intercepted and sent back home with no information.

General O’Shaughnessy stated that “Our crews are ready. We are always ready to defend our great country.” American fighters escorted them back to their side of the border. Russia is not going to get away with the tricks that they were able to when Obama sat in the White House. Obama did not care enough to fight back against nations that were trying to harm the American people.

President Trump fights for the people of America. For the first time in many years, people are taking pride in the country and the freedoms they have. The president’s desire to make America great again stretches into all aspects of the country. It moves through strengthening the military in improving the way the economy works. And so far everything has worked out the way that it has needed to.

The General stated that the reason the Russians like to test the United States military is to see how they would react. They wanted to see how fast America could launch its planes. It was fast enough to keep the Russian planes from crossing into foreign territory. The Russians poke around at their enemies until they find a hole. Once they find that hole they try to open it wide so they can move in and enact their terror.

It was reported that the same thing happened a few weeks ago as the military was training in the northern regions. The Russians launched their planes to take a peek at the submarines. The event has become a sort of a game for the two nations. Because the United States also will send its planes in Russian territory to test Russian responses. But Russia has to realize that the United States has them outmatched in technology and skill.

President Trump has opened up the military to be able to grow and develop new weapons and technology. Things that the Russians would love to get their hands on. When the president provided more funds for the military they took the opportunity to increase the size of the navy and the kinds of weapons that they use against the enemy. For the first time in many years, the soldiers of the country are treated like heroes and given the tools they need to defend the nation they love.

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  1. Thanks for your exceptional service to our great country sir.

  2. What’s going on?? THIS IS OLD NEWS!

  3. It should be noted that Russia sent New York 100T of Medical Supplies on April 1, 2020. No joke. It was not April Fools. Plane was an
    AN 124 stopped at a military base in Canada (YYR) on its way to NY. Callsign RFF 8460

  4. Whoever wrote this article doesn’t know how Nato’s Polish Air Force F15 looks like. Never mind not knowing that Russian planes have Soviet star on their wings! Hopefully in case of a conflict USAF pilots would know the difference !

  5. The Russian Government are Communist bastards. I remember in 1952 when I was in the USAF and sent to Alaska for two years we had F 94 fighter jets that could not reach the hight of the MIG 15s. My squadron replaced the F94s with F89 Scorpion Fighter Interceptors that reached a height of 70,000 ft. It was a two seated Jet, front and rear seats. The pilot and the Radar Observer . I was the Radar observer and my job was to locate and destroy enemy aircraft with Computer driven Missals. They were doing this air invasion then and will never stop. However, we stopped them for the first time in the Northern Pacific Air Command that year.
    Because of this Virus and the the democratic Congress trying to disrupt the President, shows a signs of weakness in our country.

  6. You are just one of those stupid numbnut liberals that think they know something. If it wasn’t for Trump Buddy, you ass would be under a Socialist Government with Soros, Polioski, Barbara Waters, Sanders and Biden with no way out. You better be careful what you wish and vote for because if you get your wish, you will be in a THIRD COUNTRY. And I suppose you think you know how to run the military? Well, I am beting you never served in any military service and are just one of those ARM CHAIR LOSERS.

  7. pathetic…..same old tired bitching….just. stop. You are embarrassing yourself

  8. What
    is the point. In showing a picture of a polish military plane in this. Account of soviet airspace invasion?

  9. Hey, a plane leave America every 5 seconds or so. Why don’t you be on one? Another bleeding heart liberal. We are a better country without your kind. Adios.

  10. but but Obama was more flexible after getting re elected.

  11. You forget who was in charge during the 2016 elections. Obama and the dumbo rats were in charge. Obama knew and did nothing, he is the one who is a traitor and should be in jail!

  12. North Korea – not South Korea!

  13. “Donald Trump is the only man in my ppinion will make sure,that any other nation will pay Hefty Price if they want to test our resolve to defend our Nation’s boarders.”

    Yeah, we saw how well he defended our democracy when the Russians hacked into our elections, which includes the Wikileaks dump. Trump is a traitor and will be going to jail soon after Jan 2021.

  14. ot very many people understand that the Democrats have been conducting political war upon the United States since they lost the Civil War in 1865. At first they still only wanted to secede from the United States. At some point that goal has changed to the complete destruction of the U.S. And folks they are nearly there ! Our society has been torn apart. We now not only accept abortion but we celebrate it ! We once tolerated homosexuality and now it is also celebrated ! We even give homosexuals special rights that ordinary people do not have. Elections ? They have been so rigged by the Democrats that they can place anyone in office no matter how the people vote. In at least one state , if the people’s vote offends the Democrats , the party simply takes the issue to a Democrat controlled court and has the vote nullified. So the people of that state actually have no vote ! I am expecting that in 2020 , the Electoral College will be neutered by the Democrats and thus there will be a Democrat installed in the White House. It won’t matter if the people voted for that person or not. A la’ Obama ! As he once said , ” The Democrats have control of the ballot boxes . “


  16. Fire an EMP bomb (away from civilian populace AND powerlines) over our AIRSPACE and watch their PLANES go down . . . OUR planes are SHIELDED, theirs AREN’T. Then, they’ll REALLY have something to cry about! Enough with this silly (AND DANGEROUS) nonsense. They’re as STUPID as Democrats. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  17. Now all we need to do is take out the threats inside our country. The dems want nothing good for our country.

  18. Could it be that PUTIN wants Alaska back because the USA bought it too cheap fromtrhe
    Czarist regime at the time…??????

  19. It appears to me that we can push their boundaries just like they push ours twice as much.

  20. So did my father, many, many times, way back during WW2. I remember it well!

  21. I have to ask anyone that shows off his medals if he did it for all Americans or subject to certain section and cultures of American citizens – if it was to protect ALL Americans then i salute you but if not then you are just bragging to make yourself see3m important

  22. Remember what Patton said kick their ass why were there.

  23. I STAND FIRM with OUR Military forces of “ALL BRANCHES” and Donald Trump is the only man in my Opinion,will make sure,that any Other nation, will pay Hefty Price,if they want to test our resolve to
    defend our Nation,s boarder,s.

    SO Thanks to a quick response,all way,s keep it locked and loaded and never lift you ready finger to unleash,a deadly action. We must never,show we are week and can destroy every living person on
    this earth! twice over,death is just a breath away,as they say.

    I hope this dog and cat just That,but never wake a Lion are a Bear are any other meat eater,in the
    Forest are Ice Fields,are where they Roam—-Its a bad Mistake to tease are try it,you,may be their Supper,lunch,dinner are breakfast!!!!!!!!!

  24. United States Military is by far the best in the world thanks to President Trump. He and Ronald Reagan are 2 commander in chiefs that kept us strong and respected. Obama was weak and a joke for a commander in chief. Thank Goodness Trump came along when he did. WERE BACK!!

  25. I suppose you are going to tell us that Korean Air 747 the Russians shot down back in the ’80s was a US spy plane!

  26. God Bless America and bless our President.

  27. Fact: Stalin was a comrade of Fuhrer Hitler and initially supported the Nazis.
    Fact: Fuhrer Hitler came distrusting of Stalin and then double-crossed Stalin as evidenced by his eastern front thrust into the soviet territory.
    Fact: A downfall and strategic military miscalculation by Fuhrer Hitler was his push to Stalingrad, (Stalin’s namesake) rather than St. Petersburg, as originally planned. Fuhrer Hitler’s greed steered the Nazis toward Stalingrad, a major disaster. Fuhrer Hitler wanted to snub Stalin.

    Stalin was abject ignominious mass murderer and all evidence of his heinous crimes should be publicized.

  28. If im not mistaken.Russians assisted us towards the end of WW2. According to everything ,yes they did. Then they lost their minds.Like every commie does.

  29. All I can say, is what’s new. In 1958-59 and 60, it was a almost daily event. Our pilots had fun, especially when they made the left turn while they were going south and then when they went north, if they mad a right turn. It good practice. Their testing and we are practicing and they know if they make what looks like a hostile advance into our territory there is a good chance their pilot won’t come home to his wife.

  30. If anyone thinks that Russia doesn’t probe our Nation’s security defense’s on a daily basis, is totally uninformed and misguided! Whether it’s physical aircraft or electronic warfare, their actions are constant, and calculated! 15 Echo, Missle Defense

  31. Praise God for President Trump!! Obama would have done nothing as usual. Worst president EVER!!! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  32. Russia may have used fighters from North Korea, but you are nuts if you think they use aircraft from South Korea. Gordon: DFC, Valor; Two Bronze Stars, one valor, one meritious service, 17 Air Medals.

  33. POLAND is now a THREAT ???

  34. However – the Photograph is straight off Google ( google polish air force insignia ) and is of a POLISH jet ! What a scam !

  35. That article should be printed in ALL small town Newspapers and yes the big ones too. Right now the small town folks get bombarded with negative news about Trump by the left. This article will open a few eyes and will send the unknowing a bit in the right direction. In the State of Washington we have an inkapoop of a governor. He comes of his rearend only in very rare cases and only if it does himself political any good.

  36. Correct.
    I was wondering what that was doing in this report.

  37. Nonsense!
    These two (slow and not really fight-ready) planes just did what our side has done for ages:
    Test the other side’s defense!
    The only good thing is that the Soviets or Russians have never done what we did, when I was in NATO air warning: They never used civilian or even passenger planes (preferably not one’s one but from a minor allied country, e.g. South Korea or such) for such invasions even into the air space of the other side. In that, they are clear, whereas the bad practice on our side did cost a lot of innocent civilian lives.
    As long as it’s only military planes – alright, that is normal reconnaissance!

  38. nice picture of a polish air force fighter plane

  39. when can we share this to our friends on facebook

  40. To bad our generals were stopped from kicking the Russians butts at the end of WW II. We wouldn’t have this problem today Russia would have our flag over their country and Obama would have given that away also. Thank GOD we have President Trump and the space force,

  41. god bless america……

  42. had US helped Russia to create & preserve its status as a modern monarchy (as in UK) or freedom movement right after Stalin’s demise the world would not have had the problems it does today. Churchill wanted to weaken Russia to preserve UK status as #1 state in Europe (he did it in 1918 and then at WW2

  43. We are the world’s police force against evil people. We watch , pray, warn, & take out the threats.We work for the good of all. Our Lords Plan.

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