Did Impeachment Impede Early Coronavirus Action?

As the weeks continue to report more and more cases from the coronavirus outbreak, along with increased numbers of deaths, everyone is looking for someone to blame. And naturally, for the progressive left, that means President Donald Trump and his administration is at the very top of the list.

From the time America saw her first known case and started dealing with the quickly-spreading virus, Democrats have accused President Trump of doing too little too late. If they are to be believed, Trump did little else except twiddle his thumbs until the virus was already here in mass proportions.

And with such beliefs running rampant and being purported by their Trump Derangement Symptom, it is not surprising that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressman Adam Schiff have announced yet another probe into the President. This time it will investigate our nation’s (meaning Trump’s) response to the quickly spreading pandemic.

MSNBC reported, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday announced the creation of a new bipartisan House select committee on the coronavirus crisis that will exercise oversight of the federal response to the pandemic and be chaired by Majority Whip Jim Clyburn.”

The outlet noted that Pelosi said that the “committee’s immediate focus will be on ‘the here and now,’ not the Trump administration’s initial response to the pandemic, though she said there will come a time when such a review will be appropriate.”

California congressman Schiff tweeted that it was a simple “review” into how we responded and what could do to be better prepared in the future.

“After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we looked at what went wrong to learn from our mistakes. Once we’ve recovered, we need a nonpartisan commission to review our response and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic. I’m working on a bill to do that.”

However, it wouldn’t take any stretch of the imagination to realize that this is really just another excuse to put the Trump administration under a microscope, pointing to all the “wrong” he has done in some fantasy effort to get rid of him.

They already did it once, why wouldn’t they try again?

In fact, even before he was actually in office, Democrats had already made a list of reasons why Trump should be impeached. The Washington Post even stated, “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.” And this was just moments after he was sworn into office.

But that impeachment process may have cost the nation more than the Democrats expected. While they sit around pointing fingers at Trump for the devastation our country is currently enduring due to coronavirus, we have to wonder if things would have been much different if, at the start of this outbreak, the failed impeachment process wasn’t going on.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell certainly believes it would.

He told The Hugh Hewitt Show on Sunday, “It came up while we were tied down in the impeachment trial, and I think it diverted the attention of the government because everything every day was all about impeachment.”

And he isn’t far off on that note.

While America was stuck listening to argument after argument about why Trump shouldn’t be in office, China was being put on lockdown. And as the virus spread, first across China and then to other nations, Congress paid little attention to anything but who would be their next witness.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Trump was oblivious to the virus or its threat. He still decisions about the virus, establishing the White House Coronavirus Task Force on January 29 and putting a travel ban on traveling from China on January 31.

Trump even admitted that his staff was “probably” distracted somewhat with the ongoing impeachment trial. And how could they not be, with being pulled into interviews, subpoenaed to sit on the stand, and continually dealing with the press?

That’s time they could have spent on restocking the nation’s stockpile of medical supplies depleted by the H1N1 outbreak during Obama’s time or preparing local governments for what was to come.

But with the Democrats demanding impeachment action, it just wasn’t possible.

The impeachment wasn’t finished until February, and by then, coronavirus was already on our doorstep and in hundreds of other countries worldwide.

If Pelosi, Schiff, and Clyburn want to figure out what should have been done to combat coronavirus more than what Trump has already done, they have nowhere else to look but to their own sham of an impeachment.

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  2. FACT: Gllilum who ran against DeSantis is the sick type of politician you favor!! A creep found in a room shooting up in Miami! He fits with the launderer Biden, the liar Pochantas and Harris woman who sleep with a mayor that’s married!!

  3. How did leaker Schiff’s smoking gun evidence that Trump and his White House staff are all Russian agents work out for you? Two years the SOB made the claim on CNN and not a peep from the likes of the Libturds in this land.

  4. YES 👍 you can BLAME it all on the DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE S in the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY to thank for that ! IF these DERANGED LOWLIFE S of the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST/ COMMUNIST PARTY had any BRAIN S this would have never ever taken PLACE.

  5. And Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown and downplayed the coronavirus threat and told everyone to come by and enjoy all the ‘fabulous restaurants. Democrat mayor of New York said the coronavirus was being ‘overhyped’ and that it’s just like getting the flu.
    As usual, democrats were spared your diatribe and tirade when they did much of the same thing that Trump did.

  6. What crimes ??? Just name one , If you mean beating the liar and corrupter. That is OK in your mind and others . Many people are not too bright and should > step 1: open ears step 2: open eyes Step 3: use brain to see and hear the truth. Many people need to shut up until they know the truth as it is and not how they are told it is by ones with an agenda which is one world order .wakeup and smell the bullshit .

  7. Read some facts. You might realize who the stupid people really are

  8. Some people are too stupid to belong to the Human Race. They spout off BS like it was Candy on their tongues. Ever since Trump said he was running for President, the Commie Democrats have been attacking him continuously. They have tried to stop him from saving Americans from Communism but, the Communist Democrats think they have a strangle hold on Americans. After 50 years of Teachers pushing Communism down the throats of their Students, their best bet today is to see millions of elderly die quickly. That is because the elderly know the hazards of a Communist government. The younger generations are near brain dead so, they are good subjects to bring the backing for Communism

  9. Not nearly as STUPID as the people that elected O’Dummer, AOC, Ilhan Omar et al. What we got out of them was the most dangerous redirection of the State Department, FBI and others who had to present FALSE and DOCTORED EVIDENCE to start after Trump before he was elected. Indeed they weaponized every federal entity to design the case that they couldn’t otherwise develop. I am looking forward to the PERP WALKS and clanking prison doors. They may have to build new federal prisons to house all their crooked and dishonest lackeys.

    They deserve Joe Biden!

  10. Impeachment only impeded action by democrat politicians as they focused on their mail goal. Most of them were not even aware of the virus at that time.

  11. When the corona virus first came about the President’s first and only thought should have been for the American people and how best to protect them. His way was to go on national tv and say it wasn’t bad, all just a hoax. Said it wouldn’t spread bad. While he was making up lies about it people were being made sick from it and soon started dying. We must have a Pres. who cares about the people more then his own self and we sure don’t have that. Even when it seemed he may have realized it is more dangerous then he wanted us to believe, his thoughts went to big business. Not to the everyday people. Definitely worse Pres. to ever be in that office.

  12. Well said God bless <3 (Y) <3

  13. You must have learned your lying, phony, and made-up quote skills from lying Adam Schiff.

    Goodbye, troll.

    Trump 2020!

  14. Not long after trump was sworn in and he found out that there was going to be an investigation do you all remember what he said. Let me refresh your memory. He said. IM F CKED THAT WILL BE THE END O F MY PRESIDENTCY why would a person who is totally innocent and has done nothing wrong say such a thing

  15. Trump did what in 2016?

    Are you referring to the fact that he moved out of Trump Tower when he was warned by a reliable source that his office was bugged by Democrat spies?

    Or are you referring to the fact that in 2016 Democrats were discussing impeaching him before he had even been sworn in as President?

  16. In your DREAMS

  17. REMEMBER. On November 3rd flush
    The turd

  18. The dems don’t want to destroy the country STUPID they want justice Andy
    Not let lying lawless and corrupt trump to get away with all the crimes he has commited

  19. He didn’t testify. He didn’t spend any time sitting in on the impeachment and he knew that the POS republican senator’s were going to thump their noses at the rule of law and let the crook get away with it. So what was the distraction. NOTHING

  20. Oh you mean like trump did in 2016

  21. If the republicans can’t govern on more than one subject at a time maybe they shouldn’t govern at all.

  22. The American people that vote for trump are truly that stupid

  23. This is true, they distracted everyone, including our president with their useless attempted coup and kept him from being able to do what he could to stop the virus in time. What is even more wrong, they are making a second attempt to cause our country even more damage . If anyone should be charged with “crimes against humanity’ it is Pelosi, shummer and Schiff for they are the true criminals.

  24. The demorats days are numbered, and they know it.

  25. Remember, November is coming!
    We have too rally behind our president ! Than hold the proper people accountable, by cleaning house. Replacing them with people who work for us and the betterment of our country

  26. It is all about money, foreign dollars, and gathering more sheeples because the Americans are not that easily fooled any more
    That means the media is included thinking the Americans are dumb
    It means more money in other’s pockets including our tax dollars
    greed plays a huge role as well as service to self ideology
    Blinds now are off the eyes of the justice ….
    Karma has a way of paying us back even in mother’s nature’s fury

  27. Why did Nancy come up with a Bill to make it illegal to ban foreign travel into the U.S.? after Trump’s travel ban

  28. The progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party will do anything to destroy our country. This Coronavirus is so convenient for them it makes you wonder if they didn’t have something to do with it coming to America. It spread so fast , infected Democrats from New York went south to Virginia, North Carolina, all the way to Florida, It was almost like it was deliberate. The same goes for other states like California. When we have a shut down it meant you stay in not just your house but also in your state. All the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat states let there infected people go everywhere. I can’t go back to my home state because we were in another when this outbreak stated. I am not a disgusting only care about myself person like the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrats are. Some states now got wise and stopping out of state people coming into their states. This Coronavirus is just what the progressive socialist communist democrat party needed to impeach President Trump. That is why they did everything they could to prevent him from effectively stopping the spread of this virus. Wake up
    America the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party will sacrifice American live to achieve their agenda. Even in Obamacare they have a clause not to treat people over 65. They need to talk patients into being euthanized when treatments get too expensive and they are nothing but a burden to society. Read it for yourself at the very end if you are allowed. Communist China does the same thing except they just do it.

  29. I’ve read where certain democrats want to charge President Trump with “crimes against humanity”. It’s the House democrats who should be charged with this for their impeding the country’s reaction to C-19. If they, and their media cohorts, had not been so focused on the bogus impeachment and completely ignoring everything else, perhaps things would have been started faster. Even so, every thing President Trump has attempted to do, almost all of which has been proven correct in the long run, the democrats have either badmouthed or did their best to prevent.

  30. I’ve said for the last 3 years that this country needs to vote out all the Democrats from both the house and senate. Put President Trump back into to office for ar least another 4 years. If this action is not done our country as we know it will change completely. We will become a communists socialists third world country and yes the democrats hope this happens. Think for once All the Democrats and especially left wing nut jobs want is absolute power. Never has one country that turned socialist has ever made it. (THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE THIS NOVEMBER) Look where President Donald Trump had this country. Due to the Democrats, and the far left media hating Trump, if we listened to them the chinees coronavirus would have killed off many many more of real proud Americans

  31. Undisputable that the useless Impeachment farce among many other Dem obstructions detracted & distracted from the concurrent rising Covid-19 outbreak which POTUS nonetheless confronted with the aggressive, prescient travel ban from China he was branded a xenophobe for but could have been more robustly combated with earlier self-quarantining, distancing, mask & glove use, partial lock down. That delay can be directly attributable to the corrupt liberal party, dishonest media, elitist Hollywood, NGOs & more leftists. When this contagion & it’s aftermath are soon overcome, much accountability must to be placed on the various vile parties that most assuredly contributed to this dire monumental crisis.

  32. I believe there’s more to this pandemic crisis than we’ve been led to believe. I read a report about a Harvard professor — Dr. Lieber — who was, unbeknownst to Harvard, secretly working for the Chinese. A young Chinese assistant of his named Zhang was caught at the airport trying to smuggle 21 vials containing some sort of biological material out of the U.S. in his luggage to Wuhan, China. Turns out the vials contained coronavirus. Then there’s Bill Gates with his agenda of instituting mandatory vaccines as part of his world depopulation scheme; and there’s the honest Minnesota doctor who recently publicly complained about receiving a 7-page document from the Minnesota Health Department instructing him to include COVID-19 as one of the diagnoses on the death certificate of an elderly woman who had passed away and had never been tested for COVID-19. The doctor objected. The instructions appear to be new rules regarding the inclusion of COVID-19 on all future death certificates for similar decedents whether or not they were ever tested for it. That irked the doctor, because he had for many years followed an established protocol to always list ONLY accurate, factual causes of death — unprovable causes were strictly forbidden. Until now. Looks like the Deep State is trying to falsify the number of CORONA-19 deaths by forcing doctors to add it as a cause of death on death certificates, even if there is no evidence that the deceased had COVID-19.

    The Deep State has a hand in this pandemic. Soros will surely be found lurking in the shadows. This is a leftist scheme to take down Trump. Nothing else has worked. By shutting down the world’s economies and freedoms and replacing them with poverty and fear, another leftist attempt to destroy America and defeat Trump is underway. Democrats are also using the pandemic to change election laws, trying to bring in their ballot mail-in scam for the 2020 election, thereby cheating their way to victory.

    This is evil.
    God help us.
    Trump 2020!

  33. The WHO is just as complicit as our dimwitted commie impeachment congress – -they continually “provide cover” for China.

  34. No question in my mind -the dimwitted commie impeachment congress did everything in its power to distract the entire country from the danger already released AND projected by China. They kept the impeachment circus running, from last Nov, till it finally came crashing down in March. Nutty nan, from the sewer city of San Fran, then had the brass to claim the President didn’t act soon enough. However, in his SOTU, in early Feb., he warned the nation about the coming pandemic, but the impeachment charade continued. Notably, stupid nan didn’t catch the part about the “coming pandemic” because she was too busy getting the papers “notched” so she could make a huge display of tearing up his speech, ON PUBLIC TV!! So explain to me “who” is to blame here. Just prior to the administrations shut-down of Chinese visitors, to the US, between 600k and 700k of them poured into the ports of NYC and San Fran , in the months of Jan and Feb this year AND – -INFECTED thousands of US citizens in the process. This was done “intentionally”, BY CHINA, to take the US down, economically AND socially. Wuhan-flu IS THE THIRD bioweapon they have released, against US, in the past decade. They have been ably assisted by WHO and the “one world governance crowd”, who would like nothing better than to see the US destroyed and completely controlled by them. WAKE UP FOLKS, THIS WAS INTENTIONAL – -they know they can’t beat US militarily, so they will do it with human and economic destruction! Don’t sit back and let this happen-REMOVE the commie traitors that currently sit in our US Congress and “laugh at US” every single day – -they are ENABLING those takeover attempts, because they want the same thing, figuring “they will still be in control and have all the power and we will be their SLAVES!!

  35. Don’t be surprised if the Dems look to include the WHO in this effort….more ‘objective’ voices they’ll say as they assemble another hoax effort….they could include Joe B. too as a guest commentator but he wouldn’t de able remember what he said 5 minutes ago, but to be fair, with him you can’t blame the Botox toxicity like with the Nance…..America the beautiful!!

  36. The hatred for this president by the democrats is just out of hand. I hope and pray, Yes Pray, that come November we put a definate hurting on the democrats at the polls and they loos so much . the house and more in the senate and governors and other elected officials. That the realize, but they will not, that the American people are not as stupid as they think we are .

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