Gun Owner Who Defends Himself Ends Up in Jail!

The anti-gun laws and the anti-gun leadership in VA were felt by one gun owner recently, and what happened to that gun owner who was defending himself should be criminal. This is also a story that should be felt by anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment.

According to the reports, an employee at a local Arlington, VA store was awakened in the early A.M. hours by three masked individuals who broke in. The employee was also reportedly living in the store in large part due to the COVID-19 concerns.

It is also worth noting how our gun-wielding employee was awakened. These three masked suspects, in those quiet AM hours, decided to come in through the front window – apparently assuming the store would be empty. That breaking glass, as the residents above the store stated, sounded like something a “car smashing into the store.”

Can you picture that? You finished your shift, locked up the shop, maybe grabbed a bite to eat and settled in for a movie on your preferred viewing devices. It is much after that point that you find yourself in la-la land, dreaming of some sunny… BAM – CRASH – THUD!

Now, you aren’t only awake, you are panic-stricken, right? The next thing you would probably hear is the footsteps and maybe a voice or two out in the store’s main lobby… now what? The what our employee chose this night was the firearm he had to protect himself and the store where he worked.

That is what he did, successfully. The aftermath was one victim who was seriously but not fatally struck while the other two suspects and would-be thieves escaped on foot. This story has all the makings of another gun owner who saved the day, then it takes a hard and ugly turn.

As one story reporting on this unnerving situation shared, citing the Arlington County Police Department: “Following consultation with the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, the employee, Hamzeh Abushariah, 33, of Washington D.C. was charged with Malicious Wounding, Reckless Handling of a Firearm and Violation of a Protective Order. He is being held without bond.”

That’s right, he was charged, not with one but several crimes. Then he was arrested, booked, and incarcerated in the local jail. And… he was denied the opportunity to post bond.

Apparently, we don’t have all the details, right? Wrong. This is exactly how the report released from the ACPD sounded: “The preliminary investigation indicates that three subjects forced entry into a business and began stealing cash and merchandise. An employee inside a secure backroom heard the break-in, retrieved a firearm, opened the door to the sales floor and discharged the weapon, striking one juvenile subject.”

These are the facts. A break-in, a robbery attempt, and the use of a firearm to protect and defend yourself. These are also the facts, the man who did that is now being held in jail without bond. Here is another fact, our employee also faces 20 plus years of incarceration based on those charges.

It is sad, that a juvenile was involved in such activities, that as a result a young person was shot. What it isn’t, is Mr. Abushariah’s fault. This employee didn’t make this child rob a store. He didn’t make the decision for this youth to break-in. All he did, in fact, was protect the store and himself.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, while charges were quickly filed against Mr. Abushariah, there have yet to be any charges filed against the three people who broke in and attempted to rob the store. But this crazy gun touting employee who dared to use his weapon in defense – got the book?

It is no secret and he has made no effort to make it a secret, that he is coming for gun owners and coming to take our gun rights. And this case is only evidence that Governor Ralph Northam is succeeding. Under this kind of leadership, we can’t have, own, or even use guns – even if we are attacked or robbed.

Can you feel that?

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  1. I hope Gov. Northam gets shot. Serve his stupid ass right !!!

  2. Governor Northam should resign. Virginia has passes some dumb laws and they did away with your second amendment rights. It just shows the citizens of this waggy state the criminals has more rights than it’s law abiding citizens. How should he know how old a perpetrator is when they are wearing a mask. To bad he was a bad shooter he should have killed all four including the governor.

  3. I know people in the beautiful state of Virginia; I can assure you, any government entity who tries removing guns from the electorate is going to run into more than a little bit of trouble; few Virginians are in the mood to just give up, and when election time draws near, I seriously doubt the same governor will be in charge; I’m surprised he is now. Of course there may be more to the story, and the way the law applies, than what is now known. Since this happened not long ago there may still be a little thing known as an investigation yet to happen. There are also appeals courts. As it’s said, “it ain’t over till it’s over”! I think that’s when either the fat lady sings, or the real criminals do.

  4. This is how Socialism works; bit-by-bit, slowly but surely, until the takeover has gone too far to stop it without violence. I’m not saying this is a good thing; it most certainly fits the definition of evil. And I’m not someone who knows the answer; but I am willing to listen to the good ideas, and ready to implement them if I am capable.

  5. You made a mistake in your comment; ol’ Joe wants your AK-14. Assuming you haven’t yet been able to find one to purchase, let alone find ammo for it, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. 😂 Nobody wants Joe in office; he’s certifiably incompetent, which means his buddy Beto isn’t going to take your make-believe AK-14. In fact, I think it’s likely you won’t have to worry for another 5 years, at least. 🤓

  6. Not going to happen – you don’t think the “governors'” bodyguards go UNARMED do you ? !!

  7. Indeed. It rather sounds like Mr Abusharia ( would that be an islamic originated name ?? and possibly the root of this “problem”) needs to spend effort on some “Range time”. Only one non-fatal hit ? Shouldn’t be carrying a working firearm if that’s the best he can do ! Unless of course the “child” was firing back at him …….
    No matter – whichever way you look at this incident – IT STINKS !

  8. I hope someone gets the governor in an isolated area and has a gun. We will see how he feels about not being able to protect him self.

  9. If a policeman had done this, he/she would have received a commendation!!! A GROSS miscarriage of justice.

  10. Will donate to sue judge and govenor

  11. OMG! Thank God I do not live in the police state of Virginia. Secondly, all three thieves would be dead!

  12. The seeds for this mental illness have been present since our founding.
    Some of our founders wanted this kind of omnipotent powerful government
    like that of England. They were known as tories.
    The Anti-Federalist fortunately succeeded in getting usn our Bill Of Rights.
    The so called “progressive” movement is like a “cattle drive” leading it’s subjects to
    a slaughter house. A movement gaining more and more power for the last
    one hundred fifty or so years.
    Progressives in the USA supported Lenin and Hitler in their corruption and takeover.
    England had King Edward VIII was known as the “NAZI KING” and was a strong
    of Hitler and his Nazi Reich.
    The movement to destroy our BILL OF RIGHTS CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC
    is very active and has very strong roots.

    “How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America.” (Could drop the ‘UP’.)
    “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies”. (Much proof in the Mitrokhin Archive.)
    “The Mitrokhin Archive” — a collection of handwritten notes made secretly by KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin during his thirty years as a KGB archivist in the foreign intelligence service and the First Chief Directorate. When he defected to the United Kingdom in 1992 he brought the archive with him.
    “HITLERLAND” by Andrew Nagorski.
    “I’m From The Government and I’m Here To Kill You” (c) 2017 by David T. Hardy.

  13. It does sound like Mr. Abushariah has an excellent case of racial and religious discrimination against the State of Virginia and its blackface governor. The only possible fly in the ointment is if Mr. Abushariah is on the FBI watch list or has a previous felony charge against him preventing him from owning or using a firearm. If that is not the case, I am willing to bet that the owner of the store and his employer can find an attorney to take up the lawsuit on Mr. Abushariah’s behalf.

  14. IT is all BULLSHIT

  15. Sounds like a NICE lawsuit against VA to ME! . . . Morgan and Morgan – For the people (#LAW, that’s all).


  17. Northam , one can only hope some one breaks into his house . Then takes a family member and holds them with a gun and will shoot them if he doe not give them every thing, money, jewels, Then shoots the family member as they leave.

  18. I’m a Brit and even I know what a left wing state Va is! Extreme left-wingism, and especially communism, has absolutely NO PLACE in the USA.

  19. Dead men tell no tales – that’s worth remembering.

  20. Since all these civil servants took the oath to uphold the constitution, can they not be impeached or relieved of duty for willingly defying their promise to the citizens?

  21. This is another communist governor that needs to be voted out ASAP. He is a POS and allowing this to happen is dead wrong. The 3 hudrats need to be charged not the man in the store.




  25. The governor of Va is crazy. He’s a dictator. People need to get rid of him. Trump needs to pardon this guy.

  26. Would have been better if he killed all the suspects. Now they’ll be walking free and doing it to others. Hopefully the next guy will have a better shot & stop these thugs for good. Plus… I thought going out loitering at night was against the stay at home order things? They were socializing by being 3 of them out and about. They should be charged with trumped up charges for looting during a national emergency!

  27. Easy way to this. Do the EXACT SAME THING to this judge’s family. Rob them in the middle of the night. But trip and fall on the way out and sue the judge for neglect & injuries! If you don’t win and the original judge says it’s not his fault…. bring up this case. Then arrest the judge for his house injuring the intruders. I hope this guy seriously tries to play the race card! It might be the only thing to protect him & make the judge look like a bad guy!

  28. Sounds like Liberal Judge hates Guns, and doesn’t care about our Constitution. This is what happens when you elect Liberals, who make up there own Laws, as they need them.

  29. Everyone needs to collects themselves, develop a mindset, acquire the proper tools AND training, AND draw their own line in the sand.

    For example, if God forbid the demonrats steel the election and dumarse Beto becomes Biden’s gun CZAR, demanding all AR15 “TYPE” firearms be turned in, when / if they show up, demand my firearms, they’ll get em 1 bullet at a time rapid g.d. fire! I have 13,000 5.56 NATO & 18,000 7.62 NATO with multiple weapons in each caliber and box loads of magazines.

    The next revolution is close. Keep your powder dry and your focused on your creator.

  30. In “AMERIKA” the laws and the people who write and enact them are totally WARPED !


  32. This is nobody’s fault but we the people as they only get by with what we the people allow! We are an arm citizen right now the second amendment was given us to protect us from Tyranny in the bar thinks they are above the law,That’s such is the case of the kangaroo court that was set up against Donald Trump in all those lawyers sit up there and fabricated lies Mueller being the chief liar

  33. The robbery of this man’s Second Amendment rights is exactly what a vote for a democRAT will get you. This is the same governor that DEFENDS TAKING an infants life AFTER it is born, an actual MURDER! And for some sick in the head reason him and the rest of the sick democRATS change MURDER into CHOICE. Too bad that wasn’t what his mother’s CHOICE was as he was crying for the first time. Prosecute self defense but encourage and applaud MURDER of an infant. The “D” in democRAT also starts “Devil”, and the latter is appropriate for democRATS because they don’t play GOD with life, they truly destroy it in more ways than one!

  34. No the people need to grow back bone and go after the politicians the mayor and the chief of police. When government refuses to obey the law there is no law all the survival of the fittest and these are civil servants who have gone awry from the chief of police the mayor all the way to the governor and all the attorneys in between are all people who are pissing on the constitution the rule of law and all those who died for this great nation!

  35. This will not end good as these communist a.k.a. Democrat who hide behind humanism or determined to disarm with the people. If we let this happen it’s our own fault and our children will pay the price. Once the second amendment is gone they’ll be no other freedoms all other freedoms will be destroyed your house will be taking your bank account will be taken. Make number steak these people are ruthless thugs who hide behind humanism and they must be put down because that’s the only thing they understand is they refuse to obey the law the Second Amendment the Constitution and the rule of law and the rule of self-preservation!

  36. REMEMBER the name RALPH NORTHAM and vote this COMMUNIST PIECE OF SHI_ out of office as soon as possible. Wouldn’t be surprised if the three thugs were illegals.

  37. It’s not a BS story, this is what has actually happened it’s been on the national news numerous times. And I have checked it out myself.

  38. This is what happens when the democrats get in power. VA Governor is a jackass and should have the crap sued out of him. I would never spend one penny of my money in Virginia, and no one who believes in the second amendment should either.

  39. Unfortunately the shooter was not a great shot. Had he been a great shot his round would have found its way to the governor’s mansion and then to that little bullseye right between the governor’s eyes.

    Sorry folks. I don’t recommend the assassination of the governor of Virginia, but it’s so damned frustrating to read about the blind idiocy of certain state governments whose entire agenda encourages criminals to do their worst and to screw the electorate. Who the hell are these “americans”? Why, in God’s name, would you elect an infiltrator whose loyalties lie with agencies, organizations and agendas that are NOT OF THIS NATION and work in opposition to this civilization?

  40. Gabrielle, why do you write so poorly? I’m sure you’ve got this story wrong!

  41. It is true, and this from the same governor who wants to let a doctor and new mother decide whether a baby should be allowed to live or die AFTER it is born

  42. I would get a good lawer and SUE THE PANTS OFF OF THESE ASSHOLES and why is it that you can`t share this on face book just another cencoring bull

  43. You dam well got that right

  44. I’ll bet We the SHEEPle paid all the Medical Bills to ‘fix’ the wounded CrimeScumBag too! WHY?

  45. Amen. The sore owner needs to get this guy a good lawyer. Someone start a Go Fund Me for Him if the storeowner can’t afford it!!!

  46. This is sick and outrageous and I’m sure an obummer appointed judge made this rule. We demand this man be released from jail as you idiots let the criminals out free to roam, kill and rape innocent people. God help this inept unjust judicial pathetic system. I hope this get’s our great President’s attention to fix this horrible corrupt system.

  47. Does anyone belive this BS story

  48. I by any means am not a gun fanatic. I am almost 77 , served 3 tours in Nam as a corpsman 1st class on the DMZ & aided wounded military for all of our armed services & our allies. I was wounded in 66 & 68, all together 3.5 yrs. in various V.A. hosp.’s & 57 surgeries. I owned at the time a 357 long barrel magnum revolver single shot Contender, a 30.06 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun , a over & under rifle & a 3030 Winchester rifle. When I finally got home I GAVE them all away & have never touched a gun since, & that’s over 50 years ago. I do believe that people deserve the right to bear arms to PROTECT THEM SELVES & THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS. I believe that every home owner should own a gun for protection, old people, women with or w/o children should own a gun. I also believe that if you have a business or a home owner & someone tries to rob or rape a victim BLOW THEM AWAY. You have a right for safety at all costs, period, end of discussion.

  49. So in Virginia it is no longer legal to protect yourself or your property regardless of the circumstances if you feel the need to use a firearm?
    It is time for all the pro gun organizations , NRA, GOA AND ANY OTHER SUCH ORGANIZATION TO APPEAL TO THE SUPREME COURT.
    if we don’t stop this latest form of Tierney, we will soon lose the entire second amendment, and then the first amendment.


  51. This is hard to read…I feel like I’m living a bad dream. Surely the ACLU will swoop in to defend and set straight the proper interpretation of the constitution….right😳👀

  52. Bring this public . You have the right to protect oneself. Second amendment. No bond, only in murder cases . Innocent until proven guilty. Intruders not charged? Are you gun owners going to leave this person in jail? Is this the USA I fought for? Greet?

  53. well when you have a group of thugs and brainless DEMORATIC idiots running the country like is what is happening in Virginia this is what they want POWER AND CONTROL OVER EVERY ONE WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE AS THEY DO DICTATORSHIP PERSONIFIED

  54. Well at least you mentioned Hamzeh had a protective order against him and was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm. There are a number of things left out in this write up than I have read elsewhere. In am earlier report, Hamzeh did fire at them, but it does not say hit them, retreated into the back room, then re-emerged as they were leaving and re-engaged them. It also mentioned that he followed them out of the store and continued shooting. At not time does it state they tried to attack him, nor did the report state they were armed in any way. The narrative does state after the saw him and he fired at them they were in the process of leaving. If he disengaged and then re-engaged while they were in the process of leaving, this could be considered protecting property instead of self-defense for at least the second half of the incident. Just like there are conflicting reports as to why Hamzeh was sleeping in the back room. Deadly force is not allowed for protection of private property in Virginia. I believe there is more to this that meets the eye. As a concealed carrier myself, it would be nice to label this cut and dried self-defense, but it is a bit unclear at this time.

  55. A good reason why ALL Virginians should VOTE for A Republican candidate for Gov. and Legislators in the Commonwealth, let’s return it to what our forefathers visioned.

  56. Where is this persons Constitutional Right to bear arms in self defense? THIS IS APPALLING action on the part of LAW ENFORCEMENT! Free this man! Do your jobs and arrest the the teens who were robbing the store! Get NEW LEADERS IN YOU LOCAL GOVERNMENT!

  57. It has to come to the stage when only criminals will have guns, except for those democrats who not only live in mansions behind walls, but also have armed escorts as they go about their daily lives. You know, like Nancy Pelosi has in her state of California. But some poor schmuck of a clerk staying in a gun store to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, gets jailed for defending the property of the owner of the store. Talk about justice. The people of Virginia need to get rid of that governor before the ghost of Thomas Jefferson comes around and smacks them upside the head!

  58. Does the man have a lawyer to help him? Maybe if he said, “stop, drop, and stay down on the floor” first, they would have had time to turn on him with three weapons and he’d have had no chance! He was on private property, trying to protect himself and the store. I assume the owner of the store will hire a good lawyer for him and get him out of jail, with no charges. This needs to be raised to a higher level immediately!

  59. why aren|t the crimmenals charged and jailed without bail??? its messed up serlisly.

  60. what kind of crazy topsy- turvy b. s. is this ????all goverment employees invovled in this travisty of law and justice should be charged and jailed with no bail. this includes charging and jailing the stupid traiter communist govoner. amen keep your powder dry and pass the musket. praise god.

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